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  1. You're right dude, I guess since it is my first transplant I wasn't sure what to expect. But I ended up reading a post Dr Bloxham had made with reference to maturation and popping, popping was the thing I was more concerned about as the follicles seemed to be dug under the scalp therefore making it look more bare, but as the days are passing by i'm starting to see more thin and light hairs punching through which seems to be promising. Can't say with 100% what it's going to be but I guess it's too early to make a judgement, I'll keep you guys posted. Btw, your transplants looking pre solid so far!
  2. Yeah man, comparatively it has improved a lot from 3 months. Maybe I just need to give it time, but I had a look at your first transplant and it had me worried - what if mine goes down the same path as yours?
  3. I agree but It wasn't my intention for to make the transplant look bad, I exposed it in order to show the scalp clearly so you can compare the number of grafts implanted vs what is there. With regards to other lighting i.e. outside, in the office, at the bar, the transplant is still very bare and it definitely needs toppik to cover it up. My only question is, will there be more folicular sprouts? I will try and provide you with some photos under different lighting conditions soon.
  4. Heres an update, it was 5 months yesterday. I'm a bit worried as its looking very bare at the moment, does not look anything near 1500 grafts at the moment, feels more like 500? Starting to have some serious doubts about the transplant..
  5. Heres a photo taken today which is a couple days later, i'd say its been a 0.5 to a 1 guard now and its under harsh lighting.. to me it looks pretty well blended in
  6. Yeah but bro tbh its early days rn and i got that haircut 0 faded on the same day i took that pic, i usually get a 1 guard up to 2 and its barley noticable Its the trade off with fue, but id rather this than a linear scar on the back of my head, would never be able to hide it unless the sides were pre long
  7. Heres the photo of the back, best i could get..
  8. Hey guys, so it was my 3 months on the 9th. Its the 18th today so just a lil over. Heres an update. Shock loss has stablized, a lot of natives coming back and also some transplanted hairs beginning to pop out... Things are looking good so far
  9. Next week will be my 3 months, i'll post a update then 2 weeks prior and about a month afterp
  10. Bro looks fine. I literally cant even tell. Congrats!
  11. Sorry I meant minox 😅. So I wake up, wash my hair with water if its really messy - apply Toppik then go to work. I come back home usually in the afternoon and shampoo wash my hair, let it dry for 10-15 mins, apply minox and then I just reapply again once I'm ready for bed.
  12. Yeah I was going to suggest cutting it short but if you're not a fan I guess you'll just have to bite the bullet and wait it out. In saying that, it still doesn't look noticeable in its current state. Everything seems to be on-track, my natives are also coming back slowly. They are very faint in thickness and colour but they are visible under bright light. I'm hoping it'll improve in the coming weeks, sorta getting over wearing toppik lol.
  13. I've been using Toppik daily at work to cover my hair. The way I do it is I apply the topic in the morning, Wash it with Johnsons baby shampoo when I come home & apply as soon as it dries. Then reapply again later at night. I seem to find this works well, i've managed to gain the benefit of minox whilst applying topikk throughout the day. I also had the same issue, my hair would go dry after using shampoo on the daily but I find that the baby shampoo feels less harsh and my scalp feels fine.