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  1. Awesome documentation thus far and everything looks great! I am excited for when you are out of the ugly duckling phase but that will definitely take some time. Please keep up the good work!
  2. I appreciate the explanation. That would make sense if Diep always implanted his patients that way. Historically, he did it a more random interval. Unless they have recently been finding rows provide more density and are changing their approach now. I would be curious to have another surgeon like Shapiro, H&W, or Konior respond to this claim...
  3. My surgery got postponed due to some unforeseen circumstances. It should be end of this month of mid November. More updates to come soon...
  4. Doesn’t Matthew McConaughey actually wear a wig or a hair piece according to Joe Tillman? Lol.
  5. Thank you so much for the great advice. I’m practicing now and I look forward to posting my own story. I appreciate your wisdom and kind thoughts. Regarding my upcoming surgery with Ron Shapiro, I’m not nervous at all, because I’m confident in my surgeon. When I was with Diep, it was a different story. Reading your posts is honestly terrifying. Comparing your experience with literally every other patient’s hair transplant (who didn’t go to Diep) is not even in the same ballpark... Your story is the polar opposite from everyone else who has gone to top tier surgeons like H&W, Koni
  6. Congratulations! Fantastic result! Looking fresh and glad that you got a major confidence boost.
  7. Transection rate is nice. I switched from Diep though due to donor work, ethics, false expectations set by doctor, unresponsive staff and his overall technique. I also talked to other clinics and they say past Diep's past patients go to them to fix issues or get repair work. The best clinic in the world said this: "His donor work looks like someone just tenderized meat." Ouch.. But I can see the resemblance:
  8. Looking great! Correct me if I am wrong, but am I seeing some doubles/triples in the hairline though?
  9. Not to hijack the thread, but can I wear a helmet to go ziplining 11 or 12 days after my FUE procedure?
  10. My body is super sensitive to any medication and that is why I am low dosing it for now. I took it in the morning for the first doses, and just did one last night to help. I am still a little fuzzy, but it's manageable. I could try topical fin, but I heard this is systemic anyways and it's much easier to do it orally. I will update us in one week to let you know if this subsides.
  11. Already experiencing headaches/cloudiness from first two doses. No, it’s not placebo, but I hear this typically subsides after one week of usage as my body is not used to fin yet.
  12. It’s just a start to monitor to ensure I have no crazy sides. Also, I’m not doing minoxidil as H&W told me that’s a no no due to the poor affects it has on your collagen and that it only helps for the first 6 months and is not that great. I can take biotin supplements though. Any mg you recommend for biotin supplements? Daily dosage as well there?
  13. Not take things off topic, but I took the plunge into oral fin. It’s the only proven drug to help prevent/stop hair loss until another safer product hits the market. Going to start off with .25mg every day for 3 months then switch to .5mg for every day for a year. Wish me luck on the sides, but lower dosage will help me monitor/manage it better I hope. If I lose my dick, it’s the risk I took with many hours of research. I think everyone should be required to research it heavily before taking the pill. Or take some type of comprehensive knowledge check. Just my two cents.
  14. Probably is. I’m gonna try it and see if it makes any difference. If not, topical fin for me...
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