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  1. Thank you! Yes, I am going to grow it out again! I used to have bangs, but we will see how it looks when it gets longer. I believe the fin has helped stabilize my hair in the back and I am not seeing any additional hair loss. I am super excited for the months ahead.
  2. Month 5 Update (3/29/21) More hair has grown! I feel like i am plateauing, but there is plenty of time still left. Co-workers have noticed the change and keep complimenting the "new haircut" My current regime is as follows: Topical Rogaine Daily Once in the AM 1.25mg finasteride on M/W/F/SU (Just switched to proscar and cutting it into fourths) HRL Shampoo + Conditioner on M/W/F (Conditioner used on Saturday as well, but trying not to over wash my hair) Here are three pictures of different lighting conditions. I am really happy with
  3. @Melvin-ModeratorAny updates on your progress with oral minix? Almost at the three month mark and that should be enough to let us know if you kept your gains from topical or grew even more.
  4. I would talk to a doctor about dosage and if it’s even worth taking. I think your hair looks great and your barely just starting to “feather” out. I’ll echo the others here, but do not take minoxidil. Do finasteride .5mg everyday to see how your body reacts to it. The first week you will feel off, cloudy and drained (at least for me). Others have had ball ache for a week, and some, nothing at all. Do not give it up and stick through the first 7-10 days. I actually stairstepped it slowly to ensure I had no bad side effects. This is a very cautious approach but the efficacy of .25 mg and .5
  5. Good advice. Rogaine is for people who have noticeable loss and want to regain some ground. However, new studies and anecdotal evidence is showing that oral minoxidil may be more effective than finasteride... People are growing more hair than oral Fin, and Australia is running with it.
  6. Looking good. Do you have graft numbers, before/after photos? Doctor? Any other information you can provide on the surgery itself? FUE/FUT?
  7. You can try minoxidil. Get the Costco foam and try it for three months. If there is an improvement, great. If you have skin reactions/etc., stop using it.
  8. Man I wish I had your hair. You have tons of it! And a nice hairline as well. Take the fin and start with .5mg a day to see how your body reacts to it. Then up the dosage after a couple of months to ensure you have no side effects.
  9. I am only 27 years old and I started balding at 18, just like you. I have only been on Fin for 6 months and was on Fin for roughly 2 months before I got my hair transplant. I am not really allowed to share costs as they gave me a favorable discount, but it was in the ballpark of 17k for the 3k FUE. Exosomes was an additional charge and that is not a guarantee. Shapiro did share some before and after photos though, and there was definitely an improvement. But they didn't call it a miracle drug and noted that they started to offer it as they are seeing some favorable results with it.
  10. Dr. Shapiro and Dr. Josephetis have super reasonable FUE prices that are cost-effective when compared to H&W, Gabel, Cooley and the others. I saved quite a bit of money going to Shapiro Medical Group versus H&W, and SMG is top notch (cost was not the determing factor either, it was just another plus side by going to SMG). Melvin posted an interview with H&W and it's not all about the graft numbers, but how the transplanted hairs covers your skin to look less bald. Yes, more grafts will give you more density, but Coronal vs. Sagittal slits and other factors like size of hair fo
  11. This looks FANTASTIC and there is a major difference. This looks super natural and I bet you are getting the barrage of compliments from friends/family on your new "haircut." Congrats! The kicker is that you are still nowhere near done growing!
  12. 6 months is a good baseline to see where you are at, but I was incorrect in my statement. Full maturity of transplanted hair will be shown at 12 - 16 months. So, I still have plenty of time to go!
  13. Thank you everyone for your awesome feedback. It’s very motivating and thrilling to know that I’m making good progress! I feel great that I saw results even before the 4 month mark. Cannot wait until my 5 and 6 month update. I’m not sure yet! People on Zoom always compliment how they love the shorter hair. But I always wore my hair a little longer, my whole life I’ve done that. I also started to wear it longer than usual when I was losing my hair to cover up my baldness. But I started looking at some old pictures, and I forgot how terrible it looked. Really got bad when I turned 24/25,
  14. I thought about oral min, but am not 100% comfortable with taking meds that are meant for blood pressure. Rogaine targets the scalp and has a lower systemic effect when taking it orally. I am also taking fin which also has its risks, so I am not keen on taking two meds that both have potential for adverse effects. With that being said, if I am unable to stay compliant with topical rogaine, I will take it orally instead.
  15. Month 4 Update (3/1/21) The hair is starting to fill in! However, I do see quite a bit of skin in the light and after a shower. But I still have two months to get some density. I have been applying Rogaine for one month now and I feel there is a slight shed (very minor) as some hairs are falling out when I rub my head. I feel it's my native hair and not transplanted hairs falling out though. Have been on Fin (.5mg or 1/2mg daily) and Nizoral (every other day) for 6 months now. I also take biotin (5000mcg) and a men's multivitamin daily. I just purchased the HRL Shampoo
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