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  1. Update from 1 month and 13 days after hair shedding. I cut my hair shorter with clipper, i keep it shorter. All pictures are direct light.
  2. Man he takes a patient a day so they are relaxed. Dr Erkan Demirsoy did the first and second procedure, extraction and opened the incisions.
  3. Thank you. They take only one patient a day and they are not marketing like other clinics. They have their customer. They are very simple and not all about money. Dr Erkan is very nice person and his assistant Muzzafer is super nice guy and very helpful.
  4. They planted 4149 grafts with the punch size of 0.85mm. This is what i know.
  5. I had FUE surgery with dr erkan demirsoy on july 24 2019. Everything was good there was no pain, just first two minutes. I will post more photos from day one to now.
  6. I think they are tight in schedule as they take one patient a day. But timing is good. You need to contact then at least two months before your preferred date. The doctor assistant Mr Muzaffer is a really helpful and good guy
  7. I have already scheduled HT surgery with Dr Demirsoy on July. He is the good one. A friend of mine done his hT with him so he he recommended me and his result was excellent