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  1. Took an up-close of temporal area this morning to get an idea of whats going on. New hairs still coming in.
  2. 5 months today. I always have to note, I HAVE BEEN VERY STRICT WITH THE REGIMEN. HAVEN'T MISSED 1 BEAT. Crown came in nicely. temporal are still growing. I was not expecting such a great result. I cant even imagine what this is going to look like in another 5 months. Getting a full blown hair cut Friday, fade and all. been a while! lol
  3. Thought I would share. Just a little matte holder to keep it up. Just over 4 months of growth.
  4. Amazon https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B07GPH796L/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_OmnxCbKJYJX88
  5. Regrew, check the link I posted. you will see my 4 month results.
  6. Documenting here - https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/52518-growing-hair-back-the-big-3-journey/ what I am doing religiously Started taking Finesteride 1MG September 26th (Hims) Started derma roller October 18th (2 times a week Thursdays nights and Sunday nights, no minoxidil on these nights) started Rogaine foam 2nd week of October (morning and night) using Shampoo Containing 1% Ketoconazole (2-3 nights a week) currently using PhotoWorx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo w/ plant stem cells for recovery and regrowth (using this for 2-3 months) will use Photoworx on days I do not use Keto shampoo Once or twice a week I blast my head with ice cold waster for a minute or 2 Vitamins: Daily and Nightly (been taking these since 2012) https://bit.ly/2JZ1gQC Sr Sports biotin with coconut oil 5000mg https://amzn.to/2FjoiD6 (taking this for last few years)
  7. @Raker I threw everything and its uncle at my head and grew a good portion of my hair back, I'm at the point where I may as well try this too lol
  8. So I am about to do a cleanse which requires castor oil and while searching for a good brand too use I have noticed quite a few posts on this for hair regrowth. Before and afters and all. Snake oil? Does anyone know if there is a science behind this?
  9. looks fantastic for 4 months. congrats
  10. I remember, I commented on it. I would add the other things I am doing in conjunction to assist in blood flow specifically derma roller and I also blast my head with ice cold water about twice a week. I did see a little shedding about a month ago, I noticed a chunk of hair in the shower drain but since has been smooth sailing.
  11. If this continues, as is, I agree HT might not be necessary, but as I have said about the high forehead I may still lower it. My front is growing in as well so who knows! I will continue to update every 26th of the month. if my crown fills its going to be like winning the lotto. It has already bumped my confidence levels as is. I just want to say, while I have tried Rogaine before with no results by itself and knew about Finesteride, I do not think I would have went this route if it had not been for this forum. So while I can appreciate where I am now only 4 months later on the big three plus a couple other things, the thing I need to appreciate more is the knowledge and experience of the people who post here. So kudos to you for creating it.