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  1. I’m documenting my experience here without knowing what the result will be also I said I had 1000 grafts and u can see I start posting from the second day post op so u can see, there is nothing shady about my journey I don’t work or I’m affiliated with him,it’s just genuine
  2. Don’t know how to do that but yeah that’s so true
  3. Thnk you very much John Casper I hope it really improves even more in the upcoming months
  4. Thnk you man as I said I will post pics after the 12 months from pre op, I haven’t even seen them myself. the work was on my Corners and hairline as u can see from my post op pics thnk you for your kind words and I hope it will be way more to come in the next months
  5. Thnk you Melvin it’s nice to hear that from you !!
  6. There is a very small gap indeed but I expect more growth in the upcoming months it’s getting better everyday, good point though !!
  7. Just a little over 4 months and safe to say I’m so happy with my choice to go with Dr. Kaan pekiner, my hair ain’t perfect but they are so much better than before and I got another 8 months to go also so natural, happy new year everyone and I hope 2020 find everyone with more hair
  8. I get you I’m a Dr. Kaan pekiner patient so I know what u mean, I’m happy that u had a great experience with him as well
  9. Yes also I think ximena vila was the one that did the hair transplant on dr Lorenzo, so yeah recommending those two u should Recomend the king as well dr Jose Lorenzo
  10. Good choices but I’d definitely consider dr Jose Lorenzo