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  1. Pekiners trained under Keser & HLC who have very natural-looking hairlines.. Its probably due to the nature of his 'dense packs'..
  2. Whatever you do, I strongly reccommend not going to Koray. You will be disappointed. I'd choose Pekiner, in fact, I have one booked in with him.
  3. Hey man wish you luck on your journey. I'm finalising everything with him & looking to do it in January.
  4. For such a unknown clinic they did a pretty solid job.. Looks good so far man, good luck!
  5. Hey, its not so the early stages i'm worried about.. its more the after math.. like when i just grow an immense amount of hair on my receeding hair line will people just sort of notice or will it be too gradual for them to pickup on..
  6. Hey Guys, Planning on having a HT done relatively soon. Just curious how did you guys manage to deal with having to go back to work. I'm trying to request 4-6 weeks off in order to allow proper time to heal. I work in an office environment and i'm pretty close with most of my colleagues, I just don't want it to be overtly obvious when I come back that i've had work done. Did any of you guys have any instances where people at work had their suspicions or possibly questioned how your hair grew so much all of a sudden?
  7. Starting to thicken up nicely congrats mate.
  8. Hey Bruce, I'm was on the same boat as you, but i've come to decide that I'm choosing Pekiner. I was tossing up between Demirsoy and Pekiner - but Pekiner does I think a fairly better job at hairlines and also densely packs it. Demirsoys hairlines looks bit cut and paste sometimes which was also an issue, Pekiners on the other hand looked a bit more refined. Let me you what you decide & good luck.
  9. No worries at all. How did you manage to get into contact with him? I tried reaching out to him via the email left on his website but have gotten no response?
  10. Congratulations man. Looks jaw-droppingly good - you look much more younger and it's definitely framed your face. I am going to go with Pekiner. I've debated this quite and am nervous about choosing a surgeon that will fuck my shit up, but after viewing his work It looks well-refined. Hopefully do it early next year as then I can take time of work & uni, reckon i'll be in good hands if i go with him?
  11. Hey man, Congratulations on getting it done. Looks like some very refined work. I am debating between Pekiner vs Demirsoy. I'm slightly leaning more toward Pekiner as he seems to densely pack the regions more better than Demirsoy. Can you give us a bit more insight into the overall operation, how was he, his clinic, after-care, what you thought about his approach his pricing .. did you have any extra to pay etc Thanks in advance
  12. man, I've got to say. That's some solid work. Looks natural AF & density is spot on. Congratulations my bro. Happy maintaining.
  13. I'm starting to think that ASMED promises you they'll use i.e. '3000 grafts' - but will only plant 1500 or something way less than what they've advised you. The clinic seems to be a massive money-grab with a ferocious marketing team behind it. It's becoming more and more prevalent across all patients which have gone to this clinic that there is a lack of density with their transplants, that's one thing that is a common theme at ASMED. You should definitely consider going to a different surgeon and never go there again. Depending on your budget you should maybe look at some surgeons who specialise in dense packing..
  14. I wish you all the best man, hopefully it will turn out to be how you wanted!