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  1. No, it's not. Your situation is not the same at all. kW877 is still in the early phase. You can see from the hair colour and the hair being wiry that improvements will come. Your are 3 years post up, and your issues are totally different.
  2. Gasthoerer

    ~400 Graft Touch Up Question

    I did not have a touch up, but a 400 FU test case. They shaved a small strip which I could cover with my native hair. Before the surgery I skipped one visit to the barber to get some extra lenght.
  3. Gasthoerer

    1700 Grafts with Dr. Diep

    Honestly, most natural hairlines are crooked in some way: Some more, some less. Mine is too, and the one from the "hair god" is as well:
  4. ??? But you did strengthen you temple points in the first op? Looks amazing, how is th reaction of your environment?
  5. If you think this is a subpar result, you doom your self for unhappiness. This is what you should expect from a great clinic. This is a good looking very natural result with a fair amount of graft. With a few 100 grafts on one side (which was untouched) and some few grafts in the hairline this will go from a good to a great result.
  6. Thank you for the detailed explanation. Very interesting and great to see that much tailioring of the approach to the individual case.
  7. Temples look great but so does your entire hair on the temple pics. Normally these are the most challenging. I think it is quite an improvement compared to baseline already. With some more growth and little diameter increase you might get a very good result. Remember: Twice the diameter equals 4 times the grafts 😉 Some comments: - You hair has grown amazingly fast - I have spotted quite some multis in the hairline in the post OP pics, but maybe with you diameter it is not that bad - Hairline is relatively low IMO, but I think this is due to the first surgery?
  8. The domestic forum is here: https://www.alopezie.de/foren/transplant/ Hattingen has its own section with lots of patient reports, but you need to register to see them. And the language is german ;-) Before after pics cannot be shown publicly in many EU countries.
  9. Thanks for the update. Could you show some pics of the temple points? How is growth there?
  10. Seriously? What have density issues at 6 month+ to do with KE-BOT? Some questions/comments of you are valid, even though again not asked in a very objective manner, but some others (this is just an example) leave me with an open mouth. Maybe it is really better to wait for the next response of Erdogan (Melvin promised to ask again and I am trust him that he will do so) and the next set of pics from Payam before we open another sh.t storm.
  11. I am still stunned how you can end up with Nadimi and Cinik as your two last clinics?!?! Totally different approach. If 1200 FU for the temples are your goal, a nice clinic group could be: Nadimi (Konior), Baubac, Keser, Lupanzula, Hei(t)mann etc. All different clinics with similar approaches (almost no tech involvement) but different pricing due to location. Or maybe you can add HLC and Kaan. One of the cheapest alternative might be Demirsoy. Another approach would be hairlines specialist who use techs like: H&W, Rahal, Feriduni. But well, Nadimi seems very talented. Would like to see more results 🙂
  12. Why don't everyone calm down a little bit. No name calling, no racism, no absurd analogies and comparisons. While the response of Erdogan was a little generic, there was still a lot of information in it. - INFO about new doctors - INFO about tech training and educational background - INFO about the general medical setup during surgery @Mick50 asked some resonable quesions (about the background of the new surgoens) which could be expanded towards more info about the education of the staff and so on. Would be also interesting to hear, if the set-up is really as described by Erdogan. Maybe the newer patients can confirm it.
  13. Honestly, I do not know this clinic even though, I am also in a domestic forum. I have never seen a result and I do not know who is leading this clinic. I could not even find it on the website, which is a big big MINUS. Second clinic obvously shows two surgeons who I have never heard of and their vita show nth about hair surgery. Another big MINUS. Let me ask a questions: What speaks FOR this particular clinics? Your only answer should be: I have seen a lot of great independent patient reports. Every other answer like "They are close by", "The have a nice homepage", "They made me a great price", "The consultant was very nice" mean nth at all, period. Sorry to be this blunt: Your entire processs of searching a clinic is wrong: - Location should NEVER be your first priority - You start with clinic with a proven track record and go from there, If one of the top clinics FOR YOUR CASE is close by: Nice icing of the cage but not the decision maker. It is a live changing procedure (to the good but also to the bad) and it is worth to travel a day for it. You find these clincis by spending several month in this and other forums. - You visit the clinic personally to get a personal plan from the actual surgeon (not a consultant). Visit at least 2-3 clincis personally. I gave you a good starting point. Most clincis I mentioned have a lot of results in here. If you want to see results of the clincis I mentioned in switzerland you have to go to a domestic forum, but you have to register to see patient reports. https://www.alopezie.de/foren/transplant/ Good luck
  14. Would prefer some pics as most people are totally off with there own estimation. In case that you are really only a hairline case I narrow it down to: Switzerland: Hei(t)mann Turkey: Keser Belgium: Feriduni
  15. Interesting and nice case. - Showcases that the front should be the first priority. He looks much better now, and could have easily stopped here. - Also interesting his donor shave and not shaved. Is this shockloss or thinning in the donor? Could you explain why you switched from CIT to WAV. Will WAV be the new standard at your clinic? Are you using WAW inclduing the motorized system or just the punch?
  16. There is not the (!) best clinic. There is only a good match to your case based from the pool of great clinics. Also, you should NOT limit yourself by only looking at Switzerland. Great clincis in switzerland are: - Hattingen for big FUT and FUE cases - Hei(t)mann for smaller FUE cases Alternativ options: - Belgium: Feriduni, Lupanzula, Bisanga, Devroye, ...
  17. Gasthoerer

    1700 Grafts with Dr. Diep

    This is mathematical nonsense. Diep can easily extract symmetrically from the back and cover the same area than with his "strategy". The area covered and hence the scar tissue built up is not related to symmetry, but only how dense you extractions are.
  18. Payam, I supported you from the beginning. I also understand that you are not happy and dislike the approach of ASMED. I am also not a fan of the clinic (I like his graft calculation tools and videos though). It is also obvious that there are many much worse results (less growth even with FUT than yours, worse hairlines design than HT's, Cases with wrong angles and multies in the hairline, Cases with extraction at only one side of the donor) by a lot of north American clinics in the very recent past. But they get much less heat than Turkish clinics in this forum. I get it. What I do not get and do not overlook is racism (not this time, not the last time when the word "sheep herder"was used to describe Turkish techs in another thread). This is clearly a racist statement by JJ and if you seriously do not get it, I am happy to rephrase it for you (and JJ) in a PM: Melvin, immediately reacted (thank you again) but has just chosen nicer words than me: Going to turkey and complain about people speaking Turkish (like JJ did) is stupid. Call ASMED techs in general worse than H&W techs is stupid (as some ASMED techs do FUE much longer than H&W and H&W learned FUE from ASMED). Make a generalization and bring race/ethnics into play is not only stupid, it is racist, period. Even though technically most techs of Erdogan would be Asian, but that is another story. How can you guys seriously complain about the way the clinics interacts with you, considering the way you behave in here?
  19. Thanks for the update! It still looks great especially compared to your baseline. Well done. I still think, that you could get more out of the result with a different hairstyle, but if you are happy like that there is nth more to do.
  20. Hairporn should be forbidden in public forum 😉 Thanks for the update, looks still amazing.
  21. Come on, do pretend to be stupid Just read the first sentence of jj latest post. Even melvin has already answered it.
  22. Jesus, what is going on here? This is the second time (at least the second time I read it) someone is making racist comments on Turkish people in this forum. This is really crazy and has nth to do with HT or ASMED. Thanks, for stepping in Melvin, but in my opinion there have to be consequences. On top: How can we expect Erdogan to answer publicly I such an hostile and racist environment?
  23. IMO there are a lot of wrong things in you current explanations again, but let us leave it there, as your and my main conclusion lead to the same outcome (now): You have classic (and very high) balding pattern. I still think you should think about all the options mentioned by me above and discuss them with H&W and one other FUT/FUE clinic. Good luck.
  24. Thanks for sharing your story. Can you have some better pictures? Yours are so blurry. It is hard to see anything. Also it would be great to see the post OP pictures for the clinic to address your concerns (extraction pattern, density of the recipient). The hairline design appears to be really (!) aggressive even though it is hard to tell from the pictures.
  25. Hair loss is a bitch and for men it is 99 % AGA. You have the classic pattern: All the conditions you mentioned will not cause such a pattern, but make you lose hair everywhere (or not at all, as not all conditions you mentioned are related to hairloss). By the way: I think your logic is also flawed in case you are right. If you have the slightest hint, that a severe amount of your balding would come from this conditions then you should NOT opt for FUT. What happens if your donor thins out from either of these conditions? Then you are severely screwed even in the case of a good scar.