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  1. As others have said that cracking is totally normal and happens often.
  2. Great job dr bloxham. Is this patient considered an early grower? It looks like he achieved most of his density already at 6 months post op.
  3. Good video. It’s important to mention the brain doesn’t fully finish developing until 25 years old. We have all made decisions when we were younger that we regret. Glad you emphasize the fact that these younger patients bring a parent with them.
  4. Show us pics of your donor shaved to a zero guard. This type of misinformation will lead to newbs getting fue then realizing they can’t shave down like they had hoped.
  5. Look up the 10 year finasteride study online by Rossi et al. Younger patients aren’t able to hold on as much as the older ones but it still should give you some idea of the efficacy of the drug.
  6. From what I’ve read, yes. Anyone who knows more info can correct me if I’m wrong. I wonder if Rahal has patients sign NDAs too since it seems to be common practice among the doctors Armani trained?
  7. Way too early to judge. This is the hardest part of the process as there’s not much going on. Hang tight for another month or so and you should see something happen soon fingers crossed 🤞
  8. Wtf? U can get more grafts total from fue? honestly, I’ve seen your posts since about 2007 on various hair loss forums and you have given some horrible advice through the years. You used to praise RU58841 from Chinese black market chemical companies like it was the cure for hair loss. You used to also praise topical flutamide even though it’s known to cause all kinds of systemic issues like liver problems; even the company that made topical flutamide gel discontinued it due to safety concerns but you kept recommending it to everyone on the forums. Then u started praising other black market antiandrogens from China. You changed your tune every month. you used to tell people for years minox was a horrible treatment and not to use it, but now you’re using it yourself. time to hang up your hat with giving advice on forums
  9. I assume your unhappy with your results? Do you have any pics? How much does he charge nowadays?
  10. Do you have a thread of your results? I’m curious to see what he can do on Caucasian patients as most of his results are on Indians.
  11. Your pics aren’t too clear. I can’t even tell if they r scabs. Who was ur doc? What did they say?