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  1. Yeah and do you see too much scaring in the donor area? I think that’s what I’m bothered by the most now
  2. Hey brother, yes I notice the area where he took the grafts has significant patchy quality. I so appreciate your honest feedback your right it puts us at risk if it isn’t genuine feedback. You the man ! I am going to get second opinions from other surgeons. That’s the beauty of these forums, having eachothers backs ! Or scalps rather lol 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 Thank you for the wakeup call!
  3. thanks Michael will keep the updates coming 💪🏻Appreciate the feedback ! Hey john, appreciate any and all feedback not take it wrong at all. I have considered the team in Canada Hassan and Wong ? I think I got that right. yes there will be some maturation he showed some of the hairs still coming up ( grafts 3 hairs with one graft some of those still sprouting). he did mention that even after additional 1000 I might want to put another 500-700 in to help with blending. He noted that it will never be as dense as the other parts of scalp, that I could get at minimum d
  4. So I just finished my 6 month follow up appointment. He looked at the grafts, 90% has grown. There are still more hairs just coming up. Looking like 90%+ yield. He recommended 700-1000. More grafts he can get me in next month. Meaning shaved head again lol I would get double the current density so October 26th we would start again 🤪
  5. These taken today sept 13th. The start of 6 month make was Sept 10th. hair dry more natural light from window lights behind me though. It makes a difference.
  6. The 6 Month Mark has arrived. Today Sept. 10th is the start of month 6. still on minox 5% foam, and finasteride Still have to set up follow up appointment with Dr Magdelin. we spoke on the phone, going to talk about touch up procedure to double or potentially triple the density. He was very clear that we restored a fraction of original density. He’s been very consistent and straightforward through the entire process. If I am heading in the direction where of the 1400 I have maximum yield of grafts that’s great. Will def need another procedure to fill in density.
  7. Thanks brother 💪🏻 Well see in the next 3 months. So for anyone who is going through process go get a professional to cut the hair. My 6 month follow up is approaching- doc will be able to assess progress- brainstorm what next steps are which I’ll share here
  8. Thanks foxtrot I think your right- the hair length was very uneven and that made contrast what it was. And I butchered it myself which probably made it look more disproportionate. fingers crossed more density in upcoming months. Next pics will be 6 month mark Sept 10th. Also for best Barber in Boston @persuitimage on Instagram.
  9. First haircut since late February. Crazy- I took time off work for surgery- after surgery Covid had us all in quarantine. I know last haircut was well before March 10th .
  10. I was taking Biotin up until about 2.5 weeks ago. I have to buy more, I have stopped.
  11. Alright- all corny jokes aside. This is the start of month 5- 1400 FUE hairline restoration. So there is some growth. This is almost 50% of the growth. I am told 6 month I should expect 50%. I can see the density is not where I want it to be. I am hoping that it improves significantly. within next 2-3 months. we shall see!
  12. Just playing 10th is tomorrow so it will be official start of month 5- I will update with pics from camera.
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