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  1. 3.5 Months Hey guys, I apologise for posting so infrequently! Here's my latest 3.5 month update on my 2nd Hair Transplant. - It appears I've got finally some new transplanted growht happening, not much, but it's a beginning - Temple peaks are getting into shape - Mid scalp & Crown is filling in nicely (although it's mainly due to oral minoxidil). But overall I'm very confident going through my daily life without any concealer - Difference in light can make everything. Indoors looks great, but as soon as I step outside it doesn't look all that good haha
  2. Looks great. Gotta love the way Dr. Ferreira is building hairlines. Fine singles in the front (i see he took yours from around the ears) with very irregular pattern. Best of luck with your healing.
  3. 2 Months I'm sorry, a bit late with an update on here, but I've done one on my YT channel 😁 Ok, so in short of course there isn't much progress except hairs that didn't fell kept growing. No new transplanted growth at this moment. There's almost no redness left which is a great surprised. Comparing it to my 1st surgery, this time around it went away much sooner. I guess it's due to less grafts/cm2 implanted, so less trauma to the skin. I'm experiencing great amount of regrowth and thickening from Oral Minoxidil, so it's a positive change at this stage and it makes my ugly duckling stage a bit better. Pimples are still present and they're a bit annoying. Not worried about them though, as they should go away in about a month. And of course here's a whole video about it.
  4. Yeah I'd suggest to just pay. Number of people told me they're waiting for 3-5 months for consultation.
  5. Dr. Ferreira isn't looking for one. He wants to reply to emails himself. I already offered him my help with that as he takes over 2-5 months to even reply to email consultations...
  6. I have done a live Q&A on my channel and decided to give my opinion on your case. Starts from 2:37
  7. Most studies are done on 1mg/day dose where they say you can expect more improvement up to 2 years. It also highly depends on how severe your hair loss is. There's a 10 year Japanese study suggesting that up to NW5 you can expect continuous improvements every year, but if you're NW5 and over, you will plateu in the first 2 years. From my personal experience, I've seen most improvement AFTER 14 months of being on 1mg/day. Less shedding (to the point I don't see any), more regrowth (nothing crazy though) and hair thickening. Keep in mind I'm NW5a. I actually did a video recently on this subject if it's of some interest for you
  8. If you look closely you will see scars are smaller on occipital area compared to temporal and parietal areas. The reason is an angle of hair growth. In these areas hair grows kind of downwards and more flat compared to occipital area, so with the same punch size scars are created slighly bigger. Dr. Ferreira is using 0.8mm & 0.85mm (at least on me) during the surgery and I even "inspected" them during my 2nd one (being overly curious as always lol).
  9. Holy cow what a turn around in just 4 months between month 2 and 6!!! O_O I was looking at first pics and thinking "looks exactly like me". Hoping to get something similar!
  10. 1 Month Apologies I'm not that active in here. Can't realistically spend all my time in various platforms! Here we are - 1 month after my 2nd HT with Dr. Ferreira. Short Hair, Shedding & Redness. Overall I'm pretty happy with what's going on right now. Not too much redness compared to last year. Shedding kicked in. Temple points are mostly gone, mid scalp & top of the crown has still about 40-50% of transplanted hair. 1st Transplant result looks pretty good with short hair - natural hair growth angles, correct hair caliber & type in correct areas. It's a little thin which is expected with my type of hair. I start to chase "perfection" which I shouldn't given my overall situation. Although comparing to where I've started - night and day. I've got hairline! I'm more active on my YouTube channel, so if you want to see more of me, I'm there.
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