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  1. Thank you guys for your replies! Good point Dr. Bloxham, this is exactly why I asked this question...I always got the feeling like FUE + scarless so then after seeing some pics i wondered if that was really true! HT can be succesful but also unsuccesful we know that. What if I lose most of the transplanted hair and the ones in the donor area as well? It would be ugly not to buzz the few remaining hair down but it would be bad also to see thousand tiny scars. I wonder if this unlucky situation has ever happened to someone here on the forum. I believe it's important to be aware of the potential consequences of anything we do in life wether them being positive or negaive.
  2. Wether these 2 users are genuine or not i don't know. I am genuine, a simple fella looking for the best place to go for an HT. Given the fact that I am totally impartial I feel disturbing to see an army of fake users continuously highlighting your clinic. I'm not saying you are not producing great results, I'm just saying that your marketing strategy and sometimes arrogance doesn't help your reputation. Be humble, let results speak for themselves.
  3. everything looks very good and clean! What was the Dr. involvement in the surgery? What are the tasks left to technicians? thanks
  4. Honestly I don't understand why @Ashishmehta hasn't been banned from this forum yet! He's clearly 100% an Eugenix employee, you'll find him in every single Bhatti's thread stating that Eugenix is better...come on, this user is just ruining the reputation and trustability of this forum and we are all wasting time and such post/users are just misleading future patients like myself! @Bill - Managing Publisher @Melvin-Moderator please take this seriously for the sake of this forum.
  5. Dr. Bhatti is probably the most ethical Dr. on the market. Highly knowledgeable, good results and very customer focused. Eugenix, seems to deliver good jobs according to pictures but too much forced fake advertising with fake users continuosly highlighting the clinic. To me they sound too dodgy, I don't trust them.
  6. Eugenix seems to have lots of people on their paybook!
  7. 22K for 3k grafts makes it even more than $9.6AUD x graft ... now I am officially scared ahahhaha
  8. For FUE, H&W quoted me $9.6AUD per graft whereas Devroye, Lupanzula, Lorenzo from $3.9AUD to $5.3AUD, not quite the same in my case. Maybe Dr. Wong didn't want me and scared me away 😉
  9. Hi guys, I am mentally preparing myself to go for a fue HT this year and my latest concern is...will I be able to shave my hair down to zero without making the fue scars noticeable? That is assuming that either the fue ht goes wrong or I keep loosing native hairs so therefore I'll have to have a shaved head. What do you guys think? thanks
  10. Rahal and H&W are definitely producing good results but their pricing is totally insane, that's my opinion. At half the price I would look into the popular Spanish and Belgian doctors who are producing results as good as the doctors mentioned above but first of all you have to decide whether to go with fut or fue.
  11. Hi mate, we would love to see some recent pictures and hear from you. Please update us 😉 Thanks
  12. It is your problem mate because this is HLPToronto's post and we are supposed to talk about his experience, not yours!!! If you want to tell your experience please open your own tread and everyone will be very happy to see your pre/post pics and read it. Just common sense mate 😉
  13. @Ashishmehta we appreciate your nice promotional post, next time please do it in your own tread 😉