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  1. I spoke with Dr. Ferreira on this topic and he suggested to stay away from Microneedling (I'm on his side). Not sure how recipient area will look like after 4 months, but I would NEVER go with a roller in there if I just had it poked thousands of times and it's still healing. If i expect hairs sprouting from this area anyways, why would I risk going there with microneedling? After 12-18 months maybe yes, but definitely not 4 months in. If we are talking about non-recipient area - don't see problem with that.
  2. Hello gentlemen! For those of you who are a HT nerds and are looking for a finer details, here's a report from Dr. Bruno Ferreira himself. Looks like I have more grafts than I anticipated at first! Also some more pictures
  3. My heart is bleeding when I see such results... I've seen Dr. Lorenzo doing such repairs. He's placing grafts from around that area + beard to the empty areas in your donor and to be honest his results are incredible. If the hair is strategically taken from all around that area and implanted in the empty areas, you should end up with overall slightly less dense donor. While that's all theory, I've seen such work done. Would be worth checking it before going for an SMP. P.S. Your beard looks incredibly thick and strong!
  4. I guess in America people are more superficial than in little country like Lithuania. Just saying!
  5. I guess I've been one of the blessed ones who didn't had any comments until it became quite bad (picture below - 23 year old, strong NW3). Funny enough I never cared too much about my hair as I was always wearing my hair very short, so I Never thought I'm balding. At one point (happen around time when I took this picture) one guy said (Rolandas, you will get bald soon. I'm giving you 2 years max). After that I started growing my hair to cover balding frontal 1/3 (already forgot how my hairline looks like!) and it eventually became my go-to hairstyle. Here's me in end of January just before my HT. Here's me 2 weeks after my hair transplant (last month)
  6. Thanks Melvin. 100% agreed. I can't believe that I am able to rock sides and back buzzed with #1 clippers only 7 weeks after my FUE. I'm Lithuanian, but living in London. Clinic is closed as @BD99 said. I think it was a right decision to make when there wasn't a lot of cases in Portugal as it looks like its rising rapidly as well.
  7. Week 7 For those of you who is following my journey... Hello gents! I hope everyone is coping well with the big "C" thing, and/or especially with economic crisis? I'm here to change the subject from all this boring thing everyone talks about to my Week 7 update on my hair transplant with Dr. Bruno Ferreira.
  8. It's absolutely normal. If you don't wash your hair everything sticks to it and makes it "thicker" and after you wash it it looks thinner as it's a clean hair.
  9. If the surgeon uses good magnification, he should be able to go in between hairs well, especially if you had only 30 grafts/cm2. I had mine done 7 weeks ago and had 45 to 55 grafts per cm2 with an average of 49. I had done only frontal though. Also It's worth mentioning hair thickness. I have 51μm hair thickness which is quite low, hence why I need more grafts to achieve good result.
  10. Wow that looks amazing for almost 4 months! Looks like you are a early grower! I'm on my Week 7 and hoping for early grow as well hahaha
  11. I'm 28 and have so much less hair hahaha! Looking good!
  12. Looks good! I had it done 7 weeks ago and still have some pinkness in my recipient area!
  13. Stick with Finasteride and book few live consultations for them to check your donor properly.
  14. Go for FUT first. Maybe do like I did start first from frontal portion and on second surgery do the rest of scalp?