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  1. Great topic. I think another issue at hand is there are hardly any doctors actively participating in the forum with members. If you look at a few years back doctors would frequently come on and help answer a few questions and this rarely happens anymore.
  2. jj51702

    ASMED and FUE

    I think you need to narrow down which type of procedure you want first before you start deciding on a list of clinics. Obviously there are FUE only clinics like asmed but the important thing is you want to choose a clinic/doctor that excels at the type of procedure you want. I think asmed has the potential to give great results through FUE but obviously there are many more clinics that are as good and in some cases better (all my opinion of course). H&W in my opinion are at the forefront in terms of FUT but there are also a few others out there like hattingen that can keep up with the best. Seems like youre at a fork in the road in terms of which procedure to go with and this is understandable as youve made some good points. Consult with as many docs as possible. In person consults are the best. Ask as many questions as you can so you feel comfortable. You touched on a very good point which is donor management. I think this is a key part of the equation when pursuing a transplant at a relatively young age and you want to choose a physician that takes very good considerations for donor management. Good luck
  3. Do u suffer from any scalp itching or inflammation? How about any flaking?
  4. you're right! I just couldnt see the small linear scar when I first viewed the picture on my phone screen
  5. jj51702

    Top 3 Lies In The Hair Transplant Industry

    Clinics claiming that fue is a “scarless” procedure
  6. jj51702

    Propecia long term

    Look up the finasteride 10 year study by Rossi et al. It is very promising. Even though it has roughly 100 participants the findings showed roughly 90% of users maintained or regrew hair over the 10 year period.
  7. Looks really good bro! Consider this too....your left side also has the natural light from the window shining on it too which should make it look much worse but it isn’t! I wouldnt worry about having a few doubles in the hairline one bit. Hair transplantation is not about creating perfection, but rather improving your overall appearance (at least this is my idea). And in your case that is exactly what it did! 👍🏻
  8. Jean can you explain how you’re life has changed since your results came in?
  9. From what I heard, many of the doctors recommended on this site that purchased artas initially (H&W, Rahal, Mohebi) no longer use it. I think that should tell you something. Please, to any newbie reading this if you are considering artas, please reconsider. Also, I dont think many people know this but the device was FDA cleared for only black or brown hair that is straight.