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  1. Wow, that is one hell of a transformation and in just 4 months. I will look forward to your full update.
  2. Got it. Maybe it’s the short hair that makes it look like there’s some shock loss. Looking very clean. Hope you start seeing those early results like a lot of people who go to Eugenix
  3. It’s looking good and I barely see any redness in the transplanted areas. Did you experience any shock loss you think ??
  4. Hi @Abhinay Singh: It’s been a while since we saw an update from you. Really Eager to see your progress since you were one of the fast responders.
  5. Hi @amirik: I hope everything’s coming along well so far. Do post pictures with your updated look.
  6. Hi @musab: any updates on your progress ?. Some of us are eagerly looking forward to your next update.
  7. This is a concise list of the differences between the 2 techniques and very helpful. I hope everything’s still coming along very well. Do post updates, lots of us are eager to find out.
  8. @Zoomster looks like the growth is Just starting to kick in. Good stuff. Your donor looks pretty neat as well. Keep the updates coming.
  9. Thanks for the update. Very close to booking a date myself. Waiting on the covid pandemonium to die down a little. Been keeping track of your progress since your case is very similar to mine. Do keep the updates coming.
  10. Starting to come along nicely now @paddyirishman. Hope it gets even better soon. Would be nice if you could post weekly updates since most of us track this quite regularly.
  11. @Looking for HT, any more updates in the last couple of weeks. Been following your thread closely. Eager to see the progress.
  12. Hi @Fluffhead, waiting for your March 11 update. Eager to know how it’s looking.
  13. Looking good @Zoomster Waiting for your updates.
  14. I will be starting finesteride in 3 days ave would have taken it for around 2 weeks by the time my transplant happens. I have not seen people with too much shock loss let alone permanent shock loss from the clinic and hope everything goes fine for me as well.