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  1. I’m finding it hard to judge the difference in results between the 5th and 8th months but there is definitely improvement from before and after the transplant. Let’s wait and see what others on the forum think.
  2. I really think your results will still be very good but are just taking time. I was parsing through the transformation books at Eugenix while I was there and most people that were so summered there fell under the 5 to 8 or 9 month transformations. There were a few that were slower and a few that were faster. We average people are just going to be around that timeframe. You just got to wait a little longer I think.
  3. I’m doing well, doing well. Just have been super busy at work the past few days and could not update this thread. I will post the 7 day update within the next 2 days. Just a little worried about the right side of the donor and some density behind the left fronto temporal area but should mostly not be an issue. I saw your update as well and looking at Fluffhead’s amazing last month, I think your month should be sometime soon.
  4. Will be following a lot of these tips and putting some gauze on the recipient area while soaking. Thanks again Paddy. 5 more hours and I cannot wait to wash my head.
  5. Once this lockdown is done and the world gets some semblance of normalcy, I might just take you up on this offer.🙂
  6. Yeah, he seems to have this one place right by the ocean as well. I’ve seen parts of it and looks pretty good.😁
  7. Thanks @Looking for HT. As long as you’re still seeing growth, you could just be like Nelson who was just a slow grower. I will look forward to your updates. I more day of intensive care and I’m going to have to start the long waiting game.
  8. I thought I was the only one thinking this. This definitely needs to be flagged. Could be someone that’s very disgruntled with some of the recent events on the forum.
  9. Thanks @Abhinay Singh. Really appreciate the continued support from the clinic.
  10. Looking good @paddyirishman. The density looks really good, specially in the frontal photos. Even if it stopped right here, I think this is an excellent result but I am sure we will see even more improvement.
  11. Updated my experience and added photos from the surgery in the first post. Quick update with a picture as of 4 days post Op. The donor is healing quite well at the back of the head. The sides still sting a bit and look a little worse than the back of the head. I do not think they were over harvested and it could just be that the sides are more sensitive than the back. I am starting to feel the back of my head and the numbness has reduced in that part of the donor quite significantly. I obviously have not touched the recipient to know if it is still numb or not and will wait 7 days before trying to make than evaluation
  12. Thanks @Abhinay Singh. I did have my surgery on the 31st and had followed the pre-surgery precautions.
  13. Hi @Looking for HT, I hope you’re doing well. I just had my procedure at Eugenix a few days ago. How’s your growth coming along. Anything to share since the last update.
  14. Thanks for the update @Goldwing. It looks like you have progressed a bit since the last update although we still see a couple of places where it is thin. I am sure that will start to fill in as well. Do you think that you experienced shock loss in any of the places(crown or midscalp) and can you also comment on how you think you’re progressing. Also, how is your donor coming along. Can you share a picture of the donor as well.