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  1. @Dhyan Yes it is better you share your experience. Normally forum do not believe comments from someone who have joined 2 hours ago. It will be assumed that you are a competitor who is trying to ruin business for Dr Soni. So share your experience with photos etc.
  2. @Dhyan My scar does not seem to be like a pencil line. One side of the scar above my ear seems to be wide. I still have some stubles on the scar. I am hoping it will get better. But we will see at 6 months and a year mark. Regarding your result how do you feel about it? I am having a slow growth and still some area I do not see on some areas no hair have started to grow. I am at 4.5 month mark and I do not see much difference since 4 month mark. Is you possible to share your results before and after photos. Thanks
  3. @dasankurI agree I need to wait. Do you have a 4 month and 6 month picture of yours ?
  4. @Legend left side scar is wider the the right @AshishG I did not speak with the surgeon yet. Because I know the answer it will be I need to wait. I will contact the surgeon if I am not happy at 6 months On average most of the transplanted should have grown at this point.
  5. It is been 4 months. Pictures attached. I do not see much new growth. Mostly the hair I had at 3 months grew bit longer and slightly thicker. I am bit worried now. I look now close to where I was before surgery. One side of the scar is wide and quite visible. I will upload scar photo separately.
  6. After my FUT I stayed in a hotel for 7 days before travelling. I was in discomfort after the FUT for 3 to 4 days with pain and swelling. Personally I would stay away from flight travel for first few days.
  7. Even for me they did not share any break down of singles, doubles etc. They said They have extracted 4200 grafts and which is what I paid for. I hardly believe they have implanted 4200. It does not look like but I may be wrong. I spoke with a guy who did the transplant next day of mine, he also said they did not share any breakdown to him. I guess they implant what ever they extract. I really feel sorry for you. If I knew this before I would not have chose Dr Soni. But he share very good results in this site. I am in 3.5 month mark not much of growth and we will see how my result turns out in 6 month and year mark. Did they offer you to do PRP and FUE session for free? A refund?
  8. He charged me 40 rupees per grafts. I did the transplant in July. 2 dollars for you
  9. You saw any improvement? I believe you are in month 8 now?
  10. @mahendrasThank you for your wishes. I see some have very good results at 3months time. I am already tired of this waiting game. I understand it is a slow process but still I want it growth much more quicker then what I have . It is difficult to see which hair is growing back is it the transplanted hair or my existing hair after shock loss
  11. 3 months update (92 days) Not much growth to report. Very few new hairs here and there and they are very thin and colourless . In the picture most of my long hairs are my existing hairs not from tranplated hair as I did no shave procedure. Some pimples appear time to time. Overall no major growth to report. Feeling down at 3 months I will share the FUT scare pictures in few days
  12. Bit worrying for me as I also did surgery with Dr Soni and I am in two month mark with no growth. May be you are a slow grower and I hope you will get better in a year mark.
  13. 2 month 3 days Big shedding in receipient and donor area. Only very few hairs have come out so far. Not much visible growth of the transplanted hair. Swelling near the stiches are 98 percent gone. Any comments so far is appreciated.
  14. Any update on your progress?