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  1. 16 month update - After a bad Haircut Back at my usual place /lighting etc for a fair comparison
  2. 15 month update - Before Haircut due to Lock Down The hair is long due to lockdown restrictions Excuse the quality of pics since I am not at my usual place and dont have access to a selfie stick. But consired it better to provide an update since it has been long time Post car regimen : Finasteride 1 mg -once a day Biotin 5 mg - stopped at 12 month mark Minoxidil - stopped at 12 month mark Hair supplement( Folli Hair ) - stopped at 12 month mark shampoo -J & J baby shampoo and a light conditioner , Once a week Nizral 2% Considering adding dutasteride weekly -post consultation with Dr Bhatti to slow balding on crown and posterior portion of scalp.
  3. @shakib Patience is the key my friend. I know it is difficult but here is what I did /would suggest- Don't even think about scrutinizing result at 5 month mark- Wait for 6 months , take photos every month on 1st every month. Don't expect to see results in the mirror. You will see results in the photos month after month. In my case I was seeing difference in month by month result even at 15 month mark.
  4. @Melvin-Moderator Read one of your posts regarding styling products on the following page- https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/48874-do-hair-transplants-require-styling-products/?tab=comments#comment-452021 Can you recommend some good styling products. I have fine , thinning and fragile hair as seen in posts above and an oily scalp. Although I have never used styling products but with the lockdown in place and hair length increasing and becoming unmanageable ( maybe due to the change in texture too of transplanted hair. Need a light weight styling product urgently.
  5. Well the hardest part over . You have made the right decision in choosing Dr Bhatti. My advice : Follow the regimen to the T Be patient since it can take anywhere from 3 months-1 year to get to the results Dr Bhatti and his team have taken care of the rest for you. Will see you on the other side 1 year later extremely happy
  6. It was not shaming rather an advice. I have met Nelson and seen him in real life , according to me he looks absolutely great and does not need any cosmetic procedures . This is what I have stated. According to me , my hair transplant was more than just vanity , hair loss at a young age had shaken my confidence to the point where I used to think about this every moment of my life . Only in such cases will i go in for a cosmetic surgery . If such is the case with anyone please go ahead with it . As I have stated my post was Nelson 's benefit since he had played a role in my own hair transplant journey , not to Shame him in any way .
  7. Incredible result the first time itself . The second HT was just a fine tuning by the doctors I think . Pardon me if it feels inappropriate but will still give you a advice which I think may be beneficial for you in the long run . The nose job etc are really not needed in your case . In my honest opinion it is better to stay natural in the long run . A hair transplant was an exception for me or many others over here , it was not vanity but rather a basic requirement since it was impacting my self esteem for many years and also impacting each and every area Of my life . Only in such a case will I go for a cosmetic procedure.
  8. Thanks.Maybe it has or maybe it is just play of light. Can't tell with surity. What I am sure about is that the growth is still happening at 12 month mark. It is visible in the texture change especially. As I have said before, I seem to be one of those late bloomers with a growth span of 18 months. Considering the above in mind I was also confused about whether to extend my post HT hair regimen. The year long supply of some medicines like - Biotin , Minoxidil 5 , Folli hair ( a hair based multivitamin ) has finished . I would also like to shift from the johnsons baby shampoo to a normal biotique sulfate free shampoo since the baby shampoo leaved my thin hair very dry/damaged . However I will continue taking the Fin 1mg as I have been doing the same for past 5 years . Still in two minds whether to continue the minoxidil ,J & J shampoo , biotin for 6 more months
  9. Thanks @HLPToronto and @Lennney Thanks for the comments guys and regular support during this year long journey. Just had a look at both of your threads and happy to see that all three of us have got excellent results. My journey is not finished yet I think , the texture is changing and I think I am one of those guys that will have a growth span of close to 18 months. @Shera Thanks for the help. I still remember that depressing evening I wrote to you and gave you a call taking your advice . Was in a huge confusion on whether to go ahead with the HT . And if yes with who since this was a major spend for me.Your reassurance mattered a lot. And to Dr Bhatti , for giving me a solution to a problem which was worrying me for long. This has been one of the best decisions of my Life. I only regret not going in for it much earlier . It took me 9 months to decide , between my first visit to Dr Bhatti and the treatment day . Dr Bhatti and his team have been more than supportive during the entire journey . Thanks from the bottom of my heart. I know that I am balding and may have to go in for a second transplant in the future too. But now I have a solution at hand .I hope I can prolong the same by at least 5 years
  10. 11 month update : Well Hair loss is really a bitch. The transplanted area in frontal scalp has got better. However there is significant hair loss in the past 1 year in the crown and the back half of the scalp. Good thing is that the frontal portion is much more important to give an impression of a non balding head and now due to my post transplant hair I am easily able to cover the back portion ahead. Following the same regimen as above : - finasteride 1 mg - once a day - Biotin 5mg/10mg - once a day - Minoxidil 5 - once a day at night - Hair supplement ( Folli Hair ) - Once a day - shampoo being used- alternate day -J&J baby shampoo followed by a light conditioner Once a week Nizoral 2% ( instead of J&J) Hopefully this will be last month of using minoxidil and J&J shampoo . Will revert back to normal shampoo.
  11. Thanks. And I still think there is progress left. Will keep on posting every month.I am sure the best is still in the coming months.
  12. @lenney The reason for using nizoral is that it comes under big 3 ( minoxidil,finasteride,ketocanazole ) . Also Dr Bhatti is ok with using nizoral twice a week after HT. The reason for using Johnson & Johnson shampoo is that , as per my doctor's hair transplant regimen , I have to use it for 3 more months . I combat dryness by using a mild conditioner . Issue is not with dryness as It is tolerable . However hair do not look good since these shampoos do not have cosmetic properties. The only reason I wanted to switch from nizoral 2% to regenpure Dr was that I have an extra bottle and it also contains ketocanazole 1% . Apart from that it contains many ingredients which are useful . Has anybody used regenpure Dr for it's ketocanazole affect ( as part of big 3 ) ?
  13. Guys need a little help to tweak my hair shampoo regimen . I currently shampoo alternate days . I shampoo alternatively with Johnson's baby shampoo and nizoral 2% shampoo . Use a boutique conditioner for thinning hair post the application . The nizoral 2% shampoo makes hair dry . So I am thinking of changing to regenpure Dr instead . What do you guys advise ? Note: I am using nizoral 2% twice a week because of the big 3 theory