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  1. Wow, that's great! Great that you have plenty of donor, but I agree that you should use beard whenever you can on the mid scalp and crown. You say it's planned, do you mean that officially or tentatively? When is the second procedure?
  2. Boomers: Sick union auto manufacturing job out of high school that lets my wife stay at our new home with our 3 kids. Millennials: *not born for 50 years* Boomers: *after achieving success* "We should destroy unions, social safety nets, and invest in the housing market like we did with beanie babies...." Millennials: *In our common room, chilling with roommates, talking about how we need a masters degree to possibly afford our own condo after we pay off student loans* Boomers: "God damn millennials. Whole country is going downhill!"
  3. Millennials have always been the "experience" generation. They travel and don't spend too much on material goods, as a whole. Having said that, I think it's very understandable to spend 5-15k on a permanent, life altering experience compared to spending 20-40k on a vehicle [upgrade]. A similar comparison could be Breast enhancement . Breast enhancement has been increasing, when your argument would suggest a decrease (want, not need). It's simple value. Millennials see (generally) more value from something that is a life altering experience compared to the traditional spending on depreciating assets and consumer goods of previous generations. I also agree with the notion that there are more resources (like this site!) that help them make informed decisions. Before sites like these (which still don't have a reach to a perspective user), the only way to know about HT was to stay up late and watch a Bosley infomercial. I wouldn't know anything about costs, credibility, or typical results. During that time, everyone's experience was the shitty plugs of the 80s and 90s. It still is the experience of several older generations as I've seen when I told them about my HT. First issue is removing the misconception that HTs are not "mostly awful looking" ("I've never seen a good toupee" is a logical fallacy because good toupees cannot be distinguished from non toupees) with few exceptions. The docs recommended here are largely to almost completely successful. The next step is to promote the acceptance of HTs. I think millennials don't care as much as previous generations about gender and social taboos. This isn't as big a deal to millennials, so that's why I think there are more of them doing HTs. There are more men staying at home taking care of kids today while their spouse (regardless of gender) works compared to previous years. Our parents and their parents would have ROASTED them for that decision 30 years ago, as it wasn't manly.
  4. Interesting post! It would be nice to get more information about this clinic. I had my procedure there with Darling Buds (Tejinder Bhatti). His new clinic is large, and impressive, but it was vacant when I went in Jan. It sounds like he's getting it up and running with his daughter. The price seems like it's 60% less. I think that's about as low as Turkey. I would try to get more info about the procedure; Who does what portions? Who are the techs (same as Darling Buds, or relatively new techs/ how long have support staff worked together)? Honestly, if Bhatti helped train her, is literally an elevator ride away if something happens, I would feel 80-95% confident I was getting a procedure to Darling Bud's standard. Only question I would have is the value proposition for (Tejinder) Bhatti: Why open a competing clinic that undercuts in the same facility? Is it to pass on the business? To gain experience and name recognition before she opens a clinic further away? I guess I can try asking @Dr Tejinder Bhatti directly. Regardless, @Nordic storm you need to do your due diligence before you commit to anything. Money comes and goes, but this is a permanent decision. Make sure you're OK with the doc before you consider costs. One way I can try to help with costs (regardless of where you travel to) is a strategy I wrote about in a post: Airfare guide . I cover how you can try to save hundreds on the travel if you book certain times of year/ certain paths. But, if it becomes apparent that you're limited in that you only want to go during certain times of the year or certain luxuries (direct flights/few layovers) it may be more in your favor to save up for the procedure for an additional year to get the flight you want. I also recommend taking time now to start chronicling trip costs to Delhi/Turkey to find out what you can expect to pay, and how much it fluctuates (especially if you test future dates). It'll help you create a cost profile for the trip, and you may find out that a procedure is more affordable than you thought. Best of luck.
  5. I think the Eugenix team did a fantastic job on the hairline design, it really suits you! Can you ask how much donor you have left? Best of luck in your journey! Everything looks great so far!
  6. Yeah, I need to take pics I think in a week. That will be my 9 month mark. I am curious to see how the length progresses. I think this length is nice because it's lower maintenance than short hair which I always feel I need to check/adjust, and it's somewhat professional, while also not being too long to show density differences. I think as long as the hair can somewhat stand on it's own is ideal. When it begins to lie down is when it's time for a haircut. Thanks Cosmo!
  7. Great comment. It's good to think about what Bhatti told me about remaining grafts. He said I'll have at least 2700 more. I agree that I'll probably need about 3000 at the bare minimum, probably close to that 4000 you're guessing. If all goes to plan, I'll reevaluate my follicle position in 5 years. I want to ideally wait for more loss to where it either stabilizes or sheds "completely." I picked Bhatti because I know he has lots of experience with BHT. I don't know logistics, but I'll work with him when the time comes - I want to use at least 700, but ideally 1200+ BHT for the crown and nearby area. I know enough about the crowns reluctance to accept hair to know that I want to maximize my "attempts" to plant something there. I think I have enough beard and chest hair for the procedure, the only concern is the logistics and feasibility. Again, I don't want to concern myself with it too much right now, but believe me I've thought about the imminent HT. I genuinely appreciate and enjoy the hair I have, and I'm not trying to get caught up in the brutal chase. I always wanted to keep my procedures down to 2-3. I worry if I have one done in 3 years, I will probably get one 3 years after that, and again maybe 3-5 years after that.
  8. And I took photos today. I did a coconut oil treatment earlier today and washed it out with shampoo and conditioner. No product or minox or anything. I genuinely enjoy the texture and feel of the hair post coconut oil, and I haven't had any negative (oily skin/pimples) reactions yet. I am still working on getting a good dose down. Two tablespoons is too much. One tablespoon is too much. I think I'll try to use one teaspoon. I microwave it for like 20-30 seconds, making sure its not too hot to apply before I liberally massage my head with it. I keep ending up with 4-10 fallen hairs (oh well), but also a shit ton of coconut oil left. I think this is more or less the ideal hair length for me. I noticed in top view I have some streaks of bald. It is most likely from my motorcycle helmet airflow path. Also the thinning, haha. It's not normally that bad. I checked today after that coconut shower, and my hair looked really full on top without the see-through shown here - much like the contrast of my crown in this pic vs the crown in pic above. Hair just looks better at this length and (coco oil) fullness.
  9. Here to post updates again. I got a haircut, and 5 days later I took these photos, on the 26th. I don't know if I will cut my hair down to this length, or if I will try to get it cut to a longer length (following post).
  10. I still think you'll have to keep your hair longer than the pictures you provide, but under 2.5 centimeters for sure. Even something like 1.5 centimeters is probably sufficient to hide the scarring. You can still have somewhat of a fade because your nape won't be touched. Melvin mentioned the two docs who are talented at Eugenix. I would look for flights first to Delhi from your location. You need to see how much airfare is and possibly what are less expensive times to fly out are. Once you know generally when is good, I would call for availability and quotation/consultation for their services. I think that will maximize your money spent, and it'll get you the results you're seeking. If your family doesn't get to severe norwoods, I too would be prioritizing dense, natural results. Sethi and Bansal have been putting out great results, especially with Indian clients. It sounds like they may be on your short list already.
  11. I've touched on travel elsewhere on this forum, but I think it is valuable enough to revisit how to book a trip out of country for a HT.
  12. If you're going to India, Eugenix has been having a string of great results in last year or so. If you're concerned with density, sounds like they may be the place for you. I forget the docs names, but get the package with all-doc team if you decide to go there. If you're looking to go to India, I do think that prices come down starting about the 3rd or so of January. Also, if you are interested in Bhatti, book two flights. One round trip from your location to Delhi, and a second, separate flight from Delhi to Chandigarh. It's more economical that way. Same advice follows for many other vacations (like booking to Bangkok and then to Vietnam for example). Check out Google flights (one way) to find cheapest airports to fly into (and fly FROM), and then book trip using those. Rereading your comments about Eugenix, it should not matter the results after 6 months, only after hair fully matures (12-18months). As great as it is to have hair early, I've always been nervous of using "too much" too soon. You look like you currently need only hairline. I was in a very similar position. I'm now thinning on mid scalp, and I'll be looking to fill the top apparently much sooner than I anticipated. I don't have the density I originally had, but I have a hairline that is normal and not balding. If I had a choice, I'd pick less dense hair vs dense hairline & no hair in other areas (because I ran out using it all too soon). I'm pretty sure I'll advance to a high norwood. I don't know about your family history, but if there are several Norwood 6/7s, I'd be cautious of aiming for density as a primary concern. Also, are you comfortable growing the back of your hair out longer? Your FUE scars will show if you keep this low of a haircut. I've seen members complain because they're surprised FUE isn't traceless.
  13. I know other pills (like stroke/ blood) got questions after they only tested their stuff on a homogeneous group of white dudes. I wouldn't be surprised if maybe that 10% was to "some" side effects, but not too drastic. I also wouldn't be surprised if certain groups experienced more side effects, or were more prone to them. To counter the point of no one is interested in that, there is legislation for this very reason. It's even more likely to pass today, now that opium manufacturers are getting publicly criticised and sued for their false claims about addiction risk. If there is low risk for addiction, yet 5 years later there is a spike in reports, it would be tested again for that claim and others. Accounting has auditors, but they are "purchased" by the company. There is legislation that requires it, and even stronger now in last 20 years. I still don't like how much "honor" they put on the accountants to do right thing. Companies should not know who is auditing them. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2015/apr/30/fda-clinical-trials-gender-gap-epa-nih-institute-of-medicine-cardiovascular-disease https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/clinical-trials-have-far-too-little-racial-and-ethnic-diversity/
  14. Great results! Very impressive, especially at 4 months! Great decision for you to go HT, and happy to see the massive positive transformation!
  15. I wonder if there should be a periodic assessment (audit) of the initial trials that medications have. Why is there not a double blind study every 10-15 years for the top 100 most prescribed medications, with blood panels (and saved vials for future testing as more tests and things to screen for become available - like they do for doping cyclists and Olympians. Who the fuck cares about gold medals when people are permanently damaging themselves and feel forced into suicide (not just men with fin, breast implants and birth control pills and implants)). I feel like there should be at least a follow on investigation after 5 years to address claimed side effects and every 15 years if the medication hits a certain threshold. All by independent testers who are not named - at all. Big pharma in the USA is an actual mafia. The more separation we get from them the better. Ironically, I don't know how any of us would feel if a new medication came out and claimed less sides.