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  1. Thanks Lennney ! Yes, I will be posting my updates with pics but I thought of collecting /capturing my own growth (almost every week) and post an update straight at 4 month mark. That post should reflect 2 months, 3 months, 4 months update all at once ( personally I am taking pics for my own records almost daily) I am happy for your growth as 5-6 month is the real game changer for 90% of patients, so you should see a thick bush shortly . good luck
  2. yes, side trim is required. I am almost there and already started to feel the same it's getting difficult slowly for me as well to distinguish
  3. Thanks for TOFTT. I will follow your results, you never know if its skepticism or reality unless you try it first hand. Rest are all theories, Human brain and hair follicles/nerves are such a complex wired system 100 times more than when you open a car engine with a top mechanic, so many wires going in/out, even the best reputed mechanics fail to diagnose sometimes. No one knows reality, there is not a single standard for billions of wiring circuits out there. We are living in a world where people read/follow/promote/write too many theories but only a few actually practically test the waters. Again, no one knows this complex science, only the creator ( god) knows and doctors, medical science and product manufactures are all working based on best possible assumptions till date. it will take millions of more years for science to find out how our wiring system actually works. that's why I always say " Try and fail but do not fail to try" if it makes some sense, yes research but do give things a shot.
  4. I would recommend try Minoxidil 5% - Rogaine foam but topical solution is better as it allows deeper penetration. Apply each night and/or day if you want twice a day as recommended, wait for 5 months or so and see if your condition improves I am sure it will help based on your situation. Finas and hair transplant are next level steps, just ignore for now as you are in very good condition.
  5. Hi Raj, First of all , congratulations for getting the procedure done. It's a big leap forward towards a better/confident future as a man. Secondly, sorry to hear you were not feeling well and still endured 2 days of continuous surgery. On the top of all this, you had to fly in/out internationally Also, your personal experience reflects some mixed opinions. Overall, I wouldn't comment as its your thoughts and definitely should be reviewed on the forum, however most patients ( including myself) had a much better experience than yours. Could be a very busy season, Dr. quite busy and your sickness - combination of all different elements However, I would appreciate if you'd like to post some before/after pics ( with blurred face if need be ) so we can all follow each others growth and journey over the next 1 year - Bhatti bus Now, since the deed is done and you mentioned, Dr. Bhatti's work is clean with minimal pain and quick recovery which is the most important aspect ( yes customer service as well ), kindly focus on your growth, have some peace of mind as its a big task you have achieved. Now waiting begins. I wish you all the best with your results, good luck with everything ! I am sure the clinic should respond to all your concerns as highlighted above ( as they do standby their patients ) thanks for sharing your experience
  6. Based on my personal experience and extensive research, I chose India as my HT destination and went to see Dr. Bhatti. Here's my detailed review outlining all the facts and figures, reasons and conditions and most importantly comparison between the 2 destinations: https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/53594-3500-fue-grafts-–-scheduled-with-dr-bhatti-darling-buds-on-18th-march-2019/?tab=comments#comment-498396 Good Luck with your journey !
  7. I understand your concerns petroholic, we are all pretty much in the same boat and trying to hide this awkward look as much as possible for the next 6 months or so. I also work in the corporate environment, even when you wear formals, a flat cap looks nice enough for any office environment my friend. I am wearing it whenever I go to the office just a few days in a month ( fortunately, I run my office stuff and personal business mostly from home ) . if I go to the office 10 days in a month, I have started going to another office location which is way less busy location, less people around more and more. so practically i am just facing office people/my boss 4 days a month for next months and my boss is cool with the flat cap look..... she even said I look trendy in this so this is an option you should explore within your organization. I never had to ask, neither I will for any approval... when few close friends and co workers including my boss wondered about the new look, i simply said that I decided to shave my head to fix my diffused thinning stage as they are aware, and I am trying some serious scalp therapies and medications, initial is shedding/redness phase due to minoxidil... so a flat cap is much better with a smile on my face and no one bothered me anymore with other questions. its no ones business even at work to restrict you to not wear cap for sometime, it could be infection, religious ground, on humanitarian ground, no one should ask you about the flat cap.. or deny the right to wear it.... PLUS it really suits overall office attire. But if you can't really do it due to extremely strict policies, or ask to WFH for a few months , then buy hair fibre and dermmatch. Conceal your hair with dermmatch first, then sprinkle a little caboki or toppik and you are good to go without a hat In my opinion, dont buzz cut every month if you are planning to wear hair fiber and concealer as little length is always required to overlap and cover your scalp/redness and then brushing it all together will hide any awkward bald areas during growth phase. You have good amount of native hair , so it should be easy to cove naturally and look nice with fibers, it will come with practice ....
  8. https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/53594-3500-fue-grafts-–-scheduled-with-dr-bhatti-darling-buds-on-18th-march-2019/ FYI - Please review my thread for detailed info ( its long so whenever you have a few minutes
  9. Thanks Harin ! I assumed at that time ( which still stands true in my opinion) that DHT is cumbersome process/slightly more expensive than traditional FUE. Additionally, Eugenix was offeing 2 day/night free stay and 3 meals a day for both days.... so it kinda made sense why they were expensive..... I asked them actually if they offer FUE and DHT both and is this why my quote is more than 100 Rs per graft ( I researched and 100 Rs per graft counts as one of the most expensive rate for Indian market ) their answer ( i mean patient rep; satakshi wasn't clear ) this made me proceed with Dr Bhatti instead But I do have great regard for all top notch surgeons, especially those which are recommended here on this site and all over India, only 7 surgeons are .... so we can easily pick and choose as per our heart beats my gut pushed me towards Dr Bhatti and until now, I dont have any regrets... seems like I was in great hands, one of the best pre/post op care and very good staff as well ! I am only waiting for results to speak more !
  10. https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/53594-3500-fue-grafts-–-scheduled-with-dr-bhatti-darling-buds-on-18th-march-2019/ Hi Melvin, You've contributed on my thread and provided some good guidance also... Here is the link
  11. Very clean work. Impressive. Also, I can assure you some great results coming your way just by looking at your first pre op pic. You got great hair, strong caliber and Dr Nadimi's work combined.... be ready for the home run
  12. Harin, I was quoted almost double than Dr. Bhatti. I have email exchanges. Moreover, when I specifically asked for Pre and post op medicines, they said they don't give any pre op medicine and I'll have to buy my own post op medicines. 4000 to 5000 grafts - Eugenix quoted me ( the window was large as well ) Dr. Bhatti quoted me almost half and 3500 Grafts ( In the end, I got 3300 done - this is called fair assessment ) I wrote my detailed thread with some positives/negatives to help future potential patients.... you can have a read ! and yes, it is based on facts ( that I researched first hand )
  13. Good 7 month results. how many grafts ? Were Beard grafts implanted or scalp only ? I am also Dr. Bhatti's 2019 patient waiting for my results each and every day very patiently thanks for sharing !
  14. Another great result produced by Darling buds skillful team I can't wait to see my own results ahhh its a long 1 year wait
  15. so I am on finpecia right now ( bought 6 months supply from Dr. Bhatti's clinic after my first HT done on 18th March in India ) After my stock is finished, I anyways need to buy more supply of finastride . I live in Toronto. Which brand name for finastride I should be going forward with ? " Propecia " 1 mg ?? I heard local doctor's prescription is required before I could buy propecia here in Canada