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  1. I use 1.5mm once a week. Wash my hair beforehand with nizoral, put conditioner, wash it, blow dry, submerge derma roller in 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol for 10-15 min, roll all over my head, put back in the same rubbing alcohol for 15 min and put back to container. Not using any wipes. I've got some holes that are making a hole size bleeding, but it doesn't hurt or something. I do this routine before bed. Next morning I just wash my hair with water, blow dry and ready to go. No problems so far. 5 months in.
  2. Yes I do. I started using it shortly after I started derma rolling. I wasnt using any shampoo, hair conditioner or any other product for around 2 years and my hair was healthy and shiny. Many people been commenting on how smooth and soft it is. I was afraid that I might have a build up of minoxidil (wasnt sure if just water will wash it up completely), I decided to start Nizoral (found locally with no effort) once a week just before derma rolling session. I've also noticed that nizoral dryers out hair a bit, therefore I started using just a random conditioner without any parabens etc. So far so good.
  3. Sorry I didn't say the important part. Seems like my hair thickened up quite a lot over the last couple of weeks. The shedding I was referring to was 2+ weeks before. I'm so impressed by how fast my hair grows. Even my barber told me my hair grows fast as I'm having skin fade every 2-3 weeks 😁 that's interesting as I'm not applying minoxidil on my sides! Also I've done a quick picture just for myself to see a difference in my vertex area. I wasnt sure if I'm losing hair in there, but when I compared picture from yesterday and my December picture before any treatment theres a big visible improvement. My vertex had a lot of hairs but it was much thinner than it is now. At this point it looks like I never lost any hair on my vertex even if combing in between to see every section clearly. I'll jump on propecia this week and take .250mg every other day and see how it will go.
  4. Hi guys, Quick update on my journey. Today as always I have done my dermarolling and made a picture beforehand. Seems like I had an additional shedding (5 months in) due to growth cycle as I thought before, or/possibly due to change in Minoxidil brand around 1.5 months ago. In the beginning I used Regain foam (UK version) £17.85/bottle and then switched to Kirkland foam £10.49/bottle. I heard once you switch brands it's a possibility. Let me know what do you think! All the best.
  5. Hi Isam, Appreciate your comment. Keep us posted with your journey! Looking forward to follow it.
  6. Once a week every Sunday (just finished one haha). Minoxidil 5% foam twice a day full cup each application spread all over my top scalp including very top of the sides. Btw, Minoxidil is normally recommended for the crown ONLY with half of cup to treat it. So, my speculation is - if it's recommended half cup just for the crown it must be not enough for a whole top part of the head, hence I'm using a full cup. Any thoughts?
  7. Hi everyone, I've been using minoxidil with dermaroller (started from 0.5 mm and went all the way up to 1.5 mm) for about 5 months now and I've seen some great result at ~3 month mark, however today I've took a picture and i was surprised a bit! I will attach pictures for your reference. (first pic with pre-treatment compared to 3 month, second pic at 5 month). Seems like some of the hairs in the mid section been thickened up on month 3, however on month 5 looks like I lost them. Also seems like some of the hair on the right side really thickened up compared to pre-treatmen. My speculation would be growth cycle. Since it was super short and minoxidil keeps increasing it, however it might be the point now when it's time to fall off and then grow back with longer cycle. Any ideas someone? Many thanks!
  8. Hello everyone, Hope this post finds you well! Few words about me. Just another dude that's loosing his hair and wants it back. On the way to NW5V (God bless me haha). I need your opinion guys to choose a doc for my hair transplant. I've been researching for about 3 months super extensively, I mean all day everyday. Spent over 100 hours browsing google, forums, YouTube and sending my pictures to 20+ clinics. So far my top 5 list of surgeons (in no particular order) that I'm considering to go are as follows (plus their suggestions): - Dr. Civas 3000-3200 grafts, 1.5€ per graft. Hotel, transfers etc. all included blah blah blah... Not important. Promises to cover Hairline, Temples, Frontal & Mid-scalp (nothing for vertex) and give undetectable result (that's a confident statement!). I personally didn't seen much of genuine reviews about him on forums. Some good, few bad. Not "wow" results overall, but not too bad. Plus for him of being a member of IAHRS (for a good reason i guess). 1 patient a day (according to hair-clinic.eu). Makes only incisions (most common practise in Turkey). Overall I haven't done quite a lot of research on him yet, therefore not sure about him as yet. - Dr. Demirsoy 3500-4000 grafts, 1.25€ per graft. Medications & shampoo included, the rest they can arrange for 200€. Again not super important. Suggested second HT in the future if hair loss will continue & not to lower hairline too low. All decisions will be made before surgery (sounds honest, good sign huh!?). What I really found unique about this Doc is that he is extracting grafts himself! Tech's only helps to put grafts into glory holes made by Doc (yet another great sign!). Results on YouTube are quite good as well as all reviews on forums I've seen (didn't find any bad reviews! Perhaps my research wasn't deep enough). - Dr. Yaman 3500-4000 grafts, 1€ per graft. "It will be enough for your operation as you want to get maximum number of graft possible" - That was a great statement! Interestingly enough i don't recall mentioning such a need! LOL. I guess just standard copy/paste email. Not concerned much about that as it's not possible to create a full bespoke reply to a every single person that sends pictures, unless you hire someone just to do that. Anyways, moving on.. Package all included + PRP. I like the way he's looking into donor area seriously and calculating grafts with single doubles etc. (at least it was shown on his YouTube video LOL). Procedure - 1) Incisions (made by Dr.); 2) Extractions (made by staff); 3) Implantation using his own modified implanter like DHI (that looks promising!). Dr. Yaman gives some kind of guarantee (as I've seen somewhere on the forum that he guarantees survival of at least 90% of follicles). I've seen quite a few bad reviews of his work. Interestingly enough if you try to type in Google Resul Yaman the second suggestes search comes as "Resul Yaman bad reviews" (at least for me!). The fact that he actually takes responsibility and refunds or repairs puts my mind kind of at ease. Yet still I wouldn't like to end up wasting 4000 grafts! Again a big plus for him is being an "Associate member" of IAHRS. Didn't see him there half a year ago though (unless i just missed it). - Dr. Acar - 4000-4500 grafts, 3 packages - 1) £1800, 2) £2250 (added needle free anaesthetis) + small perks 3) £3150 All from before + Dr. Acar is doing incisions himself. In the UK he is working through representative company called GMH. Their customer service is alright, responding very quickly. In fact, after sending my pictures to them I've got response back with quote for the surgery in 1.5 hours! That's a quick response! Doc. must have seen pics instantly LOL. Anyways, as their packages are the same regardless of amount of grafts, It can be quite expected. The exact amount will be determined on consultation with Dr. Acar. Again all surgery is performed by technicians, unless you take VIP package "£3150" where Dr. Acar is creating incisions. Quite a few great reviews overall. Almost none bad ones. They're heavily advertising "celebrity transplants" that been done in this clinic. - Dr. Karadeniz - 5000-7000 hairs, 1) 1600€ - done entirely by tech's; 2) 3000€ - Dr. K. performs all recipient site incisions; 3) 4500€ - FUT, max/needed amount of hairs (FUT done by Dr. K. & incisions); 4) 6000€ - FUT + FUE over 2 days (FUT done by Dr.K. and incisions), max hairs harvested (10000-15000 hairs). In the beginning of my research found him and considering his YouTube videos he's quite knowledgeable and straight forward. After some more research i found few other people that contacted him and they had similar experience with him. He's telling that he's the best doctor and almost every other clinic in Turkey is a mill using tech's only. When you connecting the dot's you can find that he's using tech's in the same fashion as the other doc's and his attitude looks a bit weird to me (either this guy really knows what he is talking about, or he is just being over confident, which results in being ignorant and rude). Not many reviews online. Results on the website are OK. Not super impressed, and again, maybe everyone else is using filters and what not to improve visuals...mhm... I've seen a lot of good words about him from Joe Tillman and many other people that he is one of few surgeons in Turkey to consider. I heard that at one point he was a member of IAHRS, but somehow he dissapeared from there. Never heard the reason. I believe all mentioned surgeons are good and all of them are good in a different way. I have respect to everyone, however like everyone else in the same boat we are trying to analyse too much and it just becomes a headache. Nobody is perfect, therefore I would like to kindly ask for your help. Perhaps someone had experience with any of mentioned surgeons and could clear the air. Any stories, suggestions or ideas are welcome! P.S. Please don't bother with "Erdogan is the only way to go in Turkey!". These docs are here for my personal budget range. If I would have unlimited funds, I would go to Dr. Juan Couto, not Erdogan, if you know what I mean. Many thanks to everyone for your time!