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  1. I agree but we haven’t seen no results from him or from patients yet
  2. Just send a message to his English speaking patient advisor
  3. I’m very impressed with freitas been watching his work for a lil while
  4. Mine was kaan pekiner I did like 2 months ago what’s Turkish forums say about him
  5. Are u from turkey bro? That’s what my surgeon told me as well like if he needed a hair transplant he would probably have it from heitman that’s crazy haha
  6. Oh yeah sorry I forgot that indeed keser is the most expensive and probably the most experienced and skillful
  7. I appreciate it doctorictopus your thread was one of them Inspiring me and thnk you for helping me choosing him
  8. Thnk you very much in2deep I appreciate your feedback and I hope u follow my journey
  9. Above average In Turkey but in general is cheap compare to other surgeons in more expensive countries...but u can see everything on his website about the pricing
  10. Thnk you mate still early but I’m happy so far and yeah no signs of any scaring or anything wrong on the removed grafts he used a very thin punch to remove them
  11. Thnk you kosmokramer I think there is a bit of shock loss but is very much expected that...!!
  12. Thnk you for posting on this forum and let everyone know how ethical this doctor is, as I can understand u probably had a lot of miniaturization on the donor area and your hair transplant wouldn’t be as successful and you and the doctor would like and that’s very ethical of him he could have made so much money out of you