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  1. Thank you guys, the SMP still looks good, It is just a little bit lighter but it's normal and expected, I'll have to do a touch up in few months.... I'm looking for people with SMP + FUE since i'll lose my native hair in the next couple years according to my family pattern, of course smp looks way better with some underlying texture as i have now, even if i lost the temples the few hairs that are there are giving the illusion of density AND some texture.
  2. Hello everyone, I started to use this forum few months ago when I was looking for a solution to my hair loss and now i have to share my progress. I am an Italian dude, I started to lose my hair when i was 21 more or less, i wasn't that much bothered about it, then it started to be really noticeable at 22, I tried Finasteride, RU, CB0301 and almost any sort of vitamins/supplement you can find on the internet, unfortunatly i got sides with Fin and antiandrogens in general, vitamins didn't worked as well as any supplement i've tried.... In June 2018 I started 5% Minoxidil twice
  3. Assuming you go with a top tier surgeon, would it avoid the big noticeable scarring? Assuming you're going with a small punch and an experienced surgeon with a not enorumus amount of grafts (3-4 k) maybe done in 2 sessions, wouldn't it work to replicate the result of this guy? OK the look will be much thinner but also that mm or two of hair make the difference Imo, and also, should the donor area scarring be a problem for a shaved head? I mean, with SMP what's the problem in hiding the scars? The best results could be obtained Imo if you cut very short the sides (everyday at the bone) and you
  4. The best cases of course occurs when people still have some native hair, so the pigment will blend better and the final results will be darker, this is the perfect treatment for a diffuse thinner, what would you think of a very low density hair transplant with like 20-25 grafts in the hairline and midscalp to have a thicker, better and more realistic hairline and even less grafts for the crown zone like 15 grafts/cm^2 ? Would it give the illusion of a darker head? And also, the fastidious shine would go away I guess or at least reduce, that's the annoying thing about SMP, when you are below h
  5. I'm looking for some pics to understand how does 20 grafts x cm^2 looks like or 25 grafts x cm^2, because I think it is the density i could expect from my donor zone to cover my nw6/7 area, still looking for some results of HT + Low density SMP
  6. Hi, great work, as melvin said i'm interested in seeing more pics of FUE + SMP if avaiable as my goal is to keep a buzzcut. I'm italian and i live 300 kms from Milan, gonna check your website for sure!
  7. I'm still on minoxidil, never stopped, minox 8% liquid twice a day, can't do more than that, not gonna spend other thousand dollars for a laser cap, lots of people haven't had any results
  8. Thanks for your answer, i tried topical Fin for a while and then my nipples became enormous, I started to develop gynecomastia and I got also ED, had a bad time with the girls at the time, also I got a bad depression and fatigue, same thing with the oral version, I tried 1 mg, 0.5, then 0.25, then 0.25 every other day and then 0.25 mg every 3 days, same sides, I don't want to deal with that situation again. Minoxidil stopped to work because now I am shaved 0 guard and I lost almost every hair you see in the pics, temples went back and density went downhill, i'll post a recent pic of one
  9. Hello guys, I'm trying to find some answer to my questions and after spending days and days behind this forum, i'd say i'm still dubious about what to do... I'd say my pattern is a NW6/NW7, i'm losing my hair now, but my thinning is all over, i can't tolerate finasteride, minoxidil stopped to work, so i am dealing with the fact that i'll be soon a NW6/NW7. My general idea is that covering a NW7 is difficoult, expecially with my donor hair, i'll attach some pics of my donor and current hair. Anyway, since my grandpa was around a nw6 at 30, my uncle is nw6 and my dad
  10. Thanks for the answer, Is there a way to do your own donor area density calculation? Seems like I have the same pattern of my family, some remenent hair on the mid scalp, a small island in the fron between the temples, and a NW6/Nw7 pattern, I know that probably the best option would be to have a fut First and then FUE after, but since now I'm shaved and I kinda like it, I would like to have the option to shave my head one day, and with Scalp Micropigmentation I could cover the little white scars done by the FUE procedure, I can't say the same about FUT, it is still a debate on me... With FUT
  11. This is my head 1 week after shaving at 0 guarda, is this thinning pattern a Norwood 7 pattern or Norwood 6 pattern? How does my donor area looks like? @Melvin-Moderator seems like you have less crown loss, too bad I can't tolerate finasteride or other Antiandrogens
  12. What to do if you already know it will end up badly? Still a nw2.5 at 24 with diffuse thinning all over the top till a nw6/Nw7 pattern... Considering a series of Hair transplant, I don't know if I'll have enough donor tho
  13. Hi guys, I did some research and I am still exitant, I have a NW6 thinning patter all over, I can't tolerate finasteride neither any other Antiandrogens I tried, so I'm doing a long term plan, I still can't decide between FUT and FUE, seems like with a FUT I can extract more grafts and combine both procedure could give a good results, since I have a thinning pattern all over and i'll have to cover a large area, i'm wondering if I can test how my donor area resist after a first FUE 3000 grafts procedure and then, with time, maybe deciding if I can extract around 6000-7000 grafts in total
  14. Hello guys,I am 23 years old, 24 in 1 month, i am dealing with hair loss since 4 years more or less, I am now a norwood 3V with a bald spot on the vertex and general thinning (with some little holes here n there), I tried lots of Antiandrogens such as Oral Finasteride, Topical Finasteride, CB0301, Trinov, Spironolactone (i'm waiting for my RU58841 to arrive, just to try it but i don't expect much), i got sides with everything so i dumped antiandrogens...This is why i am planning my long term plan.... i'm well aware of the majority of the problems related to hair loss, hair transplant, eccI'm a
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