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  1. Thanks all for the advice so far. It’s coming up to 7 months now. So I’ll certainly wait a few more months before making any concrete decisions. Im sure there is some shock loss. But the extraction pattern is so poor, I also think the area had been over harvested. I was told it was 3,200 grafts.
  2. Even at longer lengths, there is still a lot of emptiness. The reason I went for an fue was so I could have my hair short back and sides... looks like that’s not happening any time soon 🙄
  3. Thanks, this is valuable info. I know it’s a weird question but can pubic/abdomen hair be used? Mine is quite thick and plentiful 😊 although the texture And growth of the hair would be different, I wouldn’t be too bothered because I would plan on keeping the hair pretty short.
  4. Here are my pics. As you can see, I don’t have much scalp donor Left. I would have to rely on beard.
  5. Hi Guys, FUT scar repair is fairly common practice, but I’m not finding much on FUE scar repair. I’ve found somethings on the net saying it is possible, but wondering if anyone on these forums has had it done or knows of an example (that doesn’t involve SMP) they can point me in the direction off. Im thinking, body/beard hair into a depleted donor area? Thanks
  6. The reason I opted for fue was so I could have a fade - grade 0 or 1 around the back and sides. I’ve had to keep the back and sides long this whole time to cover the scarring which completely defies the purpose of fue 😡
  7. Hey Guys, thanks for the feedback. I’ve attached some pics of the rest of my hair. Some pre surgery and some 4 months post surgery. I’m actually really happy with the recipient area at the front, although I don’t think that is 3000 grafts. If you look at my crown area, you will see some tiny dots. Those are a few 100’s grafts they placed using choi pen technique. Hardly any of those grafts have grown. They’re just stuck in my scalp like dead grafts. It’s infuriating when clinics disrespect your grafts with such careless work. anyway, if the smp works out ok, I’ll be satisfied because as I said the frontal area looks ok.
  8. Hi Guys, I wanted to share some pics of my donor area 6 months after my surgery. I had 3,000 grafts taken (so I was told). As you can see, it’s clear my donor has been over harvested (despite them being adamant it’s shock loss) I’m also still suffering from skin discolouration which isn’t helping get rid of the “letterbox” at the back of my head. I shaved my hair recently to 0.5 as I will be getting smp soon into the donor to help alleviate some of the scaring. Has anyone experienced or seen a donor area like this 6 months on? Any tips on how I can reduce the discolouration? I had my surgery with dr acar at cosmedica. My advice would be to stay away from all package style clinics in Turkey. You leave yourself exposed to jobs like this. Turkey does have good dr’s. You just need to dig through the crap first!
  9. Hi guys, as smp is still a relatively new field I’m finding it hard to find examples of smp which have been done over 4 or 5+ years ago. I understand it fades, but I’m wondering if the pigments have a tendency to “bleed” into each other over time, similar to how normal tattoos work. Have any of you had the procedure done a few years ago and got example pics? thanks
  10. Thanks all for the unanimous “it’s all good” response. 👍 Fingers crossed for a good result !
  11. Hey guys. I’m 3 months post fue. I’ll post a progress post soon. However I’ve noticed that there are some grafts which just haven’t done anything since they were implanted. They haven’t shed or grown. They’re just stuck, sticking though my scalp. Almost as if they were dead. For those that have had successful surgeries, is this normal? Will these grafts eventually do something? Or have you had similar experiences. Maybe the grafts just stayed like that since? Ive experienced hardly any shedding, and most hairs seem to be growing through ok, but Im just concerned about these “dead hairs”. ive tried taking pics, but the hairs are quite small so don’t come out on camera very well. thanks for any insights
  12. @Egy I’m all too aware of turkey. I recently returned from a 3500 fue and suspect my donor area has been over harvested, but it is still early for me (6 weeks), so there could be shock loss. that’s why I’m curious to see pics of your donor area and to see how it recovered. That’s why I am asking 😊
  13. Thanks for sharing. So how many grafts have you had extracted from your head in total between your 2 surgeries? 5900 / 6000? Do you have before/after pictures of your donor area for this surgery? Good luck 👍🏾
  14. Thanks for your thoughts. Yea I guess I just have to be patient and wait now. I’ve managed to dig out a picture of my donor area which was only a few days post surgery. Does anyone with experience have thoughts on the extraction? I appreciate it’s difficult to see because of the redness. But it looks like a lot of hairs have been extracted close together rather than having an even pattern. I’ve highlighted a red rectangle which appears to have have a lot of holes close together. That strip seems to coincide with the lack of hair I currently have above my neck. there also seems to be red blobs/chunks. Not sure what that is?