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  1. Thank you for clarifying this. I believe you all answered my question and helped me make a good decision. I'll be taking the images down for now for privacy. I'm on the east coast and will seek out a consultation with Dr. Konior.
  2. If I'm not looking to wear my hair short at all times, isn't this a bad idea? I usually wear my hair longer (2 or a 3) when I get a haircut. But it would be nice to get a zero at the back of my head so that I can get a nice transition during tapered haircuts.
  3. No. I have no problems with hair loss, recession, or male pattern baldness. I simply have scar tissue on the scalp I'm looking to get repaired.
  4. What would be the advantages and disadvantages of opting for Scalp micropigmentation over a hair transplant? I'd eventually like to grow my hair out. So wouldn't that mean that the longer hair would look unequal with the scar tissue if I wanted it to grow?
  5. Hey there, new guy here. Breaking up my posts to prevent writing a journal. I have two pretty nasty scars that I received while I was being delivered. Apparently the pressure was too intense for a natural childbirth when I was coming out, so I needed an emergency c-section. Had to shave my head for college Army ROTC, and this is pretty much what it looks like when it's worn short. I'm working with a surgeon right now to repair some damaged eyebrow hair, and he has said that he can also perform scar revision. However, since the scars are so deep and likely have very low blood supply,
  6. He mentioned that he offers FUE. I have yet to discuss this with him. However, I’ve researched that FUE can be less reliable with keeping hair intact after it’s been inserted into the hairline. I believe this is why he prefers FUT over FUE due to the survivability chances for the follicles. Is there another reason, besides scarring, for why FUT is not ideal? I think he said the scar would be just about a centimeter
  7. The 100 graft FUT was the suggestion for the gap in my hairline. I mentioned that earlier in the original post.
  8. Could you tell me why FUT for 100 grafts would be frowned upon? Is it due to the risk of shock loss? I was under the impression FUT was the more preferred option since it allows surgeons to be more precise and the best chance for the hair to survive
  9. Hard to see with the camera angle. But here are some side shots of my face that shows the sparse spots a little more clearly. They never used to look like that. - Here is an example of their prior appearance before the botched job. I could certainly ask him about FUE though. He provides both. With regard to shock loss, I'm not sure what would happen to be honest. I'm not a doctor, so someone can feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. But I believe that shock loss is more prevalent with people who have weaker hairlines due to MPB or Recession, so I imagine I shouldn'
  10. Hey everyone, first post I suppose I am a bit of an outlier around here. I have no history of male pattern baldness or a receding hairline. My hairline is actually pretty solid. Rather, I am a young patient (early twenties) seeking a transplant to repair damaged hair follicles near my widows peak and my eyebrows. It's a bit embarrassing, but the backstory is that as a teenager I was insecure about my widow's peak because a barber told me it was ugly and suggested that I shave it off. As a result, I started overzealously tweezing my peachfuzz to prevent regrowth. Now I can see years later
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