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  1. Thanks. Any one know if there is an issue switching from fin to dut? Or oral fin to topical dut to be exact?
  2. Good info ill look into all of this, thanks.
  3. You purchased from this before? They all worry me because fake shit exists.
  4. Anyone familiar with this? Been meaning to find topical so i don't experience severe sides at some point. https://www.hihappyhead.com/
  5. Plenty of info on this site about fin and its side effects. Plenty of people who get off it almost immidiatly because of them. I am crossing my fingers. Nothing crazy has happened to me so far. Hair is odd, what works for some doesn't for others so in that regards you have to try everything to find out. As for Ds labs (spectral), you can use both if you would like, they actually sell a minox product on the site.They also warn about hair fall which also happens with minox. I am on month 5 with the switch. I can only tell you what I do and show you how it works/doesnt work. The re
  6. My guess is you're not American and that didn't translate lol the first one. Don't hesitate! lol
  7. Its all the processes that go along with it. Its a lot of work a repetition. I dream of a day I can just wake up and not do anything. No sprays, no powders, no pills. Just a fade and some hair on my head.
  8. Somewhere in my thread is a derma toppik regular pic side by side
  9. TIP ::: DON'T SLEEP ON FIBERS. Nothing in my hair, right before I took a shower. Put some fiber in for shits and giggles (and pics) Was wearing a hat all day.
  10. I wasn't talking about the picture. I should have specified, I was talking In general. I see users of Fin talk about 5mg and halves of. So I am curious if I should up at any point. Or don't bother right now because it holding. or, will more have a better result.
  11. Just curios, I have been taking 1mg Fin (ForHims). You are talking in 5gm and halves of. I have had good results with my complete regimen but is this something I should consider upping?
  12. Plenty of news articles about this out there. I have spoken to a few people who have a myriad of post covid symptoms. https://www.fox43.com/article/news/health/coronavirus/covid19-causing-hair-loss-wigs-in-short-supply-tips-from-doctor/521-600db91c-280a-431d-b380-e91b8b602af9
  13. I look at numbers all day every day and sometimes my brain just becomes mush lol I'm so confused LOL
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