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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
    Thinning or Bald Spot in the Crown/Vertex
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    In the last 10 years
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    Norwood VI
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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    Rogaine Foam

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  1. I have considered SMP Yes, but not sure about Inc/Pigment in Healed Skin where Grafts have been Extracted. Will the inc Hold ? I'm not too informed, if the Inc/Pigment will fade over time ?? Do you know ? Thanks
  2. The pictures withy hand over my face are after my FUE Hair Transplant with Dr Bhatti, Yes ! My Donor after my 1st HT was compromised. Not too good. but I was made aware of this. I don't have time to make a video, Sorry but will post detailed pictures soon.
  3. Congratulations Paddy, The work looks clean and I'm sure you will get a Great Result, as I Have with Dr Sethi and Dr Bansal Now The wait Begins... All the best, Niko
  4. Hey, Your Hairline is looking Greatl ! See You next year Nelson, Im planning on coming back to Eugenix for a small procedure.
  5. Beard Area after 3550 Graft Extraction - Hope this Helps ! 9 Months after 3rd HT
  6. 9 Month Post Op - 3rd HT - 3500 Grafts - Sept 27 - 2018 Slicked Back Undercut right after Haircut and Shower
  7. 3rd HT Before - 3500 Grafts - Sept 27 - 2018 Dr Bansal Hair cut short in above Pictures before the Shave Above - Beard Area after 2046 Grafts Extracted
  8. 12 Months Post Op, At Eugenix Accommodation 26 sep 2018 - 2nd HT - 4500 Grafts
  9. 10 days Post Op Back Home - 2nd HT - 4500 Grafts - Sept 27 - 2017 Dr Sethi