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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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  1. Sorry California, I get so confused with all these old bumped thread of Dr Bhattis, it's just hard to keep track of what's going on.
  2. Agree with donor but meant more because of the density difference between native and recipient area when buzzed rather than donor.
  3. So density generally improves after shed from how it looks directly after cleaning scabs off?
  4. Is it pretty much impossible to have buzz cut with a HT without being obvious?
  5. I wish the OP all the best, and hope he has a great result (and also see no reason why he wouldn't). I'm not going to further derail OPs thread and don't think he should be concerned but will say though, this statement should be addressed, as it's completely untrue. I understand you're a rep and it's your job to promote but that shouldn't extend to falsehoods and is a diservice. Im also not implying that a bad result means a bad doctor, I don't think theres been one clinic or doctor where a person hasn't post about being dissatisfied with results. And that goes for the absolute top/elite surgeons. But I'm aware of several dissatisfied former patients who have posted including myself.
  6. Has anyone with more pale skin tried fake tan? Think if you come back from a holiday and your whole face is darker including recipient area might hide the redness and disguise a little bit.
  7. Full disclosure least i be accused of bias or having an agenda, I had a very regrettable experience and horrible result. But putting that aside, because I have for the most part moved on, are you genuinely trying to suggest there isn't at least some sort of coordinated marketing going on? Seems be a bit of a timely influx of older results including like previously mentioned, 2 people making multiple posts, and at least one or two bumped results. Just seems pretty coincidental to me, but more coordinated. But not that there's anything inherently wrong with that though. NOTHING wrong with people sharing good results or results they're happy with! God knows I wish I could have. I think the issue is probably more with transparency than anything else. OP While I do see some decent work, esp with Indian patients, and I'm not suggesting you away from any clinic at, I would suggest that you don't limited yourself to India or one area. At the very least get online consults from many and see what they say. My biggest problem was (being naive) seeing a few decent results from an inexpensive clinic and going ok yep that's it. And the only other research was asking that doctor. So, India might be the best place for you, and the advantage of being in India and close to several clinics is that you can visit several of them and talk to the surgeons etc in person. But it wont hurt do expand and get some opinions frlm all over the world.
  8. Would you always know if you damaged or lost grafts? LIke in the first week stage?
  9. @Jhonny funny you mention that as I have bio oil sitting in my cupboard. I might start using it on donor but scared to use it on receipent at the moment
  10. Thanks mate I might invest. At least for a few months. One last question? Does it stay in place or does it fall oout and on your shoulders etc, or is that what the hair spray is for?
  11. Ahhh thank you I get it!!! I think they call it foundation here!