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  1. Hi everyone. Just another quick update. I've now reached the 9 month mark (cant believe it's been that long). Don't think touch has changed since my last post. Hair growing, if I,m being over critical some areas appear thicker than others (I'd approx 2000 grafts in hairline area, 1000 in middle section and 1000 in crown) but probably as expected. We all strive for perfection but I compare were I was at 9 months to today then I'm absolutely delighted with the results. I've posted pics from today and July last year so you can see the difference.
  2. Thanks @Zenn and @147break. How are you getting on @Zenn? Are you at 4 month mark?
  3. Hi all. Firstly I hope everyone is keeping safe and well in these crazy times. I reached the 7 month mark on 20th April and I am delighted with the progress. If I was told at the start if this process this is how my hair would look I would have been delighted. I think it us important to remember what your wishes were at the start in order to manage expectations. I wanted to regain my hairline and I am really happy with the results. Ideally I would like a bit more density and hopefully this will come over the next few months. One thing I would say is the transplanted hair grows upwards, which is fine for me as I wear a spiked style and dont need to use hair product, but might not suit everyone. The clinic sent me an email last week and are happy with the progress, but suggested I use finasteride to enhance growth, however I just going to continue using biotin. I've attached pics below.
  4. I'm good @Egy. Gonna post 7 months pics later. I'm pleased with my progress. Would live a bit more density, but got to manage expectations and if I was told my hair would look like it does 7 months ago, I would have been more than happy. One thing I would say is the transplanted hair sticks up, rather than fall forward. This is ok because i I style my hair up, but if I didn't then may cause issues. Stay safe.
  5. So I reached the 6 month mark on Friday 20th March. Time has really flown in and I'm delighted with the progress. Only thing now is I'm want more density on top but hopefully this will come in next few months. I've attached pictures below having just had number 1 on sides and back. Also a couple of comparison from before and after and top of head today and 4 weeks ago.
  6. Thanks @Collyflower. Good luck to you also. Feedback from the clinic was I'm only 50% finished so fingers crossed more growth and density to look forward to in coming months.
  7. Looks like your progressing well @Egy I'd mine done with Cinik 1 month before so expect alot more growing in the next month.
  8. Everyone, Just want to add to this topic because I think it's a very informative debate for all. I went to Dr Cinik 5 months ago and wanted to post my story to date. Should be link below.
  9. HI all, It's the official 5 month anniversary today and I'm delighted with how my hair is progressing. The difference in the last few weeks has been incredible and I'm hoping there will be a lot more density coming over the next few months. Friends and family cannot get over the change and I feel really good about the results thus far. Some pics below:
  10. Hi Zenn, Progress between weeks 16 and week 20 has been really pleasing. I was trying to hold off putting up any updates until my official 5 month mark which will be Thursday 20th February, but since you have asked I've provided some photos below from week 20. In one of the photos I have provided a comparison from week 16 to week 20 and you can really notice the difference that has taken place over the last 4 weeks. I'm now hoping for more density over the next few months, but I am delighted with the progress to date. Family, Friends, work colleagues cannot believe the progress. A couple of work colleagues who I had not seen for a couple of months, new something was different but couldn't work it out until I told them and they couldn't believe the difference (They think I look 10 years younger!!) Hope your progress is going well too.....be patient (no matter how hard it is - I don't think I've looked in the mirror as much these past 20 weeks) - have trust in the process and hopefully everything will happen as advised. I have also attached a comparison from before the intervention and now. 20 weeks Before intervention Week 20 Week 16
  11. Looking right on track @CanadianPT. Had mine done 16 weeks ago @Belman. I've kept my donor area done to #1 for most part which I feel helps keep the buzz cut look. How did you find Cinik? I thought they were very good.
  12. Hi everyone, Today is the 16 week mark (112 days) and I'm really pleased with the progress I'm now starting to see. Definitely a lot more growth coming, and given I'm not yet at the 4 month mark, I'm hopeful over the next 4 weeks I'm going to see a lot more coming through, particular the hairline which I feel looks very natural. I'm keeping my donor area shaved down to a number 1 every couple of weeks and trimming the implanted areas with scissors and I'm really comfortable and more confident being out and about without my "Peaky Blinder" flat cap. Still using the clinics shampoo, and taking biotin every couple of days. I'm not and never have taken any other medication. I update Dr Cinik's clinic through WhatsApp every 4 weeks, the only thing I would say is there's not much feedback from the clinic other than a reply that everything is looking good, which I will take as a positive. All in all really please with how things are progressing. Will update again in 4 weeks. Grateful for any feedback on the pics below. Cheers