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  1. Thanks guys, You are correct, I have had 2 FUTs! The first one around 7 years ago with Dr. Rahal and this is my second FUT (along with FUE next day). Regarding your question, I'm not sure about the policy about sharing prices but I think he would be fine with that. Dr. Gabel cost/graft (at least in my case) was $5 strip graft (beyond 2,500 I know it's $4/graft) and $7 FUE graft. Also, not sure if this is the normal practise but he gave me a discount every day. The communication was very efficient and fast during the whole process. After my first e-mail, I had a video consultation that
  2. Hello everyone, Around seven years ago I had a 4,100 grafts FUT procedure with Dr. Rahal, in which he mostly worked on the front/mid scalp. Overall, I was very satisfied with the hairline he created, and the obtained results. However, during these years -most likely- I have lost the remaining native hair I had by that time, and hence overall density, so lately my hair had a more thin appearance. For that reason, after thinking about it, I tried to schedule a new appointment with Dr. Rahal. Due to COVID restrictions it wasn't easy, so I started to make a new Dr. research. I contacted Dr.
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