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  1. Interesting, I am not aware that H&W using DHI. Can you share a link?
  2. First things first: DHI/DHT are also FUE, but not all FUE is DHI/DHT. Depending on the case one or the other FUE method is better (my opinion), but some will claim one is always better than the other. Message: The difference is small compared to other parameters. However, most clinics who offer several FUE methods in different price packages are hair mill clinics. From most of them you should run in any case. Most include different teams for the different packages: One option has the surgeon just drawing the hairline while the other has the surgeon doing at least the incisions. This effect is much bigger than the DHI effect. And it makes your initial questions obsolete: It is not the same surgeon with a different method/price. Think about that: If a clinic thinks that one method is clearly superior and they still offer both: Isn't that unethical?
  3. Sorry Melvin, No one "hates" on Diep. The people you are probably referring too, like me, giving honest and educated feedback to Dieps methods. And this methods vary significantly from the clinics which are on the usual top lists. I also agree that your result is spectacular, but maybe that is why you (!) are the one who is biased? H&W are obviously one of the best clinics for your case (if the self-description is right), especially if you go for FUT and you go all in. Bloxham is great but of course has less cases to present (due to time in the business). He is According to my knowledge) doing most of the work by himself and maybe is more conservative: Therefore he probably would go with less grafts in a session and a more conservative hairline. In Europe there is Hattingen who is also interesting for your case. There are many great other clinics in the US like Konior who is also doing less grafts per session. I am sure I can extend that list. Diep would be much further down on my list (I do not want to discuss again why, it has been discussed several times). If you decided for FUT the next step is: - What are your goals? - Do you want a surgeon doing the majority of the work - Do you want to go "all-in" with a mega-session or in steps Answering this questions will limit your options and make the decision easier. With pics we can guide you better...
  4. Of course you do not NEED a transplant but with a great clinic you can have a great result. I understand the desire. But your risk to benefit ratio is very poor, therefore you need the best available clinic. Even with an average clinic you might look worse than before. You should also think that your current hairstyle might not be possible any more as your donor does not allow buzzing that low. Hairline is a mix of math and art, and art is subjective. However, I do not like the new hairline design from the pictures. It is way to round and aggressive on the sides and your temple points do not match this aggressive corners. Also you do not always had a receded hairline, you have a big forehead, which can be seen easily seen from the wrinkles. Your new hairline almost touches your forehead wrinkles...that is not a good design.
  5. I do not know if others recognize but within the last 12 month I see a lot of results which already show significant growth after just 4 month. Is this coincidence or do have some of the clinics changed their protocol?
  6. This is one of the most common side effects. It is also physiologically explainable and if you do not plan a career in p.rn not a big deal 😉
  7. This data was discussed here before and it says that people with Spanish heritage have above average hair diameter, density (hair/cm2) and growth rate. The comparison maybe should also not be Italian but mid, north and east Europeans (a lot of results posted here are from people from this heritage independent where they are living now). https://link.springer.com/content/pdf/10.1684/ejd.2015.2726.pdf I am not an expert on Freitas (even though I have seen great results and a few poor ones) or Ferreira (Like what I see, but have not seen much), but between "I believe Ferreira to be much better" and "there is no comparison" is a big difference. Everyone can have an opinion, but you state it as a fact with the second phrase. I have not seen any evidence which makes Ferreira that clearly superior to Freitas.
  8. Almost everything is said and done, but this: This is one of the typical beginners mistakes. People travel for holiday or even a shopping weekend around the world. But for a life altering procedure UK to Brussels is too big of a hurdle 🤔 Good luck and keep us update.
  9. Unfortunately, from this pics we have a hard time to decide if your hairline is suiting you or not. What we can see is the result from technical point of view is great. From my very personal opinion it is purely a matter of taste to go with such a widows peak or not. Nothing what I see tells me: This current hairline is wrong. This makes me very suspicious regarding the feedback of Diep...sounds like a salespitch to me. Maybe I am biased, cause I do not like his work. Anyway, if you are keen of having this widows peak. Here is a similar case. Please note: Also here it was just a matter of taste not a necessity.
  10. You asked for help and our opinion. This is it: - Pics can be misleading, but the hairline we see is questions by anyone who posted in your thread. From my opinion it will make you a 15 k repair patient. There are several results in here from people who went this route and had grafts punched out. - There are some UK clinics on the recommended list here (do not know how many), but the general opinion of the forum seems that even the best clinics in the UK are sub-par to international level (mediocre quality, highly priced,...). If that is correct or not I do not want to comment on, but it seems the general opinion of the forum if you look in the discussion here. It is also telling that almost no one ever post results from this clinics who is not from the UK itself. My advice is always to have F2F consultation with the surgeon (! not a consultant) first and have pics form your hairline. Then you have time to see if you like it or not. This is not a haircut. It is everlasting if you do not go for a repair. I recommend again to contact another (or actually: contact a surgeon) surgeon before you have this surgery. This is the only head you have.
  11. +1 This hairline design shows only one thing: Run from this clinic. Otherwise this will cost you a lot of additional money and years of pain for a repair. I would recommend to have a consultation with an actual surgeon in one of the top clinics in Belgium: Feriduni, Lupanzula or Bisanga.
  12. +1 for that! There is no perfect clinic. And the clinic has to be matched to your personal situation. I always recommend to get 2-3 opinions (at least one clinic on this list should offer FUE and FUT) and then make an educated decision. Balding takes years, no reason to rush into surgery. Anyway, you already narrowed it down to great clinics. Now, it is also a personal/subjective decision. Good luck.
  13. This has been discussed many times. The only data we have were collected by @LordBaldwin. It does not show a significant increase in failed procedures at ASMED. However, it shows that the amount of subpar results always (!) was quite high. This leaves two options IMO : a) The amount of subpar results is higher as the clinics wants us to believe (all clinics) b) ASMED has always had a high amount of failed results I personally believe it is a combination of both. HT is more of a gamble than the clinics wants us to believe and ASMED is a high risk, high reward clinic doing a lot of megasessions, a lot of grafts in one day and using a ultra small punch. The latter is great for donor preservation but has additional risk for survival of the grafts. Just my opinion...
  14. Fantastic result! Well deserved after this long journey. You must be thrilled. Though decision to proceed or not and if you proceed, how? Actually, I think the short hair suits you well. Crown area is also quite large.
  15. Can you show what your issue with the hairline is? Actually I think it suits you and cannot see what Diep is referring too.
  16. From my point of view: If you want to tackle the entire area the 5000 FU of ASMED are more realistic than all other numbers given. That said: I am always recommending going in smaller steps especially if you looking into FUE. Depending on your age you should also look into strip surgery (FUT), as your crown is dipping very deep! Hattingen in Europe or H&W could be clinics to contact. Do you have pics from your sides?
  17. Looking at your donor and seeing your pre-op graft count: Your sides were very thin to begin with. Extraction pattern in this region looks good despite that fact. I see only one small area on the left which is a little critical. Honestly, even the areas above your ears where no grafts were taken look patchy. The surgery alone cannot be responsible cause no grafts were taken. Do you have pics when you were younger from that area? Where this parts always that thin or are this hairs DHT sensitive too? The results itself looks quite good so far IMO but better pics would help to judge it. Hair looks a little frizzy still, maybe a sign that the process of improvement is still ongoing. Keep the faith!
  18. As you say it yourself: The extraction pattern appears to be poor. Both micro and macro pattern. But in the end, it is only 1500 FU and 10-20 % of the hair is typically dormant. This hair will grow and you donor will recover (at least partly). In the meantime all you can do is wait and trust the process. You were lucky that surgery was relatively small.
  19. Yes, looks like an amazing result. More pics (from the sides and with entire facial structure to evaluate rule of 3rd) are required. You can black out eyes etc. but eyebrows, tip of nose and end of chin are required. Anyway, you have to be very careful, there is a huge (!) probably you will end up worse than you are right now with a bad choice of clinic. How is the donor end the rest of the hair?
  20. There is a cure on the horizon since Julius Cesar used a laurel wreath to hide his balding...
  21. +1 for the pics! You are overthinking IMO. You mentioned a lot of great clinics. But no one can give you any advice as your case is very specific. Especially without pics. There is only one way: Visit some of your preferred clinics. Have them draw a hairline and take pics from al angles. Then take your time looking at the pics at home and decide with which clinic to go. Even though there is some scientific background in the end a hairline is also sth specific. I went to three top clinics in Belgium and only one of them shared my point of view regarding "design". Personally, I do not like Dieps "shortcuts" and would remove him from my list.
  22. I assume @Sijac09 referred to the clinic in the initial post 😉 And if price is your decisive factor (even though it shouldn't) Demirsoy is IMO one of the better options.
  23. If you are month 3, growth has not even started so yes, it should only get better from here. However, the area is quite large for the amount of grafts. You cannot expect your juvenile density to come back.
  24. Hey phil, I would be careful with such conclusions. I do not have seen any statistics that pre-made slits are worse than stick and place in terms of growth. I also have seen clinics claiming that the healing process starting after the slits are made helps promoting growth (or better: helps acceptance/connection of the graft with the body). Bleeding and connection of the grafts to the blood supply of the body is not the same as well. Excessive bleeding is actually a bad not a good thing as it can lead to graft popping. Bad and rushed procedure or mistreating of the graft on the other hand … I think no one denies that this affects growth.