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  1. So I've reached week 12 (day 84). I wouldn't say time is flying but I do feel I'm not moving into the positive stage and seeing the transplanted hairs starting to sprout. I've got a few pimples and the transplant area can be itchy which I believe is a good thing. All in all I'm really happy thus far and hopefully by my next update in 4 weeks alot more hairs will have come through. Keeping donor area shaved down to a #1 so all at similar length and just looks like I've a buzz cut. Photos below:
  2. @Dhiya hope healing goes well. 1st week is nervous but you will be fine. Take care on flight home. How did you find the procedure?
  3. @Dhiya I have to say the pain was a lot less that I presumed it would be. I would say 3/4 out of 10 and that was mainly from the pressure points where the injections were put in. This dissapated afer a few days. I flew home within 24 hours of my procedure and everything was fine, other than some swelling on day 2/3/4. Everyone's pain threshold is different but I was pleasantly surprised how little pain I felt after. Other people on plane had hair transplants from.other clinics and one in particular had blood running from the donor area which didnt look good. Everyone's experience is different but I was ok to fly home day after.
  4. Good luck @JSB77. You will be able to get out and about as there are alot of people around with the hair transplant hats on and the bandages are removed after the 1st day. I think you will struggle to stay in the hotel. Whilst rooms are very nice, limited English channels so you will be bored. You will be fine. Are you paying for the exclusive package where Dr Cinik makes the incisions? I send progress pics at month 3. Definitely some growth starting to happen gradually. Keeping fingers crossed! Belman
  5. Hi All, So I've just reached the 8 week mark and have attached pictures from day 56. Nothing much to report as I'm basically in the "standstill" stage and waiting for the growth to commence hopefully in about 4 weeks. The itching in the donor area has subsided greatly since my last post and I've been keeping all hair apart from the implant area shaved to a number 2. Whilst no growth I'm been very happy with the healing process thus far and haven't experienced any shock loss. Will send another update at week 12 where I'll hopefully have a bit more to report on. Belman
  6. Hi MPB, I had 2128 grafts in the front, 1165 in the middle and 907 in the crown. Belman
  7. @Dhiya yes I was in a private room for the procedure. @mohasin I paid for the exclusive package so Dr Cinic made all the channel openings. The technicians done everything else and I have to say they were extremely attentive and kept asking me if I was ok throughout the procedure.
  8. Hi Dhiya, The clinic provide you with both a headband and a large hat for the way home. You have to wear the hat for the 1st month to keep direct sunlight and rain from the transplant area. Good luck for December Belman.
  9. Cheers Paddy. No scarring under chin (although not may grafts taken from this area), or in the donor area to the sides and back of head. All healed very quickly. The worst part for me is that the donor and implant area can be very itchy. Belman
  10. I arrived home from the procedure just over 24 hours later and over the next couple of days experienced some swelling when I removed the bandage provided by the clinic. This didn't overly concern me as I expected this may happen following the research I'd conducted and it dissipated within a couple of days. After 10 days most of the scabs had fallen off and I returned to work and not one person suspected I had a hair transplant, all assuming I had shaven my hair. I am one month on and this is still the case, although I have told a few people who are pleasantly surprised. All in all the healing in the first month seems to be as it should be, the shedding began about a week ago and both the donor area and transplant are can be itchy. I've attached photos below from day 7, day 14, day 21 and day 28 for which I had the donor are shaved to a number 1. I will provide monthly updates going forward. Day 7 photos Day 14 photos Day 21 photos Day 28 (after number 1 to the donor area)
  11. Hi everyone. So I was a balding (Norwood V) 40 year old decided to take the leap. I’d been researching the FUE Hair Transplant procedure for a few years, and had originally booked the procedure through Qunomedicial back in March 2017. I’d paid for flights, but decided not to go through with it a couple of days before, basically due to a gut feeling. At the time, I felt a little under prepared and my gut feeling was this wasn’t the right time for me. Over the next couple of years I kept researching the procedure and different clinics, and then went to a cousins wedding who had gone through with the procedure and seeing the end results (post 12 months procedure) for him I knew this was the right thing for me to do. Knowing someone who had been through the procedure was priceless and he provided me with links to independent review websites such as hairrestorationnetwork.com. I can’t emphasise the importance of seeking independent reviews away from the clinics own website. I started to undertake some more in-depth research on hair clinics in Turkey to identify a shortlist, before directly engaging with each of the clinics to learn more about their procedures/costs. I look at Asmed Surgical Medical Centre (Dr Koray Erdogan), Dr Tayfun, Vera Clinic and Dr Cinik Hair Clinic. My cousin went through Asmed so I knew the results 1st hand, however they were also 4 times more expensive than any of the other clinics and my cousin, whilst delighted with the results, advised if he were to have another transplant he would go with a cheaper option as there isn’t a huge difference in the procedure. Of the other 3, I was put off by Vera Clinic as I was called by their clinic and whilst they said all the rights things, it was very much a sales pitch which concerned me. Also, whilst the other 3 clinics were all consistent with the number of grafts they could harvest (3000-4000) and density 35-45 grafts per cm2, Vera Clinic claimed they could harvest 5000 grafts and up to 90 cm2 density which set alarm bells ringing in respect of overharvesting the donor area. In terms of cost, Dr Tayfun quoted £3,330, Dr Cinik (exclusive Package) 2590 euros and Asmed 13750 euros. Based on the independent reviews I’d found I decided to book Dr Cinik for September 2019. Whilst the offer included 3 nights accommodation, I requested just a 2 night stay, which the clinic accommodated. I liaised with the clinic through whatsapp and they responded to any queries I had promptly, although I would advise from my reviews they do seem to have a standard document, which they send their patients prior to the procedure, rather than a bespoke document for each patient. I arrived in Turkey on Thursday 19th September 2019 and as per instruction went to the Ulger Car rental point in the airport where my transport was arranged. I’d received a whatsapp message from the clinic stating I would be picked up at 8.15 in the next morning from the hotel and taken to the clinic for my procedure. As it was after 6pm (local time) the clinic was closed for the evening so I was taken to my hotel, which wasn’t the one they had stated I would be staying in, however was closer to the clinic than the original hotel. I was picked up the next morning as advised, along with 2 other guys who were also going to the clinic. One of them had the procedure through Dr Cinik the previous year and he was accompanying his friend. His hair looked great and he showed me photos prior to his procedure, which put me right at ease meeting someone who had been through the process previously at Dr Cinik When I arrived at the clinic I undertook a blood test for the PRP and then was whisked upstairs to meet with Dr Cinik. This was only a 5 minute meeting, but he talked me through the process, drew my new hairline and put me at ease. I asked about the painless injections, and he advised these were available if I wanted them but would not impact the end result. He advised it depends on your own pain threshold and in no way pushed me for or against them. I was then taken to another room to make the payment and requested the painless injections which cost 100 euros extra. I then had my hair shaved and was taken to the surgical room for the procedure by my technician. She was very nice and put me at ease from the start. I was given a pill which I was told would relx you through the process and the procedure began. The painless process I would describe was like a short sharp prick each time the anaesthetic went in, which lasted for a second. I’m glad I paid extra as I could not have had the number of injections into the back and skull of my head as the painless injections were painful enough for me. Once anaesthetised, the extraction procedure commenced and lasted about 3 hours. There was very little pain and the technicians (4 in total) were very attentive and talked to me through the process. The translator came in every half hour to check I was ok, and if I needed to take a break to just say. The lead technician spoke perfect English, so there was no need for the translator, however it was good knowing they were there to check on you. After the donor extraction I was given a carton of juice and a surgery bun. Dr Cinik then came in and made all the incisions for the implantation, and the implants were then completed by the technicians. All in all the process took approx. 6 and half hours. Afterwards the technicians brought me a baguette and more juice insisting I ate it to keep my energy up. I have to say they really were excellent and looked after me so attentively throughout the process. If I was in any pain, I just said pain, they would ask were and then provide some more anaesethic into that area. I was surprised how little pain was in the process. I have provided below photos prior to procedure, immediately after and the morning after prior to my flight home. . All in all I had 4200 grafts from head and some underneath my chin. The breakdown for the hairs per graft was 1023 single, 1554 double and 1623 multiple. The next day I went back to the clinic to get the bandages off prior to my flight home. There was no further check-up with Dr Cinik, which was disappointing as I understood this was part of the process. This was more a sales pitch to buy 12 months worth of vitamins etc, over and above the tablets you had already paid for. I declined as research I’d undertaken generally indicated there was no need for the additional medication and you can get biotin etc at home. They showed me how to wash my hair as this can only be done after 2 days and I was on my way back to the airport.