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  1. While I agree with your point that this industry severely lacks regulation I don’t think you should be attacking this forum. This patient did go through a horrible ordeal but this forum has allowed him to voice his experience and Melvin has been fair with him trying to help him. The other major US forum probably wouldn’t even have allowed his post to get through without moderation. It costs money to run websites and they’re transparent about the process here. I wish I had joined this forum and done the research I’ve done now before my procedure.
  2. Hopefully the meeting goes great and after evaluating you they’re confident they can help you. You are absolutely right that it’s worth it, you need to be evaluated in person after a failed procedure like this. If your original doctor truly cared about your situation he should have offered to fly you in to evaluate you in person in my opinion. I don’t think you should stop with H&W too. If possible seek a consultation with Dr. Konior and Dr. Gabel. Based on my research that I should have done before my procedure those are two standout ethical doctors that wouldn’t steer you wrong as well. The other veteran members here that have been through a lot have given you great advice. Keep us updated.
  3. Dynamic needs support to get through this. Anybody who has ever been on the wrong end of the knife in an elective surgery knows how he his feeling right now. We shouldn't say things like he needs to live with this for the rest of his life or he ruined his hair. He needs to get through this process of dealing with this doctor so he can move forward and hopefully find the right doctor with the talent to correct his situation and be happy. He is not a lost cause and there are many guys who were in worse situations who got repaired. I also don't think he should waste his time with a lawyer trying to prove medical malpractice which is incredibly difficult in these cases. It's just going to keep these wounds open and cost him more money with some shady lawyers. Trying to find an ethical lawyer is even harder than trying to find an ethical hair surgeon. Hopefully the doctor does the right thing by him without having to be blackmailed with disclosing his name and damaging his reputation on this network. Otherwise his recommendation here should really be in question.
  4. The fact of the matter is we don’t know what exactly happened to cause this. This doctor has so many results where he absolutely knocks it out of the park and positively changes a patients life for the better. There’s a great case on this forum where a guy had 2 failed fut surgeries and this doctor repaired him with a scar revision and it’s one of the better results you can find. As far as post op bloodiness there’s a guy on here who was extremely bloody post op but just posted his 5 month update and looks amazing. Yet at the same time there are cases of nasty looking fut scars with bad results by this doctor here and there’s a video a guy posted on yelp. As Melvin stated what separates a good doctor from a great doctor is how he responds to these situations. So far from what we’ve been told the response is unacceptable. As soon as the word necrosis came up more attention should have been payed to him. And I’m not saying dynamic should go back to this doctor but a repair procedure should have been offered at the least and not a discounted one.
  5. Very interesting thread to read and follow on your self improvement journey. It sucks you didn’t get the amazing results you should have gotten considering how many grafts were used. But I gotta tell you based on the recent pics you’ve posted I agree with the other guys who told you it doesn’t look bad at all. Even in the harsh lighting. Is it a little thin? Ya. But it looks naturally thin. And you look better than you did before your first procedure. And you can still get away with a short fade which considering how many grafts you’ve used up you need to count your blessings with how lucky you are. The only reason I’m telling you all this is to be careful. You keep rolling the dice with this kind of surgery thinking you can only improve but you really need to think more about the strong possibility that your situation gets worse. Especially since you’re not on meds. Risking permanently shocking native and transplanted hairs and depleting your sides more to where the scars will be more noticeable and you can’t fade your hair like you want just for a minor improvement that most people wouldn’t notice isn’t worth it in my opinion. No doctor on earth will guarantee that won’t happen to you.
  6. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. You need to be very careful how you proceed. Consult with the most ethical doctors out there to figure out maybe why this happened to you and you’re best options moving forward. Also know that you’re not alone, lots of guys are suffering and trying to fix their situation including myself.
  7. Thanks for having the courage to post this. More guys need to see results like this to understand that no matter where you go, whether a cheap hair mill in turkey or a prominent expensive doctor in North America or Europe there are always risks with this surgery beyond just having a low yield. Having said that I really hope you end up ok and I think if you consult with some great doctors you’ll be ok. I agree with you that depending on your scalp laxity you should look at a scar revision and pulling some more grafts to fill in the top rather than subjecting your donor to an fue procedure right now. Do you have any bumpy texture on your scalp in certain lighting or ridging/elevated/uneven scalp in the hairline that’s noticeable where the hairs didn’t grow?
  8. I got a hold of my surgeon finally. He prescribed me antibiotics. It’s gotten better but I’m still scared about my skin condition I know it’s not normal. I guess my only hope is the hair grows out thick and covers it. If not I’m in trouble. I actually called Dr. Mohebi’s office and wanted to schedule an appointment with him just for his opinion but he’s on vacation. I was prepared for the ugly duckling phase not the Chernobyl victim phase.
  9. Thanks for the input. It’s hard to avoid googling and self diagnosing when you’re doctors office doesn’t respond to you at all though.
  10. No I haven’t had any of those symptoms at all. Everything was going great until these bumps became more prominent. And it really became more noticeable where it got my attention at the worst time on the 4th so my doctors office was unavailable and I’ve had nothing but scary google searches to keep my mind racing over the weekend. The only good thing about it was I found this website.
  11. Hi everyone. I am 18 days post op with 1500 grafts in the hairline + PRP. Everything went smoothly the first 2 weeks. The scabs came off nicely mostly in the shower and I looked good. But over the last week while the shedding has started I’ve noticed these tiny bumps appear all around my recipient area. They don’t itch at all. I’ve contacted the surgeon and I am awaiting the response still. Should I be panicking right now?