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  1. WTF i Nioxin lol Jesus do I have to add something else to my regimine??? There is only 24 hours in a day for crying out loud As far as the oil, I add it before bed. Typically when I go out w/o a hat I have none of the product I use for hair regrowth in my hair. Ive been taking the new stuff for about a month or so (pumpkin seed oil vitamins as well) so we shall see if it makes any difference over the next few months,
  2. So i was looking up PRP and where I can get it done near me, turns out there is a place in the building I just moved in to earlier this month. Kismet? lol
  3. most pics taken in the same exact spot in my bathroom so they are all comparable. I did add emu oil, a hair treatment and collagen to the regimen so maybe that effected it? Things are still progressing just at a snails pace...I'll never be happy i guess.
  4. Just an update with some Minox in the hair and maybe a hat head, was wearing a baseball cap for some reason. Probably force of habit. I have a photo in this thread from November. where the top looks much thicker on the left side. Maybe a trick of the camera? I think maybe my crown went backward a little bit, =/ FOR ANYONE VIEWING THIS FOR THE FIRST TIME THIS WHOLE THREAD IS DEDICATED TO ME GROWING MY HAIR BACK W/O THE USE OF A TRANSPLANT. I need a hair cut desperately been 2 months.
  5. Mine is the Igrow which is probably not as great as the ones that have come out recently like the capillus. Also it looks goofy. I paid a decent amount for it too.. whats more important your hair or the money? lol
  6. I own one, an irestore I believe. Had it for a couple years. I haven't even been using it. I put it on last night.....my guess is that its quackery but I've tried everything else might as well start doing this again.
  7. yeah I have it too. I have been using head and shoulder clinical strength some nights and nizoral once a week. it gets better then comes back its so annoying. I want to start taking oral minox because i cant take this any more. When I use the derma pen you can see where it all is because it ends up on the pen,
  8. ill just ad this here. Nothing really changing at this point although I think the front is still growing and filling in,far from where I'd like it. I still see hair growing there so I am hopeful.
  9. ::Marking an addition:: Added Collagen to the mix. Specifically https://www.vitacost.com/neocell-super-collagen-powder Drinking this at night time. Studies have no conclusion whether morning on an empty stomach or nighttime before bed had any better results. Ill update w/ pics in late January.
  10. @jjsrader Any particular reason you quadrupled the mg? I this something you did yourself or was this recommended? Anywere in the states I can get this? NY based.
  11. ::Marking the day:: Adding 3 things to my regimen: Nutraviv (topical):: Purified water, alcohol, glycerin, azelaic acid, black cohosh, pantothenic acid, Japanese green tea extract, aloe, licorice extract, seabuckthorn berry and seed oil, grapefruit seed extract, and niacin. Pumpkin Seed oil (vitamin) Emu oil. Pumpkin seed vitamins are 2 3x a day. Nutrviv 7pm every night Emu oil 5 minutes after applying Rogain foam (nighttime only)
  12. Good luck my man, I hope it turns out better than you hope.
  13. I did not, not to an extent I noticed anything at least. Going to get a pill prescription soon so hopefully I can avoid it with that as well.