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  1. Sorry, but this is simply to true. Even the best clinics have wider scars is some patients. Not everyones heals the same. By the way: Great result and good point abput the hairlines.
  2. I think it is all looking good so far. Actually I would cut the sides even shorter. Maybe little shock loss, but it you should recover with your recipient. Keep us posted and happy growing. By the way: No clinic has better looking donors day 0 to day 1 than Lupanzula. Similar maybe, but better: No.
  3. Wow, what butcher did this to this poor guy. Great job for a repair though. Must be live changing for him.
  4. Seems you are set for the future and I am very happy for you. However, for the new forum users (and maybe your peace of mind) I have to disagree on this point. Healing from a strip scar and healing from FUE is sth totally different. This is amplified by the fact that the major reason for the visibility of FUE extractions is not scaring but "blank" spots. This is especially obvious on pale skin and dark hair. You should not forget that you have extracted almost 5000 FU out of your donor. Another 1000 FU brings you to the limit of an average donor. It is not suprising that the clinics do have concerns how to move forward. Even the perfect strip scar from Konior thins your donor (in size and in density), please do not forget this. Look at this donor from a great result after a small 1300 FUE extraction as an example, that yours does not look really bad. All the best and happy growing.
  5. Unshaven is often not unshaven. Can you tell was what shaven and what not (donor, recipient).
  6. Wow, if any clinic would be as good in FUT and any client had this healing quality there would be no FUE. Amazing plain and simple. I remember you case, from your other thread. I really hope you get the hairline sorted out! It looks great so far. By the way: I not (!) see a damaged donor. I see a great strip scar and average FUE scars. Did Dr. Konior comment on the FUE scars or the punch size?
  7. Honestly, I think the light in the before and after pics is pretty much the same?!?! Regarding the graft count for the area: #of singles is quite high and hair to graft ratio is quite low. Maybe this and the very aggressive hairline (which makes the area bigger than expected) explains the high graft count.
  8. Great result already and going to improve further! Congrats.
  9. FIN and DUT reduce the risk of prostate cancer, but it appears that it slightly increases the chance for more aggressive types. The believed reasons is that FIN/DUT make the detection more difficult and hence it is detected later (=more aggressive).
  10. There are around 100 threads like that in here. Doc only is not automatically the best approach especially for a bigger case. Some of the very best clinics use techs. Anyway, just out of the top of my head a list of clinics with heavy doc involvement Lupanzula Konior and nadimi Keser Kaan HLC Hei(t) mann
  11. Looking great! Any pics directly post op from the donor showing the extractions and from the incisions? P.S. for me this is more a Norwood than a Ludwig type of loss (even for a female).
  12. Haha, rightfully deserved after such a long way.
  13. I would not be happy with the result either, but before you have a touch up with any clinic you should investigate this point. There should not be weeks of intense pain in your donor. Actually you should feel almost nothing after a couple of days.
  14. Sorry, that you are not happy with your result, but Pics are required to help you.
  15. Wow, recipient looking great after only 6 weeks. No Shockloss and maybe even some hairs remained. I had much (!)more shockless in a way smaller procedure. Donor has quite some scaring though, but if you keep it little longer it should disappear.
  16. 1. He is one of the Top10 HT experts in the world 2. He is mainly showing patients with great hair characteristics, perfect hairstyle (cut, length, styling, …) and he is great in picking lighting, angles etc. in his videos 3. Most people know only his clinic posted results.
  17. There is not "the" best clinic for dense packing. Also, "Dense packing" is not a wise decision in most cases. Also, it is not a good idea to take one result (and even worse one picture) and extrapolate one can achieve the same result with the same clinic. A result is the combination of skill of the clinic, hair characteristics, status and risk you want to take. Anyway: Couto is great but booked for years to come. There are other great clinics but without knowing your status I would not want to recommend one.
  18. As one of the very few patients with a similar small procedure, here is my take: 1. You are looking for way less than 1000 FU. Maybe 100-200 FU 2. I assume that great clincis will charge you at least 8-10 € / graft (the less grafts you need the more expensive). 3. A lot of clinics will not take you as a case either because they think it is not worth it for you or it is no business case for them (Lupanzula did not want to take my case for example). 4. Temple points are very difficult to rebuilt and often look to "hard" (which would make you current hairstyle impossible). 5. A clinic with an approach like Keser would be the best option, BUT I have not seen many Keser temple points and one guy here had a great great result from Keser and still went to another clinic (Lupanzula) for temples (You should find his thread and contact him). His temples look fantastic but still cannot shave as short as he wants to. If I look at all this points: I think it is not worth it as risk to benefit ratio is poor.
  19. Wow, what a density...but also a lot of grafts for the area. Is the hair diameter below average? Some more Intra-OP pics would be nice.
  20. No, you do not only post pics. You complaint already after less than 3 month. You even called the doc a shill (not sure in which of your threads). You attack people who try to give advice. You have received this feedback now in at least 3 different forums. If you are on a motorway and everyone running in the wrong direction, maybe you are the ghost driver. Coming to your results: If this is the 5 month result (and the picture is representative for the result), I would have expected more right now, but it is still to early to panic. Try to relax, there is nth. you can do anyway.
  21. I am second the opinion that you should take your time for research. You might be a case suited more for FUT or maybe you are not a candidate for a HT at all. With the recommend surgeoens I do not agree: - You need to consult at least one strip clinic to get their opinion (Hattingen, Feriduni etc. in Europe or H&W in Canada). - Clincis like Keser are not suited for your degree of loss. I doubt that he would even consider you as a patient.
  22. Correct, they have 3 docs specialized for different cases. But as far as I know most work is done by this surgoens specialized and assigned for your case (and not technicians). There are a lot of patient reports in european forums, so that one can correlate the result to the surgeon.
  23. You point is valid, but also the other clinics mentioned by me have the doc doing all or most of the work. KESER is the most extreme and therefore great for small cases but bad for bigger ones. He knows that and typically refuses bigger cases. The critical point discussed with him, is the non rotation extraction method. Kaan worked for both, KESER and HLC.