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  1. Hey all, Just wondering if any Aussies have had experience with these two surgeons? They are part of the Knudsen clinic, which is somewhat well-known in Aus. I know there is really no reputable surgeons in Australia, hence why we all go overseas, but I was watching their videos on YouTube (they have a hairloss info channel) - and got curious. I already have an appointment overseas, but I was considering visiting them to get a donor assessment. Their videos are actually a great source of info. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEynrVyBV6o - here's a link to some of
  2. Hello everyone, Apologies for the delayed response, I got stranded mid-COVID for work and have only just returned home, haha. Firstly, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone's kind words. This forum really is fantastic, I've always thought so, and your words of encouragement have actually made a massive difference in my anxiety. I really do appreciate it. In terms of my situation: I've been on Finasteride and Minoxidil for about 3-4 years so far, and I'll stay on them. I don't have any current photos, but I can get some soon. I was going to send Dr. K some updated pictures j
  3. He's a bit of a fraud/salesman in my eyes. He was always on here posting really helpful comments, and he'd always tell you to "reach out" if you ever needed guidance. Seemingly free of bias. I emailed him, kind of told him my story and that I was somewhat lost. He just tried to funnel me into his affiliate clinic and gave me the details of who to contact. Just a salesman, but made himself out to be a hairloss mentor of sorts
  4. Hi everyone, I'm scheduled to have surgery in a few months, but a couple of things have happened that have made me worried. My case for reference: 30 years old, NW3, on fin & minoxidil for 4 years so far. Extensive family history of balding (NW6+). Firstly, the meds seemingly halted my loss for many years, but now I've just started to lose ground more noticeably. My loss stabilised at the classic NW3 "M" shape, but now my frontal lock is shrinking slightly, and I'm losing an insane amount of hair in my hands. I know everyone sheds, but it's more than ever - and I've had no
  5. I've been wondering this a lot lately. We all know that in the case of a NW 6-7, there really isn't enough hair on the head to facilitate a transplant. If someone is hypothetically a NW 3-4, but their family has an extensive history of really high Norwoods, do the members here think it's advisable to have a HT? My thinking is this: if someone is likely to end up at that level, then a transplant is only a temporary fix, and they will (more likely) end up with not enough hair to facilitate more procedures. Or, they will end up having to shave, only with the additional scars f
  6. Hi everyone, I've got a surgery in about 3-4 months, with a top-notch doc who has a 1.5-2 year wait list - but I've noticed a worsening of my hair over the past few months. I've been on Fin and Minox for about 3 years, and since I started, it pretty much halted/slowed my loss. However, for the past couple of months, I've been experiencing excessive shedding, more than ever - and there are no psychological, physiological, or pharmacological changes that have occured that could account for the shed. I've also finally noticed more recession in my frontal region (NW3).
  7. I'm booked in with a top doc, it's going to cost a lot, and I mean, a lot. But I figure, a 10k difference is a bit of saving, sure, but I'd prefer to have a top notch doc perform it and have confidence in my decision.
  8. Hi Ergo, sorry to hear about your shock loss. If you would like, you can share some photos and have the members evaluate your best option? Also, have you spoken with the surgeon regarding the loss? All the best.
  9. Great video, Melvin. These were definitely the three things I've tried to grapple one. I'm just wondering about the third option. By stabilise do you mean no further hair loss? Or just slowed? I've been on meds for years and it definitely slowed my loss, but it still occurs albeit very slowly. Thanks again for the great vid.
  10. Just wanted to say cheers for the advice everyone has given here. I was lucky enough to get notified by Dr. Konior of a cancellation, and have opted for a spot which will take place in July, this year. So, again, thanks for your help, everyone it made my decision much clearer.
  11. I've also been wondering about Dr. Nadimi. I can't find many results by her, but she is trained by Dr. K, and I trust she is very good considering he has employed her at his clinic. I know they use the same team, techs, and coordinate together.
  12. Hey all, I'm having trouble choosing between the two procedures. I'm in a tricky spot, as I'm late 20's, NW3, and I'm not sure where my loss will end up. I've been on finasteride and minox for about 3 years, but I know some people still end up losing their hair on medication. I want to get FUT for maximal graft retention, and donor management, but I'm worried that I still may end up losing my hair overall - and then I really won't have the option to shave. I know FUE isn't scarless, but comparatively it is easier to hide with a buzz. Has anyone grappled with the
  13. Cheers Phil, That's kind of what I was contemplating. It's difficult as there aren't a lot of patient stories on this site, but I assume he would have more non-english speaking clients. Sorry to hear about your terrible experience, I hope it ended up okay in the end! I might put out a message for any patients and see if there are any stories I can gather. Thanks for the advice, really appreciate it.
  14. Hey Phil, I've been looking at Dr. Path. It's much closer to Aus, and he seems to do well with FUT and graft utilisation. Do you think the fact that most of the posts are clinic listings is something I should be wary of?
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