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  1. Question for people who had more than one hair transplant done. Was the healing process and the time after 2nd hair transplant shorter than after the 1st one, or is it pretty much the same?
  2. Thanks for the respond. Yeah you're right I don't consider wigs or hairpiece as an option. I still haven't decide whether I'll go with the procedure or not. But if I do I will definitely share my experience on this website.
  3. Yeah I understand that there wouldn't be much left for a touch up procedure, if needed. I do have quite a bit of beard hair though. As far as the length, I usually wear it even shorter than on the pictures. About 2-3 mm length. I tried to grow them out , but difference in density between front and top of the head so noticeable that it just looks like crap. There is simply not enough hair in the front to wear it long, but I wish I could. Even concealers like dermmatch or toppik won't work.
  4. Thanks bro. I had it done 2 years ago in oct 2018. I could use some beard hair, but I've heard it's not a good option for frontal area. Btw which clinic in turkey did you go to? I went to elit hair transplant. I found out about them from youtuber matt dominance. Wisj I didn't.
  5. Thanks for the answer. I really don't mind having my hair short constantly. I just wanted to see if anyone else have done something similar. And also I know dr. Arocha gets a good rep here, but I still can't believe that he said he can get 1500 to 2000 grafts from my donor area, cause my donor area looks like shit. Should I trust him?
  6. A week later I had a in person consultation. So my hair were a bit longer when he quoted me.
  7. A little backstory: I had a fue ht in Turkey with 2500 grafts ( or at least that's what I've been told ) extracted and they ended up over harvesting my donor area. I did get some hair growth though, and now I'm trying to improve density at the front. So I scheduled an appointment with dr. Arocha. Given that my donor area is pretty weak I didn't think that I would be a candidate for another ht procedure, but to my surprise dr. Arocha said that he can work with what I have, and extract up to 2000 more grafts from donor area with fue. The only thing, he said that I could only have short fade cut
  8. Thanks man. I agree it is a shame that there are youtube videos with thousands views where that david guy and mcgrath trying to promote basically a snake oil just to make a quick buck out of desperate people. "Acting like a second hand car salesman" is pretty accurate description of that "doctor" haha. But it's whatever, I don't blame anyone but myself for being fooled.
  9. Yeah I knew it sounded to good to be true from the beginning, but I decided to give it a chance anyway. And it turned out to be just a big waste of money.
  10. Frontal. I agree that results will vary from patient to patient. My problem is with so called "doctors" like mcgrath that promote methods that have not been 100% tested and verified yet as a new cure for a hair loss that definitely works. He charges 5000$ for 5 cc's and the whole procedure takes only about 20 min. Not a bad business model, huh?
  11. I had 5 cc injected by mcgrath 8 months ago in January and had 0 results from it. The whole experience with that doctor was kinda odd. The very first appointment with him felt more like a sales pitch, than the actual consultation with a doctor. He claims that he treated over 100 patients with exosomes, but doesn't show nearly as many before and after pictures. Oh well I gave it try and it didn't work.
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