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  1. Started using topical fin about a month ago and have been on minox for like three looks like I’m starting to shed pretty bad or at least I hope it’s shedding micro needling once a week with a .5 dermaroller
  2. Sure thing I’m starting topical finasteride first see how that goes
  3. The middle of my nape has always been higher then the sides even when I was a kid , if that makes sense but since I get bald fades I barely notice it
  4. That’s a steal! But I wonder if he’ll operate on anyone in their mid 20s I’m barely a Norwood 2 myself and he booked for awhile too
  5. If they can fix yours with 1600 grafts then that’s great I posted my thread and ppl here were saying 1800 grafts and my temples are slightly less bad I’ve seen hmr patients on YT get excellent results so I expect you’ll get a great result aswell
  6. Thanks, I haven’t much lost any hair per say it’s just gotten miniaturized perhaps the morr F can help it regrow back terminally unless I get very good results I still will probably get a transplant to address the crookedness of the hairline I know hairlines are suppose to be straight but my right side is proabably a inch higher than my left
  7. I’m in the US?? Doesn’t allow me to buy it? Is there a way I can bypass that?
  8. Is it cheaper than making it myself? Prescription is 30$ a month for a month supply plus topical minox
  9. Yes I will attempt it topically a guy on YouTube has excellent results with it he had worse hairloss than mine so I will give it a shot
  10. Will do! I just got a prescription but have been afraid to start it, as for my hair I’ve always had a crooked hairline my right side is quite higher then my left so I would still want to get the transplant to address that but the first step is to stop the hairloss in its tracks
  11. Thanks for the feedback! The hairline isn’t where I would like it though for what I’d like to do with my hair styling wise but I will start first with topical fin, maybe I can regrow my hairline who knows?
  12. My plan is to stop it and then get a hair transplant I think 2000 grafts can easily make my hairline better then it ever was before as of right now only the temples have thinning
  13. Hello I’ve been experiencing hairloss for maybe a couple years now, I’ve been trying minoxidil and tretinoin and derma-rolling barely started this month with the derma-rolling 1.5mm, been weary of finasteride but will probably try it topically before I try it orally the thinning in the middle is abnormal since it’s always been thinner since I was younger grey hair grows there so it makes it look a lot thinner it’s something I’ve never been able to figure out? The temples are definitely suffering hairloss. But with hair fibers I can pretty easily still hide my hairloss, I’ve been using minoxidi
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