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  1. Thanks again Matt, I think I was clutching at straws and trying to be optimistic about my loss. You’re right though NW3 seems to be the pattern at least for now. Hopefully the meds keep me there at the very least. My hair does really bother me but I also appreciate that it’s definitely not the worst. It’s something that I’m allowing myself to obsess over and it’s taking over my time/happiness worrying about it and I think it’s for those reasons I just want to explore getting it fixed. I do have an obsessive personality and anyone who can relate and is going through this understands how negatively it can impact your life. I hate being miserable and I just want to give myself a chance at being my old self again.
  2. I’m putting up some recent pics of temples. Would I still be looking at approximately 1k grafts? Is my hairline a Norwood 3? Sometimes I think it doesn’t look like the pics of a NW3 online? hairline is a little red as I’ve just microneedled.
  3. Thanks Matt. It’s a difficult choice. I’ve attached some baseline vs current pics (base top/current below). I’m not sure they really show much difference. Sometimes I think so and other times not so much. crown overhead normal lighting crown directly under spotlight Left temple - circled a random hair that grows below my hairline so as to use that as a guide, normally I would pluck this as it’s such a random hair! when I pull the hair back tighter the temple looks like below (the random hair mentioned above plucked which I usually do)
  4. Hi all. I’m a new member as of today. Quick back story - Didn’t realise I was losing my hair until someone made a comment approximately 4 years ago. I’m 36 now and after coming to terms with my situation and pulling myself out of denial I started fin in Nov last year, 0.5mg ED. Now approaching 8 months I haven’t seen any cosmetic improvement quite yet although I understand this drug is for maintenance. id really like feedback so I can start planning out my next steps so, 1. Norwood estimate please. would you agree this is a Norwood 3A type pattern with diffuse thinning? 2. If my hairloss proves to stabilise after a year on Fin would I be a good candidate for a transplant and given the pics how many grafts would it take approximately? 3. before a transplant would it be best to maybe try oral minox for a year to see if I respond well and get some good regrowth? (Oral for convenience - I’m aware of side effects profile and would dose down accordingly) topical isn’t really an option for me. the pics attached. left temple - this is the worst affected side crown pics - one pic is natural lit room with an iPhone camera flash and the other is standing directly under a really bright spot light with same iPhone camera flash.