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  1. Long overdue update. I think my results are mostly there. I have not seen too much change in the last 3 weeks or so. The donor which was a big concern has improved quite a bit but the right side is still a little parse. I can trim to a number 2.5 and people cannot make out that any hair was taken out. I am quite happy with the results and they look quite good and very close to what I had wanted. A couple of areas that could’ve been better are: 1, Temples: the transplanted hair look sparse and strange looking compared to the native hair and also curl quite a bit, 2, Immediat
  2. @musab: could you give us an update please. Looking forward to see your progress.
  3. That is a phenomenal result, one of the best on the forum I would think. That is just amazing.😍😍 If you could just maintain this hair, you should be all set.
  4. Hi bud, It definitely looks better and sharper but it seems to be partly due to growing the hair behind longer. Did the doctor say why certain areas are responding slower than others. One of the consultants at Eugenix also had a slow result and did not have too much growth till the 8th month so might need to still wait.
  5. @Zoomster, those are really good results and you seem to have really thick hair. It looks quite good even in bright light. 😀
  6. Hope everyone’s staying safe during these troubling times. I’ve had to do some traveling and take care of some urgent work. Hope everyone’s staying safe in these troubling times. Here’re a few pictures from almost the 2 month mark. It looks like I might’ve had a little bit of shock loss near the crown and on the side donor areas, specifically on the right. I’m not too worried as this should pick back up in the coming months. I did not shed fully and some of the hair you see are the unshed hair. I also see a few new hair growing out of my scalp. It’s very few at this point but I’m fairly certai
  7. I’m finding it hard to judge the difference in results between the 5th and 8th months but there is definitely improvement from before and after the transplant. Let’s wait and see what others on the forum think.
  8. I really think your results will still be very good but are just taking time. I was parsing through the transformation books at Eugenix while I was there and most people that were so summered there fell under the 5 to 8 or 9 month transformations. There were a few that were slower and a few that were faster. We average people are just going to be around that timeframe. You just got to wait a little longer I think.
  9. I’m doing well, doing well. Just have been super busy at work the past few days and could not update this thread. I will post the 7 day update within the next 2 days. Just a little worried about the right side of the donor and some density behind the left fronto temporal area but should mostly not be an issue. I saw your update as well and looking at Fluffhead’s amazing last month, I think your month should be sometime soon.
  10. Will be following a lot of these tips and putting some gauze on the recipient area while soaking. Thanks again Paddy. 5 more hours and I cannot wait to wash my head.
  11. Once this lockdown is done and the world gets some semblance of normalcy, I might just take you up on this offer.🙂
  12. Yeah, he seems to have this one place right by the ocean as well. I’ve seen parts of it and looks pretty good.😁
  13. Thanks @Looking for HT. As long as you’re still seeing growth, you could just be like Nelson who was just a slow grower. I will look forward to your updates. I more day of intensive care and I’m going to have to start the long waiting game.
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