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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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  1. It doesn't. If you're pushing hair follicles "together" you're leaving space where they were. Bulbar punch technique or not, unless you are somehow reducing the amount of scalp you can't do what he is suggesting. It sounds like he's just hand waving to justify a practice change in response to market preferences.
  2. That explanation sounds completely nonsense. What in the hell is Hasson talking about.
  3. Hasson is probably the best stripper in North America. I wouldn't put Konior at the top anymore because I haven't seen much in the way of patient cases from him for quite awhile, even before the pandemic started.
  4. Because his patient posted results are on recuperarelpelo and most people here don't know Spanish.
  5. 1. When a good member is driven away after being ganged up on by the less well informed, and supported by admin for behind the scenes reasons. (The answer to 99 out of a 100 questions is....... drumroll. . . . money.) I miss Spex, Mickey, JoeTillman and the other more elegant shill-patients that used to gather around these parts. It was refreshing to hear them speak, because you knew what they were going to say, who they were going to bash and what general energy their post would contain. A "Dana White" of hair loss would be a great thing. Dr. Feller would be a choice here as he goes into his
  6. 9 months is not enough time to evaluate an FUE. The growth is so much slower than FUT and you have light hair and probably are metabolizing much slower because of inactivity and stress associated with quarantine. Give it till 12-15 months before you make any calls. Also are you on meds?
  7. What in the sam hill are you talking about. This is why it's dangerous to trust people on forums. Go to recuperar al pelo. There is no one in the US doing what those guys do.
  8. Man, god bless but you have an awesome head. I would never get a transplant if I was black, hairs are so curly hard to FUE correctly and shaved heads on black guys are SICK
  9. Because it's rude to the practice. If you want to know call them -- prices change over time and surgeons don't want people trying to argue for a lower price they saw listed on HRN.
  10. Donor looks amazing. Yield is coming along. Please keep us updated.
  11. Stop posting your results in the patient forum Billena. It comes across as unethical in that you're trying to pass these off as patient submitted
  12. Stop posting your results in the patient forum Billena. It comes across as unethical in that you're trying to pass these off as patient submitted