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  1. About 4 years ago my hair started to go. It was pretty startling. I would run my hair through my head and I would have a handful of hair. I tried Rogaine with zero results. Started using anti DHT shampoo and add some extra vitamins to my regimen (namely Viviscal and biotin and DHT blockers) It definitely slowed down the process but didn't stop it unfortunately. I always wore my hair short and spikey so it was fairly easy to hide it in the beginning. in 2016 I started using hair fibers so I grew my hair out a little longer. In 2017 I panicked and went the system route. I paid a hefty amount of $$ for a particular Italian system that did not require you to shave your head. It cost as much as some transplants. It was pretty much an immediate fail. After a couple of months with it, I decided to shave the head and go that route with the system, another immediate fail, only worse. On the way home from the first attempt, I noticed discomfort on my head. Thought nothing of it because I was new to shaving my head and wearing a system, Well, I woke up the next day ran my hands threw my hair and immediately noticed I was in pain and my head was having a reaction too the glue, the whole system was wet. I immediately went back to the salon to take it off but 1 whole day and the damage was done, it literally burned my scalp. I had to wear a system with a special tape that facilitated healing the burns for quite a bit. I only recently stopped feeling discomfort from the burn. It was so bad it literally burned my head bad enough that I have small spots that do not have hair where there was hair before. This pretty much solidified the transplant procedure for me. I, much like many I have read about and watched on Youtube, have stopped going out unless I can wear a hat. I am a very social guy but this has been pretty debilitating. I think because it all happened so fast. I am lucky enough to own my own small business so I can wear a hat to work every day. While my decision started a couple of weeks ago to start the journey, the actual journey starts in July of next year. Praying something opens up before that , I would take a cancellation in a heart beat, and that my hair grows fast!!! lol I have a destination wedding I am attending next year and I very well may cancel last minute. =/ Here's what I am dealing with right now, i just shaved my head. Notice the small areas where there is no hair in the front, particularly right above the temples. Even the girl who put my system on noticed them. Been a rough year for my head, but reading all the posts have made me realize its not permanent. I am scheduled for 2500 grafts. God willing 1 session can be all I need although I know that's not realistic. My hair grows fast so I am hoping that's a good indication of how the transplants grow.
  2. I’m there already. At the end of the day I just want to be happy w/ the results.
  3. I was just being facetious 🙃
  4. Not on the fence. I guess if its avg I'll suck it up. If I have kids they just won't go to college that's all.
  5. Little disappointed, not only was negotiating given the smack down, if they pull more grafts than quoted, same price =/ Am I wrong assuming close to $8 a graft is on the high end? Even for the states?
  6. @Speegs I know because other than some receding hair lines, no one has it as bad as me. Little tid bit about me, it happened so fast I don’t think anyone knows. I wear a hat all the time and have even tried systems, the systems is another story because they effed me up pretty bad I think.
  7. Ive peaked as far as hair loss, its not genetic in my family so lucky me. It happened fairly quickly and I am no longer losing hair. Its one of the reasons I am getting the HT. Will Fin help regrow hairs that are still there?
  8. Ive seen a few post-op threads, no pre-op threads. I have my HT scheduled for next July with the hopes someone cancels before that and I can jump in their spot. I take vitamins daily, always have, including biotin every day. I tried Rogaine a few years ago with no results, still have a few foam bottles left. I am contemplating the use of Finesteride just not happy with possible side effects. Anything else that might help improve the results afterwards?
  9. What's dodgy about this? The doc did a great job.
  10. Thanks for the replies, it literally is $$ thousands. I am just trying to squeeze some more grafts after the 2500 quoted and don't want to rattle the cage. I don't want the doctor to say "You now what I was going to go for an extra 500 grafts but screw this guy he beat me down for $1.60 a graft" lol
  11. So I had 3 different quotes and I decided on using what happens to be a reco'd doctor on this forum. I noticed the quote is higher than what I've read others mention. I am never one to negotiate, much like buying a car just give me a price so I can get out of there as quick as possible. This happens to be a 20% difference which is considerable so wanted to get your thoughts on negotiating because i know there is a possibility of getting more grafts than discussed which I wouldn't be opposed to and I would not want to affect that happening. Cost I have read 6 -vs- cost I was given 7.6. Also this was verbal so not sure if this would change as well. I am happy with my choice of doctors and will pay regardless just curious if you can put a price on the self confidence this instills when done well.