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  1. Thanks man. I am glad that people enjoyed following my progress. I hope all is well with @Shakib . I know my hair is too long right now during this quarantine. I believe hair style makes significant difference in appearance after HT. My hair looks worse now that it is too long. I have to constantly move it as the bangs fall at odd angles. I want to get a hair cut but this lockdown prevents it. Maybe that (and other concerns probably related to quarantine) is what is preventing an update. Hope all is well, and keep up the positivity. Take care of yourself and your hair.
  2. Just saw your density, and yes, I couldn't have dreamed of your density either! It's fantastic. I am holding up okay/well at the moment, but I will address my frontal density eventually too. My density tapers off after initial centimeter it two, so I know it'll be done during the top (where my HT merges with my natural hair). I'll gauge how I feel on my frontal density then, but I've gotten a lot of confidence from my current hairline. I would have imagined more critiques/awareness of my HT due to hairline density - but I haven't had any yet. What I mean is, hairline has turned out sufficient for me (so far). I made a post on your thread about sticking with one doc for the benefit of seeing their strategy through. I know Bhatti specializes in the conservative approach, and I picked him initially for that reason. I think after a very large second procedure, I'll reevaluate. I'm not sure what my donor would look like after the second. I'm also thinking of doing BHT from my chin to the crown, again to maximize donor and due to my personal conservative nature. I'm always "saving" so that I always have a safety stock, in pretty much everything I do. I'd rather have extra than run out (money, hair, food, etc.). Thanks for the post, I see the similarities for sure in our first procedures. For me, and maybe for you, the first procedure was a "hot fix" measure. It is/was/will be the single most transformative procedure that gives the most bang for the buck. I look and feel 100x better. I look like I thought I looked (if that makes sense). I basically look like my "age" where I still feel like I'm 26. I hit the dirty thirty this year and everytime I think about that I think that my age doesn't match to how I feel (good thing). Thanks for the post, @Guy73 .
  3. Fantastic results so far, and undoubtedly to come. I haven't read too many cases from Nader, but this will keep me thinking about him. I think it cannot be overstated how important it is to see a docs full canvas work. Nader saw you from your initial procedure to your now third procedure. This is important because there are always doubters in the first and second procedures who say things can't be done for the second and third procedures ("you used too much so now..." Or even "It's going to look bad since there wasn't enough placed..."). With subsequent procedures, you see the work of the surgeon develop along with the "strategy" they use. Some are more aggressive/conservative than others and it works for them, clearly. Thanks for sharing your story, you'll no doubt help others with your detailed history. Extraordinary results!
  4. I agree with the point on anti depressants. I was on a couple for a while and both made it where not only did I not want to have sex, but when I did, I couldn't cum and had 80% of my normal firmness. I've heard there are similar side effects for women too, so it's not just a male issue. On a related update to this thread; A full year later on fin, I am still functioning normally. Everything works.
  5. For the in-depth progress, please check the tracker thread. After 14 months, I feel confident to provide a review that is based on the results. My opinion on the Doctor Selection process: I had a great experience with using Dr. Bhatti's website. It was easy to submit the photos and I got a response quickly. I felt a great ease when I was dealing with Darling Buds and Dr. Bhatti directly. I also felt relieved that my doc was a specialist. Dr. Bhatti only does FUE, and I knew I wanted FUE for personal reasons of avoiding scars and complications related to the scar. Opinion on the procedure: From arrival to Chandigarth airport to departure, I was in constant contact with Bhatti's clinic. Bhatti's personal taxi was waiting on us when we (SO and I) arrived. The same taxi took us to the airport for our departure. All I had to do was wake up and go outside. The entire process was super easy for me as a tourist. The consultation occurred on the day I arrived. I had waited for about an hour to see Dr. Bhatti. There were 2 people I saw in various stages of recovery. I only had one person come in to the waiting room while I was consulting, but there was no awkwardness I had heard about with other clinics that see many patients a day, where the work is all done unsupervised. I had the consultation where Bhatti asked what I wanted, he offered his interpretation, and we discussed. I thought I knew better, and asked for a lower hairline. He recommended against it, but said to sleep on the idea and return; he said he would still do it if I was determined (the next day), but he would have me sign an agreement saying he recommended against it. I realized that the hairline was fine and natural as Bhatti had originally designed it, and kept the recommendation. The procedure went smooth. Got a haircut, a wash, and went to the operating room. I had the injections done by Bhatti, and we started when everything was sufficiently numb. During the extractions that Bhatti had done, I had some isolated sections that did not have full numbness, and I felt a small pinching. Bhatti had no problem stopping the procedure to inject more anesthetic and wait for the numbing. After the extractions, I had Dr. Bhatti do the incisions. The placement of the grafts was done by the two techs. I didn't have much entertainment, I guess I could have set up my phone with a video below, but I just listened to the radio as well as conversed with Bhatti and the techs. The time flew by. I had a smooth experience. I didn't have to worry about anything, and I felt like I was in great hands. As for the post-op: I had received contact information for the clinic which I used for a couple quick questions, but I did not personally feel like I needed, but it was nice to have. I thought my instructions and medicines were clear and easy to follow. Here is a monthly list of my updates: 1week 1month(Feb) Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug +2weeks Sep Oct Nov Dec+3 weeks AKA Jan (Almost 1 year!) Feb (dire need of Haircut) Mar (14 months later) need another haircut And what I looked like before Hope this is useful! Best of luck on your own journey. The best advice I can give is: Do your research. Research until you feel ABSOLUTELY comfortable with your decision. You should look up good docs and see what you want. You should look up bad docs to see what to avoid. You should look up all costs involved, all financing options available to you. You should know what to expect, and all complications that could arise. This is a permanent decision that can change your life. The more research you do the more comfortable you will be with the result; as you will understand the capabilities and limitations of the HT.
  6. Thanks Melvin! I completely agree with the crown. Unfortunately when I get my hair cut, I just trim it, and I therefore keep the issue. If I were to do a more professional, maybe military style haircut (like 4-6 length on top), I think it would alleviate the issue. Maybe I'll do it during the summer... I like the front length like it is, and I am thinking that I may have to reduce the length of everything (including front) if I were to get the crown at optimal length. Thanks for the general complement Melvin, I aimed to create as un-biased a tracker as possible. I know my intent was to create consistency. Had the same shitty phone for like 3.5 years haha, maybe I need to upgrade (to a newer shitty phone). Thanks Cosmo, you've been on this trip with me the entire time, I appreciate your positivity and your wealth of knowledge. I enjoyed your discussions on Melvin's recent thread on derma rolling. I think I stand to benefit from rolling on my top, since it's gradually thinning. I'll keep an eye on it and learn from your discussions.
  7. Everything looks right on track. Like you said, hair growth begins at 3 months, but just let yourself be on the journey as a passive member (who takes the prescribed treatments!!). I know I had redness longer than most, and I didn't get a surge of hair until about month 4-5. Everyone is a little different, and I used the 3-5 moth "explosive growth" only as a general hint of what may come, not necessarily of what I should expect. I always remained positive (I believe it is key for recovery). Keep up the positivity and the updates!
  8. Your hair looks great!! I get a similar pattern on my head too. I notice it coming up either when I get my hair too long (and it lies in a way that exposes "streaks" of bald. I also get these mostly in the mornings after I wake up, and it is most rare after a shower when my hair is light and full of volume. It may be a simple fix of taking morning showers *if your case is similar to mine in that regard*) , and when I don't wash my hair/ hair gets too heavy; and the hair clumps together from my own oils or from not getting "enough" of the coco oil out. But, I completely agree with Shera on combing it over. I comb my own hair over now, but primarily on top of my head. A little embarrassing, but nothing too provocative that makes people think too hard about your hair. Just know it can be an issue, and check your hair OR EVEN BETTER, figure out what solves it and do that occasionally. I know messing my hair on top achieves this objective, so I just mess the hair a bit if I see on my phone camera that my hair is exposing too much. I'm very happy for you for your results, and I agree that the hairline is critical. Your hairline is robust, and looks great!
  9. And finally, today, 6 Mar. I think my hair is way too long, and I need it cut. The sides look too thick, and it contrasts the top of my head that I see gradual thinning in. I hope to ride this hair situation for a few more years, but if my top losses pile on, I may have to schedule a procedure sooner than I want. Overall I am still very pleased with my hair. The hairline, as we are all aware, is the most important thing to consider in re-shaping your face. I still can't believe the transformation I underwent. I mention how I look younger, but I see myself as more attractive, and thus more favorably. I thought I looked okay, but only when I focused straight-on (mirror perspective), and only when I focused on my facial features. I mentioned in my first posts that I became disillusioned when I saw myself in a 3 pane mirror, and it showed how badly my hair had receded. Anyway, I had a brief conversation about my hair in the last month or so, and my SO stated very plainly that this HT was for the better, and they are glad that I went through with it. We're both reaping the benefits haha! This should go without saying, but I will state the obvious: I am glad I had Dr. Bhatti for my first HT. I was confident in his skills, rationale in approaching hair loss as a lifelong battle, and his personal attention to my case. It has been the most beneficial investment I have made. I think LASIK is a great investment, but the HT is arguably better because it shapes how the world sees [and interacts!!!] with you. I still have some patchiness on one of the temples still. The patchiness doesn't bother me, and I already plan to add a handful of hairs to remedy it when I go in for my second (top) procedure. A note on the photos: I know my crown looks really thin, but this may be a combination of lighting as well as too long of hair (and maybe some balding haha! But yes, balding). I took an additional photo in the same room, just not directly in front of the light. My concerns are top of head, and then my temple, and then my crown. I am really not too concerned with the crown as it is one of the more "forgiven" balding patterns as well as the fact that I know the crown is a black hole of hair. I should probably do the same side photos for the standard 3 other photos, and maybe I will. The lighting makes my hairline seem more transparent than I like, but I want to be as unbiased as possible in my reviews so as to keep my catalog of photos consistent. I genuinely believe my hair looks good, not just "good for me so I will say it's good." Thank you all for the kind words!
  10. I got a couple back logs of posts. I think each of these was pre-haircut. I need a haircut, and I think I am getting one tomorrow, BUT this is from 28 Dec.
  11. All's good here! I took photos last month, and I'll take new photos soon and post both sets. I've just been crazy busy with work. Still getting called 24 at work so I'll take it. Hope everyone is good here too, haven't been on the site in a bit.
  12. Good documentation. A quick tip: For itchy areas, post HT or whatever, do a light patting to relieve the itch. Patting is much better than scratching, which may damage skin.
  13. Wow! Your hair looks fantastic! I think that length suits you! Glad to see your transformation. Also, I had a fin shed from about month 6-8. I thought I was balding, but I have much better density now that it passed. (Can't say if it's better or worse than pre fin). Hairlosspa had a similar experience in his detailed fin thread, and my experience mirrors his. I would wait another 3-5 months to see if the balding is genetics, and not "temporary". Your hair looks very good! I have similar density (obviously haha), and it's all about keeping your hair healthy (not dry and brittle) and finding a good hairstyle. Last time I'll mention it, but coconut oil had been a huge improvement for me for the former. And the latter, my barber just does maintenance haircut every 2-3 weeks, and it's only a slight cut. I wake up every morning and just lift my "bangs" up with a single brush of my hand, and it's good. I'd say it's a little different, I think more good than anything, that my hairline is now wavy texture compared to the straight texture I had. I always find myself thinking of that Shrek (3?) Movie where he turns handsome and he has wavy front locks. The wavy attribute could be partially due to my routine, but regardless of how it happened, I'm grateful since it helps my hair appear more full. Great update! I only hope you didn't go out in town with your tag hanging out of your shirt!