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  1. Really? It sure looks thicker than mine lol Do you know how many microns (asking for a friend :D)
  2. Holy cow this looks phenomenon! Giving your "prime real estate" to cover I bet it's already a success! Imagine how it will look in the next 6-9 months! I'm so jealous of guys with thick hair like yourself! I'm on month 5 and my hair is thinner than my arms!
  3. Oh man, I feel worse and worse as my transplant matures more and more The "cutoff" is more and more visible. Well, to be honest that was my plan all along to try to camouflage it with slick-back. If you look at my hair from the front it looks very thin, but if you look from the back / top it actually looks pretty good. (took this picture a minute ago). So If I slick back front hair and push forward crown hair "technically" it should look ok Thanks! Happy to serve I guess this experiment was a success if I helped at least you
  4. 5 Months The barbers opened up on Saturday! So I thought, It's 5 months after my FUE, why not to try out a skin fade and see how my scars looking like? Normally I won't go for this hairstyle, but I got inspired after seeing countless of posts asking how scars are looking like with shaved head. Here you go my friends, my contribution. I know ideally skin fade could have been higher, but that's what my barber did In this video you will find: - Skin Fade experiment - Visual outcome in different light conditions - Hairline Close-up under direct sunlight & indoors Any questions - hit me up!
  5. Google Serenoa Rapens to see studies etc. It's the other name for Saw Palmetto.
  6. A tiny bit of hair fibers and you will look like a rock star I'm at 5 month and see similar growth, so I guess you're right on track! Btw. I think you might benefit from skin fade? I just went to a barber who did skin fade on my donor and because the skin is quite pale, scar tissue is almost identical color, so it's literally undetectable.
  7. Maybe after 12 months when it's time to do "final result" pictures they decided to change camera settings as they found it looks better than the ones they did 12 months ago? That's my only legit explanation.
  8. Man that is spot on! Looks incredible. "Harsh light / no harsh light" 🤣
  9. Donor - can't really complain. I don't believe donor could look any better after fue. This was me 1 month after my surgery when I buzzed donor to 1mm.
  10. I've done a good video for people like yourself. How to "narrow down" Dr's after doing some research and what & where to look for. Have a look and let me know!
  11. Hey man, I think you're on the right track to determine good doctor. My understanding was always to find the best surgeon for your particular case. Look at how each doctor does hairlines, ask them to explain in detail how they would do it. Don't forget, everyone would like to get you in their chair, it's your choice in the end of the day. Re: graft count - I was just talking to one guy about it lol. Every doctor has their "opinion" <--- key word. There's no right or wrong answer. One might think he can do with 1000 grafts, another with 2000. Obviously safe to assume more grafts = more density, but you have to also think about future hair loss. If you're lucky to stay on this stage then go for max you can, if not, be more conservative. You always can lower go back and top it up, but on contrary, if you have just this small area to cover and that's how much baldness is running in your family, then there would be nothing wrong of thinking about "one and done" type. From my personal experience with Dr. Ferreira: - He used both motorised and manual punches according to his needs for different parts of head and hair - Used punch size according to my grafts diameter (I had lots of multi-grafts growing in one line, meaning wider punch needed) - I had lots of popping on the first day, so he completely changed his implanting approach on second day and successfully avoided popping happening again (being knowledgeable) - Not sure how much this relates to others, but his anesthesia was pretty much painless 1/10 as he somehow been massaging my scalp while inserting the needle (lots of people report this being the most painful part lol) More info obviously on my thread, but just trying to give you something more specific from my experience, so you can compare. Good luck on your research and don't rush!
  12. Because Saw Palmetto does exactly same thing like Propecia it's safe to assume side effects should be the same. People overall report less side effects with it as it's not as strong as finasteride.
  13. Doesn't sound appealing having a haircut every week But nevertheless thanks for your insight! I'm still thinking whether or not to jump on this bandwagon