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  1. I just did a quick search on Instagram for #hairsystem and pulled up the first profile i saw. -- https://www.instagram.com/q_stylezz/ you gotta dig a little more i am sure but great examples out there.
  2. Its in my main thread as well. I have been using shampoo as well. https://dslaboratories.com/products/spectral-cbd-innovative-hair-loss-treatment-with-nanoxidil-5-cbd
  3. I have seen some stellar systems with your hair type on YouTube and Instagram Look into it you might want to try to avoid the surgery.
  4. I have been using DHS with Nanoxidil for a few months now. Supposedly no sides. Also have not noticed a difference, may even be thicker hair in the front. Ill need to take pics side by side. I disliked foam and the regular made my scalp very dry and flaky. Easier to apply as its a spray bottle.
  5. @arussellI am very interested in the results especially with that amount of them done. I will be looking into PRP in the new year but if EXO's are superior I'd like to have as much info as possible on the ones you've already done. Thanks!
  6. I like it, I still use the HRL 2/3 days a week. Using the DS for the other days. The DS states use 5 days a week the HRL is 3. So I'm just using them both. I will note I've recently stopped using Minox and exclusively use DS spray so we shall msee how that goes, so far no changes Ive noticed in the around month or so ive stopped miox.
  7. I would think it a great idea with long hair because ultimately it darkens the area. it would be the same mechanism as say hair fibers, but permanent.
  8. I think the worst thing I tried was Emu oil.....not sure what I was thinking lol
  9. Growing hair back is a journey, I would suggest exhausting all options before an HT. I understand why some go straight for a HT it seems easier. But as this forum has taught me it doesn't always end up well. So before you go that route Like @BeHappy said remove the stress and also try all non surgical options first,.
  10. i Use a roller on the crown 1.5 and the front I use a dr pen between 1 and 1.5 depending on my pain threshold that day.
  11. Intermittent fasting, not just stopping everything is beneficial for your body to function properly. It is part of what I do as seen in my signature. Liquid fasts IMO are terrible. Your body needs nutrients to function, even something as small as blinking your eye. Drinking just liquids is not smart. FYIO I have done intermittent fasting for 60 days with no issues whatsoever.
  12. I never heard of the reduction but I have been taking a collagen supplement for a few months now. From what I have read collagen supplements can take a very long time to actual show results, like up top a year.
  13. Have you tried derma rolling the front? I think its worked wonder for me in conjunction with the other stuff.
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