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  1. Hey man Thats reassuring, it doesn't seem like he lost too much though! compare my photos pre-op vs 5 weeks. I've lost a lot of natives and it's still pink. I can't come outright and confess as there I'm not too comfortable with everyone there. I'm hoping it gets a little better so i can put toppik or something.. very slow signs of regrowth on the natives and the hair near the crown.
  2. Hey guys, It's been about 5 weeks since my HT. All my transplanted hairs have shedded alongside my native hairs due to shock loss. The front of my scalp is still pink and bare, it used to way more dense prior to HT. I know that this might be temporary but I'm going back to work in a week and I need a decent excuse. Also, I can't wear a hat or beanie. What did you guys do when you went back to work and What did you tell your colleagues?
  3. What would you recommend to do? I'm back at work in a week and none of my colleagues know I've had it done. should I just use toppik?
  4. Hey guys, So this is the 1 month mark.. I've suffered quite a bit of shock loss and am due back at work next week! a bit worried atm cause i've lost quite a bit of density at the front including some areas where I had hair but are now gone. I'm hoping this is temporary and i've also just gotten back on minox a couple of days ago.
  5. Hi guys, So after a while of lurking these forums and constantly debating with myself I decided to pull the plug and get a hair transplant. Background Age: 26 Medications: Finasteride 1.25mg daily, Minoxidil twice daily Choice of surgeon I decided to choose Dr Pekiner after extensive research online. I reviewed his results and approach to the procedure and felt that he was the right match. He performs the surgery himself alongside his team of technicians and only operates on one patient per day. z He is also a surgeon who has a reputable curriculum vitae where he has previously worked at the HLC clinic and also alongside Dr Keser who is also regarded as a talented surgeon. With this in mind I felt that choosing Dr Pekiner would be the right choice. The Surgery The day was broken up. In the morning I was introduced to Dr Pekiner and we discussed the hairline design, I wanted to maintain the current hairline I had as it had no receded much but has lost density. So, we agreed to maintain but to densely pack the hairline. We drew the line, took photos and began the operation. It was broken up like this. - Extraction - Implant - Break - Extraction - Implant - Break The operation took the whole day and I believe we finished around 6pm. By that time I was exhausted and ready for bed. Thoughts Overall I feel confident with Dr Pekiner. He seemed like a genuine character, he was kind, friendly and answered any questions I had. He seemed like a person who took pride in his work and was rigours with each part of the process. The surgery took place on the 16/1. Currently I am in the ‘shedding phase’ with slight redness around my scalp. I will be approaching the 1-month mark in a few days therefore I will try and upload a photo for you guys to see what it looks like.
  6. Good question, I've thought about this myself quite a bit.. it was the only reason which was holding me back from having a HT, thinking to myself.. if there is a possible cure in the future would this ruin my natives.. But i think given the density per square cm there is room for natives to grow, its just not visible to the naked eye..
  7. Ah fair enough. Yeah sure I'll message her and see what she says.
  8. hey bud! yeah it's comforting knowing that a skilled surgeon is performing your surgery. It is expensive, but it is well worth the investment. Also yes, it's weird as i agreed to a low price per graft in return for uploading a detailed post on these forums which they haven't really bothered contacting me about. I assume maybe in the coming weeks they will hit me up.
  9. Xanax or valium.. seriously they work wonders. Hell it could even knock you out for the most part of you surgery.
  10. Yes mate, you're right. I'm happy it's finally done and over. I was just tired of constantly wasting all this mental energy worrying about my hair. But now (knock on wood), that is over.
  11. Hey guys. So yesterday I finally had my FUE hair transplant done with Dr Kaan Pekiner. I will be writing a full report soon. But what can I say, Dr Pekiner is the man. I will be sharing all the small details on the report and what is to come. If you have any questions, please fire away. I will attempt to answer them as best as I can.
  12. Yeah thats so annoying.. see how you go with HLC goodluck bro
  13. Thats unlucky man... Im sorta worried now cause i'm going with dr pekiner next week and am hoping he wont reject me.. honestly i've put too much money and effort into making it happen only to be sent home that would suck
  14. Hey man, Good luck.. I have mine in 10 days with Pekiner.. let me know how you go!