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  1. Thanks. And I still think there is progress left. Will keep on posting every month.I am sure the best is still in the coming months.
  2. @lenney The reason for using nizoral is that it comes under big 3 ( minoxidil,finasteride,ketocanazole ) . Also Dr Bhatti is ok with using nizoral twice a week after HT. The reason for using Johnson & Johnson shampoo is that , as per my doctor's hair transplant regimen , I have to use it for 3 more months . I combat dryness by using a mild conditioner . Issue is not with dryness as It is tolerable . However hair do not look good since these shampoos do not have cosmetic properties. The only reason I wanted to switch from nizoral 2% to regenpure Dr was that I have an extra bottle and it also contains ketocanazole 1% . Apart from that it contains many ingredients which are useful . Has anybody used regenpure Dr for it's ketocanazole affect ( as part of big 3 ) ?
  3. Guys need a little help to tweak my hair shampoo regimen . I currently shampoo alternate days . I shampoo alternatively with Johnson's baby shampoo and nizoral 2% shampoo . Use a boutique conditioner for thinning hair post the application . The nizoral 2% shampoo makes hair dry . So I am thinking of changing to regenpure Dr instead . What do you guys advise ? Note: I am using nizoral 2% twice a week because of the big 3 theory
  4. @Lennney I strongly advice you to take fin, if u r not facing any side affects . You may not realise now but it may save you from another HT five years down the line .
  5. @Lennney Steady improvement is what I see in each set of your pictures.
  6. @Barberman1986 Great long term results . Mind sharing some more after pics from top and also how many grafts in each transplant .
  7. Just because it has a lot of promising results online .If anything comes after finasteride and minoxidyl , then prp it is . Secondly my type of hair loss ( diffuse thinning all over scalp ) seems a perfect case for prp treatment . My doc Dr Bhatti seems to me as a person who works with military precision . From very beginning He has recommended only what has sure shot result . Nothing more nothing less . Maybe that is the reason he doesn't recommend prp( which works only In 50%-60% of cases ) However me personally want to give my first HT my best shot . This is a long term procedure . Want to have HT just once ( or twice if unfortunate ) and then move on .
  8. I am taking prp with a cell and will be taking 2nd session today after 1.5 month from 1st session from Dr Bhatti . Thanks for the replies @Lennney @HLPToronto @Melvin-Moderator and others. I am not thinking much of results now as I think it is futile . Just doing all efforts and taking pics once a month . Time and Next 6 months will till rest of the story.
  9. Thanks . Waiting for that day @Bill - Seemiller @Melvin-Moderator @Lennney Waiting for your comments guys
  10. Thanks for the advice . However Dr Bhatti suggests that minoxidil for 6 months post op is sufficient.I will be using for 7 months . the only problem with it is that the wetness look already thin hair , balding .
  11. 6.5 month update - Just four days left for six and a half month to complete. So will count this as the six and a half month update Following the finax . minoxidil, nizoral once a week , biotin , folli hair supplement routine But will finally stop the minoxidil at 7 month mark. Or just use it alternate days at night so that I can wash it next morning Maybe can return to normal shampoo ( after HT was using baby shampoo ) Will consult Dr Bhatti on the above two things Have a second PRP session scheduled with Dr Bhatti on 4th september. So how is my progress guys.
  12. 5 month 1 week update - So visited Dr Bhatti at the 5 month mark. Also took a PRP+A cell treatment. Dr Bhatti said that the growth is normal at 5 month mark. All is OK as per him. Further he does not recommend PRP and in his experience is not of much use. But he still offers the same if patients persists. Still not decided whether I should take PRP or not. If I do go ahead I think I should take it at day 30 and day 90 from my first prp and then wait for result . What do you guys suggest . should I go for it ? If yes then at what duration ? As far as the results are concerned . All looks good the day I shampoo like seen in pics below. But the moment I apply 1 ml minoxidyl or just the next day of shampoo ( I shampoo alternate day ) the illusion of a full head of hair is gone. This was the case before HT too. Still waiting for the day when I would be able to go a day without shampoo or carry off a little minoxidyl. My current meds are-( from the day of my HT ) 1 biotin 5 mg - once a day 2 finasteride 1mg - once a day 3 minoxidyl 5 - once a day 4 nizoral 2% shampoo - once a week 5 J & J baby shampoo - alternate day RO water for hair washing as water in my city is abnormally hard.
  13. So 4.5 month result is below - Thinking of visiting Dr Bhatti once to have his opinion Also maybe thinking of getting a PRP. Although Dr Bhatti says it is of not much use. Rest patiently waiting and wishing for the best.