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  1. I want to see if anyone has been to hair of Istanbul in this website? Their Instagram has 1.2 million followers with an insane before and after collection, mostly yielding fantastic results
  2. Do you think it’s too early for a second transplant? Because this is really looking like a failure, and 3000 grafts loooks way too low for the area covered
  3. Appreciatr the advice. It’s a clinic that have had fantastic results for black Males that have documented their journeys on YouTube
  4. I am currently looking to get my second hair transplant after a failed first one. With a $3000 budget where do you suggest I go in Turkey? Currently I’m looking into Asli Tarcan
  5. Keep in mind I shaved it completely bald a month ago so this isn’t exactly at 7months
  6. Hey man honestly I didn’t follow the rules ( gym straight away, smoked etc) so my results at 7 months are really disappointing
  7. 3 months ago I decided to finally get my hair transplant operation done after years of sadness regarding my hair loss.
  8. I will post it later on today. Another question I have, are those black dots actually hairs that are going to sprout?
  9. I had my FUE hair transplant 2 months ago and basically I need some feedback on how it’s going. I appreciate honestly. Thanks y’all!