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  1. it seems true, even extreme sunlight exposure or no sunlight at all also damages hair and contributes towards hair fall for example - people who wear tight turbans or caps all the time, will always loose hair as no light. light is life .... thats why lazer light caps are famous now a dayz
  2. agreed Lennney, i am going to walk in for prescription this weekend, then walmart pharmacy could sell me propecia 1 mg its just going to be a gap of 3-4 days of no finas after 6 months of continued use - i hope that shouldn't impact much
  3. I could see the difference - shine, conditioning, strengthening right after coconut oil..... if we use it regularly for years, i think its also one of the game changers that many ppl don't realize. same with rice water ( old ancient technique from chinese villages)
  4. I didn't ... now bought biotin gummies alone ( no folic acid) from wal mart....
  5. Lazy ass, I didn't go n checked on amazon ...... I end up buying from walmart shelf here lol Jamieson biotin gummies - it says take two per day, for healthy hair, skin , nails for $14 i think per box. https://www.vitamart.ca/Jamieson-High-Potency-Biotin-Gummies-100-Gummies.html?gclid=CjwKCAjw8ZHsBRA6EiwA7hw_se4aHrfQLG8VNvy-fk8i72YGeeFerY5d-HJnrLQWv2w5C2G3XwzLJRoCd5gQAvD_BwE Jamieson is a good brand for meds.... re: finastride, pharmacy told me i need doctor's prescription which i am contemplating if required or may be just stop it forever from now onwards.... 6 months was enough thanks Lennney
  6. BTW @Lennney my biotin and finastride stock ( from Bhatti's ) is going to finish in 1 week Do you have a name of biotin brand i can now purchase ( stock for next 6 months ) Do you know how/where to buy finastride ( propecia ) in Canada , I think it needs doctors referral first, only then i could go to drug stores and buy it
  7. more than shampoo, two full spoons at least , i most prefer it to stay overnight ( pillow covers could be washed later or protected ) dry hair only i apply at least 2 -3 times a week and let it stay overnight ..... welcome aboard
  8. Lol, I was at the residence in my university days with a few other folks and we watched on TV.... the entire situation it scared me ( i still remember ) never ever seen anything like that - a plane head on with a skyscraper , i called my NY Aunt that time too to make sure she's fine
  9. Was at the peak of my life, the best moments especially with that carefree natural hair ( 1000 per cm2 lol exaggerating ) but i guess no surgery can bring that back ever It's correct to say HT provides an illusion only so, I was out of illusion 18 years ago
  10. Great progress Lennney Agreed on the comment : daily shower is not healthy for hair thickness, I also shampoo every 2/3 days now and try to keep hair away from any water also for 2 days in a row sometimes. only coconut oil and let it sit there, moisturize the scalp nicely and then wash it
  11. Looks really good Lennney, sometimes you dont notice yourself but ask a 3rd eye, i am following your journey and you are almost there. good difference between your 5 month vs 7 month timeline - very happy to see that regarding finastride shed, there are mixed theories, ppl say if you begin finas and minox together ( as we did ), both individually will contribute towards shedding for 3 months each. Not sure if those 3 months are one after the other totalling 6 months or overlap each other
  12. LOL yeah some baby hairs are stubborn like that may be give him more time and pray that it grows to be a mature one
  13. Hey Lennney, i think we are all on the same page here; there are two components to this : thin hair small hair, growing very slowly , my main concern after 5 months is - do they ever catch up with your natural hair in terms of density, straightness, color, contract and most importantly equal length ? for example if my natural hair currently are 6 inches long, will 1 inch baby hair ever catch up to be 6 inch long if you comb, they all come to the same level and then cut them with scissors i am doubtful this would ever happen for every single hair follicle that was transplanted , we should just wish maximum # of grafts eventually catches up with the natural ones
  14. looks good, looks like you are on the right track. i like the hairline also, suits you facially