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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 5 years
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair
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  1. Can you confirm how sure are you if he really did snjeider? Because in that case there are completely contradicting opinions. Most saying he's a fraud, meanwhile he has done of of the best jobs I've seen. I've always thought if I could know who performed snjeider transplant that would be my dream choice.
  2. I 100000% disagree. I've always been eager to know who did snjeider's TP. For me, it's the best I have seen. Would love to know what other's think. Also can this be confirmed?
  3. Just to be clear; the claim is that 80% of the extracted hairs from donor will end up growing back eventually post op >>> Not that they are extracting 80% of a follicle. Just clarifing the claim.
  4. Upon more research i am seeing a few clinics (a few in Turkey and 1 in Dubai) which are claiming to offer this type of fue stemcell transplant. What I can see the claims are the following; - Because only part of the follicle is extracted, this allows for approx. 80% regrowth in donor while achieving same growth rate in recipient as regular FUE. - Smaller punch is used (0.5-0.6mm). Therefore process is much faster, with less scarring, and no shock loss. Also less down time post op. Are the statements true. Meanwhile I have not been able to find documented cases of peopl
  5. Hi guys, I was talking with a friend of mine and he mentioned to me that he was booking to do a hair stemcell transplant with Dr. Gho in Netherlands. He sent me the email conversations between him and the clinic. I personally was not aware of stemcell transplants. Anyway from little research I did on the forums here, all the posts related to Dr. Gho i could find were old posts, and I can not find any posts on a stemcell transplant. Are there any recent updates on this type of surgery and/or Dr. Gho spacifically?
  6. Dear Fluffhead, I have a few comments for you and some questions; First off, definitely your results are great. From personal experience I would humbly suggest to you that you try not to nit pick (i know it's not easy) if you see a slight gap or some minor asymmetrical areas. Keep in mind that naturally hairlines are not perfectly symmetrical and people after age 20 do experience some hairloss. Try to enjoy your results as much as possible and move on. I think the last thing you should think about now is another touchup. You may need some work done down the road but definitely not no
  7. Actually since making initial post I been researching...... Not looking good for Serkan Aygin. Maybe Turkey isnt the best choice. I can do Europe/Asia. North America is just too far for me. Im becoming interested in Eugenix. Gonna keep researching them. Could you guys advise me if I contact a clinic; what are the new type of technology methods that I should ask about to make sure they use? I really like results for Wesley Sneijder (Soccer player). Not sure if anyone seen it but I think its amazing. Upon simple google search I found that he had it done by Dr. Gho. However w
  8. Had my first and only HT approx. 12yrs ago at the age of 24 (FUE approx. 1600 grafts) with Dr. Feriduni in Belgium. Pre op my hair was good and full on top, except my badly receeding hairline. I was prob NW 3. The doctor filled in the area around my hairline. My results (until recently) were decent. Because of my hair characteristics being thick and dark I was able to keep my hair around down to my eyebrow length and style in a way where it worked. However there was definitely a problem with a lesser density in the grafted area. It would really show if my hair was wet or if it w
  9. Hey guys, I am hoping to get some experienced feedback as I am looking to go in for my 2nd FUE procedure... HISTORY I have a full head of hair with thick and healthy hair. My problem is strictly a badly receeding hairline. I have previously had a FUE (approx. 900 grafts) almost 9 years ago, to fix the hairline. The procedure was not too bad, but i dont think the hairline looks natural and the density in the transplanted area is not enough. MY OBJECTIVE IS TO ACHIEVE A NATURAL LOOKING HAIRLINE, AS NOW I CAN NOT STYLE MY HAIR BACKWARDS BECAUSE IT DOES NOT LOOK NATURAL. I live in
  10. Here goes... First off, I would like to say i am glad to join your community. I have been reading your posts for several months now and have finally decided to become a member of the team. I think it's great how people on here give their personal time to help others discuss this difficult issue, and offer very important information. Also, while people may think this is somewhat shallow for a man to even consider cosmetic surgeory, I am 100% convinced that no one understands what its like to go through this at a young age, and anyone under he circumstances would look into this opti
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