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  1. So is it ok to use Aloe Vera gel on recipient right 2weeks post op? Any risk it would suffocate grafts? I guess on donor it would be even safer, right?
  2. Day 8, all scabs are gone. Started moisturizing yesterday with Bephantol, repeated about 5times. Today after a warm long shower scabs went off very softly and easily! Now I'm scabs free and I can clearly see the redness 😉
  3. Hi mate, thanks! Everything went fine and easy, it felt more like going to the dentist 😉 Anesthesia was pretty painful, after that felt almost nothing. Post op is going well with no issues. Muzaffer was very helpful and friendly, always ready to help, he is a big asset for that clinic ! Results will tell;-)!
  4. Hi all, after bothering many of you with questions and getting a lot of help from this forum I decided and got my HT done on the 02/09/2019 at Armamed with Dr. Demirsoy. I hope my case will help those guys that are in the same shoes I was months/years ago so please feel free to ask me any question! Any feedback and/or comment is very welcome!
  5. Oh man, I must have missed this topic...unbelievable result!!! What you achieved with microneedling is better than some hair transplant!!! I will definetely follow this topic and do the same when time comes. Thanks
  6. I am in the same situation as @keysersoze and I read many different recommendations, often contradictory. Never seen anyone talking about Bio Oil, any opinion on this?
  7. Good on you @Lennney, you are one of the most inspirational and knowledgeable members on this forum! In had my HT today, exhausted but happy and I really hope to have your attitude along the way for the months to come!
  8. Looks great mate! I'm booked with Demirsoy in 3weeks so very keen to follow your progress mate! All the best!
  9. What about vaping liquids without nicotine? Would it be safe?
  10. Hasson & Wong insanely expensive! Many better alternatives cost/quality wise in Spain and Belgium to name a few...
  11. I've paid my deposit to Turkey with Transferwise, it all went well and they got the money in about 4-5days.