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  1. Use Amazon's (or whoever, wish or that geek site we talked about) sort by price feature. I refuse to pay more than $3 for a piece of plastic! Haha! But tribulus is linked to prostate health and it's thrown into all those testosterone "boosters" supplements as well as libido boosters. None of those you buy online are doing much to increase testosterone (you'd have to look elsewhere), but they all have fenugreek and tribulus. I used both (and obviously currently) in past when I experienced some ED issues. It was much before fin, it was all mental. I didn't feel anything for a while, but after taking 2g a day tribulus and 1.2g fenugreek for 2-3 months I felt much better libido-wise. I take it as a precaution. I have a buddy who is always telling me about how fin reduced his "energy", so I just make it part of my routine. I already take fin and tinfal, so why not just down a couple more pills at the same time, especially when I have them all ready to go in a pill organizer? I'm really big on finding active ingredients and using those. I've had a former classmate start a supplement company. All supplement companies do is repackage vitamin mixes for additional 300% markup. If you've noticed, buying fenugreek and tribulus is cheap as hell, but costs like $30+ for a 30 day supply with nugenix or whoever. They kill you with the convenience fee.
  2. Crown is the toughest from my understanding, but the procedure looks good! I think the ~2k hairs will go a long ways to transform the crown. Great write up! Really cool to see you use several docs. How has your donor management been? Did Eugenix say anything about your donor being robust, running low, well managed? I'm curious because I know Bhatti manages donor well, and you going FUT, FUE, FUE maximizes donor capacity. Did you (Eugenix?) go beard hair out of necessity or as a precaution to preserve donor density/ donor for later use? I personally think it would be wise either way, but just curious. Best of luck with your recovery! Smart stuff doing these two procedures back to back, minimizing the ugly phase. You had great results in 7 months with Bhatti, and I can't wait to see you next spring with a full head of hair!
  3. Price. Price is only reason to buy separately. I did the math earlier for individual pills, but if you could do math on how much it costs to purchase tinfal or a different combination pill I would appreciate it. I am already comfortable taking several pills (tinfal, fin, 2x [day] fenugreek, 2x ginseng, 2x tribulus), so another pill won't be a deal breaker for me. I bought a pill organizer on Amazon for a dollar or something (20 day shipping) and I make sure I get the single dose done for my pills as well as all the important-for-hair pills (fin, tinfal). It also ensures I don't double dose on accident.
  4. I might legit start using that coconut oil! Haha! Seriously, you'll look back on your life and use this procedure as a marker: things before and after this point. You look like another individual. You look 10-15 years younger. Of course you could have shaved it and resigned to hair loss, but choosing to keep a hairstyle with Bhatti's help was a great decision. Your results are nothing short of incredible. Awesome stuff, glad to have seen the transformation!
  5. FA - Folic acid. It's another B vitamin like biotin. Why the hell did they name like 6 vitamins B? C'mon. FA and biotin 5g&5g make up the tinfal we take. I was curious, at dosage, but like I said earlier, research showed positive results from .8g of FA. I think I'll just do 1.6g and call it good.
  6. I went ahead and bought "nutricost 10,000mcg 240 pill" set. I put it in my watch list and it had an Amazon lightning deal. It went from $12.50 to 10.00. I was going to send you a message, but I was in rush, and I figured you'd rather research before you buy anyway. For the FA, I'm looking at the "nature's bounty 800mcg 250 pills". It's $5.05 and holding. It seems like a good deal anyway. Maybe I take one or two pills and it lasts me 4 - 8 months (for $5.05), or I keep my dosage at 5k (6 pills) and it only comes to $10.10 for almost 3 months... I briefly checked both brands and didn't see any issues. I think they sell nature's bounty in my local grocery store for more, but it seems to be respectable enough for Mass market. Nutricost seemed legit enough too, making a lot of different supplements without any crazy stories coming out.
  7. Good luck on your journey! Thanks for the posts, and keep them up!
  8. Apply minox (I don't use anything near 1ml, since I use the spray nozzle, I just spray the base of my HT) and try to let it sit and dry for an hour to hour and a half. I found that once it dries, I can style my hair similar to pre-minox, but the minox will hold the shape of my styling. I think it's normal to loose the illusion of density after wetting your hair. For me, month 5 was the start of when my hair could pass as "normal". It improved greatly in the next month. Good progress in my opinion as well for the 5 month mark. The hairline is there, and so are the temples. Now it just needs more time to grow, thicken, and blend into the rest of your hair. Good haircare, with only concern being nizoral. I searched forum and saw Bill advocate against it (certain percentage one, forgot which), so I ditched it entirely. It still looks at me in the shower. Good job with RO water. Clean and easy to use for your scalp. Have you considered going full-time on biotin after the ~6 months Bhatti recommends? Hlptoronto and I have been looking at less costly mixes of biotin+FA that comes in the tinfal. Tinfal is nice and convenient, but substantially more than the individual components. I can't vote for or against PRP, but I will say this: I would do whatever the conventional wisdom says to do. If 70%+ does something, I would probably do it. I hate to go against doc's recommendation, but if the overwhelming majority do it, I would probably do it as well. With PRP, I don't know if most docs recommend/apply PRP for their patients. To illustrate, there's a good doc, I believe Diep, who does not recommend applying saline post surgery, and as a result, his patients have extremely crusty surgery areas in donor and especially recipient. His results are good, but he says it's not necessary. In this case, I would consider applying saline for a week or two because it's the overwhelming consensus, and I would do it. With PRP, I don't know if there's consensus either way, plus, the in-favor of PRP recommend using it earlier than 5 months to boost initial growth (I think), so idk if the "ship has sailed". I just quick checked and some recommended after HT (week or two) and again at 6 months. I honestly think that if YOU think it'll help, it's worth it. If you're undecided, or you think it's not necessary, don't do it. Maybe there's a study on it? I haven't looked into it, but I am curious to read about it!
  9. Now you got me thinking of the basic advice of: don't wash your hair every time you shower. I was reminded of this by a BF of a friend. He said he stopped washing his hair (sometimes twice) daily, and more weekly. He said it took a few months, but his hair quality improved. Maybe minox does too much stripping of oils. All the people I've met who had amazing hair told me they didn't wash their hair more than 3 times a week.
  10. Quick question: approximately how long after HT did your hair stop having the curl/ rigidity and start to behave like your other hairs? I'm curious as to when my hair will stop acting like a hair brush, and more like the softer existing hair.
  11. Your hair is progressing nicely! I think you may want to grow your hair a bit longer, maybe 4-5# at minimum to conceal the donor scars (whenever you do choose to let it grow). With the added density to your crown, and the reduced density in your donor area, the sides may come with a vengeance. They will be thicker than a Snickers, and you may want to use thinning shears to lighten their bulk (eventually). I asked for thinning shears on my sides and crown area, and I think everything looks more uniform. I just warn against the contrast that will develop (similar to the contrast you currently see with the donor). Great post on the awareness of rubbing the scalp with the fingers rather than scratching. I remember how itchy my scalp was at that phase, and it is tempting to scratch. I did a mix of patting and rubbing to sate the itch. Thanks for keeping us all updated! Photos are informative and great job keeping up positivity through the process.
  12. Thanks. I may chalk it up to being a fast grower, but the results from HT are great. Everything I wanted.
  13. I wrote some thoughts here, but I managed to loose it all, even with the editor thing trying to help. I can explain the points, but I'll just use bullet point format. What I basically said is: I am very pleased with my progress. I got my expected results (for the entire HT) very fast (at 6 months), and I don't know if I can expect more growth, but I feel satisfied with my HT. ******I was nervous for a trip I have in 1month, but am thrilled to be ready (hair-wise) for it. I booked it in December, before my HT. I fully expected to look less complete, like my 120 day result I am posting below. This progress has been a real gift.***** My only "improvement" I'm waiting for is the new hair to loose it's curl. Not a complaint, as it is expected and normal, but I think that will be the largest improvement to my look from this point forward. I look younger objectively. Coworkers, grocery stores, and especially restaurants think I am younger now. I get carded at restaurants like I did in my early 20s, maybe up to 25/26. I used to "never" get carded, where now I think I'm 5/6 or 5/7 in last two months. I made that point above to emphasize: "We are our own worst critic". If the world sees you as: younger, healthier, more attractive etc, let them. Don't feel like you have to keep improving your look to meet some Instagram expectations. Don't buy into the hype of others when it comes to hair. Everyone has different hair, and no one makes a huge deal about it. Look at Brad Pitt. He has great hair. Look again at his temples, they literally go above his eyebrows. If he was on this forum saying he just had a HT he would get roasted by members saying his temple points look ridiculous and unnatural. His temples do look unnatural compared to others. Kit Harrington has a wacky hairline compared to others. If members got those styles from a doc, I can already imagine the toxicity. Just own your appearance and don't concern yourself. You'd be surprised at what passes as "acceptable" to the eye test of the passerby. A massive take away is this: I am now ready, at the 6 month mark, to basically start my public life over. I mean this as, I don't post to social media or take professional pics. I am ready to update my social media from basically 6-12months before my HT. I need to update my LinkedIn with a fresher pic. It's wild, but I feel like I only have a passing resemblance to my prior self. I try to make sure I don't show coworkers pics of me before the HT (during India trip I had with SO, I only show SO by zooming in on only my face or only on SO). All of those pics from that trip were not posted. I am excited to actually share with my social world my travels and myself (if I didn't do a HT, I probably would have shared travels. Now that I know my appearance is changing/improving I guess I am choosing to wait). Anyway, thanks to everyone for following the journey. I think I will make updates at the month mark now. Maybe I'll continue the bimonthly thing, but IDK if it's necessary. Happy to answer any bullet points that were not clear, again, real bummed that everything was lost from first edit. Here is the pic for the ***** bullet point, where I thought I may be at the 7 month mark from having "so few" grafts. This is again at the 120 day mark.
  14. Here is my donor post haircut. I didn't update in a long time, but I figured it's not worth mentioning (which I think is good). The real bummer is the crown thinning. I haven't been applying minox there in probably 1-1.5 years or so. I think I need to apply minox regularly there again. I'm honestly not surprised I'm thinning and balding at the crown, but of course it sucks. Oh well. As another member said recently ,"It won't bother me unless it becomes shiny" or something to that effect. I completely agree. If I start really thinning there, I think I'll change my hairstyle to a shorter on crown style, very similar to what @CosmoKramer is currently shooting for. It'll soften the transition from hair to balding area while also letting me keep the top long.