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  1. I see you are also after Biotin. I usually buy it on iherb.com Great prices and a very wide choice of products. Very detailed description of the products. Last night I did a bit of research into Biotin brands and came up with these 3 being the best according to some comparison websites: Sports research with coconut oil Solgar Zhou Nutrition’s HAIRFLUENCE I have no idea if these are any better than others. I will give them a try probably. I hope it helps. Cheers
  2. I use Rogaine Foam which is called Regaine in Australia because of some trademark issue. On special I can get the 4months supply here for $80AUD which is not too bad. I tried also Foligain and like Kirkland was very unconfortable.
  3. You are a champion mate! I usually use skyscanner to find the best suitable flight and then look for that exact flight on the airline website directly. It worked well few times.
  4. Thanks Lenney, you have been of great help with all your reccomendations! Do you mean book on Mo-Wed or fly those days? Can you link your post? Cheers
  5. Hi mate, if it helps I tried Minox from Kirkland extra strenght and made my scalp super itchy. had to sop. I switched to Rogaine now and it's fine, no itchiness. As far as efficency i have no idea, honestly taking minox for the last 8-10months haven't seen any difference.
  6. Hi everyone, I made my choice to go with Dr. Demirsoy, booked on 02/09 this year. His patient advisor Muzaffer was extremely helpful and I got several extremely good feedbacks from former patients. So my Dr. it's him 100%! I can't say the same for Bhatti, his way of communication was very very disappointing, it took me several emails to get a simple answer to my questions, everytime he replied he seemed annoyed and on top of that I saw few bad cases recently handled by the clinic even worse. Also i don't like the fact that this forum is packed with his promoters, I felt everything that is being said about him on here is slightly pumped up and pushed with youtube videos and comments from users that clearly work for him. Not to mention their location, not the easiest to reach. I will keep you guys posted with a new thred of my procedure when time comes. Thnk you all for your help.
  7. Very promising Lenney and even more important, very natural! It can just get better!
  8. Badresults, I feel very sorry for you. @Shera you know I am only hours away from making a decision myself and Bhatti is on the shortlist ... your reply is very unprofessional, you sound resentful, I felt like you were attacking the patient instead of supporting him...wtf!?!? It doesn't matter if he didn't contact you before, he felt to go direct to Dr.Bhatti and you as a part of the Darling Buds Team should give the best support possible to this guy! The HT went bad, yes it is bad which is one more reason for you and all Darling Buds representatives to help this guy and for Dr. Bhatti to give him a full refund, this is what I would expect.
  9. @PlzRespond Hi mate, I haven't seen poor results from Demirsoy lately, can you pls tell me where i can find them? Via private message is also fine. I am considering to book either with him or Dr.Bahtti.
  10. Thanks @Shera and @Lennney for your pecious info! In India I consider only Dr. Bhatti and btw eugenix is not cheaper. I would be travelling from Australia heading to Europe to visit my parents so a stopover either in India or Turkey would be no problem. I love istanbul, not sure that is a pros towards Demirsoy LOL
  11. I ve been stalking his results as well and the fewer available are good to great. Why so few testimonials online?
  12. Hi @Lennney, you and @HLPToronto have been of great inspiration towards having Bhatti in my toplist. Genuine patients, similar hair caliber and concerns and especially same requirements when it comes to chose a doctor (Dr doing the critical tasks). On the other hand, I see a lot of other HT posted by representatives which somehow I trust less, I am of the opinion that a good doctor doesn't need this much marketing but results instead and that is the case of Demirsoy for example together with many other great surgeons like Lorenzo, Couto, Devroye, feriduni, Lupanzula, Keser, whom all fly somehow under the radar and none of them are being pushed on this forum by represenattives. Nothing wrong with Bhatti marketing strategy, I would just personally prefer to see less marketing involved and more real impartial patients but this is just me. Hard to tell who is better in my case, both are equally at the top of my list each with their pro and cons in my eyes. @Lennney how do you explain the low density offered from Bhatti in most cases? My feeling is that he spreads the grafts too far apart, why is that? Because is less risky whereas dense packing it is more in terms of potential yield, damaging nearby grafts, necrosis and so on? Or is it simply the way he feels comfortable? Conservative approach is good but cannot be the answer, you see denser HT made with consciousness as well...this is my biggest dilemma. I love Bhatti's attitude, kindness and knowledge but that is not all, if he only could guarantee a better density I would have already booked with him. Demirsoy, a part from before after pictures, there aren't many real patients around to check unfortunately, I wish someone could pop up and tell me more. Thank you guys always!
  13. @Shera, I stopped finasteride about 7years ago due to side effects but I'm willing to give it a new try if that helps. Should I approach the surgery being under finasteride or is good enough to start taking it right after surgery? Currently I am taking biotin, saw palmetto and minoxidil foam only. You are not the first one to tell me to get a second touch up in 1year time but I don't technically understand how is it possible to have a second procedure if during the first one all available graft were taken?
  14. Hi guys, I am at the stage now where I have to make a decision and pick the right surgeon for my needs and nobody else can push me to the right direction better than you guys, so here we go! After about a year of reading this and other forums, considering my budget, requirements and my gut feeling, I’m down to Dr.Demirsoy and Dr.Bhatti. They both sit within my budget, both perform most of the surgery (harvesting and slit making), both are delivering good results and good feedbacks from patients can be found online. · Demirsoy Pro & Cons: Great results, good density, helpful customer care/representative. Very few results online, surprisingly not very popular, few average results. 4000grafts quoted. · Bhatti pro & Cons: Good constant results, highly ethical, I love his attitude, great clinic. Density in most cases low to very low, no outstanding results online. 3500grafts quoted. Within my budget and requirements, I don’t see any other Dr. that can be considered. What do you guys think? Few pics of my empty “head” here below LOL
  15. Hi mate, I switched to Rogaine 5% foam and I would say it works better on me...I still get that sticky feeling but less and no itching so satisfied overall. Thanks for your help! Just thought this update might help someone in my same situation. Cheers
  16. Thank you guys for your replies! Good point Dr. Bloxham, this is exactly why I asked this question...I always got the feeling like FUE + scarless so then after seeing some pics i wondered if that was really true! HT can be succesful but also unsuccesful we know that. What if I lose most of the transplanted hair and the ones in the donor area as well? It would be ugly not to buzz the few remaining hair down but it would be bad also to see thousand tiny scars. I wonder if this unlucky situation has ever happened to someone here on the forum. I believe it's important to be aware of the potential consequences of anything we do in life wether them being positive or negaive.
  17. Wether these 2 users are genuine or not i don't know. I am genuine, a simple fella looking for the best place to go for an HT. Given the fact that I am totally impartial I feel disturbing to see an army of fake users continuously highlighting your clinic. I'm not saying you are not producing great results, I'm just saying that your marketing strategy and sometimes arrogance doesn't help your reputation. Be humble, let results speak for themselves.
  18. everything looks very good and clean! What was the Dr. involvement in the surgery? What are the tasks left to technicians? thanks
  19. Honestly I don't understand why @Ashishmehta hasn't been banned from this forum yet! He's clearly 100% an Eugenix employee, you'll find him in every single Bhatti's thread stating that Eugenix is better...come on, this user is just ruining the reputation and trustability of this forum and we are all wasting time and such post/users are just misleading future patients like myself! @Bill - Managing Publisher @Melvin-Moderator please take this seriously for the sake of this forum.
  20. Dr. Bhatti is probably the most ethical Dr. on the market. Highly knowledgeable, good results and very customer focused. Eugenix, seems to deliver good jobs according to pictures but too much forced fake advertising with fake users continuosly highlighting the clinic. To me they sound too dodgy, I don't trust them.
  21. Eugenix seems to have lots of people on their paybook!
  22. 22K for 3k grafts makes it even more than $9.6AUD x graft ... now I am officially scared ahahhaha
  23. For FUE, H&W quoted me $9.6AUD per graft whereas Devroye, Lupanzula, Lorenzo from $3.9AUD to $5.3AUD, not quite the same in my case. Maybe Dr. Wong didn't want me and scared me away 😉
  24. Hi guys, I am mentally preparing myself to go for a fue HT this year and my latest concern is...will I be able to shave my hair down to zero without making the fue scars noticeable? That is assuming that either the fue ht goes wrong or I keep loosing native hairs so therefore I'll have to have a shaved head. What do you guys think? thanks