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  1. jj51702

    Dr. Nadimi FUE

    Harry great choice in a surgeon. I’m sure youll have great results. I met with Dr Nadimi in person and flew out from California in order to do so. She was very thorough, answered all my questions, and she Seemed very well versed in hair transplantation. She’s also very responsive through emails which is great. Even though she is around my age I would guess (early to mid thirties) it didn’t bother me much because from the work I’ve seen from her it looks very refined. As an added bonus she was trained by konior. Ultimately I chose another surgeon for my procedure but I wouldn’t hesitate to use her in the future. care to share any pics ?
  2. What makes this new device any different than the Choi or lion implanter pen?
  3. To be honest I don’t see much of a difference. The hair styles and angles make it very difficult to see what kind of changes occurred. It also looks like the patient has some type of product on her temple points aka “edges” in the after photo how many grafts were used?
  4. Fantastic results can you share some details regarding your post op care: what shampoo did you use and for how long? did the doctor give you anything to help you sleep the night when the procedure was completed? etc
  5. I like the design in your pics immediately post op
  6. You can buy 1% nizoral over the counter for roughly 15 dollars at target or Walmart. You could get the 2% version but it’s only through prescription. all the studies I’ve seen referenced have people use the shampoo 2-4 times a week and make sure it soaks into your scalp for a good 5 minutes.
  7. Hi which steroid do you apply? I was prescribed clobetasol
  8. Does anyone know how soon after a hair transplant one can use nizoral shampoo to treat this condition?
  9. Thanks. I totally agree and most examples I have seen where temple points are rebuilt look somewhat off because the angle of the hair is so difficult to match and the donor is usually too thick to blend in. I think temple angle closure is different than just rebuilding temple points however. I’m anxiously waiting journeymans pics cuz I think this will help visually see the impact of temple angle closure.
  10. I hear this term thrown around a lot. It appears on Rahals website. The alvi Armani rep always throws it around all the time in message boards. I’ve heard hasson mention it. But I still have not been able to find a decent explanation of what it means or before and after pics focusing on describing this design criteria. Can anyone help out? Is it just another way of saying framing the face?
  11. Looks great. Did they tell you how big the area and sq cm was that they filled in for u?
  12. That is a good sign when a doctor tries to rectify an issue. However, Why is he not coming on the board to explain what may have went wrong? This is the second time we’ve seen a case where Yaman has offered free work or refunds to have the patient stop posting negatively on the forum.
  13. I’ve been on hair loss boards since 2005 so almost 15 years. I can’t count the number of times where a “potential cure is on the horizon” or “it will be released in 5 years.” This is just my opinion but I don’t think there will be a cure released in our lifetime.
  14. I think I might do the same. The baby shampoo is extremely gentle, did it clean your scalp well or did it leave a lot of oil and scalp residue?
  15. How many grafts did erdogan recommend?