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  1. 5 month 1 week update - So visited Dr Bhatti at the 5 month mark. Also took a PRP+A cell treatment. Dr Bhatti said that the growth is normal at 5 month mark. All is OK as per him. Further he does not recommend PRP and in his experience is not of much use. But he still offers the same if patients persists. Still not decided whether I should take PRP or not. If I do go ahead I think I should take it at day 30 and day 90 from my first prp and then wait for result . What do you guys suggest . should I go for it ? If yes then at what duration ? As far as the results are concerned . All looks good the day I shampoo like seen in pics below. But the moment I apply 1 ml minoxidyl or just the next day of shampoo ( I shampoo alternate day ) the illusion of a full head of hair is gone. This was the case before HT too. Still waiting for the day when I would be able to go a day without shampoo or carry off a little minoxidyl. My current meds are-( from the day of my HT ) 1 biotin 5 mg - once a day 2 finasteride 1mg - once a day 3 minoxidyl 5 - once a day 4 nizoral 2% shampoo - once a week 5 J & J baby shampoo - alternate day RO water for hair washing as water in my city is abnormally hard.
  2. So 4.5 month result is below - Thinking of visiting Dr Bhatti once to have his opinion Also maybe thinking of getting a PRP. Although Dr Bhatti says it is of not much use. Rest patiently waiting and wishing for the best.
  3. 4th Month - 2nd set of pics Actually I was not very satisfied with the pics posted before . So for providing a clear picture I am posting a 2nd set of pics. Have also combed my hair becuase without combing now the recipient area sort of gets hidden. All I can say at this point is that keeping my fingers crossed for next 1 month and 21 days.
  4. That result at 3 months seems awesome and your HT surely looks like will score a homerun. You definitely seem to be a fast grower
  5. @HLPTorontohoping for the best @Lennney Thanks lennney for the thread. All i can say is that I am eagerly waiting. Regarding numbness , it is still there in recipient area only , It is felt on touching only and is mild
  6. Not sure about frontal shock loss . I don't think there was any. Yes 4 month is too early to guess however ppl are in better condition at 4 month mark Maybe I am not a fast grower is all it means currently Rest , hoping for the best
  7. Update Month 4-day 126 So this is the result post 4 months. Don't know what to make of it . Whether it is good or not. Slightly worried since the result does not seem that great. Expert comments will be welcome. Rest have got a haircut only from sides and back leaving the top as it is for past 4 months. Numbness in recipient area still present.
  8. @HLPToronto No pics even after 3 months . Come on we deserve that much atleast.Eagerly waiting to see your progress.
  9. Without arguing and in short. @Shera Your response doesnt seem appropriate at all , the least you can do is investigate the matter with the doctor. After investigation with an open mind , you can post the truth according to you/ clinic What does the clinic have to lose and what is the worst that can happen ? That this indeed turns out to be a failure from clinic 's side . So what . Everyone including the patient knows that both HT and our bodies are complex and there always is a chance for failure . And remedial action can be taken by the clinic The patient deserves this @Shera atleast. And will put Dr bhatti's patients like @Lennney @HLPToronto and me who are currently on recovery phase much at ease.
  10. Month 3 / Day 94 Update Hairline had started forming at 2.5 month mark that is about 15 days back Temples appeared filled and forehead shorter. Rest the results at 3 month/94 days mark is here to see for all . Numbness in recipient area still present on touch. Regarding minoxidil I had moved from solution then to foam and then to solution. Unlike opinions all over internet I find the solution much less greasy and easier to apply than foam. So have stuck to solution only.
  11. I am very happy today. Today first time after 77 days ( 11 weeks to be precise ) I have felt that my appearance has changed a little due to my hair transplant. Why ? Because I can see some results in my'temple area leading to my forehead appearing smaller. I am not posting pictures yet because my hair currently are 1.5 day old after shampoo and with minoxidil applied yesterday night. All my photos from now on will be without any product /medicine , shampooed recently and naturally dried to keep the comparisons fare throughout the course of my journey.