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  1. @baldlivesmatter Did you tell either of these girls about the transplant? lol
  2. Stuff works wonders, I am seeing similar results (but also using and doing other things in conjunction) which I am documenting in my own post. I think like most meds you have to stay on it to continue benefits so at some point you'll have to decide weather its worth it or not. I personally do not want to be taking this forever o we shall see. Maybe at some point discontinue daily and take weekly or something like that. The issue with meds is the longer you use the more the chance of side effects. Enjoy it while it lasts! as far as hair falling out that's normal.
  3. I have it. Dont thin it makes a difference but will continue just in case lol
  4. One 36 week study published in 1992 - I'm leaning toward no lol
  5. Thanks, month 3 was really significant. I have been religious with this and will not stop the train while its rolling so well.
  6. Thanks for the vote of confidence! I will 100% update every 26th of the month. As for video I wouldn't know where to begin.
  7. Nothing in my hair but Rogaine foam. Cursed with a high forehead. Hoping the top fills in more over the next few months so I can maybe lower the hair line with the HT. This is 3 months growth.
  8. 1800 grafts seems way light for this guy to begin with. He still has a few months to grow so who knows. The mistake here imo is the amount of grafts used. The doctor should post donor area before after as well. . My first consultation was with a doctor who used the Artas. I was underwhelmed.
  9. No problem hoping someone can get somethign out of this if they are iffy about an HT. I am pretty happy about the progress so far. I hear iffy things about PRP.. Why are you pointing out the certain areas of my progress? Any particular reason? this is the most recent.
  10. Today is exactly 3 months (started Sept 26) for Finesteride. I started derma rolling 10/18 not sure when I started Rogaine, was about a month or so after fin. I also started the keto shampoo mid November.
  11. this is the original progress post of where i started.
  12. **there are quite a few vellus hairs in the temporal area, and I do believe these are becoming terminal, anyone care to correct me if this is not possible considering my age/hair loss? You cannot see them in the photos but in the right light I can, they are getting longer.
  13. Belated merry Christmas all and happy holidays. Today is 3 month mark for Finesteride with added 1% Ketoconazole shampoo and derma rolling and Rogaine added along the way as well as my regular vitamins and such. Pictures taken this morning. (up close temporal is left side to show hairs growing as this was the weakest side) Let me know what you think. Thoughts on crown filling in more?