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  1. you can use my mole as a reference point of how much grown is being covered with 1800 grafts.
  2. I just wanted to say thank you all for the positive words of encouragement. I know I still have a ways to for my final result. Even still, I know some guys go back for a second or third procedure for density but for now I am riding this one out and see what happens. Additional details: I went with Dr. Cortez in Tijuana Mexico. I am also on Fin (5mg 1 once a week), Ketoconzole 2% shampoo and minoxidil.
  3. *DEEP BREATH*.... I am a first time poster and I am a bit nervous to do so (I tend to be a shy person by nature). I won't go into too much detail at this point but just go with the essential facts: I got a hair transplant almost 9 months ago (9 months in 10 days) and I just wanted to get some alternative opinions of where I am at in the hair growth process. My procedure was 1,800 grafts FUE, all on the hairline. Thoughts of the overall progress? *My personal opinion is that the yield looks a little low for the amount of grafts that I got so far. Is it possible that more
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