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  1. Ya I agree with @mustang give it some time I’m sure it will look better in a few months but the extractions were taken too close to each other. Hopefully you get a killer result in the front and you can always get SMP to your donor area in the future it works wonders. But this shouldn’t have happened with only a 1500 graft procedure.
  2. I saw your post on hair loss talk and actually PM’d a couple guys the link who had awful looking scars to show them your result and an option other than SMP. Thanks for sharing it here. Mwamba did a great job.
  3. Stay the F away from that place. From your post history it sounds like your trying your best to find a doctor in the LA area only. That’s a good way to get butchered. You need to research more. Only patient posted results matter. Like @transplantedphil said they cherry pick the results they post and they constantly post old results from years ago and make them appear to be new results. That tells you they are not consistently getting good results and also they are unethical with their marketing.
  4. Not trying to be negative but even if they all grow that’s not enough grafts to achieve moderate density in the hairline that was drawn up. I hope he was clear with you that you would need more then 1 surgery and this is just the way he does it at least. Also, I hope I’m wrong but I think I saw double hair grafts in the front of your hairline in the post op pics. If you are unhappy in 6 months start researching some top docs recommended here because I advise you to not go back to that doctor.
  5. Did you get tested for vitamin deficiencies and/or thyroid issues? Did something traumatic happen in your life that caused a lot of stress? Also, I noticed you had that issue with the scalp flakes. Did Dr. Bisanga tell you it was just dandruff or perhaps scalp psoriasis? Hope you get this resolved man.
  6. Love your videos man! You’re keeping it very honest while educating viewers at the same time. One of the best documentations I’ve seen. Bruno is gonna get a lot of new business because of you he owes you!👌
  7. Looking really good man! In a few months those hairs will all be much thicker and it will look more dense. HLC does great work and they have an ethical surgical protocol where doctors are heavily involved. Wish they would get recommended here. I agree with everyone else I wish I had your beard man holy crap you could cover your whole crown with the beard alone.
  8. You’ve met the doctor in person which was a great thing and came away feeling good. Now your having some doubts which is totally normal. I never had a procedure with Dr. Lindsay but one thing I always liked about his videos is he seem like a “no BS” kind of doctor. And his responses to you are very much along the same “no bs” attitude in saying he will do his best. That’s the only thing an ethical doctor will guarantee you is that they will do their best. I agree though he could do a better job of providing a more detailed answer to you. At least you have direct contact with him and not a consultant. The best advice I can give you since you live in the area is maybe try to see if you can speak and possible meet up with a couple of his patients in person if possible to ask them about their experience and see the results. If that doesn’t put your mind at ease then you shouldn’t go thru with it and consult with more doctors. Good luck with everything!
  9. LA is a horrible place to get a hair transplant. If you are dead set on not leaving LA then Mohebi is your best choice but he isn’t cheap. The term “you get what you pay for” doesn’t really apply in cities like LA. In my opinion you should do yourself a favor and get on a plane outta Burbank and take the short flight to go see Dr. Gabel.
  10. I feel like excessive bleeding doesn’t get talked about enough. I think it is a contrIbuting factor. You probably had Grafts popping because of it. They may have even missed some holes...I mean take a look at your post op images can you see every single graft placed 100%? No because it is too bloody. Top clinics will spray with saline between graft placing to avoid this. They will also not make all the incisions at once or at the very least change the game plan if they have a patient who is bleeding a lot. I’m sure you had a lot of heavy scabs to deal with. Did the doctor just make all the incisions and leave you to the mercy of the techs placing all the grafts?
  11. If the surgeon you went to is a member of any organization like the iahrs or ishrs please send them a message telling them your story with pictures. If your case doesn’t warrant their help and removing the surgeon that did this then it will prove how worthless those organizations are.
  12. They must have taken a lot more than 4500 grafts. Do you know the size of the punch that was used?
  13. Amazing result for the amount of grafts used. 95% yield seems standard with Dr. K.
  14. I tried oral minoxidil for a while. Mostly because I was dealing with skin issues on my scalp so I discontinued topical. I had fluid retention which felt weird as well as some shortness of breath so I stopped it.
  15. You said you’re getting married next June? Don’t do the procedure this year then. Planning a wedding is stressful enough man...dealing with the hair transplant will multiply that. Just my opinion.