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  1. ** Unfortunate part of the Rogaine is dry scalp. Nothing is perfect I guess.
  2. Hey all, been a minute. How is everyone doing? Thought I'd update. creeping up on year 3 since I started this process. Feel free to look at earlier images. I need to update regimen because I started using Rogaine on the top again few months ago. Bright bathroom lights. Consistency of purpose is the key factor. In life, if you don't put in the effort, you will never see the gains. So far so good for my effort.
  3. I've seen a few different brands. I have been using ForHims Finesteride since day 1. Not sure price, you have to go through the process of them saying youre OK to use it, but i can't imagine it breaking the bank. ForHims told me directly its not as effective as oral Fin but the combination works better than just MInox.
  4. Asking Hims directly, lets see what they say.
  5. I just received an email from Hims (brand) stating they now offer 6% minox with .01% topical finesterie. 2 questions; Is 6% any different that 5% Is .1% fin via topical enough to stop taking .5% pill and have less sides?
  6. Ill be doing PRP soon to see if i can get some more results. Was quotes 1500 and 2k for 3 sessions which doesn't seem unreasonable. I know some say don't bother but, from my research its 50/50 which is pretty good odds for something like this! of course I'll document
  7. Found some old photos. Which one is September 2018 and which one is today? The winner gets a cookie. .
  8. Yeah i am starting year 3. I can get away nicely with fibers now, although I am still entertaining because of a high hairline in the front. Oddly I had a reputable and good doctor here in NY recently tell me I need the same amount of grafts as Diep did pretty much 4 years ago. Its strange my head is night and day.
  9. Thanks. Any one know if there is an issue switching from fin to dut? Or oral fin to topical dut to be exact?
  10. Good info ill look into all of this, thanks.
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