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  1. Like I said kaan pekiner hlc keser and maybe asmed are the best places to go in Turkey u don’t risk much but they are pricey compare to other places but their work is world class...dr Acar in cosmedica is also good in lower price I’ve seen work from him also a friend of mine did his hair transplant with him last week I wanna see his outcome Though
  2. I really wanna jump on it myself cuz topical has lost its efficient on me...do u have any side effects from it? Kaan pekiner is a great doctor seems u gonna have amazing results...where do u get Oral minoxidil from?
  3. If I had to do it in Turkey I would only go for HLC,kaan pekiner,kesser and Asmed...in fact I’ll do mine in August In on of those doctors
  4. That’s great news I hesitated to start oral minoxidil afraid that it doesn’t work but I’m happy that everybody say that it works cuz topical lost its efficacy on me plus I can’t be applying twice a day I’m sick of it
  5. Does oral minoxidil really work?
  6. Hi guys!! Does anyone have tried oral minoxidil and how effective is it for hair loss ?
  7. I spoke with kesser and hlc and decide with kaan who worked with both of them and because he’s very ethical and results are amazing
  8. Thnk you very much Im changing flights myself as well I fly from the UK...I’m positive about the doctor but if people know something about him would really help me...which doctor did u go in Ankara ?
  9. Hello to everyone in this forum I’m 2 months away from my hair transplant in Turkey with kaan pekiner im really nervous but I’ll try to keep everyone updated...so if anyone had any experince from dr kaan would really help me and put me an ease...also if anyone could help me with tips from that journey traveling abroad and all that would be good
  10. No no I haven’t had a hair transplant with him but I’ve seen work from him and he can create natural results but is expensive...