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  1. I was thinking about it for awhile too, so I booked in Dec 2017 for a procedure with Konior in Dec 2018. Gave me time to think about it more.
  2. Looks like a nice result. Will continue to thicken over the next few months.
  3. It was 5 years ago. When you do your research, you are evaluating and disseminating a lot of information and results. I talked to 5-6 doctors once I narrowed down my search, looked at hundreds of results, talked to patients, spent many hours on this forum, etc. I don't remember specific cases or results, to be honest. I just remember there were enough mixed results to steer me in another direction.
  4. Analog, if you are as desperate and disappointed with the results as you claim to be, I would take Melvin up on his offer. Otherwise, you lack credibility and are wasting everyone's time.
  5. Oh heck no, I’m not getting sucked into this vortex of madness.
  6. The fun begins. Bisanga was my second choice behind Konior based on geography. Love his work. His and Konior's hairlines are exceptional. Looking forward to seeing your results. Happy growing.
  7. I'm in the film business. Lighting is everything. I can take one pic of my hair from overhead with harsh lighting in my bathroom and nearly have a panic attack because I see patches of scalp. I can take another in my living room with no overhead light and it looks like I have Ryan Gosling hair — no scalp whatsoever. The lighting conditions in the two shots you posted are dramatically different. You have no idea what you're talking about, and this thread is exhausting.
  8. Get on fin I had a child while taking Fin. No problem there. I would get on it and see if it helps recover any of what you have lost. It usually has a diminishing effect in that regard, however. Meaning, at first you might notice some regrowth, then the MPB will resume after awhile. At least that's what happened to me. That said, if you long for a David Beckham hairline, you'd only need a small FUE session. Looks like you have good characteristics. Like someone else said, life is short.
  9. I can't recommend him strongly enough. I think he creates some of the softest, most natural hairlines I've seen. I also admire Bisanga's hairline as well. Similar to Dr K's in their refinement. Between the two, for me it would come down to geography in relation to where I lived. That said, I can only comment on the experience I had with Dr. K, and you will like his hands-on approach. I don't think the guy ever sleeps. If you email him at 4am his time, it's not unusual to receive an immediate reply from him. He's incredibly responsive to all your questions and concerns.
  10. This is going to sound contradictory. After having done both FUT and FUE, FUT is barbaric in comparison. Much more invasive, and the recovery time is literally like day and night. That said, I'm glad I did FUT first for the higher graft count, and then FUE for a smaller session. In my mind, it just makes sense to do FUT first so you don't 'moth eat' or thin out your donor site on the first pass with a high graft count. Buuuut... I wouldn't dissuade anyone from doing FUE either because you're not taking a chunk of scalp out of your noggin.
  11. Truth. And look at both positive and less than positive results.
  12. You should second guess all the HT surgeons you're considering and go from there...
  13. Sounds like he's just trying to steer you in the right direction. I had gotten in touch with Rahal's clinic and spoke to his rep when I was researching doctors for my first procedure, but as I dug a little deeper I had started to see enough negative results/experiences that I ultimately eliminated him from my list. Again, good luck in your search.
  14. Since21

    Best Hairline Surgeon

    Sure, but this thread is about who does the best hairlines and judging from this result, I wouldn't put this surgeon at the top. And the patient already had minimal receding and great characteristics to start with. I'm more impressed when a surgeon starts from virtually nothing and creates an entirely new natural hairline. That said, the left side facing the patient looks spectacular. The right side is a miss.
  15. Well, you spoke to one of the best who also has a background in plastic surgery and got an honest response. Might want to consult with his partner, Dr. Nadimi. She also has a background in plastic surgery and isn't booked out as far in advance. I definitely wouldn't do the scalp reduction surgery. It's extreme and let's say you do recede in the future, then you have another scar to contend with.