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  1. 3rd day today donor area has no pain whatsoever imnso surprised with that cuz on my last surgery I had 2 years ago I was feeling pain even 6months after u know the feeling of being burnt but kaan Pekiner manual punch is a game changer...I’m swollen right now my right eye is almost closed but other than that I feel great and by the time tomorrow evening I’m getting my flight home I’m sure I will look ok also Kaan Pekiner offered me to buy proscar with his help from a local pharmacy in a very very cheap price which I’m gonna do later on if u have any questions I’m more than happy to help
  2. IF u don’t take any medication even the transplanted hair can get miniaturize with time...cuz as we know we getting older the permanent zone gets thinner as well so medication is very important it happened to me too
  3. I feel good about the hairline design and looks very clean indeed...pre op pics once I get them from the clinic I’ll upload straight away yeah I got a pack of waters in my room stay hydrated but I’m sure Anesthesia will go down in my face soon I hope till Saturday that I go home I’ll look ok...but thnk you for the support
  4. Second day today removed the bandage and I can feel the swelling going on my forehead...dr said everything looks fine and he’s positive gonna be a good result cuz of the medium to thick caliber and the 2,60 hair per graft
  5. I said I’m gonna post once I get the bandage off and when I get my pics from the clinic
  6. I just had my surgery with dr Kaan Pekiner what can I say about him man...everything that everybody said about him is true He extracted 1080 grafts cuz he wanted to prevent my future hair loss and he was confident about the results rebuilding the hairline and add density behind the hairline...also had to remove some plugs from the previous surgery in the corners cuz they were wrong angled and they were tripled in the hairline...I’ll post pics once i remove the bandage or when I get the pics from the clinic
  7. Hey AnthonyD that’s my second surgery I’ve done one 2 years ago of 2000 grafts in Greece wasn’t bad but not great either so going with Dr Pekiner to improve the density and redesign of the hairline and make it more homogeneous overall...we said around 1500 but final consultation will be the day of the surgery and the plan we goin to follow
  8. On Tuesday I’m flying to Ankara and I’m very sceptical and nervous I’ll post pics for you guys ASAP...I can’t wait to meet this great doctor and if possible to change my life to the better
  9. He is doing everything himself...if you don’t know him yet u will know him soon
  10. Have u heard anything about Kaan Pekiner ? Thnk you in advance
  11. Thnk you cosmokramer I really need it cuz I feel very depressed...I’ll keep u guys updated