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  1. Kindly let me know experience with Dr Feriduni, I am too likely to have my repair with him
  2. I know what you are going through. As said, your doctor just don't know anything about transplant and is inept
  3. Both drs i mentioned charges somewhat like 3-4 euros per graft, so in no way they are cheap. I have seen some posts aboit Dr Saifi, he is abhrs and fishrs. Dr Fotis is ishrs too and was also explained technique that he will extract first and then measure each graft length and make incisions accordingly which sounds to me fair. I am also considering Dr Bisanga, Dr Feriduni, Dr Lupanzula.
  4. I am looking for hair transplant repair. I came to know about Dr Marwan Saifi in Poland. Seems experienced. Anyone have experience with him? Also anyone have any experience with Dr Fotis Gkaragkounis in Thessaloniki. He also seems a good. Both are recommending for 1000-1200 for front repair.
  5. I am not aware of temp and permanent smp. If yoh have any idea, do let know
  6. Most doctors told its because of using large punch size and only option is it have smp which may require 3-4 sessions.
  7. Unfortunately no chest hairs, only beard. But beard hairs are not utilised for hairline as its is thicker.
  8. Smp i have thought of, however to me further transplant looks very unlikely now. The drs won't even be able to extract 1000.
  9. I would have done, but the dr is a mere plastic surgeon. No ishrs, iahrs.
  10. The clinic did not provide exact number of grafts and punch size. Not telling honestly.
  11. Is it possible to have smp to repair fue scars? Mine ht was botched up by a doctor in India and damaged donor.
  12. Could anyone suggest if the donor area can be repaired? My trimmed donor looks horrible with large fue scars. HT repair now looks bleak as donor completely damaged.
  13. Manig31286


    Any idea about Dr Saifi and his results?