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  1. @JCw I imagine as you heal and hair starts growing that will be fine.
  2. It was just looking good today so had to share. Thank God for this forum! Would not have done all this if it had It been for this forum. Question: how long before Finesteride (which I believe is the driving force here, everything else makes it work that much better) hits its max efficacy? Meaning, when can I say ok I've hit the wall this is all it's doing?
  3. Thanks! As it gets longer it gets harder to derma because it catches the hairs and pulls the out, but ill keep at it. better safe than sorry
  4. Increase density in frontal hairline and close up the crown. I think i can get it done w 2500. I was told 4 before the regimine
  5. Im just not really down with a strip in general. even though the results are typically better. Id like the option of keeping hair shorter on sides.. And 3200 hairs falling out effin sucks man, you had strip with that?
  6. We all now its about what we see not what others see. While I have responded well what I've been doing as a whole, it can still be improved upon.
  7. Sup folks. So been very busy with work and life but I wanted to give an uodate. In Aruba at the moment and the lighting in. Bathroom isnt great. I am 7 months in as if the 26th of Arpil. You'll notice one crown photo looking thinner than others. I really leaned into the light. I've been seeing smaller hairs falling out my only hope is they are making way for larger hairs. Frontal still showing signs of new hairs. Crown is eh. Still using fibers which I dislike. Almost impossible to get perfect color and really hard to do with out folding mirror which hotels never have. It doesnt look great but if no one us directly behind you they wont notice. Ket me know thoughts. Hoping to get an HT to close up the gaps next year. No product in hair just blow dried .
  8. . Something to consider. If you go FUT you will see more hairs survive and also possibly be able to get more hairs for both at once. FUE has a smaller yield of survival and from what Ive seen on this site some doctors recommend only 2500 grafts a session (donar dependent you might get more or less) but others do mega sessions, so there are options. I also see many members post some surgeons are better for FUE and some for FUT so do a little research for yourself.
  9. my journey, everything im doing is in this thread. https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/52518-growing-hair-back-the-big-3-journey/
  10. Glad my post helped. I use 1.5 for 2 days a week as noted in the regime in my post. As an * I also blast my head with extremely cold water 1-2 times a week as well. I will let you all do your own research in that. =)
  11. This is like telling someone that has an autoimmune disease to eat whatever they want it wont change things because they inherited it. Bad advice imo. Is it I inherited? Yes. It is NOTHING like eye color. Proper diet can CHANGE YOUR WORLD. I am not saying a completely bald person can regrow hair by eating correctly. I am saying that if you feel it's in your Gene's you can slow it down if not stop it from happening by putting the right things in your body. Doctors are not there to tell you these things IMO they are there to prescribe meds and perform surgery. That's how they make money.