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  1. Thanks for the good wishes motobecane ! Will keep you guys posted
  2. My assumption got build watching this video from a Reputed doctor/HT mentor but it makes sense what you are recommending me to focus upon first :
  3. To add: a wise member once said : it's not proven how they could adjust all singles, doubles, trips with different diameter sizes into the same choi pen ( width wise ) . It's a grey area with not much clarity yet. Hence my decision to go with FUE
  4. Also, that choi pen for DHT when inserted will just do it in one shot which could be great or disastrous As it could either insert the graft too deep or leave it slightly above the surface which could never get connected to your nervous system and falls out shortly afterwards since there is not much manual control or intervention per graft in DHT. You move to the next one. One shot and move on. Like a staple punch on a piece of paper. Tradition FUE uses 2 hands and insert with some precision/strength to make sure it goes deep in there. My opinion but I could be wrong here
  5. Thank you Bonkling For us patients, the hardest decision which consumes the most time is to decide which doctor to select/trust/ be hopeful with/affordable/reputed/ethical/experienced. This is such a cumbersome task ( mentally ) for most patients Good Luck in your search, I feel if done right - Traditional FUE could provide better results than DHI ( if not done right)
  6. Also I heard that if trips and quads ( if any ) as per my luck and doctor's hard work using microscopic lenses are kept especially for the crown area, then 750 grafts could make some difference. 750 x 3 = 2250 new hair which will blend with my existing few hundred hairs on the crown to give some significant improvement ( I know I am talking in my dream world LOL )
  7. Makes sense but I am hoping there is some improvement on Crown also after my surgery ( at least better than how it looks today) Why : "Because a thick hairline and mid scalp full of hair and no hair at all on the crown screams HT " as someone said wisely. Its an extremely delicate balance with uniform distribution but thank you for being the 2nd pair of eyes on my condition. I will provide a breakdown once things are done !
  8. Thank you Paddyirishman ! I am collecting all "the good lucks" in this world and the " courage" to get this done I will keep you guys updated with my results
  9. Hi Kvn, There is not a single reputed HT surgeon in this world whose results are consistent ( Dr. Rahal Included). Reason: There are so many variables that act as a huge dependency for each patient's results to be successful such as: Hair/Graft quality and how many doubles, triples, quads you naturally are gifted with Are you willing to religiously take all meds, Finas, Rogaine, Dermarolling, exercise, strict diet , Yoga and .............. so on Your body's immunity to recover from any trauma, natural health and recovery factors Your stress levels, hormones, genetic condition , sleep patterns your luck with the surgery - like any surgery, its always the " luck factor" that's extremely important for a great result. also Note: 70% is doctors skills but 30% is patients own drive over the next few years to achieve the best results. some would say its 60/40 ratio . No doctor is a magician who will give you the best result within a single day operating on it, its your head, hair, hard work for life
  10. Also, what's your recommendation for my breakdown of 3500 grafts on the entire region : 1500 to solidify my hairline which should be half moon straight shaped ( I guess no need to lower it down ) 500 on temples 750 - mid scalp 750 - crown or should I request Dr. Bhatti to insert more than 1500 on my hairline alone ?
  11. Agreed ! If Hairline look really natural ( which I haven't lost completely ) I would be a happy camper As implanted grafts should nicely blend in with my existing hairline grafts; it should produce some natural thick results. Regarding overall density, now I see why every clinic quoted me to get more than 3000 Grafts . Thanks Melvin !
  12. Oops ! Thanks for the honest feedback Melvin-Moderator. Much appreciated !!! I always thought today I am NW 3 or 4 going towards NW 6 eventually in the next 10 years as I thought NW 6 means its completely bald in the center ( not a single hair alive) Now, I think my donor area is solid but again correct me if need be ( some pics below) Also, do you think 3500 FUE grafts should give me good density if I take all meds religiously, exercise, strict diet, blood circulation, Derma rolling after the procedure ?
  13. Hi Petroholic, Thanks for sharing your story, I am also going to see Dr. Bhatti next week for my surgery. Any updates on your road to recovery, new pics ? if you don't mind sharing please. Here's my post : https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/53594-3500-fue-grafts-–-scheduled-with-dr-bhatti-darling-buds-on-18th-march-2019/?tab=comments#comment-498155