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  1. Thanks for the input. It’s hard to avoid googling and self diagnosing when you’re doctors office doesn’t respond to you at all though.
  2. No I haven’t had any of those symptoms at all. Everything was going great until these bumps became more prominent. And it really became more noticeable where it got my attention at the worst time on the 4th so my doctors office was unavailable and I’ve had nothing but scary google searches to keep my mind racing over the weekend. The only good thing about it was I found this website.
  3. Hi everyone. I am 18 days post op with 1500 grafts in the hairline + PRP. Everything went smoothly the first 2 weeks. The scabs came off nicely mostly in the shower and I looked good. But over the last week while the shedding has started I’ve noticed these tiny bumps appear all around my recipient area. They don’t itch at all. I’ve contacted the surgeon and I am awaiting the response still. Should I be panicking right now?