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  1. If I can get just a decade of maintenance out of dutasteride and finasteride, in addition to a 2500 grafts to add density to the midscalp and the front, I will be very glad. I'm sure that some better treatment will be out there in 10 years.
  2. Obviously a hair transplant is an illusion of density. Would the hairs on your head appear thinner or thicker once you get older and grey? That is taking into consideration that your skin is light and natural hair is dark.
  3. Yeah. That's why I believe transplant without meds is way too risky. If I ever get off my meds, I won't bother with caring about my hair anymore because I know for certain my future is NW6/NW7 (diffuse thinning).
  4. You lost 4500 precious donor grafts and are left with a big scar. All you have to show for it is minimal density on top. One of the worst results I have seen.
  5. I have been using finasteride for 15 months. Most of my regrowth has been in the front and midscalp. The vertex hasnt responded yet. Last week Instarted adding dut 3 times a week because I read a study in which adding dut to fin enhances the effects. Since I have no side effects, I decided why not.
  6. For the past two months, I have been applying minoxidil to the back of my head, both the donor and where the crown dips. I'm doing this in anticipation of my first transplant in the coming months. I can see some thickening in the region, but it might just be the finasteride. Anybody else on here applied minoxidil to the back of the head?
  7. Oh I didn't get an HT bro. It's just diffuse thinning.
  8. He is nowhere near baseline. His crown has pretty much filled in. And the density on the top is at least three times that of baseline.
  9. @hairlossPA There was a study in which a person found that finasteride was losing effectiveness for him. He was prescribed 0.5mg dutasteride a week in addition to the finasteride, and that somehow turned things around for him. Within 3 months he was back to having thick hair.
  10. Currently at one month of growth, the thinness is most noticeable now. I'm gonna just wear a hat for another month and a half.
  11. There was that hyped Italian product called Brotzu potion, which came out marketed as Trinov. It was completely useless. Nioxin is also pretty much useless. I heard it had some efficacy before the company relocated and the formula changed.
  12. I have a few bottles of Caboki. Expensive but really, really effective.
  13. You currently use Toppik, right?
  14. Yeah, I was shocked to learn that clinics charge 3000 to 4000 to paint what are essentially dots on your head.