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  1. Once this bottle goes I'll switch to this, any difference between 2% and 1%? My regimen is simple for me because it all happens in the morning and night. I have too say, areas above temple are growing hairs, a lot of them! If they grow to full terminal I'll be a happy camper! I cannot tell on the crown as much because of the angle so looking into buying a hair magnifier. If the top looks like the temples I believe this regime is a game changer.
  2. Oh My God!! This is perfect! Just cover your head with a fancy night gown! NO ONE will notice you're losing your hair! BRILLIANT!
  3. Just wanted to keep the updates going on this thread If this works and anyone wants to follow suit. My Regimine: Started taking Finesteride 1MG September 26th Started derma roller October 18th (2 times a week Thursdays nights and Sunday nights, no minoxidil on these nights) started Rogaine foam 2nd week of October (morning and night) Just started Shampoo Containing 1% Ketoconazole (2-3 nights a week) currently using PhotoWorx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo w/ plant stem cells for recovery and regrowth (using this for 2-3 months) will use Photoworx on days I do not use Keto shampoo Vitamins: Daily and Nightly (been taking these since 2012) https://bit.ly/2JZ1gQC Sr Sports biotin with coconut oil 5000mg https://amzn.to/2FjoiD6 (taking this for last few years) Viviscal Professional (been taking this for the past few years) https://www.viviscal.com Photos: Taken October 7th Taken October 17th Taken November 12th
  4. Just a heads up, the bottle says use 2-3 times a week.
  5. Awesome! Tomorrow is day 1 using it. I'll use it Thursday and Sundays. How did you come to find it? I found it randomly looking for stuff to help the current situation.
  6. Its 100% because of the FUE option. Its really the surgery I'm not happy about. I've been lucky enough to have never has to have surgery for anything...
  7. already booked Dr. Diep. I think I have decent donor so I am hoping, as he has done a few times in the past, he can harvest more than the 2500 spoken about. We shall see, again i am not completely against FUT. Maybe I can be the first guy to rock a thick crown but nothing else?
  8. Not sure of the efficacy of laser caps but I do it anyways. I own an irestore cap I purchased a year or so ago. Its a few hundred bucks but pretty sure you can go up to a few thousand on these things. Look up the derma roller, very promising. YouTube has plenty of videos as well as some tests that were done. Link n study below. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3746236/
  9. No one did, I am basing my thought process on 1) what I have seen done via this forum and the Internet and 2) how I feel about the progression, or lack there of my hair loss. Based of a brief video chat I was told 3-5000. so you are all telling me what is a high probability. I know I am going against the grain when I say my hair loss has subsided, but honestly know it has, these aren't delusions of grandeur. Everyone is different, much like some peoples hair grows in 4 months some takes 1.5 years after an HT. My head also seems to be reacting well to fin/minox/derma/etc etc and ill be adding Ketoconazole to the mix. Hairs are growing where it was dead, like 0 hairs, right above my temples. I'm actually pretty surprised because i thought once it was smooth that's it. I am also not 100% against an FUT to get more grafts and having a higher survival rate of the grafts taken. I just prefer to not have a chunk of my head ripped out. But fuckin A I will if I don't have to do this again lol
  10. This guy is definitely trolling us lol
  11. I literally just purchased this online, waiting for it should arrive today or tomorrow, it has 1% Ketoconazole the active ingrediant in Nizoral. Should i throw it away and just get Nizoral? itam states use basically once every 2 weeks.
  12. Interesting, I learn something every day. Is is topical or pill? I know if I do a search for it 100000000 different products will show up.
  13. Its posts like this that give me hope 1 and done is possible, nice job!