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  1. Wow!!! Just 5 months and it is already looking like an excellent result! The Density of that hairline is superb! Cant wait to see the 8 months update. Thanks a lot for sharing πŸ˜‰
  2. Hello @deanro I made no typo. I think you didnt read correctly, but do not worry, here I explain it again so that you understand πŸ˜‰ RMancini was supposed to have his surgery in Sep 2021, that would have been still 4 months from now. However, due to some COVID cancellations FUExpert Clinic called him to advance the Hair Transplant surgery... ONE YEAR! Instead of being on Sept 2021... on Sept 2020. Therefore, the wait in between 1st consult and surgery was just 12 months, which in normal conditions would have been 23 months... Here you can see where he explains himself:
  3. I have watched some Barcelona games and I would say this is some kind of smp
  4. Really nice! The procedure looks really clean. About the beard grafts, where did they put those? All around? Just on the Crown? Midscalp? Thanks a lot for sharing your experience. Cant wait to see the final result! πŸ˜‰
  5. Wow, another miracle by H&W Clinic. A pity people have to undergo a repair after another clinic has butchered them, so unfair to have to go through that. One more amazing result by Dr Wong! Congratulations 😊
  6. What a transformation! This was an extremely complicated case and it has been marvellously resolved! The new look is awesome, thanks for the great presentation! Congrats for an amazing work! 😊
  7. What a superb result! Love that density! That hair of yours is TOP! Enjoy the new look πŸ˜‰
  8. Wow!!! This is an amazing work on that Crown! And itΒ΄s yet 8 months, IΒ΄m pretty sure that will improve ... Supercongratulations and thanks for sharing πŸ˜‰
  9. Silva is rumored to have visited Couto. Many people discussed this almost confirming this fact on the Spanish forum and I would say it is true because the result itΒ΄s just "made-in Couto".
  10. Farinos looks amazing! What a change!!! And Dr Couto looks... really young? I thought his was older? Anyone knows his age? Happy to see his picture, I can say he is still gonna be around here doing superb Hair Transplants for a long long time 😊
  11. I really want to know the doctor or the Clinic so that we can avoid going there... πŸ™ƒ
  12. Here, Javier Farinos, a famous Spanish footballer who played for Valencia, Inter Milan, Villareal... He was looking really bad with a huge alopecia ... And here after visiting Dr Couto ...
  13. Wow, look at that change! Mane would totally change his appearance to be a complete new person if he went for a HT πŸ˜„
  14. Lookin nice! That is moving! A really interesting case. How is your beard are looking? Thanks a lot for sharing!
  15. This looks superb Portugal! Comparting the before-after photos, what a change! And you still have a few more months where that could improve. Could you share some photos of your beard are "without" shaving for a few days? Would be interesting to see how it looks! Many many thanks for sharing your amazing story. πŸ˜‰
  16. Looking really nice for just 4 months! Gonna be interesting to see that hairline in 2 months : ) Cant wait!
  17. What happened with Wylie? Can we see his case somewhere in the Forum? His story sounds really interesting and would love to see how those 5000 beard grafts are looking up there. Thanks for sharing your story.
  18. Wow! Fantastic result! What a change my friend! If I had been your friend, by no means could I recognise you waking past in the street, not even without mask... 🀩 Many many thanks for sharing this precious information about Dr Ma. And now itΒ΄s time to enjoy that NEW You, looking superb πŸ˜‡
  19. Wow, this is something I have never heard before. Really interesting to see how they work in Singapore.
  20. Wow, getting some great information from @RMancini about Dr Couto and many questions we all were looking for since while back. So using one of @miko posts with some questions, I have gathered some of the most important information if one of us would choose Dr Couto at FUExpert Clinic for his/her Hair Transplant: 1. What is the total PRICE for a graft at FUExpert Clinic? - First HT surgery with Dr Couto €4.5/graft - Temples work €5/graft - Any repair procedure of a bad result at another clinic €5/graft *FUExpert Clinic might offer a discount fo
  21. What a change! Top result! Contratulations my friend πŸ˜‰
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