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  1. Well, actually I keep my hair long enough so I don't mind. Most of the scar is almost invisible I am told. One side is not as good as the other one. The reason might be that when I got the stitches removed the doctor I saw he did not a very good job on the left side and it got infected. So the scar seem a bit more visible on the left side. Again as my hair are long enough I don't mind.
  2. Thanks for your messages ! I have been paying less attention the last few month but I have a general feeling hair has thicken and keeping them longer is good. @delancey, Feriduni, Rahal and Dr Path all suggested first a FUT, then possibly a second HT but FUE this time. Not sure I'll do another HT for now. Quite happy like that. We'll see in a few years.
  3. Hi everyone, I have a thread with all details of my HT, the ups and downs, in the "Hair restoration results posted by patients" forum and you should be able to find here here : http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/175307-dr-bisanga-3533-grafts-fut.html I thought I'll make a summary for the ones interested. I had a FUT of 3533 grafts performed April 1st 2014. I am very thankful to Dr Christian Bisanga and his team for the warm welcoming, dedicated ongoing care and very professional attitude. The result is really to my liking, nothing to complain. It fits my expectation and is what I was told by Dr Bisanga it would be. Here are before and after 12 month pictures.
  4. There it is ! Finally, 12 month and I feel good. I still meet people I have not seen since before the HT and they usually say they find me younger and looking good but without spotting the HT. Very nice to hear. Very thankful to Dr Christian Bisanga and his team for a great job and fantastic followup from Carmen ! Here are the latest pictures.
  5. Hi Spanker. Well, FUE was not recommended (except by one Dr in Turkey who only saw pictures) for the following reasons, as far as I understand. The surface to cover was quite extended and I have a relatively small head with a side density of only about 70 UF/cm2. Being 43 years old at the time of the HT it is possible that I might need another HT in the future and it seemed safer to keep the possibility to do a FUE later on. Doing a FUE now would diminish the density and make it possibly more problematic for a second one in the future. I really wanted to get a FUE instead of FUT but eventually I was convinced by those different feedbacks I got, based on picture but also on Dr visits. Hope it answers your question. Take care.
  6. Good times ! I am happy. So here is the 10 month update. I think the is some more thickening and having my hair a bit longer looks better. Exciting to feel it is not over yet Thanks to all for your positive feedbacks! @ Garageland: Thanks for your advice, I'll wait a couple of month more to see what hairstyle might be the best. It is the fun part to have to try out hairstyle when I had just no hair. @ Delancey: Sorry but I don't have the answer to your question. I remember discussing the different planned density at the front and behind with Dr Bisanga, but I do not remember what we said. I simply followed his advice and feel I was right. I'll ask anyway, maybe it is somewhere in my file. @ Spanker: Not sure yet if I'll do a second HT. Probably not now. I am happy with the result and will certainly wait a few years to see if there is more hair loss on the sides and crown as I have decided not to use any products.
  7. There we go for the 9 month update. Light does change a lot the way hair look. I did not realized that in the past. Now I see my hair denser or less, darker or grayer...anyway, overall it looks good as I continue to get nice comment when I meet with people I have not seen in a very long time. They feel I have not changed much and even that I look younger than last time we had met. I like those comments ! My challenge now is to find the right length and style for my new hair, a problem I am happy to have to deal with In the past few month I tend to have my hair quite short and maybe it is not the right thing to do. The hair tend to stay strait up and maybe by keeping them longer they will fell differently and it might look better. I comb them on a side which is new to me. When I had more hair I used to comb them to the back and then with having less, to the front. Now to the side. If anyone has recommendations on how long to keep them and how to comb them so that it looks the best way possible, don't hesitate. I imagine many of you had to find your style and maybe you have some learning to share. Happy new year to all !
  8. Here we go. 8 month, I am happy Pictures taken with different light than usual...
  9. Just got an haircut the day before taking the pictures. Maybe to short actually. Anyway, here are the pictures. I don't see improvement from last month. Again, it is hard to say if there is any as it depends also on the light. At least this time it is not as visible as in previous month. I read that growth can be stagnant for a while. I experiences fast growth between 4th and 6 month, maybe this month it needed to rest a bit
  10. Dear Garageland, Thanks for the reminder ! Indeed Dr Bisanga always said HT was an illusion of density and in my case the surface to cover was quite extensive so I must have reasonable expectations. But in many situations it does the trick. Under a spotlight in the bathroom seem to be the worst, but usually there are not to many people with me in that place As far as haircuts, have you (or anyone else) recommendations on what looks usually the best ? Is it to comb towards the back ? or on the side as I do right now ? what have been your experiences ?
  11. Hi mikeey, Fist of all, I agree that Bisanga is an artist. He did an excellent job and the reassurance of being with a top quality doc has its price. Now I understand everyone has its own limited means and have to fix priorities. The picture I take are always at the same spot, time of the day and camera. We can see the difference month after month. But under artificial light one sees that more density would be nicer. You can see it better on the 3rd picture of my 6 month posting. Time will tell how more density I will achieve, but I am already very happy and confident for the future. No meds before and no meds after. Nothing, no even specific shampoo or nutrition, I just continue my life normally. WE discussed Rogain with Dr Bisanga last month when I visited. I thought it might help for my crown and in general. Dr Bisanga agree it could but also tells me if I start I cannot stop. And I am not ready for that. I have decided I'll wait 12-15 month after HT to assess if I will start on something. I will probably not. Take care !
  12. Thanks for your feedbacks. Those are very exciting times indeed. And thank you for the personal messages I received in my inbox. I try my best to answer quickly but I am not logging in every day. I'll keep posting!
  13. I am feeling great !! Well, the 6th month is an important mark for me as I started a few weeks back to go out without a hat, after a useful haircut. I might need a new one one... Life has changed. I met with many people I did not see since my HT and did not know I did anything. Not so many said nothing. Just some who might have seen a difference but did not dare ask. Most people commented things like : - "Oh, you are looking great!" - "Every time I see you you seem to look younger" - "Do you have a new haircut ?" - "You look in good shape and younger. Did you start working out ?" - "You'r like wine, getting better as time passes" Some, but not to many quickly figured out I had a HT. And they all had very positive reaction: - "waww, it looks amazing. Tell me all about it !" - "well done ! can I touch ? is it supposed to last ? It looks so natural. " - "You are so lucky, I always wanted to do it but my wife would not let me.." As I said I am feeling great. I see a major change even if according to the lightning, more or less density is seen. That's expected. I understand from Dr Bisanga who I met a couple of weeks ago that I am probably at about 60% growth. So there is more improvement to be expected. I am very excited about it. Here are some pictures, always trying to use the same camera, at the same place and same time of the day:
  14. Thanks for your comments. Here is an almost 5 month update. I can see that there is more than on my 4 month update. I shall get a haircut because it is actually hard to see if there are more hairs or if the ones I had at month 4 have grown and cover more. I guess not everything shows on the picture. Touching my scalp I feel some new small hair growing that even with a close-up picture seem not to be visible. I am confident I am on the right track. As you can see, hair growth is sparse. Did you experiment the same ? and eventually the blank spots start to fill and more density is obtained ? In other words, is there 2 things to consider? Growth of new hair and quality of hair that with time are stronger, wider, darker ? Until which month new hair grow ? I'll keep updating. As always thanks for your advice !