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  1. Don’t take this the wrong way man but you have a propensity towards making poor decisions. You rushed into SMP and didn’t even go to someone trained in how to perform it, you went to a tattoo artist who went too deep with the needle on your scalp. After realizing your mistake instead of consulting experts on how to properly and safely remove the ink your solution was to go to Turkey to god knows which clinic to get a hair transplant. And then after that while your scalp is still healing you’ve now decided to use powerful lasers to remove the ink. I’m glad you at least sought input here and you
  2. I agree with everyone else you are too young and you aren’t on meds to stabilize your hairloss. No ethical surgeon would touch you yet. You should try low dosage oral finasteride at least and maybe even in combination with topical. I currently take .5 mg every other day and on the days I don’t take it I use topical at night. It’s pretty much stopped my hair loss. Another thing you say you have a great donor area but the nape area above your neck seems a little thin based on that picture. You shouldn’t see scalp at that length. Do yourself a favor and consider finasteride and reconsider surger
  3. The SMP actually did a really good job but the problem is you had really large gaps which become more obvious with longer hair on the sides. The SMP won’t replace the bulk of real hair. Whoever punched your grafts out during your first surgery had no clue what they were doing. I’m curious how it looks at a shorter guard like a .5 or #1 with the SMP. You have a thick beard it looks like. I think Bisanga’s game plan is better using beard and chest hair only because I remember you saying in another thread you also weren’t happy with the results in your recipient area so if you have any preci
  4. I’m not going to even get in to their marketing or quality or lack thereof of their results. I just think it’s interesting how they attract the same type of dudes to their clinic. Maybe it’s because of this guy? 👇 https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/9658827/jeremy-mcconnell-quits-fame-to-become-director-of-a-hair-transplant-clinic-in-turkey 🤷‍♂️
  5. @jimcraig152 In my opinion for either FUE or strip the best in North America for repairs are konior,gabel,H&W & Shapiro. For strip only add cooley and bloxham to that list. I went to konior.
  6. Just make sure you go to a top doc and you’ll be fine. My first surgery was a total disaster...much worse than yours as at least you got good growth. I went to a top doc for my repair and it’s coming along great. I am also looking into doing some smp into my donor just so I could occasionally get some close fades as I used to before. Good luck and I hope you keep us updated.
  7. Awesome write up and it’s great to see a patient documented case from Dr. Shapiro. Work looks excellent. Good luck with everything and keep us updated!
  8. Hell ya man! Finally got it done! Woulda been even sweeter against the cheatin astros but it’s still sweet nonetheless!
  9. 😂 ya I know what you mean. I remember the first time I tried fading my hair I kept going until I pretty much gave myself a buzz cut. Your donor honestly looks good considering how short your cutting it. Still some redness but I don’t see any hypopigmented scars.
  10. That early growth is hopefully a great sign. What guard length are you getting your sides cut with?
  11. Read this to learn about the process: https://www.ishrs-htforum.org/content/26/3/85 You need to research the clinic you choose for SMP the same way you would a hair restoration surgery
  12. Looking great rolandas! Very happy for you. Bruno seems like a talented, ethical and very hands on doctor which are all things that are very lacking in this industry so we need more guys like him. In my opinion you were an ideal candidate in a lot of ways. Your contrast having light hair and light skin make any imperfections less visible and also make the fue scars less visible. Also, even though you have fine hair you have a dense donor and the fine hair looks a lot more natural in your hairline. I think these things are important to point out so guys
  13. I know what it’s like to be a repair patient so I hope you get the awesome result you deserve. Work looks extremely clean. I like Melvin’s guess but I’m gonna guess Dr. Nadimi and if I’m right I’ve looked at way too many results and need to take a break from this forum.
  14. I have to commend you for doing such a great job in documenting your case and remaining level headed even though there are things about your surgery that upset you. I think it will really help out anybody who is smart enough to find this forum and do proper research so they know what to expect. Diep is an absolute enigma to me. I’m not a fan of his work but I will admit he has some very impressive results on this forum including Melvin the moderator. He even has some impressive repairs, both FUT & FUE and yet he has some cases that make you scratch your head. It’s obvious and yo
  15. @whattheFUE I think it is an excellent result and it looks completely natural. Nobody including the veteran members on this forum would ever think he wasn’t born with that hairline if they saw him on the street. I agree with @win200as well it’s not possible to drop your hairline that much and get perfect density in 1 procedure especially with his skin/hair contrast. Some doctors will compensate by putting large multi grafts in and around the hairline but elite doctors will always place soft naturalness in hairlines above unnatural looking density. Also let’s point out the fact that the O
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