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  1. Bit worrying for me as I also did surgery with Dr Soni and I am in two month mark with no growth. May be you are a slow grower and I hope you will get better in a year mark.
  2. 2 month 3 days Big shedding in receipient and donor area. Only very few hairs have come out so far. Not much visible growth of the transplanted hair. Swelling near the stiches are 98 percent gone. Any comments so far is appreciated.
  3. Any update on your progress?
  4. 1 month 3 days - Shedding of the transplanted hair started. Swelling near the stiches are slowly reducing.
  5. Day 18 I see some flakes (dandruff i think) on recipient area. There is no itching so far. Not sure if this is normal. Any advice on what to do anyone.
  6. Day 15 - scabs almost gone. I was bit aggressive with my cleaning and also lost most of my existing hair due to scrubbing. No sign of shock loss yet. Started using laser helmet and minoxidle 5%. Pictures below
  7. Day 6 - head wash. Removed the head band. Still the scalp feels tight and seems the anaesthesia is not drained completely. But no major swelling. Front grafts place ment seems ok density but the mid scalp looks to be very thin with lots of gaps. I am not sure may be it is difficult to see as I did no shave procedure. Bit concerned about the mild scalp density.
  8. Jjsrader- do you have a separate thread for your HT with Dr soni for your 5000 grafts transplant. I am very eager to see your result from the 5000 grafts. If not please could you share some before and after pictures please.
  9. Hi Amrit Singh Your procedure was combination of FUT+FUE ? Was both done in a single day? Yes. FUT and FUE done in single. I suggest you go with only FUT not both at the same time. How's your Experience Visiting India? Experience was good. Is the procedure was painful? It is not completely pain free. You will feel some pain after the surgery but you can take pain killers. Does it needs to take bed rest after procedure or you can travel immediate after? It is better to take rest for 4 to 5 days before traveling ( if you have a long flight back). As you will already be in so much discomfort with pain.
  10. Day 4 after head wash. Feeling some discomfort in the stomach ( slight diaherra and naucea3). Doctor asked me to stop antibiotics ( Augmintin 650 duo). Hope my stomach will get better in few days.
  11. Day 3 head wash. Legend007 sure I will document my case so that others who are similar to me will benefit from this. I will post each day for the next 15 days and then monthly.
  12. You can barely see any hair as only few are thick but most of them are thin. Even if I shave or no shave it does not matter it will go anyway. As the grafts has to placed next to the existing hair. The reason I chose no shave is that it won't look that very wired after HT. Any way it is done no going back. We will see how the end result is.
  13. Absolutely there will be more shock loss as i have more thinning hair. Most may be permanent shock loss and some may growth back. Regarding dense packing even for me it is very difficult to see the grafts because of the no trim HT. As some area I feel they have not planted any grafts but opened slits but I may be wrong because I cannot see very well. But again time will tell. We will see the results. Hope the density is good.
  14. No trim FUT. And it is extra charge of 50,000 rupees for it.
  15. Front view Any comments will be very help full