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  1. Brilliant guide! Love the part about incisions as nobody is talking about it indeed.
  2. Almost month 8. Finasteride destroyed my results! Haha, just kidding. While it's true, hopefully that's the "shedding phase". Pic 1 with regular room light. Pic 2 and 3 with flash from a bit further "I've noticed if taken too close it reflects too much from scalp". My left side (right side in pictures) is much stronger than right, but thankthfully that's how I'm combing my hair over from left to right/down. At this point I see good and bad. Positive: I have quite a lot of baby hairs as well as new hairs grown for the last few months in hairline area and especially in mid scalp. Compared to where I started it's a massive difference. If everything will go as I expect, this hair will mature and I will get an amazing (compared to where I started) coverage in mid scalp and crown. Negative: Obvious. Receded more into the crown on the right side compared to few months ago. I guess would have been wiser to start fin, minox and derma rolling at the same time. So far I'm still very positive on the outcome. Once fully matured, I'll get some work done in my hairline and hopefully will be able to forget about combing my hair over for next 2-5 years.
  3. That looks so good! Such a neat hairline. I'm sure it will turn up amazing!
  4. Personally I don't believe there's an actual 4 year list of people waiting for surgery every day Monday-Friday. Its 261 patients a year x 4 years = 1044. Its if there is no holidays for surfeon and taking 1 patient a day. As you mentioned you wouldn't wait 4 years for that. I'm not even mention consultation part. I believe its 100% marketing. Once you apply they for sure will mention "extra opened slot at particular day for extra price" or something similar.
  5. Looks amazing to me for just 4.5 months! On left temple on pic you cant even tell a difference! I was wondering if your natural hairline was this shape or this is something your doc. recommended? I was always wondering why some dr. make such pointy triangular hairline. I'm sure it will turn out fantastic for you!
  6. I would clip it down to #2 and put dermmatch all over. Will look like full set of hair.
  7. To me it looks like you could just really benefit from finasteride a lot. You've got coverage all over your scalp, you've got hairline and temporal peaks. I would suggest to get on finasteride for 6-8 months and see what It can do for you and then decide if you still need a hair transplant. Preserve grafts and money!
  8. Looks great! How many grafts were implanted? I'm really keen to see high resolution donor as you are now. I know dr. Bhatti's donor looks great in a lot of cases.
  9. Hey Rob, Congrats on you ht! Your hair looks great! But if you are talking about your hairline, you have to actually show it. Pictures does not represent a harline. Btw I see you have a nice skin fade. How does your donor are looks like? Would you be able to share some pictures?
  10. If you lost a lot of hairs rapidly i would strongly recommend considering finasteride. There is a very high chance you would regrowth a lot if not almost everything you just lost. I've heard somewhere that you can regrow as much hair as you lost in your last 2-3 years. Might be a great option for you. Personally for me it works wonders so far. I've been on it a bit more that 2 months and I see some hairs sprouting from places I've been bold for 2-3 years now. I started slowly with 0.25mg of fin twice a week for couple of weeks, then increased dosage to 0.5mg three times a week for 2 weeks and now I'm doing 0.5mg every day. Just wanted to slowly build up tolerance to minimise chances of side effects and looks like so far so good.
  11. I'm in no way expert in this area, but logically speaking, Dutasteride blocks type l and type ll Alpha Reductase. As it will block more DHT, person can expect more benefits from it. Unfortunately, it's like a double edged sword, more benefits - higher chances of side effects. Also half life is twice as longer if not more as of Finasteride, therefore it's more dangerous. I heard a lot of people are taking it with positive results, however personally I would try it only if I would up my dosage on fin first and it won't work. Again, just my 3 cents. I have limited knowledge on that, therefore don't take it as a fact.
  12. Hey Adam, Congrats on your transplant! Personally I don't see reason using saw palmetto and fin at the same time. Both are blocking Alpha Reductase type ll. I would stick to one and if I would feel like needing to block more dht, I would just up my dosage on fin.
  13. Hello chaps, Full 7 month update (since mid of January)... More hair in mid-anterior scalp and crown are getting thicker and longer. I upped my dosage with Finasteride for the last 2 weeks to 0.5mg/day everyday. No sides as far as I'm aware of. Another great thing is I've got new baby hair growth on the hairline. That part was dead for 3 years now. Hopefully they will be able to mature to terminal hairs. Obviously picture was taken closely with flashlight, so it looks worse than it is to a human eye, but you can see small "peach fuzz" in the front. At this point HT surgeons proposing 2500-3500 grafts into hairline area (1/3 of scalp only), while in the beginning proposals were up to 5000 grafts covering whole head. I'm hoping finasteride will kick in and regrowth a lot of hair in mid scalp so I will need to take care of hairline only.
  14. I'm still researching, but I think both surgeons are great. Seems like both docs don't have many recent reviews online and they are not active with posting their jobs as well. Since both of them are doing 80% of the procedure themselves and having 1 patient a day I assume it's difficult to spent time for posting. In the end of the day they're human beings like we are and wants to have their life as well. If there would be a choice between these two surgeons I would go with my gut feeling.
  15. Looks neat! I've seen some people naturally have similar "patterns" without ht. Obviously not as many. Is it possible to get tan on the scars so they get darker if let's say you shave it all the way down to 0 and wear it like that while on the sun?