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  1. This is the best it has looked. I made the mistake of getting it cut short after this and have not been able to get it looking as good as this since. Waiting for it to grow back again.
  2. Mr Rolandas has recently pointed out on his YouTube channel that FUE scars can become more obvious over time. I had not taken this into account. I will aim to shave the back of my head down with a blade again after 12 months to compare and will share photos. I expect the scars to be more obvious by then.
  3. It did not cost quite that much when I had it done, but yes, it was not cheap.
  4. It didn’t affect the procedure at all fortunately. It definitely benefited during the ‘ugly duckling’ faze of recovery, made it look like I had a shaved head with random stubble while I waited for it to all grow through. However, now that it has grown out, it is the opposite. It does not help. I feel that it makes it look worse, especially at the hairline where you can see the SMP colour through the hair. It means I can’t have my hair styled up at the hairline, I have to have it brushed forward to hide the SMP. Check my hairline picture above to see what I mean. Perhaps if I had
  5. Yes, SMP many years ago. You can see it in my before and after photos. No, fortunately it didn’t affect the HT surgery. You can contact Dr Ma’s clinic here: https://freia.sg
  6. Close up on hairline on top of SMP when slicked back. A normal person on the street would have to look very close to spot the SMP under the hair, but I still prefer to brush down at the hairline to hide it completely. hope this is useful.
  7. Yesterday I saw a guy with a clear FUT line on the back of his head but bald. It made me appreciate the FUE. I completely understand why some people would prefer FUT, and how it can potentially get more grafts from the safer donor region. But I personally feel more worried about the risk of it failing and having an obvious FUT scar. I was so concerned about having noticeable scars that I bought silver dermmatch before my surgery, just in case I needed to cover the scars up on a shaved head if it failed. Very happy that I did not need it. I don’t think it would have worked.
  8. I should also share that I found the numbing injections extremely painful, but after that the procedure was pain free. I also experienced the normal swelling for a short while after the procedure. My wife said it made me look like piccolo... 😕
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