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  1. Ahhhh changed my mind again hahah Looks like HLC is the winner for my first ever HT..
  2. I started the medication 3 days ago now. So far so good. Finasteride and Rogaine. I'm waiting on a reply from Dr B Ferreira asking if he thinks I would need some beard graphs. If not I'm leaning more towards Dr Ferreira now. He said "at age 38 and with your current hair loss pattern, we may be able to do it earlier (please start on it right away though). However, there’s also the issue of us having a waiting list that has also grown because we have been for 2 months with no surgeries and those have all been postponed". Maybe able to fit me in. which is good... Also after 4000 graphs the cost is 2euro not 2.5 Yeh so I'm leaning towards more him at the moment. I will start wait at least 3-4 months on the meds though. Does anyone have any reviews with Ferreira on here?
  3. Good point yes. Well I’ve never had any meds before so I don’t know. I will start today though and try it. i has forgotten about the beard grafts. He didn’t mention anything about that. I will ask him. Yeh I’m still leaning with HLC. Do you think i should wait 6 months then? Or a couple of months with firnistride and get it done end of July at HLC?
  4. UPDATE. i just got an email back from Dr Bruno Ferreira. What do you guys think? Initial Impressions Your androgenetic alopecia is somewhat advanced. From your photos I can see that you have some frontal-temporal recession and miniaturization over the whole top of your head. You retain some hair in your forelock and midscalp areas, but coverage is poor. The crown area does not go too low or too wide, which is a good thing, but it’s still large. Temporal peaks look ok. I’d consider you a Class 5 on the Norwood-Hamilton scale. Your hair itself appears to be of average thickness. Your occipital, parietal and temporal areas look good and there doesn’t seem to be reverse alopecia. So, from a macro aspect it looks like you have a good “donor area”. At 38 years old, your alopecia is still active and I expect you to continue to lose hair for the next 10–15 years. Medical Treatment This is one of the first things we need to discuss. Your hair loss is still very unstable and will progress further left untreated. You’re currently not on any medical treatment and I’d recommend starting on 5-alfa reductase inhibitors in order to stabilize your hair loss and not let it progress. Not doing this has a high likelihood of your alopecia progressing, causing your hair to get thinner. By taking the medication you may also get some improvement to your current hair, which I would expect to happen. I need you to be at least 6 months with the medication before we advance for surgery. Hair Transplant A hair transplant is definitely your only option to reach your goals. We do have a rather large recipient area on hand, and I believe we would need two surgeries for a full recovery - one for the crown, one for the frontal third. The exact amount of grafts depends on a few variables: Where we place the hairline, how good your donor area is and how you respond to the medication. I estimate about 4500–5000grafts needed for your case. We may feel the need to do a third, very minor procedure, as a touch up or spot improvement. Prognosis Your prognosis is good. Your alopecia is active, but we can stabilize it with medication. Your donor area seems to be of good quality and you have a circumscribed recipient area. I expect a very good result. Plan Start Medical Treatment: Finasteride (or 1/4 pill Proscar®) p.o. 1mg per day 1st Surgery: TBA Donor Area Recovery Period: 5 months 2nd Surgery: Upon analysis Result: 10 months Evaluate the need to further improve the result, do a touch-up, etc. I really don’t want to wait 6 months HLC replied again and I can do it end of July....
  5. Thanks mate. Still waiting for a reply. I'm really leaning towards HLC now....
  6. Im pretty sure I’m going to go with HLC!
  7. So true. Haha thanks. Hey have you heard of Alviarmani in LA?
  8. Thanks mate. Waiting for his reply..
  9. Thanks mate. Yes just sent Dr Bruno Ferreira a WhatsApp message. Hopefully hear back soon from him... Good to know I can trust HLC.....Will update when I hear from Ferreira
  10. UPDATE - I got an email from HLC today. " We recommend you to let transplant about 3500-3800 Grafts for the hairline. With this amount, we can rebuild the hairline and close the temples. We will also give to the front half area more density. We have to transplant the hairline with a density of approximately 50 Grafts/cm2 to provide a dense and natural look. The exact number of Grafts depends on how the hairline is designed. We can only see this in detail on site. We use single hair on the hairline only. We are using 6-8x magnification loupes during the extraction and implantation and also have Microscopes for selecting the single hair. For the temporal points, triangle, we use fine hair behind the ear. For the crown area, you will need a second surgery after a minimum of 6-12 months time frame. The plan for the crown area, we can make on-site during your first surgery. Also, you have to be aware that your scalp donor area could be not enough to cover the crown area. We can use body hair from the beard and chest area in this case. On-site, we will analyze your donor area precisely and can tell you how many grafts you have as reserves. We do also recommend to consider Rogaine for the future. The price is 2.5 Euro per Graft for FUE and Bodygrafts with manual extraction. We charge 100 Euro extra for our Surgery- package. In this package is your driver, accommodation, food, medication, and post-op aftercare set included. The flight is not included. " It sounds pretty good. I then had a phone call with them. I forget who I was talking to though. I said I rather start with the crown are for the first procedure and come back 6 months time for the front. He is cool with that. HLC seem to have a pretty good reputation. I haven't received any email or such yet from Dr Lorenzeo or Couto. I can trust HLC?
  11. Guys, I'm a little confused. Which Doctor is the best at HLC? Do you get to choose? I see on the website there is a team of doctors. Do they just assign a doctor to your case? How does it work? Thank you!
  12. Yeh? Ok mate. I will send an email to Wong / Hasson. See what they say..so many choices...I hate this
  13. Yeh I’ve contacted both. Waiting for a reply.