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  1. I have that weird crown thinning that dips below as well, something to do with me having a double crown. I wouldn't risk the shock loss. You might be worse off after surgery. Try concealer, you will need just a bit. Or, get SMP to lessen the contrast between your scalp and hair.
  2. H&W is great if you're rich. They are top notch. Of course, there are other reputable doctors that do great jobs at a much lower cost.
  3. It's way tooooo greasy. I have used it before with only negative effects. My thin hairs were too weak in the first place, so they all just broke off. My pillow and sheets became so oily. I didn't notice any hair thickening at all. At that time, I wasn't on any other hair loss treatment. Castor oil was the only treatment I was taking. Useless.
  4. Technicians in Turkey most likely have better experience than the average HT doctor in North America, just due to the sheer volume of patients that get HTs in Turkey.
  5. Thank you. If medication holds up for the long term, I estimate I won't need more than 2k grafts to repair the midscalp. I doubt I can take much from the sides of the head. I have a short skull. My only hope is treatment + potential beard grafts.
  6. Yes, I have dark hair and light skin. I'm a very good responder to treatment, but I do see upon buzzing that my final pattern is a Norwood 6+. That final pattern combined with a below average donor area means that I'm not a good candidate for a hair transplant. I do have a great beard though. Pretty sure that can get me 2k grafts.
  7. I'm a diffuse thinner with full but thin coverage. With a 1 guard I look fine, almost a full head, but I want to grow it out, especially now after a year of minoxidil and finasteride. I have seen great progress. I just can't get myself to grow it out more than a few weeks. It starts to look so thin on the top, and when I see it in my bathroom mirror I see all the patchy spots and rush for the clippers. No doubt the harsh lighting and the fact that I apply minoxidil twice a day makes the situation worse. Anybody else with this experience? I really need the nice layering that 2 inches of hair provides, but I can't get myself to stay away from the clippers during the growing stage.
  8. thanks. gives me more hope about the future: "atleast it's not norwood 7" lol
  9. Thank you both. So far I have been a good responder. Antoher question: I am thinning in a Norwood 5 pattern right? Just curious about my donor supply.
  10. This is 5 months ago, before I buzzed it. I have been on treatment(big three) ever since then. I have noticed my hair fill in over the past months, but I haven't grown my hair out again because it's easier to apply minoxidil with a buzzcut. If I post a current pic, it won't show the thinning pattern, it will just look like a buzzed cut (#3) with diffuse thinning on the top.