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  1. fespafer

    A few questions about Dr. CINIK and more

    I've been told that they've recently moved to a new Hospital with bigger and better rooms. My experience was great, also my brother had the same feeling. They did everything in time (transfers, surgeries,...) And was available all the time for any doubt we had. As far as I know, there was 3 patients in the morning and 2 in the evening the same day we were there (I'm talking about surgeries where Dr. Cinik did the channels). I can't say my HT is a success yet, I still have to wait 3-4 more months for that, but I felt confident with how they treated me.
  2. fespafer

    A few questions about Dr. CINIK and more

    Hi, I also got my HT with Dr.Cinik. I paid for the second option which includes him opening the channels. I always thought that it'd be better if the Dr. makes it because his name is on it, instead of a technician who can have a bad day and nothing to lose if he/she doesn't perform it in a good way. You made the first step, so good luck!, after a year or so, you'll be a totally different looking person
  3. No problem taking about it, since we went 4 people at the same time they made a special offer for us, charging 80€ each instead of the regular price (130€). Regards
  4. Hi, thanks for the mention. Don't be worry, since you're still on a early phase to see your final result. Trust me, everything will be better after a feew weeks. I'm now on 3rd month and things started to get better. I was also full of doubts, but I had this and a Spanish forum to check that only lucky guys was looking good before 3rd month, most of those who posted their cases didn't get a good looking aspect before the 5th month. So come on, cheer you up! and be confident, everything will be better soon, you can be sure. About using minoxidil, I was told not to use any chemicals on my receipt area before the 6th month. I'm only using piperita mentha, castor oil and vitamined shampoo. Keep posting.
  5. Haha..good to know that someone found it useful.. Actually it was not a funny phrase, it described the feeling I had whenever I stood in front of the mirror. Thanks for your reply. P.S. I forgot to mention that tomorrow I'll get the first of the 4 PRP treatment that I've planned to get during this 12 months. I'll let you know if it's worthy to spend money on it.
  6. 3 months update. This last weeks I left my hair grow up without getting a haircut. Apparently, there is no big improvement yet, but still a bit better though. Lots of black spots seem to be the hairs that (hopefully) will cover the bald areas that are stil present on my head. Those bald guys at work who laughed at me at the beggining of the process, started asking about how could they get info for them, how much money did I spend, if it was painful, and so... That encouraged me to think that maybe it's going better that I think. I do think that photos don't show the way I really look now since I made them all with close flash to avoid anyone telling me that I'm trying to cheat on the people reading this thread. The 4th month is coming (read it with Jon Snow voice)... It will be a decissive moment for the process, since It's accepted on the forum that after this coming weeks I'll be able to make an idea about how my result will be (finger crossed...) Here are this month photos, I've made a collage comparing my evolution through this 120 days.. (but..hey!.. who's counting?..) I'mlooking forward to read your thoughts. I'll be back next month. Regards
  7. A little update with this collage including the evolution of my HT till today . As you can see, the shock loss phase is still present (and will be still for some more weeks 😭). Never thought that after my surgery weeks would last 9 days each one... They're going by so slowly...
  8. Hi, not at all, my beard was ok from second week. It surprised me how fast it healed. Nobody could say 300 grafts were extracted from there.
  9. 2 months update: I would say that time has flown by but I would lie ... If I put together all the strolls taken to the mirror, the doubts about whether everything will go well, the acidity in my stomach every time I saw a new baldness due to the shock loss and the long path to cross the "desert phase", this past time has been sloooow. Maybe the worst part of these last weeks, weren't only my own doubts (as I have already written in the posts above, I had read a lot about how the process would go and, in certain way, I keep the hope that everything will be better from the 4th month and beyond); As I said, the worst thing has been having to put up with family and friends, telling me that I've thrown away the money and, no matter how much you explain to them that it is a part of the process, they do not believe me, sowing even more doubts. Also, there are also those who after telling them that I got a HT, say that "I am bald and I keep my dignity" ... (I'd remove their dignity with a punch on their face...) which make me feel bad, because, of course, my dignity was intact (at least until I heard that), I just wanted to recognize myself again in the mirror. Anyway, I've had my minutes of psychotherapy writing these things for a few minutes, let's cut to the chase. The donor and the beard, recovered 100%, I passed the machine to 1mm about 8 days ago by the donor, I wanted to do it also in the recipient area to match the different lengths that I have right now making me my appearance look even worse. They told me that I have to wait till 6th month, but I really think that using the machine carefully without pressure, would not have worse consequences than cutting with a pair of scissors, because it cuts really well, but hey, I will be disciplined and won't do it yet (maybe next month). As you will see it in the photos, the recipient zone looks better, I started using rosehip oil mixed with the shampoo and it has helped me to remove the little redness that still remained (I do not know if it will be the oil or has coincided that it has to be gone now). I'm still in the desert phase and it's fucked up, because there are bald spots that make people look at my hair while I'm talking to them. As you can see in the photos of the endoscope, the good thing is that those black spots that were seen a couple of weeks ago have started to emerge, I hope they help in the coming weeks to cover the areas where you can still see parts of my "cardboard" and improve the general appearance of my scalp. Finally, only the photos are left, they are made with flash, trying to give the maximum detail. Give me your thoughts. Regards.
  10. Hi!, I'm following your progress since I got my HT with Dr. Cinik as well but one month later (January 15th). Your case looks really good since you have an excellent donor area. After 45 days PO you looked much better than I do now, so hopefully I'll keep improving in the way you're doing it now. Keep updating, it will be very helpful to see what I can expect for me. Regards
  11. Thanks for updating your case progress. I'm on my 45 days after HT and I was having doubts with my progress (I started my own thread too), but your case made me see that it's totally normal how I look so far. You look great and I'm totally sure that in the coming months the thickening and maturation of your hairs will cover all the low density areas. Keep updating!
  12. Well, the update of the 6 weeks arrives (41 days to be exact). Despite having read so many cases and being aware that this stage would be hard, the truth is that the "mangy-leprous dog" aspect of my head is fucking me up. I have seen other cases in which all the hair has fallen equally, it is also complicated, but at least my appearance would be more as it was before the surgery. I have to admit that in this phase there are a lot of moments when doubts keep coming to my mind ... Will there be hairs where now there are only bald spots? Will the line remain as I expected? Will it be the final density, at least, acceptable? ... Anyway, I hope that the 3 next months pass quickly and I start to recover some of the illusion that I had after falling the crusts and seeing hair all over the cardboard. Now the important thing for forum people, photos update. Next reply will be at 2 months from surgery if I notice any appreciable change:
  13. Thank you. I hope these months go by soon and everything begins to look better... I'll keep you all posted
  14. Hi @Donjamo, I tried to start my own thread. As you said, I felt confortable with Dr. Cinik and his staff and seemed to me very professional. I'm in plain shock loss now (the worst phase), but hopefuly, everything will go fine. Regarding your progress, everything looks fine and from now on everything will improve. Good luck friend, I'll keep checking your thread. My thread: