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  1. Dr mentioned doing another treatment in a year of first surgery to increase density. First see how this procedure takes, and decide when all the data is in. right now I’m just about to hit 4 months on the 10th, at 6 months 50% of the grafts should be in so I’ll have a better idea then of what to expect. So far I can see steady growth, fingers crossed lots more to come which will help the density. ill also have 6 month follow up appointment so if you have any suggestions for what questions to ask that would be helpful! Keep the honest feedback coming guys ! Thanks so much !
  2. Yes your totally right. I am not sure what the density will look like. Yes, it will never achieve that density. There is a lot of real estate covered, time will tell I guess
  3. June 10th 3 month mark! 1400 grafts to restore hairline. Hoping density will increase from where it is. This ugly duckling phase is brutal I can tell you that!
  4. On June 10th will be the start of Month 3. this is a picture update - first haircut since before March 10th....and please go easy on me I did it myself...in mirror, using my phone as a second mirror and after watching a couple YouTube videos on how to cut your own hair lol A little impulsive yes lol not like there is anywhere to go right now 🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. April 20th comparison photo- hoping month 3 and 4 will develop greater density
  6. This is about 10 Weeks out - any feedback ? This is the heart of ugly duckling phase. Def sucks. Some acne, I am trying to limit that as best I can.