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  1. Mind linking us to these bad Cooley and feriduni results? I’ve looked and can’t find any
  2. Looks like it. Try and take pics in similar lighting. Usually facing a window with natural light coming in gives the best control
  3. Good article melvin what is the recommended usage of nizoral shampoo?
  4. Can you post a pic similar to your pre fin pic so we can see exactly how much of your hairline filled in?
  5. Reach out to Spex on here. He can get you in touch with a doctor that can get it out to you directly in the uk
  6. Looks like a very good result. Do u have pics with more angles? Also what does FIT stand for?
  7. I think you look great. Your Face is framed much better. I also think there’s thickening that will come too
  8. From what I’ve read, male pattern baldness is progressive, as in once it starts it continues. At that point it’s your genes that dictates how fast or slow you will lose hair. Your genes also dictate your level of hair loss and what Norwood you will stabilize at. I’ve been on hair loss forums for many years and read a few stories where people talk about their relatives that lost hair relatively early and became a Norwood 2 or 3 and kept that for many years. personally, I think the best way to see what your Norwood destiny is would be to take a look at your relatives (father brothers uncles grandfathers etc) and see what kind of patterns there are and which you resemble the most to give you a rough idea of where you’re headed. with that said, treatments can slow/delay and in a lucky population stop progression of hair loss so look into that as well.
  9. Smash, wonderful result. Thank you for sharing with the community. You are truly a stand up guy! Enjoy your full head of hair bud
  10. Looking good please keep us updated
  11. I think it looks improved especially at the temples