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    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
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    Norwood V A
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair

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    Dr. Emrah Cinik

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  1. Great result so far, I'm one month away from you and hope to look like that after 4 weeks 🤞
  2. Thank you @alex79, I feel confident about what the result could be considering there are still 3 months ahead when bigger changes will happen. We'll see
  3. Thanks for you comment, hopefully it will improve in the next months
  4. Hi!, 5 months update. Things kept improving during this last 4 weeks. Overall I'm happy with how I look now comparing to how I looked at the end of 2018 but still I'm expecting some improvements mostly related with a higher density. I've read a lot about the 3 next months being critical for the final result, so I'm concerned and excited at 50% proportions.... Here are this month's photos: Waiting for your thoughts and comments....
  5. Hi.. yesterday I took a photo outdoor with a friend and I could realised how a big change has ocurred during these 4 months. I'm really happy with the decission I took.
  6. 4 MONTHS UPDATE: Already on this wished mark. I could't say that it was fast get to here, it's been a long time and a lot of doubts since I got my HT to now. The photos are taken with my cellphone flash, I'd say that it looks better with natural light that it does under the camera flash, but I still think there's been a change. I have to mention that I buzzed my hair to 1mm length last week and in my opinion, the gappy areas got better, since now everything is more or less ath the same length. There are new black dots on my scalp which I guess (hope) will cover the remaining less denses areas. If you check the photos from the 3rd month, I think you could say the low density areas got a bit better. I'm really excited about the coming weeks, since everybody on this and on the Spanish forum, where I started my thread too, are telling me that from now on I should notice a big difference regarding density and uncovered zones. Here are the new photos. Thanks for your thoughts.
  7. Thank you, I hope so 🤞. A new update in the coming days. I started to get the "you look better!" compliments from friends and family, so I'm quite happy so far.
  8. Hi,thanks for your comment, I'm on Xpecia (Saw Palmetto, 2 pills per day), piperita mentha and castor oil. I stopped Finasteride before the surgery,no side effects but still preferred to try with natural products.
  9. Thank you Alex79, I hope so. Actually I think it's been a difference in the last week
  10. Hi again.. now on the 3.5 months mark. Still no big improvements but a bit better though. Despite I'm light years from where I'd like to be, I can see that things are a better comparing to where I started from. My front third was completely empty, and now I can see this amount of hair on it (my little kid call me "Kiwi"..). I was worry about the bald gaps that are present since the shock loss phase, but Dr. Cinik's representative told me that they will be covered eventually (eventually is such a wide word...) and send me the graphic that I'm attaching below. Blondes hair on some areas aren't helping much either to cover them, but there are some tiny black hairs underneath. Hopefully, the coming weeks will make a difference, but doubts are still there... As I mentioned on my previous post, I got the first of the four PRP I've planned to get during this year. I couldn't say if it was helpful so far.. Now the important stuff, photos update. They've been taken with a powerful led light above my head but without flash, which made photos a bit different from the real status in previous posts: Waiting for your comments and impressions
  11. I've been told that they've recently moved to a new Hospital with bigger and better rooms. My experience was great, also my brother had the same feeling. They did everything in time (transfers, surgeries,...) And was available all the time for any doubt we had. As far as I know, there was 3 patients in the morning and 2 in the evening the same day we were there (I'm talking about surgeries where Dr. Cinik did the channels). I can't say my HT is a success yet, I still have to wait 3-4 more months for that, but I felt confident with how they treated me.
  12. Hi, I also got my HT with Dr.Cinik. I paid for the second option which includes him opening the channels. I always thought that it'd be better if the Dr. makes it because his name is on it, instead of a technician who can have a bad day and nothing to lose if he/she doesn't perform it in a good way. You made the first step, so good luck!, after a year or so, you'll be a totally different looking person
  13. No problem taking about it, since we went 4 people at the same time they made a special offer for us, charging 80€ each instead of the regular price (130€). Regards