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  1. I would agree for myself, but I know few people that dont bother who's doing procedure. In my perspective, you have 1 shot to get it done. Either successfully or screw it up. Good luck with your research. I feel you will make a great choice for yourself.
  2. That's a great and fast research. Well done. Dont forget things like IAHRS is a good thing, but not every surgeon wants to get on board for various reasons, and one of them can be they're already busy and dont need further exposure neither they want to pay monthly dues. I would suggest look up on all Joe's classes, learn how good transplant looks like and start looking for yourself. You dont need to rely on any "stamps" on websites. Once you know what a good work looks like, it will be easier to determine good surgeon. Also keep in mind what work you want to be done. If its hairline, looks who's creating natural hairline that you like. If you have limited donor/large area to cover - look who's doing great work with least amount fo grafts and doing big cases. As far as I know Dr. Pekiner has great work and I'm considering him myself. Demirsoy would be my choice if I would have small budget. Karadeniz was great in my opinion few years back when he was doing job himself, but since he switched to "Turkish style", I wouldn't trust techs. He was working with Joe some time ago, but mutually agreed to stop as he was running his clinic in western way, which is not profitable in Turkey.
  3. I would suggest not to focus on abhrs and especially ishrs as it doesnt really tell if surgeons work is good. Search on youtube Joe Tillman's hair transplant class about hair transplant associations and what they mean to understand more about it.
  4. I would suggest to contact surgeon you're interested in and ask for quite tailored for you. That's the best way to find out what they propose for your case. It's a decision for you to make as to whom you trust more as Raphael84 mentioned. Take your time and don't rush into it. I'm not saying postpone your planned surgery date, but just spend more time on research. A good 2-3 hours of research and you can get a lot of your questions answered. Good luck!
  5. Hi guys, Another update. Month 9. I'm thrilled with progress so far. Started finasteride full dose 1mg/day (propecia brand) a little over 1 month ago. Seems like it really kicks in some new regrowth all over scalp, especially in the front 1/3 where I didn't expect it at all in the beginning! A shit load of vellus hairs coming out. Still hoping those will mature fully. What are your opinions on that? Will they become terminal hairs or not?
  6. Would love to hear feedback from Dr. Pekiner or his advisor about this! To untrained eye his donor looks alright.
  7. I think that's the most important question. Why. Maybe just out of curiosity, what happens to freezed follicles if person donated them passes away?
  8. I would suggest to not look into Clinics, but Surgeons. Don't trust too much their websites and social media as they present absolute best cases. You want to look what's average. If you will be one of those "best" then good for you, but manage your expectations to stay safe. What people don't realise about Clinics results, that the have 5-20 people a day. Its 100-400 patients a month. If there's only 1-5 results posted by clinic each month out of 100-400 think for yourself how did others look if they didn't made to clinics website catalogue. Obviously nobody is perfect, but that's just one more thing to consider. Also think of who is actually performing surgery and which parts of it. Is it dr or technician. Don't forget your HT will be for life time, so you might as well research well to not screw up! Choose wisely. After you learned about what I just mentioned, did you due diligence, you will see there is actually only few places to go in Turkey. Best of luck on your research and don't rush it!
  9. That's what he told me. I see i shouldn't be talking about price in the first place Also It can be too good to be true, but lack of results is putting it down.
  10. Yeah same. I guess if he is good enough to work with Dr. Lorenzo, he should be decent. Thank you Melvin for your input!
  11. Hi everyone, I was wondering if someone here have ever had HT with Bruno Ferreira in Portugal, or has any knowledge about him? Seems like it's impossible to find any reviews about him on the web. Just one result posted by himself on this forum. Nowhere else. He's one of the docs on my list, as he look like very passionate about HT and OCD (just like me). I've been in contact with him and he referred only to his website and Instagram where is only 3 cases documented. While I like his content, it's a bit weird not seeing much done from him. He is also a bit more expensive than other docs on my list and I'm not sure if I could even stretch my budget to match his price for proposed amount of grafts (3000-3500 and possibly more. Will be decided on live consultation). I'm very keen to learn more about him and if someone knows more about him would be great! Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks gents.
  12. Brilliant guide! Love the part about incisions as nobody is talking about it indeed.