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  1. @captaincalicoCongrats. Did you see Dr. Mwamba in person before doing the surgery? I think I saw somewhere a picture of him taking detailed measurements of the scalp, but can't find the link anymore. Did you do that before deciding to get a HT?
  2. Is there any difference between the Brussels and Atlanta offices? He has a beautiful measurement system (similar to Zarev) in Brussels and not sure whether he has that in Atlanta.
  3. Wow. Just wow. Don't want to pester, but if you have one just like this but showing your hairline would be great. The reason is that I am just very impressed about how natural your hairline looked like and this deserves to go down in the books
  4. Good thing is that I don't even notice density issues in your donor. But from your understanding why is density an issue with BHT, impossible to pack as close to each other as head hair? Going for BHT to donor or receipient area?
  5. Any updates @ajbd069? What I like about your results is that they look very natural. Hope to see updates soon.
  6. I consulted with a couple of doctors. I think the topic is related to Hair, at least in my case. My ear stick out only if I shave my head. Not noticeable at all when I have hair. So I wanted to do something about it. I forgot the details but there are two methods one is surgical the other is not (does not involve large incisions). Most docs offer the first not the second, since the first is more permanent. The second was developed and is more commonly used in Germany AFAIK. Anyway, the thing to know is that with the surgical procedure at least takes time to heal. They apparently pin your ears all the way, and count on the muscle memory to push back the ears further out. So while the downtime is short the final result is months away AFAI understood.
  7. This is what the industry needs and I am surprised they don't have it either. I have been to TOP top doctors, and the evaluation of my hair has varied so wildly. Here are examples: Doctor 1 assessment: Black hair. Average to low density. Hair thickness above average. Wavy. Donor area: 3.5. Doctor 2 assessment: Dark brown. Low density. Low thickness. straight hair. Poor candidate. 2-2.5K. Doctor 3 assessment. Black hair. (actually said very black, asian straight hair). Hair density: average. Hair thickness: above average. Donor Area: 4-4.5. And we are talking about an operation that is life changing and cost >20K. I need to go and see Dr. Bisanga. 100%.
  8. Congrats Gimpoli on the improvement. Based on your results of transplanting chest to donor, and hypothetically, how far would you be willing to take this had you needed more hair to the top of your head? This would give us an idea of how natural you feel those chest hairs are on your donor area... I am assuming you wouldn't go 100% body hair would you? So far visibly your donor hair is surprisingly homogenous, but I am assuming close up one must see/feel a difference. Glad to see this post I am 3X hairier than you and always wondered about filling donor.
  9. Sorry for the many question we are asking, but you are the Zarev patient. He usually gives numbers of hair density, either as FU per cm2 or hairs per cm2, did he tell you how much you have? Also did he take hair all the way below the donor area, close to nape?
  10. @HugoX Congrats. Fantastic. Question: Are you buzzing the lower sides and back? (about an inch or two around your ears and all he way back). If so why? I wonder whether it is an aesthetic choice due to thinning of donor area. Either way, its looks good. Nothing wrong with it. Also did he tell you your density FU/Cm2?
  11. What makes Eugenix capable of working with patients with smaller donor zoner/supply when others don't? I am in the same boat as you man. Except more advanced. I would be extremely careful.I wonder whether the fact that it is thinning without a lot of recession makes it harder (since the size of the recipient is larger).
  12. I managed to schedule an appointment with a doctor in the region. It was hard to find one who does scalp analysis. I bought this kit before I scheduled with him and definitely was not going to rely on my observations alone. Agreed. But pictures don't lie, so I am more informed now and prepared for the conversation. I will in addition contact a dermatologist. Thanks for the comment.
  13. @hairlossPA Your hunch is right, I was told on this forum most surgeons don't. The more curious we get, the more diligent they will have to become. So yes it would be good to keep this thread alive. I linked a study below about fibrosis in the donor region and its impact on a HT. Evaluation of Perifollicular Inflammation of Donor Area during Hair Transplantation in Androgenetic Alopecia and its Comparison with Controls
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