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  1. Wow!!! First time I see something like this 🙉 and ... it looks SOOOO good! Patient has to be really happy. Congratulations!!!
  2. That looks pretty nice man! The donor extraction is perfect and the design is TOP! I really want to see Bisanga coming back with great cases! Thanks for sharing ...Keep updating!!!
  3. Winter is coming!!! Well, that looks super clean... and your DONOR looks amazing. Cant wait to see the final result already 😄 Thanks for sharing!
  4. Are you serious about Konior???? OH MY GOD!!! 😲🤯🙉 CRAZYYYYY!!! I still can NOT believe this!!! About Couto, I would call back and confirm about being him the one doing the implanting... just to be on the safe side. About Freitas, ufff, 4 patients seems to be almost impossible to do the implanting himself but... maybe he is a Brazilian Super-Hero 🧜‍♂️
  5. My TOP 5 of 2020 I guess all of us would have a different "roster" picked as our Top 5 Doctors in 2020. I see this choice as when in football you ask someone to pick the best 11 for the National Team... uffff, so many options, so many different teams ... what´s for sure, all of us will always have at least 3 "players" that always remain on that "roster". At this moment, by 2020, I will for sure have on my "FUE Team" the best three of the moment which in my humble opinion are: - Dr Freitas & Dr Couto, with the most impressive results in the past 3 years. - Hasson&Wong for alway
  6. First of all, thanks SO SO much for such an interesting post. It´s great to see all that info together 🤗 However, a piece of advice... I think you should UPDATE some of the data on that file of yours since you are providing some really sensitive information which could mislead people. You are stating that Dr. Freitas and Dr. Couto DONT do the implanting themselves and this work is done by their Techs... Where did you get that info? I know almost 99% for sure that Dr. Couto does ALL the implanting. And with Dr Freitas results I would also assume that he does the implanting himself. A
  7. Spanish Forums I think we should clarify something about the Spanish Forums as you seem to be mixing both and this could confuse people depending on which one of your posts they read. There is the FAMOUS and most renowned Spanish Forum, "Recuperar EL Pelo", where by the way, Freitas and Couto are the doctors who all are praising and all want to go for... This Forum has been around for a bit more than 14 years (created in 2006) And then there is the new forum (created in 2018) a COPY of the Famous one and using almost the same name: "Recuperar TU Pelo". It is said about this Copy Forum
  8. The design looks perfect and the treatment of the donor area is outstanding... Will be following your updates. Thanks for sharing ; )
  9. Love it! Great result with a really nice natural hairline. And the donor is looking amazing, like nothing was taken from there. Congratulations ; )
  10. Was looking promising at 5 months... how is that going now?
  11. I like Wesley´s, really subtle one and looks great on him! I remember trying to find out who did it but couldnt find the clinic. Ufff, poor Rooney ... I think he has had 2 already ... so hopefully his final one is the good one.
  12. Wow!!! I´m a footballer fan and I always thought Conte´s was a wig... He recently had an incident in the Europa´s League final when one of Sevilla´s players during an argument on the sidelines, told him that he was wearing a wig : (( Nice to hear it is a hair transplant, really nice one : )
  13. Hey Melvin, Diego López is certainly quite impressive! If you have Instagram I suggest you check his profile where you can see a lot of photos of his new look https://www.instagram.com/diegolopezofficial As what I said about Nadal, it´s more than rumors that Diego López had his HT with Dr Couto... At least, it´s being talked in different posts within a really well-known Spanish Forum ... also, if you Google "Diego Lopez injerto Dr Couto" on the 2nd result entry you would see that even a Forum admin confirms this fact ... but again, all these are rumors and neither FUExpert Clinic or Diego
  14. +1000 Totally with you. You have all the money in the world and you should have the BEST researchers on such an important matter in your life and... you dont pick one of the best surgeons?!?!? I´m sure Nadal has never visited this Forum or any other Forum in Spain. Now, we see how important Forums are and how great it is to have clinics and patients showing results and experiences.
  15. Really subtle new hairline! Love how natural it looks and the temples touch, TOP!!! Congratulations ; )
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