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  1. I used bacitracin and my friend who manages a pharmacy gave me mupirocin ointment.
  2. I’m almost 3 months after my ht. Had 3900 grafts done, mainly hairline and then dispersed throughout mid scalp and crown. Ive had some folliculitis, which is getting better, but I’ve noticed a part of my transplant area feels a little swollen and is actually numb to the touch. No fluid or pus if I try to squeeze it - normal or no? Could it be some type of scar tissue/collagen?
  3. Day 31. Got the sides and back buzzed down last week to even things out, but it's still growing in faster than the transplanted area (top) lol. I am a little worried as the donor area (back and sides) seems to be a bit patchy/thin - maybe I'm a slow healer or shock loss? Should I be worried?
  4. Did you follow up with them about the video call? Have you filed any formal complaints with the hospital/clinic or take any legal action against them? Again, I'm sorry for what happened to you. It sounds like maybe inexperienced technicians were working on you. Anyway, I don't want to go back and forth with you. I appreciate your well wishes and wish the best for you as well. I'm trying to upload my pics that were just taken to show my progress (day 10), but it's giving me an error and saying "upload failed". Maybe @Melvin-Moderator can help me?
  5. Did you ever contact them about what happened to you? What was their response? His new clinic that I went to has gotten great reviews which is why I chose them. They only did 2 patients per day, now they do 3 because they’re more popular, but some of the “hair mills” in Turkey do a lot more than that. I personally felt like I was in good hands.
  6. Hi everyone. So I just want to share the experience I had with my hair transplant procedure last week. I'm 29 years old and I've been wanting to do something about my hair for a few years now. A lot of people thought I was crazy when I told them I hated my hair, but I know my body the best and I could clearly tell that my hairline was receding and my head was getting less and less full of hair over the last few years. It really took a toll on my confidence. Unfortunately, I could not afford a ht here in the US. My barber is the one who told me about Turkey during one of my haircuts last year, and then I began to do my research. I was originally going to choose Smile Hair Clinic in Istanbul, but after joining the Facebook group "Hair Loss Conquerors", I decided to go with Dr. Ziya Yavuz, as he seemed to have the most positive comments overall, and other users suggested him to me. I booked a "sapphire" FUE with Dr. Yavuz for my brother and I, and we flew out to Istanbul from NY on Jan 11th. When we arrived at the airport, it was Sunday AM (Jan 12th). The car service was in the waiting area to pick us up. They drove us to the Hilton in Istanbul, which was a beautiful hotel and we had a nice room with a great view of the city sky line. We decided to do a guided tour of the city while we were there, because why not? The morning of our procedures, we woke up and had breakfast at the buffet in the hotel. We went back to our room, and the front desk called us to let us know that our driver had arrived. We were greeted by a friendly older Turkish man, who drove us to the clinic (located in Acibadem Hospital) in a nice Mercedes sedan. We were greeted by one of Dr. Yavuz's female patient coordinators in the lobby, who took us up to the clinic on the 4th floor of the hospital. My brother and I filled out some paperwork, and then the doctor came out to introduce himself. Dr. Yavuz was very friendly and spoke great English. He had asked us if we were taking any medications. My brother told him no, so he gave my brother a pill for relaxation (I'm assuming Xanax). I take medication for OCD/depression, so when I told the doctor that I am on medication and had in fact taken one of them that same morning, he didn't give me the sedative, which sucked, because I had my own Xanax and didn't take it because I figured he'd give me something lol. No big deal. We decided I would go first. I went into a room with Dr. Yavuz where he pulled up the pictures I had previously sent and asked me what my goals were. He then got a measuring tape and marker and drew a hairline for me, and asked how it looked. I agreed that I liked its and then I had my head shaved. I then went into the operating room with the techs/nurses. They drew some blood to test for HIV and other blood-related diseases and to get some plasma for the PRP injections that they administered before starting the procedure. All test results came back fine. Dr. Yavuz came back in the room to administer the anesthesia. The first part was the "needle-free" anesthesia, which really just felt like some rubber bands snapping on my scalp. The pain wasn't bad. Then, the needle anesthetic came and it hurt a bit more in certain spots. Dr. Yavuz was in the room for a little while while the techs/nurses started extracting the grafts and they showed me what the grafts look like. Dr. Yavuz left and said he'd be back to open the channels once the extraction was done. Not going to lie, the extraction was pretty damn painful. There were parts where I wanted to ask for more anesthetic, because I actually felt like it wasn't working, but I stupidly didn't say anything. I still had an IV in my arm so I believe they had actually sedated me a little more, because I remember falling asleep for a while and being a little drowsy when I woke up and they were still doing the extractions. Dr. Yavuz then came back in the room to open the channels. He asked how I was doing, then showed me the sapphire blade. He opened up the channels in my head, which wasn't that bad compared to the graft extractions. When he was done, the techs/nurses went to work on putting in the grafts. Some more pain during this part, but again, I think the extractions were the worst. I was pretty drowsy and kept moving because I was actually falling asleep lol. The techs kept asking me to stay still, and I apologized. They were not speaking English during the procedure, only when they told me not to move. After I was done, I was brought into a room where I was given a lunch. My brother was still having his done in another operating room. I think the procedure lasted about 5-6 hours total. More so than the pain of the procedure, I think the worst part was trying to lay comfortably for that long stretch of time. The "table" I was laying on was more like a dentist's chair, so it was hard to lay in certain positions. Eventually my brother came out of his procedure and all went well, though he agreed it was painful and said that they gave him more anesthesia at one point because he was agitated and he also took a lunch break in between. They wrapped our heads up, gave us the meds we needed to take for the next few days and explained the instructions. They also told me they were able to do 3900 grafts for me, as I was initially quoted 3800. My brother was estimated at 3500 grafts and he ended up with 3600. The the driver took us back to the hotel and the next morning, he picked us up again and brought us back for the follow up. They took our bandages off and applied some iodine-type substance to our donor areas and send us on our way. The next day, we were picked up again for our first wash by the same car service company that picked us up at the airport (not the same driver in the Mercedes that took us to/from our clinic appointments previously). The patient coordinator explained to us the washing/after care process, as the nurse washed our heads. The doctor also came to see us and see if we had any questions before we left. Of course, they also tried selling us some extra supplements but there was no pressure, and we declined. My only real complaint about this experience was that we had asked prior to going if they would accept a Discover credit card for my brother's procedure and we were told yes. When we got there, they told us that the payment could not go through on a Discover card, so thankfully I had a MasterCard with me and we were able to pay with that and my brother gave me the money when we got home. Would've saved us some stress, but at least it all worked out. There's probably some other details I'm leaving out, but that's really it for the most part. Overall, a good experience aside from the procedure itself being a bit more painful than expected. The pain after the procedure and up until now has been minimal and I think everything is healing nicely so far. I actually went to my primary care doctor today because I thought I had the flu (thankfully I don't) and I told her about the whole thing, and she even said it looks good and like it's healing nicely lol! All in all, I paid 2200 euros (a bit under $2500 USD) for the procedure which included 3-night stay at a Hilton in Istanbul and car service to/from the airport, all clinic appointments and the hotel. My flight was about $1,000 USD but I had some credit card reward points so I paid about $850 for a round trip non-stop flight on Turkish Airlines. Dr. Yavuz's team at Acibadem Hospital is super organized and friendly, and they reply very timely via Whats App. I had some questions about some minor swelling I had when I returned and they asked me to send pictures, which I did, and I was advised to apply ice and keep taking the meds they gave (steroids, antibiotic). I did, and the swelling went down the next day or so. Keeping my fingers crossed that healing will continue to go well and that I'll get nice results. The first side by side picture shows me on the left in 2011 (age 21) and me about a week or so prior to the procedure. The other pic collage are the pics I sent to Dr. Yavuz's team in November, and the mirror selfie is me just minutes after my procedure finished, followed by a pic from a few hours later. Finally the gross pics of the back of my head/donor area are from the day after the procedure when the bandages were removed lol. I'll post some new pics tomorrow since my scabs are finally starting to come off a bit and it will be one full week since this was done. Stay turned for tomorrow's update!
  7. I'm not sure if I'm understanding your post correctly, but I am not "advertising" anything. All I did was mention that I had a ht in Turkey with Dr. Yavuz last week and commented on my experiences of it. I am now one week post-op with no problems and hopefully it stays that way. Again, sorry that you had that experience, but I would hope that everyone is smart enough to do their own research instead of letting others convince them that they need to spend $10-$20k for a hair transplant here in the USA or wherever else they live.
  8. Again, it appears that he went to an old clinic that Dr. Yavuz used to work at. I went to the clinic that he now owns and operates. I’m very sorry that @Egy had a botched surgery, and I guess all I can do is share my experience and hope that my results come out good.
  9. Yes, there are Facebook groups like that, that are monitored by staff and they filter out certain posts. I was part of one of those groups until someone messaged me and told me to join the group I mentioned, which ALL posts/reviews are allowed and nothing needs to be approved by a moderator in order to be posted. So basically, it’s the same concept as this forum, and again, Dr. Yavuz had nothing but positive feedback on there. Some other clinics had a mix of good and bad. I’m not saying I don’t believe you had bad results, but I also don’t think everyone should avoid this guy because you got bad results at an old clinic he worked at 4 years ago.
  10. Wow, I’m sorry you had that experience. You are actually the first negative review I have read of him. He now works at his own clinic in Acibadem Hospital in Istanbul, so maybe that was his old staff or staff from that facility that messed up your procedure. During my procedure, he drew the hairline and administered the anesthesia himself. The techs extracted the grafts, then Dr. Yavuz came back in the room and opened the channels himself with the sapphire blade. Then the techs placed the grafts. I guess we will see how it turns out, but on the Facebook group I mentioned above, everyone raves about him. This came with a “guarantee” certificate for what it’s worth...
  11. I just had my ht 2 days ago (Jan 13th) in Istanbul with Dr. Ziya Yavuz. I’m 29 and flew all the way from New York. He charged 2200€ (a little under $2500 USD for me), and that included 3 nights hotel stay at a Hilton and car service to/from the airport and to/from the hotel to the clinic for all appointments. I had FUE done and got 3900 grafts. The procedure itself was a little more painful than I had expected, but I can’t complain about the doctor, his staff, or the clinic whatsoever. I’m very happy with how my hairline is looking and am now just waiting for the results. I fly home today after receiving my first free wash, and today we went back for the follow up visit. My brother came with me and we did it together. If you’re interested in traveling abroad for your ht, I highly recommend joining the Facebook group Hair Loss Conquerors. A lot of nice and helpful guys on there sharing their experiences and offering advice. Nice online community and very informative, helped me to make my decision as to which clinic to choose. Good luck!
  12. Just wondering if anyone had any feedback on the below supplement. XPECIA FOR MEN ANTI HAIR LOSS DHT BLOCKER NEW HAIR GROWTH FORMULA 60 TABLETS https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07C3JD1YS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_bpJhEbXZF14Z9
  13. I’ve seen people say they’ve used saline spray after their ht to help with the itchiness. Another person told me they used this: Dr Wheatgrass Antioxidant Skin Recovery Spray 175ml - Great for Eczema, Molluscum, Skin Ulcers, Wounds, Burns and Many Other Skin Conditions https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001Q2CIK6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_b8veEb0107CTH What do you guys recommend? Do you think the wheatgrass spray is safe?
  14. I'm 29 and getting FUE done on Jan 13th. I want to get on meds after to preserve my donor area in case I need another ht in the future, but I'm scared to take Finasteride. A nurse I work with also said she would not take it at my age. I am on an antidepressant (Luvox) for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder/depression and Lamictal as an off-label use for OCD, so am I worried about how Finasteride could affect my mental health. I read that oral Minoxidil is not commonly prescribed, but it's very effective, much more so than topical. However, it's usually used for patients with low blood pressure as a last-resort at doses up to 40mg. Those who take it for hair loss take anywhere from 2.5 to 10mg per day, which is supposedly a really low dose. Anyone on it, or know anyone who is?