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  1. @HLPToronto mate I love your topic and every single word you said reflects 100% my thoughts! I am extremely keen to see you how you go, your post-op feedback will play a very important role on my decision. Dr.Bhatti is on my top 5 list at the moment, on my opinion his only downside is density at the moment and since it is one of your concerns too I am sure you'll address it to the Dr and get a professional reply/outcome. I wish you all the very best for your today's surgery and we will all be waiting to hear back from you!
  2. I absolutely agree with bruce90, in fact I am too only considering doctors that do extractions and incisions by themselves. The ones I know so far are Bhatti, Demirsoy, Lupanzula. I'm very interested to know more names as well (on this price range in my case only).
  3. Looking at your pre op pics I would have guessed 2500grafts would have done a good job on you but you obviously went for high density and with a surgeon that work that way...I guess I know who he is LOL
  4. I got quoted from 3000 to 7000 from different doctors so it is very confusing. Would 3-4000grafts give me an overall decent coverage? Do I have 7000grafts available? I would personally go conservative since my pattern is not probably defined completely and ideally i would prefer a full coverage with lower density than high density and bald spots in a few years because not more donor available.
  5. I will soon open a new topic about doctors so i don't want to mix Are FUE scars that visible on a buzz cut? Looking at the pictures from different patients they look invisible to me. I must admit I have never seen one in person though.
  6. @txtransplant thanks for your email, I feel like you got all the points i wanted to clarify! I am not considering FUT at all for all the reasons stated by you. I always thought that if the transplant doesn't go well and I have to buzz my hair down the scar will be quite visible making the things worse than before, so no FUT for me. I am aware that filling the whole bald area would be challenging and I am willing to sacrifice a bit the temporal and crown area, I agree that hairline and midscalp are the areas that gives the first impression and a poor crown is something to be accepted for a fella close to his forties i would say. i can see that my pattern is exactly the same as my dad who is 75 now, his crown is actually way worse than mine but sides and mid-lower back are still ok so I guess that is where I am heading. Yes budget is a big point for me and honestly like you said I keep seeing great results from Turkey, India and Belgium which are way more affordable(Belgium not really) so my choice will probably be on those countries. I live in Australia and I go back to Europe once or twice a year so travelling to those countries is not a problem. Question, how many graft would you guys think can be harvested from my donor? 5000 + a touch up sounds a lot, not sure it can be done in my case. Other question, if I want to preserve the donor for future touch ups and i choose to go with a lower density, can I increase the density in the future without risking to damage the existing hair? Making new incisions in between the existing hair previously implanted sounds like a big risk of transecting them to me? What do you think?
  7. Hi Shera, I followed your journey all the way and I must say you got a great outcome. Finasteride killed me, like I said I stopped it 6years ago due to heavy side effects, I am not sure I am willing to take that risk again. That's a good definition of how I would like to look after the surgery, I hope it is possible. Hi mate, I got a quotation from H&W and I must say I felt very offended to say the least! Ridiculously insane!
  8. Glad to see you in my post Melvin, I'm very pleased! I totally agree with you, I will never look full of hair. As normal I mean with good overall coverage that, with a touch of toppik I would be able to hide my scalp and look younger 😉 At the moment toppik doesn't work, the bald area on my midscalp is too big and there are not enough hair for the toppik to grasp on to. How would you guys classify the caliber of my hair? I feel like they are medium-fine which doesn't help when transplanting hair I assume.
  9. Glad to see your reply mate! My biggest enemy is money I guess, especially when considering such a big amount of grafts! I'll talk about doctors soon in another post but Erdogan "factory" is definitely banned from my list 😉
  10. Hi mate, it looks like you were in a kind of similar situation and the result looks stunning! I agree with you not posting the Dr name yet, although I am very curious to know where I can get a result similar to yours! I would sign for it right now!
  11. Thanks Spaceman, glad to hear your opinion. I would prefer to do it all at once but if not possible, well yes I would consider multiple procedures. I will get into choosing Doctors soon, the ones you have mentioned are top choices but honestly over my budget. Agree to avoid temporal region, for now, this is a good point!
  12. It's scary and like I said there are not enough scientific studies. https://www.pfsfoundation.org/