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  1. Hey guys, Sorry to fall off the thread, having been feeling like coming on here due after bearing a bad result. I've attached a photo update so you can see where it's at. It's gotten better and matured more than before, however, there is still more density that is required. And i'm here to clarify, Dr Pekiner didn't pay me anything I just honestly couldn't be screwed coming on here cause I went through a deep depression my situation and constantly having hair on my mind was making it worse. I've gladly moved beyond it to some degree and am moving on with my life. If anything they've been quite understanding, his rep - Alex messaged me throughout and requested pictures of updates. They've offered to fix it for free but i'm unable to due to the covid situation in Australia (we're not allowed to fly internationally). But when the time comes I will go and hopefully it'll be fixed then. Any questions fire away
  2. Had an appointment with Knudsen, honestly the way he approached the consultation was as if he didn't give a shit about any of my concerns. He seems real happy and concerned about you on Youtube but couldn't give a shit when you come in, all he wants is your $$$, and seriously for the results he produces there is absolutely no way you can justify his pricing. Take the L on the deposit, save your dosh and go to a reputable clinic in NA..
  3. To be honest nothing has changed, still looks the same as month 7-8, I'll try upload a pic when I can. And for those asking if they should go to Pekiner or not, my answer is I don't know. I'm not satisfied with my transplant so interpret that how you will.
  4. I reckon you'd be happier going to NA when the borders reopen, you'd be paying the same price as you would here tbh..
  5. If you go ahead you are agreeing to having to constantly wear your hair short, if you had already done this prior than it shouldn't be a big deal, the only thing it will mean is that you'll have to see the barbers more frequently - i.e. once a week to maintain the short sides. If you are willing to do that then go for it.
  6. @naakmuka Saw him on the baldtruth youtube channel recently but i just saw your post about your scar? Have you brought it up with him @TommyLucchese Good to hear brother, i'm sure a top up wouldn't be much trouble aside from the financial burden. After wasting 1500 grafts i'm treading carefully, my hairline was conservative also but i definitely need mote to beef up the area due to lack of growth/shock loss. I emailed Fellers office and Dr Bloxham reckons 1800 grafts will do the trick. At this stage given the current state of my hair i think FUT might be more sensible than FUE and even down the line i could possibly fix the scar with other grafts via fue.
  7. @naakmuka Sorry for the late one bro I didn't see your reply. Was this your first HT & who'd you go with? @Tbcruz It's good to have someone in a similar position, getting screwed over by FUE plus the severe shock just makes me regret with not going strip to begin with. I'm happy its working out for you dude, hows the density in terms of going out in the sunlight and other settings such as bars etc.. @TommyLucchese That's reassuring man, how's your hair loss progressed since then?
  8. @Tbcruz I'm pretty much in a similar situation as you dude, I had roughly the same amount of grafts with FUE and the results are worse than anticipated. I'm in a position where I'm strongly considering getting FUT but I want to make sure I'm 100% set on it. The scarring is putting me off, I know FUE has scarring I'm well aware but I normally wear my hair short on the sides. How has it affected your styling? Also, how many more ops did Bloxham say you could possibly have in the future given your current donor situation?
  9. @Melvin-Moderator Thanks for the links man, will definitely check them out! @ciaus Not sure what you mean
  10. I see a lot of FUE patients but I'd like to hear from anyone that has had a recent FUT procedure and would be willing to share their experiences. Wanted to know how your experience was with FUT, and why you made the choice of choosing FUT over FUE? Also, how has the scar healed? has it stretched or caused any tightness in your scalp? Appreciate any input
  11. The scaring will be permanent. If you shave your head down there will be a noticeable difference between your native stubble and the areas that have been extracted. That being said if you can find a skilled SMP artist you may be able to camouflage the scarring. The only thing that your dealing with now is the scarring at the top from the incisions made. 5,000 grafts in one go is a ballsy gamble, I hope you recover well mate.
  12. @azza786 It's tough man I get it but it's the only way out, think of it as a fresh start, a new chapter in your life - break yourself free of the anxiety that comes with hair. You are not defined by your hair. You got this bro, wish you all the best.
  13. Fark man, can't imagine what you had to go through dude I really feel for you. If I were you man I'd just take the red pill and buzz it down + SMP.. Really hope things turn out for ya!
  14. Anyone had a bad/failed transplant here? Just wanted to reach out and find out how you guys dealt with it and if you ever underwent surgery again?
  15. Avoid Turkey if you can and just pay the extra money at a reputable clinic
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