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  1. Vitamin C is essential for being healthy in general but in regards to your hair, your body needs Vitamin C to create collagen. You cant just look at one modality and say shit that didn't work or, shit it didn't work as good as I wanted it to. Everything is connected. So when you see me taking Vitamin C understand I am personally taking it for many reasons but 1 of those reasons is because I believe it assists everything else I am doing. If you look way earlier in this thread I stated I am going to throw the kitchen sink at it, and I did.
  2. Just an ** *** Derma rolling induces the production of collagen along with a couple of other things. I you're going to start using collagen as a supplement you want to use it with a purpose.
  3. it is the most abundant protein in our bodies and some studies show benefits for hair & skin among a bunch of other things. There are different types of collagen and the human body starts using more than it can produce when we are in our 20's. From everything I have read it can take a while for it to work which is the only draw back but I'm in it to win it so Ill be using it for a long time. Its easy to take because its a powder so not a big deal. drink it in the morning and Im good.
  4. Looking at some of the first photos I posted, How is that even the same person...just under a year and a half ago
  5. D1 is day 1, Day 30 seemingly has a lot more new hairs growing. someone correct me if I am wrong.
  6. One month to the day using Spectral DNC. (1M is 1 month pic) I surprisingly think its working. Going to post close up of same temporal point after this.
  7. So I received this in the mail today. -- https://dslaboratories.com/products/spectral-dnc-n-redensifying I will try anything once. I've posted about this before. Going to start tomorrow morning. Supposed to work in the front as well as top where Min does not. I will only use in front as I will still use Min on crown. Ill take a pic tomorrow morning after shower and another when the bottle is finished and post for the world to see.
  8. I have read that you can take it for years,almost a decade without any real issue, I do think I will take a break for a bit at the actual 2 year mark in I think September to see what happens.
  9. I have been taking it for almost 2 years. ManyI.ve seen taking them usually has some type of reaction early on. I am not saying medically you are wrong I am saying you can know early on. As with any medication prolonged use can end up bad, I am well aware of that.
  10. I have no discernible sides from it thankfully. usually youll know right away from what Ive read and if they suck stop using it for sure.
  11. ah not sure. Not even sure how long it took to get like that.I just know at one point I couldnt run my hands in my hair without 20 hairs falling out
  12. I use them both same time. So Ill pen the front and roll the back. then for good measure ill do a once over in the front with the roller.