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  1. No doubt, 6'5" would really benefit you I would also recommend getting 1 or 2 PRP injections to boost your HT results. also, strict diet with tons of nutrients, dry fruits, super foods to keep the blood flowing, working out are all necessary steps to ensure a successful result. I think overall, you are on a strong regimen you're following, we just need to be consistent and patient for 1 year
  2. I would recommend FUE for many good known reasons, I would never sign up with FUT in 2019/20 . 2010, may be FUT was good as the only option but not anymore.
  3. You should have solid results ( saying just by looking at your native hair caliber ) This type of thick hair caliber in addition to # of doubles/trips ( if one is lucky enough to have a lot ) should provide good density in the end. Have you had crown HT too or only the frontal section ? good luck and yes stay the course
  4. Hey Paddy... I think Lennney wants to celebrate his 6 month milestone with a nice rewarding hair cut, "6 month" is significant from one's timeline perspective and one should cherish it the most let's wait for some good shots
  5. yes, it seems like, depends on speed of balding... but crown is expanding as its evident from your pics. check your blood line if male pattern baldness is in your DNA check your father/grandfathers hairline and its pattern over the years. chances are that you will follow their footsteps. how old are you ? are you on minoxidil and/or finastride ? do you have older pictures where crown was in a better shape ? I would call this a start of diffuse thinning phase ( not balding ) and if you strengthen your hair follicles, hair shaft and thicken them by some drugs/supplement/special precautions..... you can manage it from spreading further over the next few years....
  6. Hello Paddy, i think it does matter. PRP really boosts HT results if taken after 3 months between 3 - 12 months period. Platelets trigger lots of blood circulation, I have also seen a youtuber whose results I follow. He took PRP and it really boosted his results.... one of the best results in my opinion and he gives credit to PRP.
  7. good work, great hairline and very good results. was your crown treated as well ?
  8. Hello Paddy, its growing nicely Here in Toronto, I already searched many clinics are offering some good summer discount on PRP packages. If I buy 4 for example, it will cost me $400 per session. I mean its still expensive in N america as compared to turkey or india but before I was quoted 800 $ per session, so its good price now... and I will buy a package very soon for rest of the year to boost my results thanks
  9. I think PRP definitely boosts HT results. I am also going to buy 3 PRP sessions for the rest of this year
  10. With time, it is proving to be more and more effective and famous therapy. one must get PRP especially after HT procedure in order to boost their results. I have seen a youtubers timeline from 3 month to 4 month, amazing improvement and he said its due to PRP session he took after 3 months and at 4 month it changed everything for him
  11. @Jhonny I believe you booked with Dr Demirsoy coming up in sept 2019 @Bigjab Jhonny's insight is your best bet as I personally can assure you he is an avid researcher and made his decision to go with Dr Demirsoy after months of deep analysis considering all aspects of HT process.
  12. Thanks for the additional input Nelson Eugenix is doing some good work and I always appreciate clinical researchers who think out of the box, takes an initiative and invent a new method. It clearly demonstrates that these doctors are driven by what they do. They have the passion to discover new ideas and methodologies. Dr Konior hasson and wong Dr Rahal Dr Bhatti Dr Sethi and Dr bansal everyone have something in common, they tweaked the process (major/minor changes) from different perspectives. But DHI itself a new process, so KUDOS to Eugenix if they really invented DHI. I am not going to go into a debate is DHI is great, good, average or not impressive. what I am saying is If Eugenix is the first clinic in the world to create DHT with choi pen technique, then they deserve recognition just for trying even. Do you know for a fact that DHT is invented by Dr Sethi and Dr bansal...... is there a global forum/certificate... not trying to question the validity of this great initiative but i am curious by nature i tried to research myself for weeks on DHI/DHT before i settled with traditional Dr Bhatti tweaked FUE with PRP + a stem cell solution I am still not sure about the exact difference between DHI and DHT lol ......
  13. Its been 3 months on fin astride, I don't see any side effects I will have to monitor long term
  14. yes, genetics are #1 factor. but there must be other factors, its very complex to understand a human body, hair, life cycle etc.
  15. Yes, I think it does. Look at majority of body builders, there was a research on them. Creatine when mixed with protein , creates baldness not sure how true this is but lot of folks when they eat so healthy, spend 4 hours in the gym, no smoking, no alcohol, fitness freaks why they loose their hair if protein/blood flow/good diet/exercise is after all supposed to provide good thick head of hair.
  16. Good luck Jhonny ! I really hope Dr. D gives you the best results. Best of journey in advance
  17. Thanks Jhonny Overall rogaine seems to be a better choice then ( worth extra price) You switched to rogaine foam or liquid ?
  18. I like your story , thanks for sharing with all of us. Dr arocha seems to be a solid name in HT industry, one of the best in north america i guess i wish you all the best with your results. some baby hairs are already coming out, it looks like its going to be a good result for you.
  19. I was talking about regular massaging with coconut oil " every single night" . results prove its miraculous in almost all of the cases. helps strengthening the roots, hair shaft and overall thickness. If Each hair becomes really thick, i think low # of grafts will give a much better look as compared high # of thin hairs on one's head. thickening each single hair should be our main goal. I think coconut oil helps tremendously with that. I will add soon to my routine but I was avoiding coconut oil until now ( 3 months ) as I never wanted it to get mixed up with minoxidil and dilute its impact. fist 3 months, Minox is a must ( better to apply this only and no oils ) after 3 months, i think Luke ( Cinik's success story on this forum) also applied heavy coconut oil and look at his result
  20. Thanks again Lennney ! this helps to solidify my decision and I am going to try Kirkland minox ( with extra strength ) if its cheaper in the long run, reliable and equally or less/more effective then i think its a good costco product and should be on walmart shelfs too but walmart only sells rogaine. I never knew any thing other than rogaine, also tugaine recently was introduced ( due to darling buds clinic ) Regarding Biotin brand , let me know which one you select in the end. I am also doing some research on that.......
  21. Great progress Lennney thanks for sharing some recent pics. Are you applying minox twice daily or once a day only ? Are you using coconut oil as well ?
  22. Hi Lennney, Thanks for your continued support and knowledge sharing with us. Great info indeed. I will also finish my tinfall stock in the next 3 months Two questions: Many good options for biotin out there, Biotin 1000 ug. Have you made any final decision based on your own research for the next biotin brand on your table for next 1 - 5 years if you decide to continue taking it ? Also, you basically said Kirkland minoxidil is better and also cheaper than Rogaine ( almost half the price). this is a win win situation. Not sure why rogaine is #1 sold brand then worldwide and in the US also ? I need to make a decision on buying minoxidil stock also and need to stick with one brand in the long run confused