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  1. Lennney

    Dr Bhatti Vs Eugenix

    I always want to give a benefit of the doubt. I hesitate to name him a paid contributor, but his contribution to this forum is limited to support if his clinic. I think he, the forum, and the Eugenix clinic would benefit from a more broad approach to helping members find the right solution to their hair needs. Not everyone is looking for a HT here. There are some that ask about HTs. Everyone he speaks to, he pushes Eugenix. I think he can contribute more to the conversation. Eugenix results should speak for themselves. They shouldn't need a partial member fighting every critique on their behalf.
  2. Lennney

    Dr Bhatti Vs Eugenix

    @Mick50 You hit the nail on the head. This form [in my humble opinion] should recommend surgeons, not an umbrella group. There's a reason some franchise stores do better than others (regardless of industry), it's the people who work there. If you don't know the quality of the work there [in that particular clinic/doctor], you cant, in good conscience, recommend it. I think this forum needs more specificity on Eugenix. I believe that there are some odd behaviors coming from Eugenix. I understand completely wanting to defend your HT clinic, but it seems that every time I see @Ashishmehta chime in on something, it's promo for his clinic. Very little contribution apart from that. I too get bad "vibes". I think it's tacky AF to be so tied to your clinic. I recognize the skill of other surgeons as well as other member's unique positions that make them favor one doc over the others. When you become a zealot for your clinic, you loose all credibility in my eyes. This forum is to help others get information, and make an informed decision THEMSELVES. I'd love to see more Eugenix recipients post ALL Eugenix HTs, with docs mentioned up front. Information is good for all parties. OPINION*** The one part I think I'm taking crazy pills for: why the fuck would any business name themselves Eugenix? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eugenics It's literally what humanity used to sterilize and kill "undesirable" people. Holy fuck. This is what Nazis used as basis for their bastardization of Nietzsche for Ubermensch, and the Holocaust of Jews, gypsies, gays, cripples and other "lesser people". I'm not a business owner, but that name seems like it should have gone through some workshop to tweak. Sorry, on mobile, was going to link you to the top of this section [but can't format now...]. You raised good points: @TaranAdarsh
  3. I was face down during the procedure, so I would ask Dr. Bhatti to get a certain answer. Most of the implantation was done by the two person staff, after Bhatti placed the incisions. He did check on everything a couple times, and ended up creating more incisions later in the surgery for placement of remaining hairs (obviously don't want to place unnecessary incisions if there are not sufficient hairs). How long are technicians working at the clinic? I don't think you mean daily - 8-10 hours per day (my procedure was from 0730-1830). I think you mean their experience with Dr. Bhatti and HTs completed. In this case, I do not know. Again, this question should go to Dr. Bhatti. Maybe ask +/- number of HTs the techs have assisted on. My guess is it is in the thousands (of HTs) for 50%+ of the techs. Just a guess, but I would definitely ask! Punch is 100% motorized. Incisions are done manually. Cost per graft: Get a quote from Bhatti. I would ask approximately how many hairs [he thinks] you need, and approximately how much it will cost in INR. I will say that my procedure was slightly less than his official price (I booked during a promotion - for me it was irrelevant(since I was going to use Bhatti anyway), but obviously beneficial). I will say that price is well worth it for the procedure. If you're interested in strategies to reduce some of the [travel] cost, I can link a writeup I did. For me, I got a 2-world wonder 9 day vacation + airfare from Los Angeles to Delhi (then separate round trip flight from Delhi to Chandigarth) plus the procedure for under $5000 USD. PM me and I can tell you what I paid if you're still interested in my procedure cost, but know it will go up 10-15% because of promotion I had. Glad to help you make an informed decision!🙂
  4. Lennney

    Fue dr gabel 1500-1600 grafts

    This is the answer. You may be looking for results in 6 months that simply comes from double the planted volume. You have a reputable doc who sees the end result. You're not at the end result yet. I would wait til 1.5 years. Assuming it's adequate (you mentioned discussing expectations), I'd rather a HT be sufficient in 1.5 years than amazing at 6 - 8 months but "more than I otherwise needed". Maybe it's because I'll need more HTs in the future.
  5. 1. Bhattidoes the selection of grafts and the "extraction". His staff pull the extracted hairs after he finishes 95% of the work. They pull the hair and place it in the solution which keeps the hair healthy before insertion. 2. Yes, incisions he does. 3. Staff do 90% or all the graft placement. 4. That's about what staff does. He does the injection if anesthetic. He does the extraction process minus the actual hair removal (quick scoop of the loosened hair). He does the incisions for the recipient hair. Staff do the rest and handle 95% of post-op care such as washing and medicine application. He told me he is more than happy to have the patient come in daily to have their post op care treatments done in his clinic. I happened to fly out relatively soon after, but if I had the time, I would do my recovery in Chandigarh. Hope it helps.
  6. Thanks for posting and good luck on your HT journey! You mentioned the greatest fear we have post-op: hitting your head. Be extremely careful! Use your hands to gauge distance when boarding the airplane/standing up. Don't power squat up and blast your head! Take everything like standing up or getting in cars at like 0.25x speed. Get laser focused for 2 weeks, and you should be clear of the most dangerous time to dislodge hairs. I would load up on finasteride while you're in Turkey. I'm not 100% sure on the price there, but almost certainly it will be cheaper at a corner pharmacy than it will be at doc's office or in UK. I personally bought the 5mg and cut it into 1/5ths, cheaper this way. Anyways, you've got the right mindset already. Keep up the positivity! You've done your research already, so enjoy the journey.
  7. Lennney

    Dr Rahal

    >Writes review >Recommends not reading reviews This is such a strange post. Bizarre.
  8. We all feel for you. I think we say "wait and see" constantly because we hope that you're a slow grower. Your HT doesn't look great now, but there is still hope it will. Try to shift your mindset to more positivity. Your HT is in the past. Don't worry about what you can't control, focus on next steps. Keep doing your medicine regiment. Eat healthy. If I were in your position, I would wait till about the 1.5 year mark before I consider another HT from current or new surgeon. If it makes you feel better, schedule a HT for the 1.5 year mark now so you have something to look forward to (if you find yourself unable to function). I think you may be in an unhealthy emotional state by your last comment. Jumpstart a new chapter in your life by working towards something rather than passively waiting. Best case your HT starts coming in. Worst case: you need another HT. Both cases can improve by you making positive life choices.🙂 Best of luck. We all want the best for you.
  9. Good point to bring up. I personally think that reps can answer most questions you have (think nurse or assistant in a hospital - you don't need to ask a doctor for everything). Most of these questions are generic (am I a good candidate, how many hairs do you think I need [ball-park], when are there openings in schedule). I think it is a sign of a good clinic when there are active reps to help since it shows an active participation and customer service. I've worked in fields where I wasn't the provider of a service, but I could answer all questions and give rough estimates of costs, parts, time etc. What I did was answer as many questions as I could before different (complex/specialty) questions were asked to the service provider. That said: I would still want the doc to talk to me, even if they didn't have to. I also would only go to a clinic where if I asked the doc for 5 minutes of their time for a question I would get it. It makes you feel valued and special. It shows that, for the day of your procedure, your doc would treat you as the most important person for that time. If they can make 5-10 minutes for you to help put you at ease months out, they will help put you at ease the day of procedure. TLDR: Reps are professionals with substantial knowledge who help as much as they can before doc-only questions are asked. Get a clinic whose doc can make 5 minutes for you for doc-only questions. Both are knowledgeable, but only one can give you definitive answers about your hair/HT.
  10. Great video updates. I think people here enjoy seeing a "collage" or a timeline of photos to compare easily, and prefer to see it on this forum, as opposed to an off-site location. "I didn't do it for you... I'm so much happier looking in the mirror." - 5 months video. Great point. Many people assume you're trying to impress someone. When you also say "I didn't like it," when you talk about your pre-HT hair I completely get you. I felt also that it wasn't "me." There is such a disconnect between what I remember myself as and what people see me as - what I saw in the mirror. I think we all have either a disconnect or dislike of what we see in the mirror. Good on you for the updates and positive attitude. I don't recommend stopping fin if fin doesn't have negative effects on you? I also stocked up before I left, and I got the 5mg ones I cut into fifths. Think of it as hair insurance. You're used to taking the medicine, and you can probably afford it through insurance or meds online. I never got any life changing results from minoxidil, but I see people on this forum who only took finasteride (no HT or other medicines) and had massive improvement. Why risk anything? You feel amazing, so keep up the fin at least. Your growth is looking good! Congrats on the engagement! Edit: May as well post the finasteride-only person, but it turns out he also used minoxidil (but he said he previously didn't see results on minox-only).
  11. I think my HT will look better with it grown out, but I am more concerned with the rest of my hair looking goofy. I already feel better seeing how much growth there is. I had 0 hairs before, and now I have hundreds in those areas. I can see changes in my hair almost daily. I've looked about 10 times or so for the mythic "little white hairs" people have, and can't find them. My hair seems to come from nowhere.
  12. Thanks, I'm also excited to see what the temples end up looking like. I tried to get my haircut today, but the barber I see may be out for a couple weeks due to injury. I guess I'll have to keep growing it for now.
  13. Thanks for the response, you answered a few questions I had. I too liked rogaine (minoxidil) because it helped me style my hair, and my hair felt a bit sturdier, although I didn't experience the hair re-growth some get. I see that you mention FUT, and that it is cheaper. It is undoubtedly true that from the same doctor, FUT is the cheaper alternative of the two. I didn't want to ask, but I assumed that you were willing to travel abroad for the reduced cost. No issues from me, I traveled abroad too. I think there is plenty of value in going abroad to lower cost-of-transplant destinations. I have a strength in personal finance and budgeting. Before you jump in: Timing could cost you $X,xxx more or less depending on when you travel. Also know the travel costs involved. You have time when it sounds like $ is more of an issue. So be smart with your time to get the most value for your $: 1. Create a list of doctors. (You should) Prioritize the doctors who you see yourself using, and then add them to the list. Usually their websites will list a range. I don't recommend "shopping" docs at this point - asking what they will charge. Build your list first, I'll come back to this point. 2. If you're looking for value, look up the Countries you find the surgeons you wish to hire. Use google flights to explore destinations from your Country's airports (plural) to those country airports. Find the cheapest airport for that country, then find the cheapest time to fly - the month or time of year. You're not booking yet, you're only assembling a cost database for the 2-5 countries abroad you've found reputable doctors for. I can help if you don't understand this. 3. Now that you know what you should pay for the travel, find out what lodging and transport looks like in that country. How long do you plan on staying there? Estimate a per-day rate for each country. *Personally, I am passionate about this, but I recommend traveling while you're there. Feel free to ignore this, because it is purely an opinion. 4. Now that you know when the best rates for travel are, plan to book a procedure during that time Next year. It will do four things: A. Allow you to save and ensure you can get that travel rate in the future (I can explain on the booking a travel plan theory later). B. Allow you to establish dialog and communication with a clinic where you feel confident in your doc, and set expectations on the procedure, talk about hairlines etc. C. It will Ensure that your doc is available when you want your procedure done and D. Allow you to save up some money/clear off some credit card balance etc. to afford the procedure/ pay off the airfare after you book it. ***I accidentally went back on a page and thought I lost all this written progress at this point. Nearly died. Thank you HRN IT team and whoever implemented this website layout. Jesus Crist I didn't want to re-write that. 5. Now that you have the costs for travel, the narrowed list of surgeons, the open communication with those surgeons, ask the price. Build it into your budget. Travel + expenses while there + HT + Qualitatives (things to do if you travel, idk, but these are "what it's worth to you if all else is equal" among surgeons/total price). Then do your own cost analysis and get the best value. Value = benefits/costs. Now: I mentioned FUT is cheaper than FUE. Just know that there are benefits to both, but know that there exist good surgeons who perform FUE at a cost which is less than other surgeon's FUT. Geography changes costs. I can answer any questions you have. I do think it will be in your best interest to create a list of say, 20 docs you're at least interested in (who fall somewhat in your budget), then ask for opinions. If you don't do 80%+ of the doc research yourself, I think that you won't really have the confidence in the result, and may experience buyer's remorse. I hesitate to tell you with confidence what may be best for your cosmetic future. Edited #5 because I got shook from the *** reason.
  14. Has your hair loss stabilized? I see the (maybe because of wet hair?) part you have on top of your head and I get a feeling that your hair has begun thinning. I see that you've also discontinued (*not really used) finasteride. It may be worth looking into the organic route of saw palmetto capsules and see how that goes. Have you done research on what procedure you're looking to get, FUE v FUT? Do you have any questions, or are you into the locking-the-surgeon-in phase?