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  1. Month 3 / Day 94 Update Hairline had started forming at 2.5 month mark that is about 15 days back Temples appeared filled and forehead shorter. Rest the results at 3 month/94 days mark is here to see for all . Numbness in recipient area still present on touch. Regarding minoxidil I had moved from solution then to foam and then to solution. Unlike opinions all over internet I find the solution much less greasy and easier to apply than foam. So have stuck to solution only.
  2. I am very happy today. Today first time after 77 days ( 11 weeks to be precise ) I have felt that my appearance has changed a little due to my hair transplant. Why ? Because I can see some results in my'temple area leading to my forehead appearing smaller. I am not posting pictures yet because my hair currently are 1.5 day old after shampoo and with minoxidil applied yesterday night. All my photos from now on will be without any product /medicine , shampooed recently and naturally dried to keep the comparisons fare throughout the course of my journey.
  3. Sorry @AltonMeyer @johanchicago Wernt you suggested higher number of grafts by Dr Bhatt? Or was the donor sparse.
  4. @AltonMeyer Wernt you suggested higher number of grafts by Dr Bhattin? Or was the donor sparse.
  5. That's right the place and culture where you are living matters a lot. I am currently doing a job in a small town in India ( Agra ). People here are interested a lot in other people's lives and are not afraid to speak anything out . People noticing , commenting etc although should be a minor consideration in the journey for a final goal . For you wearing a hat for 6 months should entirely solve this problem . In my job I have to wear formals so cannot wear a cap . My options are to get a no. 1 trim ( buzz cut ) all over every month for 6 months or maybe use hair fibre (although am a natural sort of guy and hate using any hair products ) or maybe let ppl say whatever they want to and just remember the final goal .
  6. The growth has started and is on par with what has been told to us by doctors before HT at 3.5 month mark The only thing that is unexpected is the fact that HT will go unnoticeable . At this stage also your HT is very much noticeable . The hair coming out in a particular shape is not natural and people are bound to notice like In my case . I think you mentioned that you are wearing a cap. I think that is required. The other option is getting a buzz cut every month till 5-6 months . Have you considered using fibres to pass this awkward stage . I am a month behind you at 2.5 month mark and have ordered caboki to manage this stage .
  7. Week 9 Update- Week 9 completed as of now. So I am in the mid of shedding phase. No new growth yet. Most of the hair have shed and I see just one or two hair in my hand while applying night minoxidil. Numbness is present in recipient area Thing that is strange is , from the very beginning my office colleagues are able to notice my hair transplant , many have commented on it. Don't know why. It is embarrassing to deny them. Don't know why ,maybe I went bald suddenly , maybe because I wore a black bandana for some days in office , But it is strange since most people who have got it done from a good doc claim that their HT went unnoticeable
  8. I have been taking finasteride 1mg for past 4 years and have continued to do so after my HT on 14th Feb. By the way finpecia ( by Cipla ) is the brand I have been taking for last 65 days post my HT
  9. @Gabreille Nelson Mukhia@Legend007 @Melvin-Moderator Guys I know Nelson, have met him personally ( Nelson will PM you my name maybe you remember me ) and am somewhat of an older member so I think my views will clear some of the negativity in this thread. - Nelson is a real guy and the above photos are genuinely showing his actual result . His result is one of the best I have ever seen. Period. - He is a great individual. I met him at Eugenix while my HT research phase more than once. am a sort of grade 3 and good at hiding it ( refer my thread ) and surprisingly Nelson on first visit recommended me not to go ahead with HT as I don't require one irrespective of what the docs say. Speaks highly of him - He was very helpful from start and was one of the key members who helped me make up my mind to go ahead with hair transplant.( Even though not with Eugenix ) A sincere Thanks Nelson for helping me in my journey. Would love if you can visit my thread too and comment on my hair transplant journey.After all Hair transplant is a big and emotionally painful decision for everyone . Support from people we meet during our hair transplant journey makes it easier. Irrespective from where we get the hair transplant done. My thread- https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/52984-hair-transplant-date-fixed-dr-tejinder-bhatti-darling-buds-on-1-march-2019/?tab=comments#comment-499698 Hope this clears it for the other members who were sceptical of nelson .
  10. Hi HLPToronto. You and me will be co-passengers in this journey I guess . You being a month late . Have almost gone through your thread . As in all other threads experience with Dr bhatti is awesome. Surgery day goes like a visit to a saloon. Real pain is the wait post HT. And the test lies in the result post 1 year
  11. Week 6 Update- So update after 6 weeks /1.5 month Most of the transplanted hair have shed as you can see in the pics. I am in the shedding phase now or the dreaded ugly duckling phase. But I am holding through Quite a lot of hair came out with the clots only between day 15 - day 25 on shampooing only.Whatever were left had shed between day 25 and 1 month . Now cannot see any shedding Followed the post op to the T. But the transplant did not go undetected . Returned office after 2 weeks with a bandana . Removed the bandana after 5 more days . But even after 20 days co-workers were able to notice the straight hairline and tiny scabs . Many commented whether I had got a Hair transplant . Had to deny and blame it on an allergy. So my next update will be at 3 month I think.
  12. Day 21 post op Slight pain in donor area on touching. Little loss of sensation in recipient area. Lot of hair come out with scabs/ clots from recipient area on shampoo . But Dr Bhatti has mentioned in post op booklet that this is completely normal. Some questions that I want answers to- 1 Is it OK to use some hair fibres like toppic if required on recipient area .This is to hide balding region in shedding phase. 2 As you can see in the attached photos, some scabs are still stuck to hair in the recipient area .I am very gentle while shampooing. Is there any issue or I should let them come out in their own course ? @Melvin-Moderator Mods can you change the thread topic to something like - Dr Bhatti : 2500 FUE Grafts : 14th Feb 2019
  13. Day 9 photos- Mods can you change the thread topic to something like - Dr Bhatti : 2500 FUE Grafts : 14th Feb 2019 So the off days from office are coming to an end on Day 11 i.e 25th Feb 2019 but the evidence of Hair transplant is still very much present. Will have to extend the offs by 3 days and return office on day 14 instead. Maybe the condition improves . Anyways will be wearing a cap for some days till the condition is better.( Although I work in hotel industry , cap above formals will sure look funny but have to do what I have to do ) Rest Post op blues and staying free at home has caught up with me since past 3 days . The agonizing wait for the next 6 months and the dreaded ugly duckling phase worries me. I still take comfort in the fact that I have already faced depressing times since past 5 years due to hair loss alone so just 6 months shouldn't be an issue to me. Rest everything is OK . Following the cleaning procedure to the T which will last till day 15. . Have restarted Finasteride 1 mg , Biotin 10 mg with other vitamins and minerals ( (Folli Hair ) . Was taking them pre op too so that is not a big thing for me. Rest waiting to look a little normal again which I think should be till Day 14. Otherwise will use caps till whenever possible.