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  1. I didn't have the experience you've had, but I hope I can help at least somewhat. I've heard fin has a shed period somewhere between 2-5 months from various sources, but it sounds like you're much past that (you say 1.5 years). It's far out of my wheelhouse, but maybe a higher dose will help...? Again, I'm purely speculating. I say the above because fin works by inhibiting DHT. The unlucky balding population has hair that is sensitive to DHT. It could be that enough DHT is getting through to the hairs to make them fall out with your current dosage. I've also just read an estimate which says fin blocks about 70% of DHT while dutasteride blocks about 90%. The hair on the sides and donor is not sensitive to DHT. My current advice is to get a haircut which doesn't bring so much attention to your balding pattern. Even if it's not the Jason Statham buzz cut, reducing the "bulk" (use thinning shears/feathering scissors) will minimize the transition from healthy full hair to the balding area. Does that make sense? It's like you have trees next to a empty plot of land - where you want to make that more of plants or shrubs next to an empty plot of land. I would go 1-3 on the sides and 3-5 on the top, where there is a difference of two in the sides and top. I honestly can't imagine loosing my hair at such a young age. I do feel for you. I have generic advice that's good for your life like: take care of your health (diet & exercise) and try to build confidence through success in professional life as well as hobbies and activities. See if you like rock climbing or something active. Confidence comes from success, not from looks. There are plenty of confident ugly people and plenty of attractive people with no confidence. Get some "wins" under your belt. Honestly, if I were in your shoes, I'd definitely consider a HT. With your current aggressive progression, you will be a Norwood 7 in little time. The good news is you know your fate and can at least plan for it. You'll never have a full and thick head of hair - this is just a fact of life. Your best case is finding out what your donor is capable of. With this in mind, start visualizing what REASONABLE density & coverage you could achieve. Look for others, on this site and elsewhere who come from a similar Norwood progression. Age doesn't matter only their results. See what the successful ones aimed for, and the pitfalls of unsuccessful patients. You'd be looking basically at results of 4000+ to get coverage, maybe 3000+ if you chose to not address your crown (which I think may be fine without it, and many on here say they think it a futile endeavor due to growth & density factors). Consider using a doc who is good at BHT, since you want to use the "less valuable" body hair in the middle and the more precious donor for the hairline. Best of luck. I genuinely hope it helps.
  2. Thanks, my goal is to help others. Booking your actual flights on Mon-wed (regardless of days you fly to and back). In my experience the most expensive days to actually fly are Friday and Sunday. You're more likely to find better deals using kayak or your preferred travel search engine feature of " +/- 3 days " for the lower cost flights. Here is my post, it has pretty good info. https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/54236-travel-advice-airfare-guide/
  3. Best of luck, a HT is a big decision. Cant wait to see your post about the travel experience and the HT itself. You will have a life altering procedure, and I'm very excited on your behalf. It's improved my life. If you have the time to shop tickets and are looking for good deals (check prices daily, but note prices Mon-wed as they are usually lowest) could you please assist my price compilation? I didn't pull any data from Australia to Turkey nor India. If you have the time, could you make notes of any prices on my forum post in "open topics"? Just for your benefit, check prices from both large Australian airports to Istanbul. It may save you a decent amount of money, depending on additional cost of getting to other airport. Again, best of luck!
  4. Funny you mention LukeyB. I just wrote a little about him. Yea I remember he had a near fetish with the coconut oil! His thorough documentation really helped me, and made me consider coconut oil, but his own bad acne reaffirmed my beliefs of the scalp not "breathing" and getting the pores clogged with the stuff. I may have to do more research about it. I also want to see more results of isolated coconut oil in the scalp (perhaps I should start looking if I want to see it! - I haven't looked into it.) without any medications or other supplements.
  5. Will do. I don't know if I want to commit now or in two months... I am a hoarder, so it may be difficult for me to only have one or two months of medication.
  6. I think LukeyB did a marvelous job of documentation and continues to provide great feedback to anyone who asks him for advice. Having said that, LukeyB himself acknowledges that his case may have been different than many others'. He says Cinik himself did a large portion (more than other members are seeing/experiencing), and thus his (wonderful!) case has an asterisk. If you read his post, you'll see comments like: Blaze99 said: Interesting information. In that case why do people pay so much more just to go under the knife of an unknown technician? Isn't like buying a lottery? You can get a technician who is 5 years experienced or someone who started last week. No? exactly, but usually, they are working in a group so it's not like the new technician works alone. plus, there is always the option of going with a dr that performs the whole operation himself like keser, but he charges 3.5euro per graft, it's 3-4times the amount of other clinics. if you have the money nobody would suggest you not to go there. for example for me 10k is a lot compared to 2k. I may have to go twice so I cant afford 20k. the only thing that is important is to do your research and see as many result as you can. the only negative review I saw of this doctor was that,some guy said "people were coming in and out during operation and some of the technicians were using phone during the operation" but it was a few years ago and I'm assuming they saw the bad review and already took measures that this doesn't happen again. they are very careful about bad reviews so I'm guessing they wouldn't want somebody bad mouthing them either after a bad surgery,therefore they would train their technicians very well. in this business, the reviews can end you. look for as many before/after reviews as you can to see how they turned out and how was their experience, especially the ones that have journals like this thread. they wouldn't be fake because the patient writes his experience with pictures of himself. I'm considering this dr as well, if I could afford to spend more money I would go with a dr that does it himself, but since I can't afford it, I'll just settle with the best one at my budget. I don't have a well formed opinion on his clinic, but I did believe I saw several positive results come from there recently. Mrknid, superflash and especially donjamo considering he had comparatively few grafts placed for his advanced balding - but some may criticize density (I personally would love for his results if I had his original conditon. Fespafer hasn't updated in nearly 2 months, but I hope all is well with him. With a review of recent cases, yes, I think Cinik's clinic is putting out great results of late. It should definitely be on your list. I wasn't sure before I typed this.
  7. Minox is purely after showers. I've stopped putting it on religiously after the 3-4 month mark. I used it daily in the mornings to style my hair a lot easier (the stickiness acts like hair product). I now try to schedule my showers in the mornings to take advantage of the clean scalp. Some days I go 24+ hours without a shower, so sometimes it is less than once a day. Occasionally it is more, when I take two showers a day after a workout or something. *I meant to say too that I used to do minox twice daily from month 1.5-3 or so. Scalp got too itchy with new growth and minox, so I curtailed to a single dose. I don't use coconut oil. I have oily skin as it is, and the coconut oil (though I love coconuts) would fuck my scalp up with acne. I would consider a soak type of treatment where I would leave it in for a 4-8 hour term on the weekends when I don't have to leave the house, but a consistent and daily thing doesn't sound that appealing to me. Were you perhaps talking about ingesting coconut oil? If so, I have not tried that either.
  8. Good luck to both of you with the micro needling. I am curious to see if you both can replicate the results I've seen online. I think micro needling is tough. I've never done it, and don't have a reason to start yet. I am 5.5 months into my HT journey, but I can't imagine doing MN consistently enough. I don't really do anything for my hair outside of popping pills, but you both are putting REAL effort in. I say best of luck and keep it up! It's a long process with HTs, but at least we know what signs to look for as well as the milestones to look for them. MN is tough because I feel like the journey is unknown, and the results may not be clear. Again, best of luck and keep us posted!
  9. Since being on tinfal, I haven't had *too many issues with acne. I had a lot as a teen, but my adult skin does fairly well. Thanks for the 10mg perspective and the effects. Now, do you take any folic acid? Does your 10mg biotin include any? I did see a 10mg biotin and like 100+ (3+ month) version being sold on Amazon for like $10. I was just curious if I should supplement it with folic acid or if an an increased dose in biotin would "balance" the decrease in FA. Truth be told, I've never put too much though into the thickness of my hair, but I like it as it is, and not just the HT hair. I do infact loose less hair when I dry my hair after showers. I'm just trying to pin the culprit of the improvement to biotin and/or FA. And the dosage... I know they're both vitamins which are water soluble (excess is peed). Again, thanks for 10k suggestion!
  10. I don't have side burns. I literally went back and looked at all my photos thinking, "do I really have sideburns"? Lol, no worries. Most of my pics with facial hair grown out is the longest my sideburns get. I appreciate the comment though. I do see how it would benefit my face.
  11. Thanks Paddy. I kept the ruffled look for this one, and I'm excited for my update in two weeks. Thanks for following me on my journey!
  12. I've also been researching a little on my own some alternatives to the tinfal. I will be running out in the next 3 months or so, and I wanted to know what either of you use for biotin + folic acid, if anything. The tinfal I have is 5mg of biotin and 5mg of folic acid. I am having a hard time finding such a large dose on Amazon. Some pills have 5000mcg (5mg) of one, but like 300mcg of the other. Should I suck it up and take two pills instead of my one? I know Bhatti recommends biotin pills for the recovery period, but should I consider staying on them indefinitely? Is it important to get 5mg and 5mg after 8 months, or should I look for a reduced dosage? Thanks for any help!
  13. Here is my 165 day update! I woke up and didn't touch my hair after about 24 hours of no shower. I then went to gym and showered after. Red shirt is post shower, and I towel dried and air dried the remainder. My hair was fairly oily, and looks lighter after the shower.