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  1. The doctor at Eugenix told me it can be as low as 33% scalp hairs and 66% beard hairs, and still look reasonably good
  2. Thats dr. Umar's clinic: https://www.dermhairclinic.com/ He's legit but very expensive. He is also a BHT expert. FUE only, he doesnt do FUT as far as I know
  3. I'd be careful with that. Customs in any country can refuse entry if they feel like it. They dont need a reason, other then they dont like the looks of you. It seems in most countries only essential travel is allowed and I'm not sure cosmetic surgery falls under that category. Airlines wont care either, they will just sell you the ticket knowing full well you could be denied entry
  4. Not overseas, but Dr. Cotterrill in Canada does FUT transplants for $5,000 CDN (which is about $3,800 USD). I was told he doesnt shave, but that was 5 years ago so I dont know if anything has changed since then
  5. I always wanted to know, a quadruple hair graft, do all 4 hairs grow from one bulb, or is it 4 separate bulbs in one follicle??
  6. I heard the excessive blood flow from PRP injections can cause excessive DHT around native hair follicles that are sensitive to DHT, which can cause them to shed
  7. I have also heard of people having excessive shock loss after PRP and saying it wasnt worth it
  8. So I recently learned performing body hair transplants is a more difficult job than regular scalp hair FUE. Not every doctor is good at it. Here is a list of clinics that perform BHT: https://www.hairlosscure2020.com/list-of-surgeons-who-offer-body-hair-to-head-hair-transplants/ I cant vouch how good each doctor is, however. The only ones I know of that do good work are Dr. Umar, Eugenix and Dr. Lorenzo
  9. Dr. Lorenzo over in Spain has some excellent BHT results. I might go with him instead of Eugenix https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Injertocapilar+bht
  10. Baby shampoo for the first 2 weeks is the right answer
  11. Just tell the stewardesses and passengers on the plane that you got into a bad motorcycle accident. You'll get treated like a king by the stewardesses, and all the other passengers will feel sorry for you. Trust me, it works!
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