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  1. Hello everyone, I started to use this forum few months ago when I was looking for a solution to my hair loss and now i have to share my progress. I am an Italian dude, I started to lose my hair when i was 21 more or less, i wasn't that much bothered about it, then it started to be really noticeable at 22, I tried Finasteride, RU, CB0301 and almost any sort of vitamins/supplement you can find on the internet, unfortunatly i got sides with Fin and antiandrogens in general, vitamins didn't worked as well as any supplement i've tried.... In June 2018 I started 5% Minoxidil twice a day, it was working so well that i regrow almost all my hair back, then, the effects, however, lasted for 6 - 8 months and after 8 months i was already at baseline again, my dad is a NW5 at 52 y o, my grandpa instead was bald at 25, I think i'll probably be a NW6-NW7 before 30 too... Anyway, after months and months of research, i realized that Hair transplants aren't a viable solution for me as i'm young (24 now) and my hair genetics sucks Of course my confidence went down a lot, i've been so stressed out that I started to avoid social interactions, trying to pick up girls and on top of that i had a sense of inferiority, because i felt like i had something less than others... The alopecia progressed and I decided i needed to stop blaming my genetics and that i had to do something because i wasn't living anymore, i was just surviving, waiting to die. I started to browse the internet looking for alternative solutions other than HTs and i thought that maybe a SMP + Low density FUE could have been a great solution. In this forum i saw diffent pictures of different SMP Practitioners, I saw some great and natural results from a studio close to my city, I'm talking about Men's Ink Tricopigmentation. I contacted them, they have great prices, amazing natural results on their Instagram page and the girl i talked with (Debora Cetrulo) was kind and honest about the expectations I could have had and also her thoughts on my situation, I decided to book my first session in November. My expectations were that even with SMP, i wouldn't have been able to accept my situation and I was even scared that someone could spot my tatto. This has been far from the truth, the SMP looks AMAZING, it's so realistic that i can't even tell where my native hair begins, most people ask me why I decided to shave my head as a fullhead Confidence went up a lot and I finally feel happy about myself and i started to live my life again... I found them thru this forum so i wanted to share my progress and thoughts with you... If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask me whatever you want! Here's the pics, here's 2 weeks worth of growth Here's instead is 1 day after shaving with the clipper, as you can see i had diffuse thinning on top with a NW3- NW4 pattern and some vertex balding Then here's the after In my opinion this is one of the best results i saw online, for now i'm super happy, I'm just worried for the future as i love this look with 2-3 days worth of growth as it has the 3D effects and it is dark enough to fool people into believing that i still have all my native hair, so this is why i think my fight against hair loss is not ended yet, i think i'll undergo a low density hair transplant, maybe with a little bit of beard or body hair in general as i want to keep this lenght and i'm scared that after a HT my donor zone will look too depleted and different with such short hair, of course i'd do the SMP even in the donor zone but my opinion on SMP over scar tissue isn't clear yet... For now i can't complain and i'd advice any of you guys to go for a SMP if you are wondering if it's the right choice for you... Men's Ink is in Milan, Italy, but they also works in Spain sometimes, they have been the best IMO in terms of realisticity and they have fair prices compared to others famous brands
  2. Assuming you go with a top tier surgeon, would it avoid the big noticeable scarring? Assuming you're going with a small punch and an experienced surgeon with a not enorumus amount of grafts (3-4 k) maybe done in 2 sessions, wouldn't it work to replicate the result of this guy? OK the look will be much thinner but also that mm or two of hair make the difference Imo, and also, should the donor area scarring be a problem for a shaved head? I mean, with SMP what's the problem in hiding the scars? The best results could be obtained Imo if you cut very short the sides (everyday at the bone) and you leave 1-2 to max 3 mm on the top, although I know that filling the tiny dots with the ink could be more difficoult than regular skin... Also the ridging of the scalp on the top is scary... So you don't advice to go for an hair transplant in short
  3. The best cases of course occurs when people still have some native hair, so the pigment will blend better and the final results will be darker, this is the perfect treatment for a diffuse thinner, what would you think of a very low density hair transplant with like 20-25 grafts in the hairline and midscalp to have a thicker, better and more realistic hairline and even less grafts for the crown zone like 15 grafts/cm^2 ? Would it give the illusion of a darker head? And also, the fastidious shine would go away I guess or at least reduce, that's the annoying thing about SMP, when you are below harsh light, the shiness is noticeable without hair... So a person could potentially have a 4000-4500-5000 grafts all over the head, let the hair grow 2-3 mm and have a better illusion and a darker head that would appear an hairy head even with harsh light and the night, what's your thought on this?
  4. I'm looking for some pics to understand how does 20 grafts x cm^2 looks like or 25 grafts x cm^2, because I think it is the density i could expect from my donor zone to cover my nw6/7 area, still looking for some results of HT + Low density SMP
  5. Hi, great work, as melvin said i'm interested in seeing more pics of FUE + SMP if avaiable as my goal is to keep a buzzcut. I'm italian and i live 300 kms from Milan, gonna check your website for sure!
  6. I'm still on minoxidil, never stopped, minox 8% liquid twice a day, can't do more than that, not gonna spend other thousand dollars for a laser cap, lots of people haven't had any results
  7. Thanks for your answer, i tried topical Fin for a while and then my nipples became enormous, I started to develop gynecomastia and I got also ED, had a bad time with the girls at the time, also I got a bad depression and fatigue, same thing with the oral version, I tried 1 mg, 0.5, then 0.25, then 0.25 every other day and then 0.25 mg every 3 days, same sides, I don't want to deal with that situation again. Minoxidil stopped to work because now I am shaved 0 guard and I lost almost every hair you see in the pics, temples went back and density went downhill, i'll post a recent pic of one week ago, I just had these pics to show the donor hair with long hair since now I'm shaved 0 guard. Minoxidil stopped working 100% sure because I lost a big amount of hair, the pics I posted in the first post were from less than 1 year ago, so in the lest few months this is the results, I already consider myself a nw6/7,that's why i:m planning everything as a nw6/7...but let the pics talks for me, retrograde is highly unlikely as I checked ALL my parents history and all of them are NW6.
  8. Hello guys, I'm trying to find some answer to my questions and after spending days and days behind this forum, i'd say i'm still dubious about what to do... I'd say my pattern is a NW6/NW7, i'm losing my hair now, but my thinning is all over, i can't tolerate finasteride, minoxidil stopped to work, so i am dealing with the fact that i'll be soon a NW6/NW7. My general idea is that covering a NW7 is difficoult, expecially with my donor hair, i'll attach some pics of my donor and current hair. Anyway, since my grandpa was around a nw6 at 30, my uncle is nw6 and my dad is nw5v heading to a NW6 and the fact that my hair are thinning in that same exact pattern, i know what can i expect in the next few years... So obviously i started to do some research, Melvin's results are so motivational but i suspect my hair loss area is bigger and probably even my donor area isn't as good as his, even tho i have a small head, i think my total NW7 pattern could be 200 square centimeters or less because i also wore the smallest size for helmets and caps. Since i shaved my head i'd say i could accept this look if i can cope and give the illusion of a full head, that's why i started to get interested in SMP, after some videos i realized that the "darkest" and better results that i would like to achieve looks fake in extensive norwood if you don't have any hair underneath, so i started to look for some results online and i found just few results, one of the most interesting ones is the following: Click here This gentleman has had only 2000 grafts to cover a NW4v area, with an average density of 18 grafts/cm^2 which is good in combination with an SMP, i think his results are good and he has achieved a great illusion of a shaved head, that low density grafts solved some problems, for example, the shine that SMP gives, the 3D effect, so you can shave every few days instead of everyday, because even if your hair will grow, you can blend them with SMP and have a great look.... and also the touch sensation... often girls touches my head, i'd be embarassed if a girl touches my head and she feels hair only on the sides. I personally don't like his hairline, i'd be less conservative and i'll go for a lower hairline since with that density you have less problem using donor hair. Of course thinking about having the same style for the rest of your life kinda sucks, i'm only 23 and i'll be the same for the rest of my life, but i feel like i don't have much choice... I'm gonna have some online consulation with some surgeons and i'll send them some pics to try to understand how many grafts they could safely extract from my donor area. Is there some tool/trick that i can use to calculate the average density of my donor area and the surface that i should cover? i'd like to do some calculations. I'd like to know what you guys think about this results, you can see the full results after 1 year in the third page. In the attachment here some pics of my donor hair
  9. Thanks for the answer, Is there a way to do your own donor area density calculation? Seems like I have the same pattern of my family, some remenent hair on the mid scalp, a small island in the fron between the temples, and a NW6/Nw7 pattern, I know that probably the best option would be to have a fut First and then FUE after, but since now I'm shaved and I kinda like it, I would like to have the option to shave my head one day, and with Scalp Micropigmentation I could cover the little white scars done by the FUE procedure, I can't say the same about FUT, it is still a debate on me... With FUT I could probably extract more hair, but is it the trade of not being able to shave your hair in case your density won't be enough worth it? The other option I was thinking about is to extract as many donor hair as possible and then do a FUE with body hair to refill the donor area, if you keep your donor area short, it wouldn't be that much of a problem Imo... Do you guys think this is a norwood 6 pattern or a Norwood 7 pattern?
  10. This is my head 1 week after shaving at 0 guarda, is this thinning pattern a Norwood 7 pattern or Norwood 6 pattern? How does my donor area looks like? @Melvin-Moderator seems like you have less crown loss, too bad I can't tolerate finasteride or other Antiandrogens
  11. What to do if you already know it will end up badly? Still a nw2.5 at 24 with diffuse thinning all over the top till a nw6/Nw7 pattern... Considering a series of Hair transplant, I don't know if I'll have enough donor tho
  12. Hi guys, I did some research and I am still exitant, I have a NW6 thinning patter all over, I can't tolerate finasteride neither any other Antiandrogens I tried, so I'm doing a long term plan, I still can't decide between FUT and FUE, seems like with a FUT I can extract more grafts and combine both procedure could give a good results, since I have a thinning pattern all over and i'll have to cover a large area, i'm wondering if I can test how my donor area resist after a first FUE 3000 grafts procedure and then, with time, maybe deciding if I can extract around 6000-7000 grafts in total with FUE alone with multiple procedure.... The question is, can I start with a FUE? IS this a good idea? What would be the negative sides about starting with a fue? Does scalp micropigmentation or body hair transplant into the linear scar enough to cover it and leave minimum signs?
  13. Hello guys,I am 23 years old, 24 in 1 month, i am dealing with hair loss since 4 years more or less, I am now a norwood 3V with a bald spot on the vertex and general thinning (with some little holes here n there), I tried lots of Antiandrogens such as Oral Finasteride, Topical Finasteride, CB0301, Trinov, Spironolactone (i'm waiting for my RU58841 to arrive, just to try it but i don't expect much), i got sides with everything so i dumped antiandrogens...This is why i am planning my long term plan.... i'm well aware of the majority of the problems related to hair loss, hair transplant, eccI'm actually on Minoxidil 8%, done Botox Injections on the perimeter muscles and i'm using Carboxytherapy as alternative therapies to see if i can at least slow down things, tried bunch of supplements as well, nothing really worked...In my family most men who're bald are NW6, luckily not complete full-blown NW7, anyway, I know my future already, i have almost all the Norwood 6 zone miniaturized and thin, i know i'll lose my hair in the next years.Since i know i'll become a NW6, inspired by the Admin's results and others, i decided to take action and doing something for my hair...This is my plan:1) Undergo a first hair transplant (I know i'll need multiple surgeries), i don't want a FUT, only FUE because i want the freedom to shave if necessaryThe first hair transplant purpose should be to recreate a conservative hair line (Like Admin's hair line), V-Shaped, Norwood 2, in order to save some grafts for the future but to have at least the face-shaped... hair line is more important than the crown for me, so i need a hair line with enough density (of course not a dense pack, but not even 15 grafts/cm2), then i would like to fill some thin zones here and there in the mid scalp and start to take care of the crown, i think 3000 grafts would be okay to do the first surgery, i also want to implant some beard/body grafts in the middle/crown region in order to blend scalp hair and beard hair and see the result.2) To give the illusion of density, i'm gonna do regular scalp micropigmentation (i have a good deal here, cheap prices because the proprietary of the saloon is a friend), i saw fantastic results online, it greatly adds density, Watch here for example or here, it should help me cover some thinning spots along the road and give an illusion of better density.3)After a while i'll need at least another transplant to fill the rest and add some density all over i think, i'm planning to mix again Hair scalp and Body Hair to blend everything together4) If SMP + Hair transplants + Body Hair transplant wouldn't be enough to have a decent result, i'm okay with shave everything and cover my FUE little scars with SMP, i like my look with a shaven head, i think i'd look even better with a Buzzcut, i'm just wondering if transplanted hair will look natural whit a buzzcut since i have read online that often the root of the transplanted hair are thick and the direction is innatural, so a Buzzcut with a FUE isn't adviced, even though i have my jolly of this SMP friend who can help blend better the transplanted hair with native hair and also cover the back, i don't know here, what do you think? is it possible to have a buzzcut with a Fue?I hope something new will come out in the future, i'm open to try new things, but for now i have to do what i can to "prolongue" the problem as much as possible, with this plans i think i could at least have a decent head of hair for 10 years, in 10 years i'll be 34, it will be a better age to embrace baldness, my 20s has been already destroyed by hair loss, i want to do what i can to enjoy my youth as much as possible, i have the rest of my life to be bald, i hope i can at least create the illusion of a decent head of hair thru multiple transplants, SMP, toppik, eccAs i said, in order to save precious grafts, i am okay to keep the crown thinMy hair are black, the caliber is medium and they are straight, i have also a small head that should help with the transplants...What do you guys think? My Plan B would be to receive a low density FUE to recreate a great hair line with a SMP and keep a buzzcut even though i would prefer to grow some hair in the topI think that my expectations aren't that high, i don't expect to have a perfect density or a perfect straight nw0 hair line, i just want some hair to then use fibers and SMP to give the illusion of a greater head, i don't even think this will last a lifetime, i don't even care, 10-15 years would be an amazing achievement I also attached one pics of my head and also a pics of my dad's donor zone so the pattern is more understable. Thanks in advance for the advices. (I know i have a broken english)