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  1. Wow big change. Do u still see new sprouts after 6 months?
  2. jj51702

    Options if you have sides from Fin?

    Hasson and Wong offered a topical liposomal finasteride gel. Supposedly this decreased systemic absorption by a lot but did not stop it 109%. I do not know if they still offer it but from what I remember it was quite expensive and from memory an Italian pharmacy compounded it. Might be worth looking into
  3. was the recipient shaved down in the pre-op pictures or did the hair not grow as long as the surrounding native hairs?
  4. Your loss doesnt look too bad and you can cover up your recession with some minimal styling. i would stick to finasteride and use nizoral a few times a week. It should be an easy and effective regimen. You can also add minoxidil down the line to see how you react as the combo of fin and min has shown to work better than just using each by itself. Minoxidil does add some time to apply to your regimen as you have to use it twice a day. See how the fin and niz works for you for a year or two and then reevaluate. Good call on putting off the transplant for now. At the absolute minimum Id wait til 25 but more ideally 30 or so. As more time goes by you can see how you hair loss progresses then you can have a better long term plan. Good luck
  5. Great result. What dose of finasteride has the patient been on the last 7 years?
  6. OP check out this thread. It should give you an idea of how much more you can expect up progress. According to this doc, at 5 months roughly 50% of transplanted hairs have sprouted and the ones that have already sprouted still need to mature.
  7. Looks great Spanker. Is finasteride all you use?
  8. jj51702

    HT#2 with Dr. Nader

    I remember your story from the first transplant. Thanks for sharing again. How long has it been since your first procedure?
  9. Looks really good. Did they do all 3300 grafts in one day? How long did it take?
  10. hey mick there are no attachments or images in your profile link
  11. jj51702

    Dr Fox / Accord

    He’s a doctor rep. He gets people in touch that want to try fin. I’m not really sure about the Minox but I’d ask some docs