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  1. Another thing since I just noticed this comment, if a girl really said this to you she was probably just testing you to see how you’d react and measure your confidence. They are amazing at detecting low confidence in guys. The correct reaction if a girl actually said this to you would be to laugh it off and say something funny like “you know I read a Harvard study which showed a direct correlation between penis growth and hairline recession”. You never show a girl a comment like that bothers you even though it obviously did since you’re looking into surgery! Listen to the collective wisdom of
  2. For starters you should know that a woman will never respect a man that doesn’t respect himself. Also, if your only goal is to attract shallow gorgeous women instead of focusing on improving your hairline just focus on improving your bank account because trust me that’s all they really give a crap about. Your a good looking young dude with a nice head of hair. Find other ways to improve your self confidence and get the hell off this forum and enjoy your life.
  3. I don’t think it looks too bad at all considering the shock loss. You still plan on doing smp in the donor? Did you talk to dr mwamba about smp at all? I plan on doing it for my fue scars around end of the year.
  4. Not smoking anything. The guy has fine hair and rebuilt his whole frontal area with a complete temple restoration. When I look at his before and after it is a pretty great result in my opinion and his donor area isn't damaged at all. Hard to get a perfect result in one shot fue surgery with a case like his.
  5. This would be a great result from any clinic especially considering your tough hair characteristics having dark hair with light skin. Your expectations are too high of what hair transplants surgery’s are capable of if your not happy with this. It’s completely normal to want a few hundred grafts to make it “perfect” after lowering your hairline as much as you did. If you asked for a refund from cinik he would tell you no and probably refuse to work on you again.
  6. In my opinion, DHT and it’s benefits are borderline a marketing gimmick. The biggest issue I see with it is grafts are not trimmed of the excess skin before being placed. This increases the risk of grafts not being placed properly and healing incorrectly with skin irregularities like tenting. Basically what it comes down to is DHT is actually easier on clinics because they don’t have to dissect or trim any grafts so common sense tells me if it was beneficial I think every clinic would do it since it actually saves them time and effort. Maybe I’m wrong though and some doctors can actually give
  7. I’ve tried the top reviewed ones on amazon that supposedly don’t use alcohol or other bad preservatives and they gave me irritation so I don’t trust them. Go to the market and buy the actual aloe Vera leafs which are all natural and cheap. Peel the skin with a knife and use either the knife or spoon to get the gel out. Then use a fork to whisk it to the right consistency or even better a hand blender. You can store the extra gel in the fridge for a few days and just repeat the process when you need more. It gave me a lot of relief in the donor area from itching and I applied it on the recipien
  8. Are you on any meds? You have a great head of hair. I see your concerns but you need to also understand the risk of permanently shocking out those miniaturized hairs along your hairline with surgery. Before considering surgery take a look at this thread and what thus guy was able to accomplish with meds and microneedling. There is a strong chance you may be able to get some impressive results with a similar routine which would look much more natural than a hair transplant because it is. Trust me I was in a similar position as you with minimal hair loss and approaching my mid 30’s and tho
  9. There is no solution to surgical errors. Hopefully you get great growth in the next 6 months that will help camouflage the pitting you have. It doesn’t look too bad at all based on the pics you posted. Your only option is to remove the worst ones and implant more to hide the rest. There’s this misconception with hair restoration surgery that the most important steps are the extractions and/or the incisions and that graft placement is no big deal and techs can easily handle it. That’s not true at all. If the technicians don’t place the grafts at the proper depth you end up with issues lik
  10. I get it....I had your same attitude....but take it from me, a guy who rushed in to surgery with a doctor not recommended here with patient posted results and ended up with disastrous results and had to then come on here looking for help from an ethical doctor to fix those issues. If I was dead set on doing this surgery and I just waited for my surgery with a great ethical doctor I would have saved time, money, and a lot of stress. the fact that you think that worst case scenario you will just need a touch up tells me that you, just like me didn’t do enough research into how detailed this
  11. Hopefully it will soften up and improve over time. If it doesn’t it is an easy fix if you go to a more meticulous surgeon. How is your donor area?
  12. Some great doctors doing great work overseas with cheap prices compared to the US. Only a few doctors in the US are worth the prices they charge for fue.
  13. I wouldn’t do anything aggressive at all that would potentially dislodge the grafts for the first 10 days. You should follow your doc’s instructions so that way down the line there are no questions asked that maybe you did something to hinder your results. One thing I can recommend to you is to use to gently apply some organic jojoba oil on the dried blood and leave it on for a couple hours before the indirect sponge washing your doing. That can help loosen them up. Jojoba oil is the least irritating oil and shouldn’t cause any irritation and won’t clog your pores.
  14. If you go to a good hair transplant surgeon they will use a small punch to remove them. It won’t leave a noticeable scar. Your other option is electrolysis. If all you want to is remove some hairs and that will make you happy this will be very easy for a good surgeon to do.
  15. This is why it’s important to choose a great doctor. He noticed the folliculitus and treated it immediately. Wishing you great results! Keep us updated. What’s the situation like in Portland by the way? Have you gone downtown at all? The media makes it seem like it’s Afghanistan right now.
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