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  1. Your hair seems to be falling/ growing towards the "good growth" side. I agree with waiting a bit more for the growth to catch up. Key is to have growth be surrounded by similar growth: to get a haircut that is similar density to your growth. I would personally wait another 2-6 weeks, depending on how long it takes to get about double the growth you currently have, and get a good haircut that keeps all hair maybe 2-4 inches max but also (and this is key) thin out the non HT hair. You don't want your new hair to contrast your normal hair, so knock the thickness of your normal hair with thinning
  2. Thanks man. I am glad that people enjoyed following my progress. I hope all is well with @Shakib . I know my hair is too long right now during this quarantine. I believe hair style makes significant difference in appearance after HT. My hair looks worse now that it is too long. I have to constantly move it as the bangs fall at odd angles. I want to get a hair cut but this lockdown prevents it. Maybe that (and other concerns probably related to quarantine) is what is preventing an update. Hope all is well, and keep up the positivity. Take care of yourself and your hair.
  3. Just saw your density, and yes, I couldn't have dreamed of your density either! It's fantastic. I am holding up okay/well at the moment, but I will address my frontal density eventually too. My density tapers off after initial centimeter it two, so I know it'll be done during the top (where my HT merges with my natural hair). I'll gauge how I feel on my frontal density then, but I've gotten a lot of confidence from my current hairline. I would have imagined more critiques/awareness of my HT due to hairline density - but I haven't had any yet. What I mean is, hairline has turned out suffic
  4. Fantastic results so far, and undoubtedly to come. I haven't read too many cases from Nader, but this will keep me thinking about him. I think it cannot be overstated how important it is to see a docs full canvas work. Nader saw you from your initial procedure to your now third procedure. This is important because there are always doubters in the first and second procedures who say things can't be done for the second and third procedures ("you used too much so now..." Or even "It's going to look bad since there wasn't enough placed..."). With subsequent procedures, you see the work of th
  5. I agree with the point on anti depressants. I was on a couple for a while and both made it where not only did I not want to have sex, but when I did, I couldn't cum and had 80% of my normal firmness. I've heard there are similar side effects for women too, so it's not just a male issue. On a related update to this thread; A full year later on fin, I am still functioning normally. Everything works.
  6. For the in-depth progress, please check the tracker thread. After 14 months, I feel confident to provide a review that is based on the results. My opinion on the Doctor Selection process: I had a great experience with using Dr. Bhatti's website. It was easy to submit the photos and I got a response quickly. I felt a great ease when I was dealing with Darling Buds and Dr. Bhatti directly. I also felt relieved that my doc was a specialist. Dr. Bhatti only does FUE, and I knew I wanted FUE for personal reasons of avoiding scars and complications related to the scar. Opinion on th
  7. Thanks Melvin! I completely agree with the crown. Unfortunately when I get my hair cut, I just trim it, and I therefore keep the issue. If I were to do a more professional, maybe military style haircut (like 4-6 length on top), I think it would alleviate the issue. Maybe I'll do it during the summer... I like the front length like it is, and I am thinking that I may have to reduce the length of everything (including front) if I were to get the crown at optimal length. Thanks for the general complement Melvin, I aimed to create as un-biased a tracker as possible. I know my intent was to c
  8. Everything looks right on track. Like you said, hair growth begins at 3 months, but just let yourself be on the journey as a passive member (who takes the prescribed treatments!!). I know I had redness longer than most, and I didn't get a surge of hair until about month 4-5. Everyone is a little different, and I used the 3-5 moth "explosive growth" only as a general hint of what may come, not necessarily of what I should expect. I always remained positive (I believe it is key for recovery). Keep up the positivity and the updates!
  9. Your hair looks great!! I get a similar pattern on my head too. I notice it coming up either when I get my hair too long (and it lies in a way that exposes "streaks" of bald. I also get these mostly in the mornings after I wake up, and it is most rare after a shower when my hair is light and full of volume. It may be a simple fix of taking morning showers *if your case is similar to mine in that regard*) , and when I don't wash my hair/ hair gets too heavy; and the hair clumps together from my own oils or from not getting "enough" of the coco oil out. But, I completely agree with Shera on
  10. And finally, today, 6 Mar. I think my hair is way too long, and I need it cut. The sides look too thick, and it contrasts the top of my head that I see gradual thinning in. I hope to ride this hair situation for a few more years, but if my top losses pile on, I may have to schedule a procedure sooner than I want. Overall I am still very pleased with my hair. The hairline, as we are all aware, is the most important thing to consider in re-shaping your face. I still can't believe the transformation I underwent. I mention how I look younger, but I see myself as more attractive, and thus more
  11. I got a couple back logs of posts. I think each of these was pre-haircut. I need a haircut, and I think I am getting one tomorrow, BUT this is from 28 Dec.
  12. All's good here! I took photos last month, and I'll take new photos soon and post both sets. I've just been crazy busy with work. Still getting called 24 at work so I'll take it. Hope everyone is good here too, haven't been on the site in a bit.
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