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    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 10 years
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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    Dr.Pradeep Sethi + Dr.Arika Bansal Eugenix India
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    Rogaine Foam

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  1. Im Happy this is Turning out to be a Great Result, for you Zoomster. You're almost there ! The Picture with 1mm Short Hair on the Side is the Money Shot, Suits you.
  2. Traveling from London to India and Having 2 Successful Hair Transplants with Eugenix to Completely Restore my Norwood 7 Hair Loss, I Highly Recommend Dr Sethi+Dr Bansal.
  3. So True, I'm constantly seeing YouTubers with Less than Average Results + Pluggy Hairlines Promoting HT Clinics. Its a Great Idea Getting Real Results from HRN on YouTube !
  4. I know your hairline hair is all Transplanted and Solid. The native hair in the mid-scalp is Not, and could Fall off, your Lateral Humps could Miniaturise, your Crown could Shrink. Its Important Imo to have some hair in the bank for Hair Loss in the Unforeseeable Future. The first Pic shows About 25cm to cover. With 35-40 gratfts per cm you will Require, around 850-1000 grafts in total. Although its just a rough Guess, Best to get a Professional Opinion from a Physician. All the Best
  5. If your Hair Loss was Stable I would Say 800-1000 Grafts for a natural Receding Hairline. But Your in your mid 30s and not currently taking meds. Your Likely to lose more Hair in the years to come, I don't think its a Good Idea Imo to go through all the trouble for small touch up procedure to lower your hairline Right Now. If/When you Lose more Native Hair in the Future you could address that issue Then, but also Lower your Hairline As well, if you Have The Grafts to do So . Spend your Grafts wisely !
  6. Would be useful if you posted some pictures of your hair transplant, along with relevant information, so people can comment on your situation. Results and how fast or slow they grow and show, varies from patient to patient but definitely imo you can expect more to come after 6 months. 3 months - 10% 4 months - 25% 5 months - 40%. 6 months - 60% 7 months - 70% 8 months - 75% 9 months - 80% 10 months - 90% 11 months - 95% 12 months - 98% 18 months - 100%
  7. Hi hairthere I'm considering SMP for my donor area FUE Scarring after my Hair Transplants although the FADING of SMP and pigment REMOVAL part of the procedure Leaves me with Questions :- IF the Pigment Merges and Looks Artificial or Fades after 2-4 years and you have a few Top Ups, in the next Decade will the look/contrast/colour and shade become Darker, un-natural ? As you are Adding more Pigment on top of Inc that has Spread Out and Merged or Faded Over the Years. IF your not Happy, and Laser Remove the SMP. Will your Hair be Damaged ? Could yo
  8. Hey, 5 months after your Transplant I think its safe to say you can us any shampoo you want ! I would avoid shampoos which contain SLS Sulphates, Dimethicone and Parabens. Baby/Coconut Oils or even Anti Hair Fall Shampoos will not help to slow down Hair Loss. Its all a waste of time, effort and money. Look up/Research Nizoral Shampoo and its Benefits, it may help with your Situation. Consult with your doctor/physician first.
  9. hey KHT2 Price should NOT be the Deciding Factor in Regards to a Hair Transplantation. In my case Both Dr Sethi/Bansal did Most of the Important Parts from Planning, Incisions and Extractions while their Technicians Placed the grafts. Its a Different Process compared to FUE, Grafts are extracted and placed within Minutes and Graft survival is Higher. To answer your question I cut my hair short with a 0.5 Straight Blade on the back and sides and feel its not that noticeable after 8850 extracted grafts. In my pics 20cm close up you can see scarring but at 1 meter distance in natural su
  10. I was getting the same thing when I changed the Routine and Products I was using after my Hair Transplant Experimenting with Oils and Conditioners. I'm my case, Washing my head twice a week, only lead to a build up of excess Oils and Sweat on skin which caused Irritation, Scratching mad it Worse. When I switched back to my normal washing Routine using Anti-Dandruff Shampoo everything, was back to normal. Try Nizoral Ketoconazole Shampoo. I don't think its anything to Worry about although Check with a Professional/Dermatologist or contact the Physician where y
  11. hey With a similar hairloss situation to you, after 3 HT and now at 30yo I'm finally happy to leave the house without a Snapback. If you're considering FUE look for a doctor who has extensive experience and great results on Norwoods 6/7. Your donor area seems good but not great imo, although you have the option of beard grafts which could be utilized to add more Density. To answer your Question, The longer you wait the Better, your Hairloss is not stable ( you're not taking any preventive medication ) and at 26yo you could progress, where you crown and Lateral Humps could minia
  12. Hope you're doing well after your 2nd Hair Transplant Nelson . I know you will get an even more natural hairline result.
  13. hey Your hair looks amazing and natural full stop ! Honestly, some hair loss guys would give their left arm to have your hair hahahah My best advice to you is concentrate on improving other things in your life wether its career, social life, start a hobby improve you health {Hit the gym and get Hench} After my Hair transplants I stopped smoking/drinking started to eat healthy and got a six pac Be Happy I Agree 100% "If you are having a problem with your hair now, I'm 100% sure you will not be happy with a hair transplant. Imagine if
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