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  1. While it looks pretty good considering I was 95% bald in the whole frontal third, I don't think it's dense enough considering my hair caliber. I will be putting some more grafts in there on my 2nd surgery in June.
  2. Dr. Ferreira's patients are all pretty bad with updating their progress online 🤣 i guess they forgot about hair loss all together lol Looks amazing for just 5 months! 😲
  3. I don't think area is necessarily big, it's just frontal third. Also 3659 grafts is quite big number, but considering my hair type it's not even enough! Numbers are just that - numbers. Some people will need more, some less. It all depends on area to cover, amount of native hair present, hair shaft diameter & average hair per graft ratio to create density. HLC is a solid choice. I really like their work.
  4. Hey man, First of all let me tell you this: I admire your willingness to research more and approach future hair restoration with caution. Remind me of myself when I started doing the research. I'm sure you're setting yourself for a success (if you keep being curious). I think @qui bono replied very well to all your questions. I will add few things: 3. Low Norwood levels tend to dense pack hairline quite a lot, so it visually matches native density (as an example forelock being strong and need of rebuilding temples, which will require quite high amount of grafts). On another h
  5. Then reach out to lots of top surgeons, ask for their specific plan and take it from there.
  6. i its repair i dont think you pay per graft. Lupanzula and Bisanga about €4/graft, Lorenzo €5.
  7. Worth reaching out to all of them. Dr. Ferreira is doing repairs as few people contacted me who needed it. You can also add Dr. Lupanzula & Dr. Bisanga in Belgium. They both do lots of repairs coming from Turkey. I've seen some great repairs from Lupanzula. Dr. Lorenzo in Spain probably does it all the time. Prices will be different due to it being a repair job. I've heard Dr. Ferreira is charging something like €5000 if it will take 1 surgical day. Not sure if that's across the board or just for that specific guy. I think most surgeons would charge minimum/average what they
  8. Not sure where do you see "NW6, maybe going to NW7". This is clear NW5 with strong lateral humps and overall donor. Crown doesn't go deep. Worst case scenario in the future - NW6 if not on meds, but nothing close to NW7. Not everyone would go full blown NW7. @nightowll I think if you don't do anything about stopping further hair loss, then be conservative, go for FUT and make the most out of each graft. I think one good strip can yield about 5000 grafts (if head is big enough) taken from ear to ear, so it would be possible to cover the whole area in one go. Of course don't expect it to be
  9. Seems like your donor recovered well. Happy to see it. Crown looks pretty good compared to where you started. I think a sprinkle of hair fibers and you have full set of hair. Great base for 2nd HT or concealers overall.
  10. Now this is some of the pictures I love to see. Good quality close ups that show the 100% truth about your hair transplant and I must say, this looks pretty incredible. Curly hair definitely gives you favors in terms of density! Hairline is reconstructed really nicely too with nice micro-irregularities.
  11. I think these were compressed too much or send via social media, so quality decreased. I think we all here are hairline nerds who wants to see more haha
  12. Looks interesting. Are there any better quality pictures or close ups of hairline? Donor is spot on 👌
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