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  1. Indeed. I think that was the initial point that sold me out on Dr. Ferreira from his initial email with assessment as I'm kind of a nerd too in terms of HT. Can't wait to get this done and see the result
  2. Thanks Melvin. HRN been the best resource for me so far when I was doing my research, so I'm grateful to be here and just giving back to the community as much as I can.
  3. I think I would cut my hair in half from what I have right now But tbh i don't remember having full set of hair with even length. Spend too much time with comb overs, so I guess I will have to learn from scratch after my 2nd HT
  4. Hey man, I hope you don't mind me using your recent pictures for education purpose? I found them extremely interesting and I didn't show your face!
  5. 11.5 Months Sup guys, here's 11.5 month update where I discuss: - Nice little video from outside. Styled my hair in 10 min (wash, blow dry, product). Close ups under direct sun - Importance of hair caliber in Hair Transplants - Close-ups - Discussing my HT overall, pro's & con's
  6. Perhaps the best thing you can do is to be actually checked via trichoscope to know what's the potential for you, other than that it's all speculation.
  7. How about your family history? What's the highest NW level? Sometimes it might look thin, but actually its much thicker. Besides 48 and 50 are pretty much the same. If the difference would be in 20-50 microns that'd be substantial, but 2-3 is pretty much the same.
  8. I've just uploaded my 11.5 month update where I discussed briefly how thin & thick hair can be. My hair caliber is 50/51 microns so I'm considered on a very thin side, although I've hear of folks having 45/46 microns, so it can get worse. In any way thinner hair means you'd need more grafts/cm2 to achieve great coverage. If you're NW7, then it might be a problem, but if you're NW5 and below should be ok, given your donor is not suffering from DUPA or Retrograde.
  9. Nothing specific yet. He just briefly mentioned that I've got the donor to do whatever I want to do, so we can fill in if I want I've asked him for finer proposal though, so waiting for reply. In the meantime I've booked for 3rd & 4th of June and hoping someone will cancel their surgery, so I get in sooner Btw if someone is curious I'm uploading today video talking in depth how I found Dr. Ferreira and why I even decided to choose him over the others.
  10. I think I have to talk more about them as I usually don't say anything Indeed hairline looks extremely natural and so far from what I've seen it's one of the best looking ones! I hope Dr. Ferreira won't destroy it on the second pass by adding more density haha
  11. This looks exactly like me haha! Great result in just 7 months! I'm jealous you already managed to get 2nd HT. I'm booked now for 3rd & 4th of June which is so far...!
  12. Just been pointed to your topic and your result so far. I've got to say it looks incredible! At such early stage so much hair grew.. Do you happen to have any finer details of your surgery? What's the thickness of your hair, how many grafts/cm2, average hair per graft ratio etc? Pardon me with such questions, I'm just a hair transplant nerd 🤓
  13. So far Dr. Ferreira said I need 2000 grafts in raining bald area and another few hundred grafts sprinkle all over the front so around 2500, but I asked about temporal peaks. Currently waiting for his reply, but don't mind to do another 3000+.
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