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  1. I should be able to find some pics in my old phone... Let me double check later and I'll be back
  2. Thanks! I wanted 500-1000 grafts for the crown but Dr Gabel was very clear in that sense and he said that he didn't want to create a problem to solve another problem. But you're right, I can't feel any difference in comparison with before the operation to be honest
  3. This is the data sheet I got from the consultation with Dr Rahal before my first surgery in 2014. However, this was an online consultation, so I guess it's not very accurate because I doubt the caliber of my hair is "fine". But I don't have more details in that regard. I could ask Dr Gabel to hear his opinion about it.
  4. Thanks! I'm just some days ahead the 7 months update. Nothing much to add at this point. These are some pictures from today. I guess I will stop doing the monthly updates since everything look more or less stable by now. Instead, I will do an update every other month or so. Have a good Sunday!
  5. Not really. I just stopped because I'm not very good having regular habits and, at some point, I just gave up. Now I'm trying to get used to it and do it regularly first thing in the morning. Hope this helps
  6. I guess I didn't say my age. I'm 40, 41 soon actually. I've on finasteride on and off during the last 12 years or maybe more. After a long break of 3-4 years, I restarted after the surgery again with 0.5 MG / day with no (at least for now) apparent secondary effect.
  7. Wow, love how it progressed! Sometimes you don't realize until you see old pics along with the new ones. Thanks for the comparison. I'll write the 7 months update soon.
  8. Good morning everyone, I'm glad to share with all you guys the half way (theoretically) of the journey: 6 months update after my FUT+FUE procedure with Dr. Gabel. Again, I tried to take pictures in different light environments: living room (natural environment light), close to the window (sun light) and bathroom (harsh light). Personally, I'm happy as it is and my expectations are covered. So any improvements in the next few months would be like an "extra" to me. Keep doing minoxidil 5% two times a day (but very little amount on each application) and 0.5 mg finasteride per day. Have a nice weekend!
  9. In my personal experience, from month 4 to month 8 or so is when you really see changes month by month. Just don't overlook it, it's just a question of time. We hope to see your 4th month update soon!
  10. Good morning everyone, Here is the 5 months update after my FUT+FUE procedure with Dr. Gabel. Any complaints at all, everything is going very well. In the first months I had a bit tightness in the back, which is normal considering that this was my second FUT surgery. But now it seems to be totally recovery in terms of laxity. Since the last update, pretty much all the transplanted area have gotten thicker. Specially happy on how the growth in the crown is progressing, considering that only 1,066 grafts were transplanted there. Originally, our plan was 1,500/2,000 for the crown, but the day of the procedure, Dr. Gabel preferred not to take the risk to deplete my donor area; "I don't want to fix a problem creating a new one" in his own words. I tried to take pictures in different light environments. I think it's looking great for 5 months, although I'm pretty sure it would look much better with a haircut (that I honestly need 😊) ps. As requested by the user "yes please", I tried to find some pictures before/after my first procedure 7-8 years ago with Dr. Rahal. Unfortunately, those pictures were stored in an old phone and I could not find them easily. Sorry about that!
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