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  1. My favorite part of this thread is how Dr hasson hasn’t made a single post in over 3 years but decides to come back and duke it out with spex.
  2. I’d agree that your hair looks great in the latest pic but also I realize that pictures sometimes do not capture everything so let’s give the op the benefit of the doubt as he knows his hair best. Ive heard nothing but great stuff about gabel and it looks like you got a great yield. I’d reach out to him with your concerns though
  3. I don’t have experience with this but I’ve read various things on this. Some claim hair doesn’t grow as well in previously transplanted areas due to scar tissue but I’ve seen enough cases of touch ups and density enhancements where I don’t think the issue is that big of a deal. I’ve also heard the second transplant in the same area can grow slower than the first. however, like spanker said, if you go to a reputable surgeon and youve already experienced good results last two times, I wouldn’t worry too much good luck
  4. If you don’t apply anything do ur hair such as dye or fibers I don’t think this is normal. Do you wash your hands with soap and warm water after every application? If not make sure to do that. It may have to do with the alcohol or lactic acid in the foam affecting ur skin or making ur fingers sticky and attracting dust/dirt
  5. Looking great Cosmo. I’d agree and say it does look slightly better even now. Awesome!
  6. Looks like a normal head of hair to me. Can you compare pics to a few years back and see any difference? i guess if you’re really concerned you can get a miniaturization study done by a good derm/hair transplant surgeon and if it shows u really are losing hair then u can try treatments such as finasteride
  7. Sorry I only respond to people that respond to my own questions. You only ask questions on this forum, never answer any
  8. Great work especially the temple points. do patients with wavy/curly hair like this have roots that curl thus making fue a little more difficult?
  9. I think the goal is to treat your new hair as u normally would. I imagine the hair that’s transplanted is usually more resilient than the weaker native hair so things like normal shampooing and combing shouldn’t really be a big deal. I know it’s hard as I find myself babying the newer hair too.
  10. How will they know who you are? You’re not supplying any name or pictures. It’s 2019, people ask questions and double/triple check. It’s human nature. That’s what these forums are for and doctors understand that- hence why they pay to be apart of them. I’m just curious who else performs dhi in Turkey besides cinik, u can send a PM if you’re not comfortable naming them publicly
  11. Didn’t dr col e train bisanga in fue? Makes the op’s question kinda moot if so.
  12. Yup, normal to lose most of the newly transplanted hair. Why are u using nugenix? Did u run that by dr Cooley beforehand?
  13. Very natural end result. Dr Path what is the reason temple points are built above the original hairs in that area? I’ve seen many doctors do the same and I always wonder why.