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  1. not with direct view, but from time to time during the shower I can see the beard hairs on my hands and they're really different from the regular hair. It's supposed to give density to the mid-rear area of the head
  2. The main difference between FUE and DHI is in the way grafts are implanted into the recipient area. While during FUE the surgeon manually implants the extracted grafts, with DHI a specific implanter tool (also known as Choi Implanter Pen) is used.
  3. Tanks for your comments. I paid using cash because they warned me that if it was made by c.card I had to pay an extra % (I guess they don't pay taxes if you do it in cash). I chose the package where he makes the insertions. Regards!
  4. At the time that I got my HT he had 2 packages, 1 for 2100€ where his workers do the whole process (except the design) and the second one for 2600€ where he also made the incisions, NOT THE INSERTIONS (my bad, sorry), that's what we chose. There was also a third package around 3500€ where he did all the process.
  5. What do you mean?. If you mean what package did I choose, it was the package where Dr. Cinik makes the design and inserts the grafts himself.
  6. Not at all, maybe due to my great density on my donor area, I had not visible scars or signs of the surgery from month 2. You can check photos posted in the thread. My brother did have spaces and big gaps without hair during the first 5 months. He was really scared, but finally everything were fine and he looks perfectly now.
  7. I agree with both of you, having a good donor area it's at least so important as the chosen and following the exact instructions given by the clinic as well.
  8. Thanks everyone of you for your great comments. I'm really happy now, one year after my HT, so I think it's finished. I'll let you know if anything changes. Happy New year and best wishes for you all!
  9. Hi, there is no scars at all. My beard is also very dense and there was no sign of the extraction even from week 1. Regards
  10. Update (possibly the last one) of my HT. I already think that, as said in Spanish, "all the fish is sold", yesterday I did the 11 months since my operation in Turkey and honestly, if 1 year ago when my complex and my doubts made me decide to go there, someone would've shown me a photo of my current appearance, I would not have believed that this result would've been possible. I think I had the fact of having a very dense donor on my side, with quite thick hairs and several follicles per graft, in addition to a post-operative taking care and following all the instructions I received from the clinic. The first months were really hard until the 7th when I started to notice some clear results. It is true that several guys from the forum gave me hope with their comments, but when everyone around you creates doubts, it is difficult to trust in a happy ending. In these last 4 months, there have been many anecdotes. People who have not seen me for a few months tell me that "I am younger", not knowing very well why, but there is "something they notice". Also, those who used to make fun of me at the beginning now phone me and write me asking for information about the process, but other than that, the best part is the personal perception that I now have of me. Please, don't misunderstand me, being bald is nothing serious compared to the health problems that ARE REALLY A PROBLEM which, unfortunately, many of us have suffered with family, friends and close people, but it is true that over the years I had been losing self confidence; A proof of this is that I could hardly find 5 or 6 photos of the last 4 years. Surely the result could have been better with more grafts, but the truth is that I am very happy with my final result (?). Thanks to all who have followed my case and have taken the time to comment this post. Photos: