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Hi everyone!


First of all I would like to thank all people who have been posting their experience and the ones who have commented postings. It has helped me a lot to make the decision to go for HT and to have a feel of what to expect.


I'll appreciate your comments and advice as I find the journey challenging.


I did the FUT HT with Dr. Christian Bisanga at BHR Clinic, Brussels, Belgium

I am 43.

I planned to have a FUE but several doctors I have consulted in person or by mail (in England, Belgium, Thailand) have recommended FUT. Others, in Turkey, have suggested FUE but eventually I decided to go for the doctor I felt most comfortable with and went for the FUT he recommended.


Grafts count: 3533

1 hair: 673

2 hairs: 1439

3 hairs: 1455

4 hairs: 351


Total : 9320 hairs


Donor density: average of 71.2 UF/cm2

Type of hair: medium fine


Never took medicines.


My HT took place early April 2014. The team has been really great before, during and after the surgery. Highly professional and very kind people looking for your well being at all times.


I'll upload some pictures in the next post.

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Here are a few pictures of the day of surgery. Before and after.


The entire process lasted 9 1/2 hours. Long day but no real pain and excellent dynamic and interaction with a highly professional team.








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Hi everyone.


Well, I am now at 6 weeks.


It starts being more difficult for me as I felt things where evolving the first weeks and now nothing seem to happen. I understand it is quite normal but nevertheless I feel the redness is still quite strong and the skin looks quite "bumpy". I wonder if this is normal.

Any advice on how to reduce the redness and get rapidly to a normal looking skin ?


Looking at others picture it seems to me that many would have already some hair growth by now, even if not much. Most of my transplanted area is just bold. When touching it feels totally bold and it is hard to believe hair will grow. It does not feel at all as after shaving when you can still feel the hairs to grow soon.


What is your experience ?


Another of my concern is the vertex/crown area. I post a before and after picture. It seems I have lost quite some hairs there since the surgery and I don't know why as shock loss would rather happen around the transplanted area or the scar area. My hair are shorter now than before the surgery but still. Any comment on that ?






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Hi Tony


Thanks for posting the case.


Redness is part of the package as the skin is soaked in a lot of blood from the recipient site cutting and will fade in time. I personally found LLLT worked well to reduce mine post op (Low level laser therapy) in the form of a laser comb but not an essential as such but did work for me on my last surgery. Aloe vera applications and some use witch hazel extract also topically.


Avoid sun and artificial heat that can exacerbate it also and the skin is in its healing stages also and healthy eating speed up healing for me and your advisor can send some more information to you also. Lighter skinned patients suffer more than the darker skinned but it will also pass naturally and usually looks worse under flourescent lighting.


Growth at 6 weeks would not be the norm to be honest so not a concern at this stage and shock loss near the treated areas also is common as the injections and swelling is in and around the treated area.


All the best for the healing and growth and please let your advisor know anything you need specifically and am sure they would be happy to answer for you.

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Stay out of the sun and continue to build a photo journal like you have been doing. No hair would reasonably be growing at this point. The skin will and redness should be fairly normal within the next several weeks. I think the design/pattern looks good. My only concern is that 3.5k grafts doesn't seem like a lot to cover as much area as the pattern shows, however only time will tell.


Aloe worked for me. Just put a little bit on the time of the finger and rub it very gently around the redness of the hairline area and see if you get much progress with it. Keep a hat over your head when outside, that's a good rule of thumb for anyone HT or not :) Take photos every two weeks in the same manner. I would also be sure to document your scar as well, as this will be good information to have down the road. But everything looks as expected. Also avoid hot showers. Try to keep water luke warm, I know it isn't as pleasant but it will help fair skin people like you keep the redness from being inflammed.

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Dear sl and dear Patriot34,

Thank you for your advice. My head is always covered when outside. I leave in a sunny country with 35 degrees celsius so my head sweat quite a bit when outside.

Nevertheless I spend lot of time inside with aircon and there I don't need a hat.

A laser comb will be hard to find here. I will probably try aloe vera and take cooler showers. Not a problem with such warm weather here :)


I have documented the scar even if it is more difficult to take not-to-blury pictures of it. Next week it will be 8 weeks so I'll post new pictures including the scar.


Patriot34, I hear what you say about the number of grafts and we will have indeed to see how it turns out. I am actually quite happy with the number because before the surgery we talked of about 3'000 grafts and other doctors had calculated a need of 3'200. I told Dr Bisanga to take what he could even if it was more than planned. I guess size of head, elasticity and density dictates how much cam be taken. 3'500 being more than expected I was quite happy with the bonus grafts. But indeed we will see if a FUE is needed later on for the crown and maybe to add density to the first intervention.


None of you both commented my potential shock loss situation around the crown. What do you think ?

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Hi Tony


I did comment but easily missed so will re-paste it here.


Growth at 6 weeks would not be the norm to be honest so not a concern at this stage and shock loss near the treated areas also is common as the injections and swelling is in and around the treated area.




Shockloss and especially if not on medication is very possible, usually comes back in 3 months onwards and applying minoxidil may help speed this up. The foam won't work in your heat that well so liquid is better but if used need to also check redness.You may wish to look into medication to stabilise the loss in general and your person doctor should be able to give advice as to suitability of FDA approved medication for you looking at medical history etc and other issues and if worth taking or even look at natural DHT blockers and Carmen can send you also some information on that if you'd like.

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Ooops sorry about that sl, you had indeed comment on the shock loss.


I wonder if that's what has happens. Anyway if it is to come back after 3 month onward then it is not much of a concern.


I have to admit that I am not really keen to take medicine and might not have the discipline to use it 1x or 2x a day, taking the risk of more redness.

I understand I need to be patient and see what happens. I might just sit back and relax for the next couple of month.


I'll explore anyway with the Dr and Carmen about the options.


Thanks for your prompt comments!

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Looks very promising. Dr Bisanga is a great surgeon and has the best ethics in the business. In regards to the thinner crown, are have you started using Rogaine or Proprecia very recently? They can cause an initial shed. It shouldn't be shockloss from the transplant because no hair was implanted into the crown area...

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Thanks Mickey85 for your comment. I have put my trust in Dr Bisanga and have nothing to complain as of now. Time will tell and obviously it has to do with the doctor but also with the patient and how each one reacts to the HT.


I have never taken any medicine. I imagine you are right, I should not have a shock loss at the crown as nothing have been done there. I can't explain it.


Well. I guess I just have to give it time and see how it evolves....

I'll keep updating this thread.

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Looking at others picture it seems to me that many would have already some hair growth by now, even if not much. Most of my transplanted area is just bold. When touching it feels totally bold and it is hard to believe hair will grow. It does not feel at all as after shaving when you can still feel the hairs to grow soon.


What is your experience ?


You and I have a similar hair loss pattern and I am 6 months post-op now - 3,452 grafts in the frontal third. Growth started in earnest for me at 2 months and 3 weeks. Matt1978 said he experienced the same thing. The dormant 'ugly duckling' stage is pretty nerve-wracking and will have you questioning 'What the hell did I do?' I think I've achieved 100% growth by now, but to my surprise it appears to be getting fuller and denser. I say 'to my surprise' because at every stage I have wondered 'Is this it?' By the way, Bisanga was one of my top two choices for surgeons. Looking forward to seeing your results.



Another of my concern is the vertex/crown area. I post a before and after picture. It seems I have lost quite some hairs there since the surgery and I don't know why as shock loss would rather happen around the transplanted area or the scar area. My hair are shorter now than before the surgery but still. Any comment on that ?


I looked at your pre-op and current pics of your crown and again, I experienced the same concern. Both my surgeon and hairdresser said they saw no difference in my crown. I think it may have been my imagination, but to be honest, the mid-scalp and crown behind my graft area does appear thinner in my eyes. I wish I could find the thread, but there was a recent discussion on here about that. They don't call it a journey for nothing. Hang in there and try to relax. Everything you're feeling and experiencing is normal.

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Dear Pete-from-Farjo and Since21, thank you a lot for your comments.

This is very useful and reassuring. Indeed I am certainly over stressed about it and just need to relax and wait.


The first 3 month seem to be the most difficult time and it is hard to simply let it go and not look at the mirror 5 times a day and wonder if there is anything new. But knowing that it is the normal process is helpful. Of course I read about it but it is different when experiencing it.


After all, beside the informative value of this forum, it is nice not to feel all alone in this journey!!

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Well, here we are at the 2 month mark. A little bit improvement but hard to say if the new visible hair are actually new ones or the former few hairs I had there before the HT....yes, I had a few :)


Anyway, just updating the pictures and looking forward to see how it will look in a month. It is regularly itchy.


I also add a couple of pictures of the scar. Still quite pink, but seems ok. I guess. It pulls quite a bit on my scar, specially when I laugh or sometime according on how I move my head. Do you experience the same ? how long should that last ?







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Hi Tony


Looking good and redness is dissipating also.


Tightness is normal, you've had approx 49cm2 of tissue removed so will feel that way while the scalp relaxes and gains laxity again and these adjustments take time also so totally normal in the first few months.


Expect growth really from 3 to 4 months onwards, anything sooner is a really a bonus. The itchy feeling is also a sign of healing and you will exfoliate skin and keep in both areas and keeping it moisturised with help also.


Scar redness is normal as the internal sutures are dissolved so all part of the process so far.


All the best and let is know if you need anything.

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  • 5 weeks later...

Well, well. There it is. The 3 month mark after witch I hope to see more significant growth. Things have been evolving which is great. There are clearly more hair than last month and even than last week but I am not yet in a position to go out without a hat to cover my head.


A number of hairs seem simply not to appear on the picture. They are very thin and almost transparent. I wonder if they will turn out to be darker and stronger. Is that the way the growth happens ? First like a fuzz and then a real normal hair ?


I don't feel the redness has reduced significantly. It always depend on the light but inside, with artificial light, it appears more red than with natural light. I hope this will faint away soon. I put aloe vera once a day, not sure if it helps or not.


Scar seems to be ok, I almost ever feel it anymore.

The crown is still a concern but I guess I'll deal with it after the rest is done.


I am planing to go get an haircut. My assumption is that I should have the shortest hair possible, taking in consideration the scar, so that it is more in line with the new hair growth. What is your experience with haircut ? what did look the best on you ??


In advance thank you for your comments and I'll keep updating.









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Hi Tony,


Thanks for the update. It is good that you are seeing growth already at 3 months as it varies from patient to patient. Some of the new hairs will come in fine and wispy and will take time to mature and thicken like normal hairs so all you are seeing is perfectly normal.


Unfortunately some guys with pale skin do have redness that lingers on longer than others and you are right does look worse under lights than it would when out and about. I would continue with the aloe vera as it can only help.


The scar looks great already. I would look to tidy up the sides and back if you are going to a barbers let them know about the scar and they can work around it to get your hair as short as possible without the scar showing.


Good luck and keep us posted.

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The work looks very good. I reckon your going to have a excellent result. Your over the worst bit ! that initial few months wait where nothing seems to be happening.

Look forward to seeing the monthly updates of pics.

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@ Garageland, thank you for your advice. Today I'll go to a barber shop and see what can be done. Happy to hear that it is normal to see some fine and wispy hair but that they will mature with time. Hopes are high right now !


@ johnboy71, thanks for your encouraging words. I have a lot of confidence in Dr Bisanga and his team. Indeed those 3 first month where challenging and I am looking forward to see how it goes in a few weeks.

I struggle a bit with not been able to go out without a hat and can't wait for the day I could present myself without.


Again, any advice on how to reduce redness faster are welcome !


I'll post an update next month :)

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  • 4 weeks later...

Well, It is actually 3 days before 4 month...


I have a concern and would appreciate your feedback.

Is it possible that the growth stops for a while ?


I was quite excited when shortly before 3 month I could see growth and feel it. I say "feel" because it was quite itchy and I thought it might be the hair piercing through my skin. I was maybe wrong.


Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I did not feel anything anymore. Not itchy and did not feel like anything was growing. As I look at my hair 5-10 times a day it is hard to see any difference, the only way is to compare pictures. So 2 weeks ago I took pictures and if I compare them to today's pictures, there is not much change, beside the hairs who where already there growing more. So did it stopped ?


I am not complaining much as comparing the picture from the 3rd and 4th month I can see a difference. But I expected things to go faster from now on and not to slow down. Maybe it is just an impression....


What is your experience ?





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