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  1. Thanks Melvin wouldn’t mind a trip to nyc. I’ll pay more for a reputable place. There is a global pandemic- until that vaccine is out and tested- I’m not going to turkey or Europe. I can drive to New York take about 4 hours or so.
  2. Hello brothers - here is a quick update. I need to find a reputable doc near or around Boston for a consultation. Any ideas ?
  3. It’s all good. It’s normal if you have shock loss. The surgery is a trauma to scalp. It will come back most likely. Normal to be hyperVigilant after cosmetic procedure.
  4. Thanks Bjorn and Kramer. All of you guys actually. Came close was only several days away from another procedure. incredibly grateful for the honest feedback. It’s a waiting game now to see what will come in. Dr. Told me 90% has come in and I should not expect much more density from where it is now. Will wait a year as he first suggested to see where I am. time to sit back, sprinkle some magic hair powder dust on my hairline, Rogain foam, chew finasteride like skittles and research. I will keep updating 👍🏻 Be well
  5. No didn't really need to use a lot of fiber- just a couple dabs- its crazy how well those things work.
  6. I canceled the appointment. I guess it’s that fiber life until I reschedule next surgery. this is with just a couple dabs of toppik hair fiber.
  7. I think it might help to see what it looks like now with full face picture. Takes into more into context I guess
  8. I had a chance to speak with DrTBarghouthi the other day and ask him for feedback. Grateful for his expert input and straightforward opinion. he took a look at my thread here and gave me his honest opinion. He would have suggested increase in grafts from the start ( over double at least for the hairline plan ) and would have designed the hairline differently ( to straight ) Noted a better result if I had gone with higher hairline. On the good side he thinks with an increase in density with another procedure it will look good. He thinks the donor area is improved, need to focus on
  9. My Barber is in agreement with you Melvin he says the donor area doesn’t seem that bad. I’ll keep updating! 7 months in. This is after woke up and put 5% minox in. Not surprisingly it makes a difference. After shower it looks better. doc did say at the start I would need a second procedure. I will post an update soon on what I’m thinking and what I’m going to do
  10. Transplantedphil thanks for that list of names. I am not sure I can post prices, I can say it’s good price.
  11. Side by side from first haircut to this current one. It’s a little longer at the back, this time
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