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  1. Yes, SMP many years ago. You can see it in my before and after photos. No, fortunately it didn’t affect the HT surgery. You can contact Dr Ma’s clinic here: https://freia.sg
  2. Close up on hairline on top of SMP when slicked back. A normal person on the street would have to look very close to spot the SMP under the hair, but I still prefer to brush down at the hairline to hide it completely. hope this is useful.
  3. Yesterday I saw a guy with a clear FUT line on the back of his head but bald. It made me appreciate the FUE. I completely understand why some people would prefer FUT, and how it can potentially get more grafts from the safer donor region. But I personally feel more worried about the risk of it failing and having an obvious FUT scar. I was so concerned about having noticeable scars that I bought silver dermmatch before my surgery, just in case I needed to cover the scars up on a shaved head if it failed. Very happy that I did not need it. I don’t think it would have worked.
  4. I should also share that I found the numbing injections extremely painful, but after that the procedure was pain free. I also experienced the normal swelling for a short while after the procedure. My wife said it made me look like piccolo... 😕
  5. They can show before and after photos if you arrange a consultation, they just can’t publish them online. I also contacted previous patients who had given their permission.
  6. “*Due to MOH (Ministry of Health) guidelines in Singapore, medical clinics cannot show before & after photos on their websites. ” From what I understand, clinics here are carefully regulated in the ways in which they promote themselves to ensure customers are given realistic expectations. Not that it seems to be a problem, Dr Ma has a long wait list. The team only do one surgery per day.
  7. People who have known me for years don’t recognise me now when walking past in the street wearing a mask + new hair.
  8. Thank you. You are a legend. I would not have gone for it if it weren’t for your videos. The growth has definitely slowed down a lot recently, your video showing your progression each month has given me hope that it will continue to improve. I cannot find my notes on those details, I will ask the clinic for their record. I remember my hair was thinner than average. Avg. hair per graft I can work out based on my previous post. I think overall I did not have as many hairs per graft as you did. Also I remember that I was concerned about the density per cm2 plan (seemed slightly lo
  9. Sure! Should I start a new thread about the whole experience and review of clinic, or just input here? Dr Harold Ma - Singapore https://freia.sg/aboutus/ I believe Dr Ma is one of the best HT surgeons in the world, but may be less well known internationally due to Singapore’s strict rules around how HT clinics can promote themselves. Many years of experience. Mastered FUT before FUE (which I learned is important). I visited a few clinics and chose carefully based on the skill and experience of the Dr and the length of service and skills of his support team.
  10. Just a note to say that I would not have gone through with the procedure if it were not for the excellent videos made by Mr Rolandas: https://youtube.com/c/MrRolandas I found his journey very reassuring and it gave me the confidence to go ahead with mine. I am extremely grateful to people like him and all the other excellent HT YouTubers who create content like this.
  11. That is great that SMP helped you. I was also very happy with it for all those years, despite the fading and slight colour change. Most people assumed it was just a shaved head, I think people generally don’t care or pay much attention to other people’s hairlines (other than us!). I think I would recommend getting the SMP hairline removed before the transplant, if it is too low. I did mine after as I was worried the HT wouldn’t work, so I wanted to keep my SMP shaved look. I should have had more faith. If the SMP hairline is high enough to match your HT design, then I would say keep
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