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  1. BTW @Lennney my biotin and finastride stock ( from Bhatti's ) is going to finish in 1 week Do you have a name of biotin brand i can now purchase ( stock for next 6 months ) Do you know how/where to buy finastride ( propecia ) in Canada , I think it needs doctors referral first, only then i could go to drug stores and buy it
  2. more than shampoo, two full spoons at least , i most prefer it to stay overnight ( pillow covers could be washed later or protected ) dry hair only i apply at least 2 -3 times a week and let it stay overnight ..... welcome aboard
  3. Lol, I was at the residence in my university days with a few other folks and we watched on TV.... the entire situation it scared me ( i still remember ) never ever seen anything like that - a plane head on with a skyscraper , i called my NY Aunt that time too to make sure she's fine
  4. Was at the peak of my life, the best moments especially with that carefree natural hair ( 1000 per cm2 lol exaggerating ) but i guess no surgery can bring that back ever It's correct to say HT provides an illusion only so, I was out of illusion 18 years ago
  5. Great progress Lennney Agreed on the comment : daily shower is not healthy for hair thickness, I also shampoo every 2/3 days now and try to keep hair away from any water also for 2 days in a row sometimes. only coconut oil and let it sit there, moisturize the scalp nicely and then wash it
  6. Looks really good Lennney, sometimes you dont notice yourself but ask a 3rd eye, i am following your journey and you are almost there. good difference between your 5 month vs 7 month timeline - very happy to see that regarding finastride shed, there are mixed theories, ppl say if you begin finas and minox together ( as we did ), both individually will contribute towards shedding for 3 months each. Not sure if those 3 months are one after the other totalling 6 months or overlap each other
  7. LOL yeah some baby hairs are stubborn like that may be give him more time and pray that it grows to be a mature one
  8. Hey Lennney, i think we are all on the same page here; there are two components to this : thin hair small hair, growing very slowly , my main concern after 5 months is - do they ever catch up with your natural hair in terms of density, straightness, color, contract and most importantly equal length ? for example if my natural hair currently are 6 inches long, will 1 inch baby hair ever catch up to be 6 inch long if you comb, they all come to the same level and then cut them with scissors i am doubtful this would ever happen for every single hair follicle that was transplanted , we should just wish maximum # of grafts eventually catches up with the natural ones
  9. looks good, looks like you are on the right track. i like the hairline also, suits you facially
  10. looking good, in one pic, your hair looking really thick and dense, no bald patches ( except very small few areas ) but that should also thicken up with time
  11. products : minox, finas, biotin, baby shampoo, baby oil or coconut oil diet - eggs, lots of protein rich supplements you can also take - multivitamins, vitamin d, eggs, chicken, fish, super foods like avocado, walnut, othrer dry fruits, whey protein, work out, blood circulation, lots of water drinking, good sleep, relax your brain no smoking
  12. nothing to worry, i guess you are talking about your overall hair style ( primarily front) what i am referring to : is the least significant area ( donor ) but still its important area to be taken care of
  13. IMHO, yes you can test it yourself by taking few high resolution pics from top, sides, under sunlight etc all normal circumstances and mid length somehow can easily expose some signs especially from the donor area 3000 plus cylindrical shaped holes are extracted from donor, what do you expect - zero signs, but when hair are kept longer, they tend to overlap the ones below so it gives a dense look obviously especially after shampoo and blowdrying or if buzz cut around donor area and keep growing on the top ( disconnected undercut hairstyle which is in fashion today), it can look really good... tiny white spots are not actually noticeable that much but mid length in most cases, shows some very small gaps between bunch of hair patches as few areas are cleaned up forever lol... nothing is ever growing there again
  14. Well, this is based on my research if we want to look good/normal without anyone noticing any minor detail that hT was being done on us.... either keep hairs very long or cut them very very short - almost shaven i am choosing with the first option and growing them now onwards
  15. AFTER FUE HT - WE HAVE ONLY 2 OPTIONS: either very short - complete buzz on the sides or relatively very long - there is nothing in between - and yes, it applies to both recipient and donor areas
  16. I also tried once when I was at the airport using my phone, couldn't figure it out
  17. Dr Rahal in ottawa is good, or Hasson and wong in western canada - both reputed but its all personal luck as even reputed clinics produced great, good, average, bad results.
  18. after few months, did you notice small white dots around the beard donor area. When will this heal completely ? is it better to keep that donor area cleanly shaven or keep beard longer based on your experience
  19. good info, thanks for sharing ! It seems logical and oil massage/hand massage is a time tested formula, definitely helps
  20. now I am intrigued what are these secret tablets for ? never heard of tribulus... I need that pill organizer too , will buy
  21. Great, good luck with this final step towards the crown I like how they drew crowns natural hair design with a marker in the first pic moving all upwards how about you frontal hairline, is everything fixed on session 2 with Dr Bhatti around that area
  22. thanks for the info, i will research on this . were you using any oils like castor , coconut or olive oil or simply massaging with bare hands
  23. Thanks for your continued support and guidance I have dandruff issue on scalp since childhood, it also helps clear that , More over i think its killing 2 birds with one stone - whenever we massage minoxi, then coconut oil, then rice water, then baby shampoo.... a few times a day, we end up massaging our scalp. Whether these liquids do anything or not lol that's a mystery but i think running fingers for each of those 10 min sessions, helps circulating scalp skin for blood flow quite a few times a day each day over and over again, i think that helps more than oil, minoxidil as that is the by product of this entire process but an effective one