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  1. @Melvin-ModeratorMy only concern starting minoxidil now is that there will be lots of shedding in the first couple of months. Should I wait to start rogaine until 6 months have passed to see the true results of my transplant? I am slightly worried that minoxidil will destroy my progress so far and have a lackluster 6 month update.
  2. Thank you! 🙏 I am going to Costco now to pick up the foam version. I have sensitive skin, so I will not use the liquid dropper. I am excited and a tad nervous though regarding the baggy eye side effect. However, you look great Melvin, so I will follow in your footsteps.
  3. Thanks for the advice. lol. Should I take the plunge and buy minoxidil? How long have you been using minoxidil?
  4. I got it for free. lol. Debating if I should actually buy this product though. May just go to minoxidil... Anyone here using minox with no issues?
  5. I am currently taking this instead of minoxidil: https://aseircustom.com/products/auxano-grow-hair-growth-formula It may be snake oil, but the doctor did say that copper peptides can help with hair growth and stability based on past studies. I am bit scared of taking minoxidil as I heard it can hurt your collagen and I am seeing some new studies saying it can give you baggy eyes which make you look older. Also, once you are on minox, you have to take it forever. I am debating if I should take the plunge and take it though...
  6. Month 3 Update (1/26/21) Starting to regrow hair! There are many little hairs sprouting right now, so we are making progress It's still very thin, but I am starting to see a shadow/outline of where the growth will happen. Old hair growing back out, but I think some new as well. Left temple is coming in nicely, right temple is lacking Hairline is pretty high, which is fine. Depending on how things grow out, may want to lower the hairline in a future procedure. Still have not gotten a haircut since procedure day. I am waiting until Month 5 or 6 to surprise my normal
  7. Wow, this is truly amazing. Completely changed the appearance and super excited to see the final results here.
  8. Omg amazing results so far. Huge huge difference there. Super excited for you and happy that you found a good doc. I’m anxious to see your final results!
  9. Month 1 Update (11/29/20) Ugly duckling phase has hit me hard. I noticed the shed happening only 2 - 3 weeks after the transplant. Week 4 now, and it's pretty rough Donor hair looks okay, but definitely weaker than what I am used to All scabs came off around Day 11. I would periodically rub my head throughout the day with the pads of my fingers and just watch all the scabs come right off Got a long road ahead of me, but I am not obsessing over my hair and just living life. Although, I seriously need a haircut to even out the patchiness. lol.
  10. Looking good! Diep's same implant style coming through here, but I think this technique is working well for him. Skyb and others have had great results and we are excited to see your results as well. Happy Growing! Are you taking any meds like fin? Rogaine?
  11. Dr. Konior and Nadami definitely superior in extraction of grafts. Diep yields generally favorable results per YT. There are a couple of unsatisfied clients on the forums in recent memory, about 2 or 3. But there are a lot of people happy with Diep on these forums. You should also consider H&W, SMG, Rahal, Cooley, Gabel and etc. I would consult with several doctors and go with the clinic you feel most comfortable with. Also, please find a clinic who have good ethics and look at your future hair loss. Too many clinics are simply wanting to sell you more grafts at the expense of your li
  12. Amazing video. Thank you so much Melvin. Honestly, I think it may have survived as I still see the same graft in that spot. It was not bleeding and none of my grafts bled at all throughout this whole process. On day 6 I did slightly bump my head but it was light and no blood. I think I’m good and I’m just working all my scabs out now! Look forward to posting my one month update in a little less than 3 weeks!
  13. Not to be be rude, but Diep's donor site always look terrible. My FUE punches were already closing after one day and on the 4th day, you could barely even tell they were present. 4 days for you is a much different story than my own experience. But results talk, and Diep achieves high/mass volume. Even Dr. Shapiro said Diep is capable of high density transplants. Ethics are a different story though with Diep though based on my own experience... That is partly why I went to SMG as they were more honest with me.
  14. I have absolutely zero pain in my donor area. I have not had any at all and I am on day 11 now.
  15. Mini-Update The final graft count is as follows: 1’s - 663 2’s - 1912 3’s - 757 I had a ton of twos! Wow, more 2s/3s than 1s. Hopefully this will reflect well in the end result. It already feels weird to have hair on the top of my head. On the 11th day and 60% of the scabs are gone at this point.
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