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  1. I am literally disgusted at Dr. Bhatti & Co behavior !!!!! Like @Panamera13 said, Bhatti is lucky to be in India because in some other country he wouldn't go away with it so easily. Refund should be given in goodwill! I didn't quite understand what @Badresults 's employer has to do with all this? Can someone explain? If everything I read is true, this is a great opportunity for the forum to gain trust and reputation and remove Bhatti from the recommended surgeons asap.
  2. In would suggest to use dermamatch instead of toppik.
  3. Wow great result! I would cry to achieve your same result! Crown area takes way longer so there is still a big hope it will thicken up!!!!
  4. I guess you contacted Muzzafer, he's a lovely guy! You have to pay 500euro as a deposit to secure your day of surgery. You can easily find their website typing Armamed and find most of the info in there. The clinic is inside a big building, it's a very small clinic. I agree the business is not very well structured and it might look dodgy from outside but it is not. Get in touch with Muzzafer, he's your man!
  5. That's a personal choice. I'm personally also having sexual issues because finasteride and I'm not willing to ruin my sexual life because of hair. I have one monthnworth of finasteride left after which I'll quit.
  6. Wow good early progress, congratulations mate! I had the surgery few weeks after you with Demirsoy, f I feel my progress is slower but can't complain. 👍💪
  7. Thanks mate! Yes I do take finasteride (one more month then I'll quit due to side effects), MSM, Biotin, Saw Palmetto, generic Multivitamin and Minoxidil that I will also quit in a month. I hope it helps.
  8. Donor area is looking good, not as dense as before obviously but barely noticeable. Second pic with flash.
  9. Hi Guys, here it is my 98days update. No more itching and the redness is slowly fading away. I can definetely see some new hair so I stay positive and just wait 😉 Please give comments of any kind!
  10. Hi guys, another quick update without much to report apart from my crown area which looks much worse than before ht! Can it be shock loss? I can see few sprouts but I don't know if they are native or transplanted. Redness has diminished but still very visible. Few pimples just popped up also these days for the first time. Itchy donor but fortunately not so itchy recipient. I'm not worrying too much atm but can't wait to see something to happen! Let me know what you think.
  11. I like your plan alex and honestly this is something I am considering too. Laser cap mmmm, my only personal opinion....waste of money....
  12. Nothing to be concerned about. If you have never been there, take an extra week and enjoy Instanbul, amazing city!
  13. Hi guys, Here below the 25days post op pics. Shedding started at day 14 but in the last 5days increased dramatically! Scalp is still quite red and skin is peeling and feel very dry even though I'm using emu oil and aloe Vera alternatively. So now I am basically like before the surgery. I know it's normal but as many of you know it's not fun, especially thinking that it will take many months now to improve! I see other patients usually shedding after 4-5weeks....why did it happen so early to me? Does it mean anything? I am currently taking Biotin, MSM, Finasteride, saw
  14. So is it ok to use Aloe Vera gel on recipient right 2weeks post op? Any risk it would suffocate grafts? I guess on donor it would be even safer, right?
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