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  1. Hi Jijypuru, I'm not sure if they normally provide cleaning after OP, but I asked specifically if I can come for daily wash in clinic after surgery and Dr. Bruno said Monday - Friday is fine, but always needs to check availability. Dr. Ferreira mentioned hats are ok as long as they dont touch grafts and you're extremely careful when putting on. He said main problem arises from putting on/removing a hat. The best option is always nothing on top.
  2. I will see what I can do! I know there's some pictures of his OR in Dr. Ferreira's instagram.
  3. Stay in touch on my thread In 2 weeks I will have surgery with Dr. Ferreira and will be posting updates.
  4. In the end of the day I think what's matters is the skill of the doctor and not who he is or where he is coming from. Nevertheless thank you both for confirming my thoughts on him!
  5. Thanks man! I think biggest impact (so far...!!!) was from Finasteride. It really kick-started regrowth process. I've got so much new hairs on my hairline area (Zone 2-3). At this point pictures can't really show what I see in the mirror because they're new-borns Minoxidil & Dermaroller obviously done fantastic job in terms of crown and mid scalp. At the beginning I had few long hairs in there and now it's long all the way to frontal area. I think the best reference for your question would be:
  6. Hey man, Thanks for advice! Didn't thought of one with the mirror. Top man! As I wrote before that's ine of the reasons I chose Dr. Ferreira over Dr. Pekiner! I know they're both great surgeons and everyone has their preference. Hi Tbcruz, At the moment he's charging €2.5/graft. If you compare his work to other top surgeons it's top notch as well, so value for money is amazing. Fingers crossed for myself!
  7. Hello gents, It's time for update! Month 11 of Dermarolling & Minoxidil + Month 5 of Finasteride. To be honest right now I'm so happy with my gains that I dont think about my hair (unless it's very windy!!!). Putting my hair spray in the morning and I am good to go. Comparing from where I started that's a huge success for me. 1 year ago when I did comb over it was so thin that you could see my scalp if all my hair strands doesn't lay down perfectly. Today when I do the same hairstyle it looks like I'm losing only in the temples a.k.a. receiding hairline. Many people are even surprised when I tell them that I'm losing my hair. That's how good I am at camouflaging it! 😁 I think there's is still more to get from Finasteride as it's just month 5 (month 3 on full 1mg dose), so looking forward to that! Last week started tapering off minoxidil slowly. Started doing every other day just once a day. This week I will do every day just once a day. I will have another 2 weeks to completely stop using it before my surgery in end January, so I guess my last update will be in mid January.
  8. Up! Still looking forward for suggestions from who had the surgery done. I really want to get it as smooth as possible so any tips and tricks are welcome!
  9. Don't give false hopes for people! They will start rubbing rogaine with big hopes...
  10. Wasn't the purpose of HT in the first place to stop worrying and forget about your hairloss and what others think? Just move on with your day, be happy to see your friend and family and if someone says something that's when you can say "yeah I have this done".
  11. I wouldn't start conversation with this for sure, but if someone says something is different I would be straight forward "yeah I've done hair transplant, looks good isn't it?". Be proud of it. You had an issue and you dealt with it. That's what men do. Solving problems. 👍
  12. Hi guys, So I am just "another dude" with a hair loss problem like all of you here haha. I am 28, diffuse NW5 pattern. Been losing my hair since 21 years old. Once I lost my hairline completely (except forelock) i became self conscious about it and started growing out hair to cover that spot and for the last 3 years I've been doing it quite well (thanks to hair spray!). Medical Treatment This year in January I started using Minoxidil 5% with dermaroller with some good results. I felt like I'm not loosing any more hair, but actually regaining it back. You can check out my separate thread for that. After long debates I also decided to get on board with Finasteride, but started with super low dosage of 0.25 mg twice a week to check how my body will react to that. Looked like it was all good, so I increased dosage to 0.5 mg 3 times a week and eventually 1 mg/day. Been on a full dose for the last 3-4 months now and looks like it works great for me. Don't see any hairs falling out for quite some time already, so I feel my MPB is stable. At this point I believe medical therapy will keep improving my crown and mid scalp, so I just need to get the front done via HT. Today, in day to day life I'm not thinking too much about my hair, unless it's windy and it blows away my comb over and gives a great view for people of my bald front lol! That's the worst thing that's happening in my day haha. Well, anyway.. Moving on.. Hunt for a surgeon After a year of intense research, long debates and countless before & after's I finally decided to book in a surgery! Super excited to finally get it done. Originally I started looking at Turkey for it's affordability. Checked pretty much every clinic out there where Doctor is involved in surgery at some point (bypassing all these hair mills!). Learned a lot of things a long the way so it made my list much smaller. Got tons of proposals from different clinics starting from "one and done" types of clinic, to more expensive ones like Asmed. Most of doc's are doing incisions only and leaving the rest for techs and since we all have limited donor supply and truly just 1 shot to make it or brake it, I have decided for myself that I want Dr. himself to do most crucial parts of surgery. Following that mindset I found couple of surgeons: Dr. Demirsoy Does 1 patient a day Does extractions & incisions himself Lots of great reviews on forums Fits my budget One thing bothering me he wanted to do 4000-4500 grafts over 1 day. After some debates I decided not to go for it. I am a proponent of smaller amounts over few days to preserve grafts, donor and doc could focus more on procedure itself, especially extractions and not waste any precious grafts. Dr. Pekiner Lots of positive feedback Does extractions & incisions himself Does 1 patient a day Charging almost twice more At this point I decided not to focus on money (thanks for my research!) and be open for more expensive options. Now, here is a things that was bothering me. He suggested 3000 grafts for the frontal part, from which 2500 would be extracted from scalp and 500 from beard. I really don't feel like using beard grafts for my first procedure! Just doesn't sounds right. Also patient adviser said that Dr. Pekiner will not change his mind and that's the only thing he would do. No negotiations. Obviously I didn't feel nice about it, so I decided to keep looking. I decided to get out of Turkish market and start looking from across the world. I had 2 live consultations with Dr. Bisanga and Dr. Lupanzula where both confirmed my great donor. Both suggested to be conservative and everything looks great, but the amount of money they are charging was sadly out of my reach. At some point I been watching so many videos on YouTube from Dr. Jose Lorenzo and always been amazed of his work. Obviously he was charging a big buck for his stellar job, but one thing that got my attention was he started working with Dr. Bruno Ferreira at some point over the last few years. I was "mhm.. If this guy is good enough for Dr. Lorenzo, he must be good". So I looked him up. Turns out Dr. Ferreira has a lot of experience in HT. He was mainly working for other clinics and now for Dr. Lorenzo in Madrid. He has also his own clinic in Portugal where he is based. The problem I found is he has very, very limited exposure online of his own work, only because most of his time he was working for someone else, meaning, someone else owns the rights for before/after. Despite this fact, every case he presented for me was a "wow" case. Recently I spoke with Joe Tillman & Spencer Kobren on their show and asked what's their opinion on this young doctor and was pleasantly surprised that they know this guy very well and in their opinion his job is stellar. So here we are. I send him my standard email and I've got the best online assessment I've ever seen! It was a great surprise of his attention to detail from his initial impression, to medical treatment, to prognosis, to HT plan consisting of two separate surgeries to achieve full recovery. Not a typical "copy - paste" type of response. He even convinced me to jump on Finasteride full dose 1mg/day, which I'm glad I did! Dr. Ferreira proposed 3000-3500 grafts (will decide on live consultation after he "gets his hands on my scalp") Surgery will be done in 2 consecutive days. At this point we decided to go for frontal restoration first, which is my main concern. After almost 40 emails back and forth and ~45 min video chat (Yes, with Dr. himself!) I finally decided - this is it, this is my Dr! Booked my surgery with him on January 28-29, 2020. Fingers crossed! P.S. Dr. Ferreira is quite OCD/perfectionist. I guess that's the best thing a patient could hear about his doctor! What I'm looking for right now is I need advise from you guys. I booked my hotel in Porto (30 seconds away from clinic hahaha ) from 27th of Jan to 2nd of Feb, so transplanted grafts will have 4 days to "settle down" and will less likely to be dislodged and whatnot. What shall I buy before surgery so I stay as comfortable as possible? Any special travel pillow? Aloe Vera gel for donor post-op? Any special hat for post-op? Tie my hands to bed for the first 7 nights, so I don't scratch recipient area while sleeping? Any help is appreciated! Super excited to get this finally done! Many thanks. Rolandas
  13. Find a doctor, who does motorised extractions but not doing 3000-4000 a day and can focus on extractions and you are good to go 👌
  14. That's not how you compare "survival rate". Take one doctor and make him master manual and motorised punches and then ask to perform extractions with both tools one after another. That's how you can compare and know for sure if it's true or not. So many doctors are using micro motor with excellent results and vise versa. Don't focus on tool, focus on result. After 20 years you will not care what tool doc used, you will care how you look.