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  1. I was hoping you would know lol Seems like an alternative to Minoxidil without side effects.
  2. There hasn't been a post about this in years, and I am just learning about it. Any concrete evidence from anyone it works, particularly better than Minoxidil? small case study https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/31049335
  3. Twice someone has said my hair looks great. I wear hats a lot, i did when I was younger and had a full head of hair as well. So when I started losing it I hid it a lot. No one probably even realized I was losing it really. Except when i panicked and tried a system. I was laughed at without ever telling anyone or them acknowledging they noticed it.
  4. every Monday and Thursday Ill do it tonight I usually do it in the morning before i leave for work, didnt even realize it was Thursday
  5. Just snapped this pic. im quarantined so you know I'm not combing my head lol bed head all day.
  6. Nothing much has changed on the crown. Still using topick. front still growing albeit slowly.
  7. you be safe as well and happy growing!
  8. Yup! I will not be combing my hair until at least April. God willing April!
  9. We don't have to care about our hair while in quarantine... ammiright?? #15days
  10. WTF i Nioxin lol Jesus do I have to add something else to my regimine??? There is only 24 hours in a day for crying out loud As far as the oil, I add it before bed. Typically when I go out w/o a hat I have none of the product I use for hair regrowth in my hair. Ive been taking the new stuff for about a month or so (pumpkin seed oil vitamins as well) so we shall see if it makes any difference over the next few months,
  11. So i was looking up PRP and where I can get it done near me, turns out there is a place in the building I just moved in to earlier this month. Kismet? lol
  12. most pics taken in the same exact spot in my bathroom so they are all comparable. I did add emu oil, a hair treatment and collagen to the regimen so maybe that effected it? Things are still progressing just at a snails pace...I'll never be happy i guess.
  13. Just an update with some Minox in the hair and maybe a hat head, was wearing a baseball cap for some reason. Probably force of habit. I have a photo in this thread from November. where the top looks much thicker on the left side. Maybe a trick of the camera? I think maybe my crown went backward a little bit, =/ FOR ANYONE VIEWING THIS FOR THE FIRST TIME THIS WHOLE THREAD IS DEDICATED TO ME GROWING MY HAIR BACK W/O THE USE OF A TRANSPLANT. I need a hair cut desperately been 2 months.
  14. Mine is the Igrow which is probably not as great as the ones that have come out recently like the capillus. Also it looks goofy. I paid a decent amount for it too.. whats more important your hair or the money? lol