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  1. great result ! Heard good things about HMR/Dr Cortez. Would you mind sharing high level idea around their FUE pricing per graft or is it per package with unlimited grafts ( turkey style
  2. It seems like you went for High density and all 2700 grafts were placed at the front. Looks like clean work, and the fact that once everything was done, you paid is surprising most clinics ask a deposit, or at least pay upfront but this is professional to trust the patients good luck, i m sure you will get great results as your hair caliber from donor looks good/thick. would you mind sharing was it per graft 1.25 Euros rate for you or a total package ?
  3. I think the science and the logic behind microneedling makes total sense. blood rushes to those areas and if blood circulation is triggered by an act, that area must be nourished to better function and have better hair eventually good luck, i am on the fence about ordering one for my scalp too, let us know please if you see a good difference in few months and stay the course
  4. Sharing with my HT community brothers : 11 months completed, some random pics - after shampoo, blow dry only : Dr. Bhatti did a great job for me, can't thank him enough : I can sign off today, :) if i see myself before/after ( as you're the best judge always, based on your life/situations and improvements ) no regrets, fine job. also, everyone says looks very natural. I can share some donor pics too later :
  5. Hey Pyrat, I would recommend choosing work from home option for 2.5 months ( if its possible), if not, wear a hat -fedora , base ball cap not good for meetings, take at least 2-3 weeks off and after wards, avoid too many meetings, interactions if possible as red ness will be there.. until 3 rd month begins in most cases , it fades away for good hair style example : I would recommend getting sides buzzed completely or .3 or .2 and let the central part grow, it always adds to the illusion and blend them into spikes creating a thicker central illusion, if you overlap like i do
  6. Hey Petro, Just posted some random pics on my post, check them out , i am very happy with my results and you results, Lennney's looks really good. New beginnings for us : the bhatti patients lol
  7. can you recommend me a good shampoo and/or conditioner 9 months over after my HT and using any shampoo i could find
  8. i think we need to follow : " try and fail but do not fail to try " when it comes to HT, Hair growth and follicles, its complex science..... but some results should come using laser caps !
  9. it seems true, even extreme sunlight exposure or no sunlight at all also damages hair and contributes towards hair fall for example - people who wear tight turbans or caps all the time, will always loose hair as no light. light is life .... thats why lazer light caps are famous now a dayz
  10. agreed Lennney, i am going to walk in for prescription this weekend, then walmart pharmacy could sell me propecia 1 mg its just going to be a gap of 3-4 days of no finas after 6 months of continued use - i hope that shouldn't impact much
  11. I could see the difference - shine, conditioning, strengthening right after coconut oil..... if we use it regularly for years, i think its also one of the game changers that many ppl don't realize. same with rice water ( old ancient technique from chinese villages)
  12. I didn't ... now bought biotin gummies alone ( no folic acid) from wal mart....
  13. Lazy ass, I didn't go n checked on amazon ...... I end up buying from walmart shelf here lol Jamieson biotin gummies - it says take two per day, for healthy hair, skin , nails for $14 i think per box. https://www.vitamart.ca/Jamieson-High-Potency-Biotin-Gummies-100-Gummies.html?gclid=CjwKCAjw8ZHsBRA6EiwA7hw_se4aHrfQLG8VNvy-fk8i72YGeeFerY5d-HJnrLQWv2w5C2G3XwzLJRoCd5gQAvD_BwE Jamieson is a good brand for meds.... re: finastride, pharmacy told me i need doctor's prescription which i am contemplating if required or may be just stop it forever from now onwards.... 6 months wa
  14. BTW @Lennney my biotin and finastride stock ( from Bhatti's ) is going to finish in 1 week Do you have a name of biotin brand i can now purchase ( stock for next 6 months ) Do you know how/where to buy finastride ( propecia ) in Canada , I think it needs doctors referral first, only then i could go to drug stores and buy it
  15. more than shampoo, two full spoons at least , i most prefer it to stay overnight ( pillow covers could be washed later or protected ) dry hair only i apply at least 2 -3 times a week and let it stay overnight ..... welcome aboard
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