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  1. Hey man, Waiting list was around 4-5 months if I recall correctly. Although I've heard now it's much longer. I completely dropped minoxidil before my surgery and didn't come back. Will plan to get back to it after 2nd HT. More info on why I'm doing what I'm doing and future plans in this video
  2. Did you even had hair loss? O_O One of the best results I've seen!
  3. Hey man, appreciate your kind words. I certainly understand where you stand right now. I've been there! Even my brain is playing tricks on me, and I knew very well what I'm signing for! Different surgeons are using different approaches. According to studies theres no significant difference for grafts to be out of the body between 30 min and 4-5 hours. Also worth mentioning that Dr. Lupanzula is producing outstanding results on a consistent basis, so regardless of his approach you should expect the same result. If this would be such a big deal, all of the top surgeons would switc
  4. Holy cow! Completely different person. Still few months of improvement left!
  5. Sides usually have less density than occipital area, but it might be taken a bit more than should have. I think you can try to shave it down to skin fade. From my experience and seeing couple more people it looks like if you have fair skin like myself, skin fade will not show scars that well (ofc skin fade should be low and slowly increasing in length when going up). I think you can top up with another HT and it will overall look quite good. Ofc it looks like you're a bit on a slower grower side, so you will have more thickening to come. Don't do any decisions until at least 12 months.
  6. Hi Raphael, I would love to see aforementioned study. Would you be able to send it on mr.rolandas.ht@gmail.com please? Thanks!
  7. 7.5 Months (32 weeks) What's up gents! Here we are, 7.5 months. Length, In this video: - Mini response to last video comments - Hairline comb through under direct sunlight - Hairline comb through indoors - 3 weak spots of my HT - Double graft in my hairline?!? - Argan Oil Leave-in Conditioner
  8. If I understand correctly about androgen receptors (and I might be wrong), It won't be a "DHT shield". Androgen receptors are binding with DHT thus producing adverse effects which is MPB. Androgen receptors are also binding with T, thus they're competing, thus some theories that high T increases hair loss too. Anyways, It supposedly works in a similar fashion like RU58841. CB-03-01 will be competing for androgen receptor binding with DHT & T, thus minimizing % of DHT binding, thus less miniaturisation. Not a complete cure, but definitely a huge help. I'm just curious, if DHT won't be
  9. Great observation on grey hair! I agree it's an easy sign of bad clinic, but the problem is people don't know what to look for. Most of people on this forum are educated, but on other platforms are complete rookies and they're educating each other...!
  10. Part 3 1 day FUE Mega session. Donor Management. SMP. I've seen more and more people talking about getting SMP done BEFORE they even had their first surgery! It blows my mind that people are accepting overharvesting and treat it very casually.
  11. I can confirm it takes much longer to implant with implanter pen having it done first hand. Although I must admit it depends on the skill of the surgeon. Dr. Lorenzo is quite fast at this point.
  12. I had this conversation with some other chaps few days ago about the whole FUT thing in US. Because of strict rules in here (as other guy in the forum today mentioned) only surgeon can cut you. Now when you look at FUT, surgeon would need to cut a piece of meat in 15-20 min and toss it to his technician team who will do the hard work and dissect them under microscopes. Afterwards surgeon would need to do some slits and he can go home (I've heard this actually happening in best clinics!) leaving tech's the rest of placement work. It's very easy for a surgeon to work this way. Also another
  13. Appreciate that man! 1) All my plans. In short - get second HT (hopefully 2021) to cover mid scalp and crown (should be roughly 2500 grafts). Yes it was discussed as a long term plan, hence why I had only front done in the first go. Meds and all of that jazz more in the video. Probably will try oral minoxidil. 2.1 I had live consultation with Dr. Bisanga. He checked my donor, measured my head and when I asked if he thinks FUT would be better for me he said I won't get big amount of grafts with 1 strip as my head is small. The scar would be wider, thus increasing all the
  14. Month 7 What's up friends! Hope everyone is well. Apologies for such delay with my 7 month update. I've decided to make this video in a different style as it's a good enough progress to compare! It took me 2 days just to find a suitable song, went through hundreds of songs (maybe 500? Not even kidding!). In short, I'm absolutely amazed how it turn out in 7 months. Even with wet hair I think it looks amazing comparing to where I started. Some people still think that I've reached my end result, but if you look closer in the "parting wet hair" part you will see quite a few hai
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