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  1. I had a date set with Diep, but a couple of weddings and my mother getting sick and my siblings and I having to take care of her since last year, I just have not had the time to even think about it. Sucks because I gave him $1k which i know im not getting back. I think if she didnt get sick I would have went though with it. Silver lining? Feller and Bloxham are 5 minutes away from me so at some point Ill at least get a consultation.
  2. I wear hats a lot, I always have. I'm not even sure they noticed it fall out. Although I did try a system and it was a complete fail....I am sure they noticed something but I never told anyone so now they will just think i had a bad hair day!
  3. thanks, i'm debating ht or not we shall see! LOL i did notice for a cpl months small hairs shedding every day. It worried me but it stopped. Now i see what I feel is regular shedding. I count them in the sink and in the shower if i see them too make sure lol I have not hit the 100 count yet so im OK with the hairs coming out, seems normal. I dont now what you are doing exactly but if you feel hair is falling out excessively maybe do exactly what I am doing?
  4. thanks man much appreciated, and not sure but i hope less if they see this post.
  5. Missed last month, will update fully in a cpl weeks. This is right now. Hairs still sprouting in the front, not sure about crown. I have a tiny bit of fibers in the front left but you wouldn't be able to see it in this photo i do not think. I have being going hard with derma pen, I think the harder I am on the areas i'm injuring the better the result......who knows, no pain no gain!!!
  6. I use the Doctor Pen A6. I do not use minox and pen on the same nights as Mycroft stated, you increase chances of side effects. I am using 1-2 MM depending on the area Im using it on.
  7. Ingredients are slightly different. They work the same as far as my research. Liquid is easier to apply as foam gets soaked up into hair. From my personal experience; The liquid gave me really bad dandruff. My scalp was white. The foam doesn't do this at all. I go through a lot of it though.
  8. I dont remember where I read about MM size but I do recall 1.5. I do not use it on same night as I use rogaine. I have been using the next day. My derma schedule as I have noted in pasts posts are Monday and Thursday nights only.
  9. 1.5 but with the derma pen I vary between 1 and 2 depending on how much it hurts lol The shampoo I use has a link is in previous page. I purchased Nizoral but only used it a cpl times before I went back to HRL.
  10. It is, the big 3 is a term i've learned on this site. If you go back a page or two, you will, see exactly what I have been doing as I write it all out. I just started using my derma pen....it hurts so much more than the roller...lol