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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 5 years
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair

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  1. I found the liquid almost impossible to use routinely. It actually hurt my scalp. Prob just dryness and that awful itch but was more than uncomfortable. It also made my hair look extremely bad. All of that just meant that I found it difficult to use consistently so therefore just use the Foam. Not sure on the effectiveness really. Of either. But I just read the shampoo part above. Perhaps thats where Im going wrong! How often do you guys shampoo and or condition your hair? I only shampoo twice a week and one of those is with Nizoral! Side point - and not very helpeful..but you know the biggest success I had was when I used the old school 10 or 15% from Dr Lee who isnt around anymore. Cant rememeber exactly but think it was 15% with fin in it. Used it for a year and whilst using it I didnt notice any regrowth and it sucked for my hair so I shaved it down to a 1 to keep using it. BUT once I stopped using it its like my hair just exploded and it pretty much regrow my hair. I dont know why or how, or if it was just so/too strong that whilst i was using it was causing constant shed but working. So when i stopped all the hair just come through.
  2. Hi Guys, Sorry i know theres a similar post but just about to make the final decision and having trouble choosing between Demirsoy or Cinic. I know what needs to be done, need to repair a previous HT on hairline for added density (and some behind the hairline).
  3. HI guys, looking to buy Dusteride online. Have previously been getting it from Inhousepharmacy but the payment options are becoming pretty limited and looking if theres anything better out there? Im in Australia if that matters. Cheers
  4. Oh damn man Im sorry to hear. I definitely wouldnt see an Aussie surgeon. Ever. Good idea to see a derm though. TBH im not that sure. I just knew when it was all over and bandages came off it didnt look like the photos id seen here and look really sparse and bad. Obviously you have to wait 18 months etc but you could tell it wasnt a good result and its ended up like it seemed it would. My big concern is what youve said. Why it was bad. The doc is recommended and i have seen a decent amount of good results so was it my hair? Skin? I dont know. Its also not like they tried to scam me because i intially asked for more grafts because i was so concerned about density (oh fate you cruel little minx) and he said no, so think it was on the up and up. They said it was fine and none of that was a problem but said the result was ok too so who knows. Also FUE didnt want scar just in case
  5. Done. Yeah i dont know either mate. My surgeon also seems to have fair amount of decent results so im at a loss. Think bad results must have to happen to some people. It could also be thick wavy hair. My hair gets pretty wavy when a bit long and it is quite thick. ALso i think i have thick skin. Like i remember even a crunching sound when they were doing it and a comment about how thick it was so maybe that. Your photo certainly looks like mine, only Im in a worse spot so just think mate, always good be worse!! Oh and sorry it was about 1500 grafts they said. I wanted more but he said no that was enough.
  6. No need for apologies, if we cant be honest with each other here what chance do we have. Also it helps i have long ago accepted it. I used to wear my hair foward, really long and just combed over front like bangs to hide it. Which was devasting to worry about your hair finally do something just to have to worry about it even worse and hide what you did. The shame of caring I guess. But out the other side and I dont care so much now, so thats a plus. Know it looks ridiculous bad weirdly few people say anything lol. Too polite i guess. Its hard to hide it because of how low it is and how thin it is and the temple recession. So its a weird combover thing that looks horrible. Makes my hair look even worse if possible. Probably not. But generally yes I try to. Ive been shaving my head last few months though because I was going to go get it lasered off, or get a 2nd HT and i wouldnt be able to hide that. The first time i was read for months. I definitely dont want to go through this twice, that is for sure mate
  7. Hey mate I'll PM you. Good to see another Australia here and can relate. No, it wasnt densely packed. No scarring or anything. It was just never dense enough right from the start. Not enough grafts I think and just not densely packed.
  8. Thank you for your comments and detailed suggestions. Oh trust me i lost my marbles initially after the HT. In a big way. My biggest fear more than anything was looking like i had a HT and well....yeah it got realised. But then after a while I just wanted to look natural, didnt even care if I looked like or was balding etc. So after this experience its a little bit, i dont know freeing? Dont get me wrong, I wish this had never have happened but at least I care far less about my appearance now. Far less. I'm in Australia just have to factor in the travel etc but looking into a few surgeons and will add Nader to my list. Definitely affordable.
  9. @strategiccomboverartist Thank you. I have not heard of Nader or his work but will look into him!
  10. HI guys, I have posted about this previously but have a few questions hoping I might get assistance with and thought I would attach some recent photos taken today with shaved head to give better idea of what im working with. After thinking about it and discussing with wife, Ive decided not to remove the hairs (with electrolysis etc) and to get 2nd HT to fix it and much needed density. Still researching and contacting surgeons at the moment. Not sure who I am going to go with at this stage. I hate to say it cause i know, from obvious exp, cost shouldnt be a factor but unfortunately for it is so that will still be part of the decision. Reality is I wont be able to afford the more expensive options for some years and really would like to get on with life. So far all surgeons have quote similar - need between 1800 and 2500 in front to get good density. Im happy with that and been pretty consistent. I do have some questions though if possible: 1. What density should they aim for at front? My hair is pretty thick behind with really only the frontal recession (and high natural forehead which was the main reason for first HT). 2. Im 36 and on meds/minox. The last HT was about 4 years ago. Since that time the temples are receeded a little and im concerned about future loss esp with how aggressive hairline was. Should i redesign it like move it back and get some of the hairs removed you think? OR do the surgeons place grafts in the areas just behind first HT where there is still native hair but it is showing signs of thinning to sort of future proof? Does that make sense? 3. Does the thickness or calibre of the hair make the HT more difficult? Ive read a few posts which seem to suggest that. ANd i think my hair falls into that category. Also have thick skin as well (i think). Anyway thanks for the help. Its been a long journey and ive really learnt a lot through it all. A dont care nearly as much about my apperance anymore which is liberating about really looking forward to just looking natural or normal if you know what i mean. Dont really care if that means receeding etc hence the initial thoughts to just remove the hair.
  11. Looks great!! Anyway to get in touch with Keser? The email on his actual site is broken!
  12. Have a similar issue, only mine is a good deal amount worse. Im in the middle of deciding between laser removal or repair but looking at repair first. Trouble is cost is big factor and i know it shouldnt be. But cant afford to go to Konior etc.
  13. Wow, Sean, thanks for that. Gotta say your posts have opened my eyes but also scared me. Perhaps it's best I just shave it off or just get rid of them rather than repair. The initial surgery was pretty tough seeing the result and dealing with all of that and I would hate to go through that again for worse. If I do go through with it it will be with either Dr Rahal or Dr Erogon. They seem to be experts and have great results on hairline. Still traveling and dealing with family stuff at the moment so might be next year at the earliest. Which is good anyway cause gives me heaps of time to consider it and which doc, plus see how bad my hairloss will progross.