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  1. 6 months Nothing much to say I do not see any new hairs. It is quite patchy.
  2. I am at 5.5 months post hair transplant surgery. So far I have seen limited growth and in some areas in hairline transplanted hair did not grow at all. Is there a chance that new hair will sprout after 6 months and if anyone in this forum had it. If possible post pictures of the new growth after 6 months
  3. I have sent the pictures to the clinic but no reply yet from them.
  4. 5.5 months update Not much happening these days. Not sure how much hairs have sprouted out. Some hairs have grown few milli meters and then stopped growing for many weeks now. Hair line looks pretty patchy and I do not see much new growth in the hairline and frontal third. There is seems some numbness on crown and discomfort still. Scars are still quite visible
  5. @Yake It depends on your hair loss. If you have large area to cover. It is best to start with FUT. Which is why I went for FUT. If FUT is done properly it is a great procedure with thin line scar and solid growth. But it does not seem the case in india. Mostly it looks like hit or miss for doctors. I think out of 10 they may succeed with 2 or 3 with good result with thin scar. They publish those results in the forum and many believe they will get the same result and get disappointed in the end. We see more case now with poor result from Dr Soni in this forum. We do not know about others who had poor result and they are not in this forum. I am not sure about my progress and I am at 5.5 month mark and do not see many new hairs, and some areas in the hairline have zero growth, do not know there will be new growth in the coming months. We will see at 12 month mark. May be forum moderators can help me.
  6. Any update on your progress?
  7. @DhyanIs your mid scalp scar wider like my side ? What do you think of my growth so far in the front and crown?
  8. Here is my 5months update. I do not see a big improvement from 4 months to 5 months in the front but there is some growth and crown ( not to bother for now I guess). Still I see a lot of areas have not started to growth. The ones already sprouted are growing at a very slow phase. Not sure how much density I will get in the coming months. The scare is bad on the left side and right side is fine. I hate how my crown look. I am thinking of using Dermatch until the next transplant. Is it ok use them now? Any advise. I do a lot of sports thats is why dermatch as it is sweat and water proof. I am thinking of an FUE surgery next time for the crown and mid scalp. What you guys think?
  9. I do not know what to say about your result. I really feel sorry for you. I am in similar situation and I had surgery with Dr Soni I am at 5 month mark and more patchy areas with no hair. Not sure how it will turn out at a year mark. As far as I read if the new hair did not show up by 6 month mark even as a tiny sprouts , it is more likely it won't grow at all.
  10. @ILikeMyHair Any improvement on your transpalnt or is it the same state?
  11. @Dhyan You can show yours with photos by trimming it bit shorter, so that everyone could understand. It is better to show instead of saying things
  12. @Dhyan Yes it is better you share your experience. Normally forum do not believe comments from someone who have joined 2 hours ago. It will be assumed that you are a competitor who is trying to ruin business for Dr Soni. So share your experience with photos etc.
  13. @Dhyan My scar does not seem to be like a pencil line. One side of the scar above my ear seems to be wide. I still have some stubles on the scar. I am hoping it will get better. But we will see at 6 months and a year mark. Regarding your result how do you feel about it? I am having a slow growth and still some area I do not see on some areas no hair have started to grow. I am at 4.5 month mark and I do not see much difference since 4 month mark. Is you possible to share your results before and after photos. Thanks
  14. @dasankurI agree I need to wait. Do you have a 4 month and 6 month picture of yours ?