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  1. Generally a good rule of thumb to ignore all cases posted by the clinics themselves.
  2. I can't take any list seriously with Feller on it. That guys results, even at his best, were average. And he's done nothing lately. Blake and Nadimi are too new and unproven. If they were putting our results like Freitas maybe. But they're not even close. And Eugenix? After all that's happened here with them? This is not a good list.
  3. I wouldn't put Nadimi up there because I've heard a few people on here talk about personality issues with her and I'm not really that wowed by her results.
  4. Strongly recommended to ignore all results published by the surgeons themselves. They are essentially useless.
  5. Portugal, I put caveats but I certainly think Keser as a softer touch. Comparing him to docs that don't use a microscope he's still getting better results. That's just my opinion. The Spanish forums have a HUGE amount of cases published by patients for those two unless they're fake accounts. Freitas's results are too consistent to ignore him. Maybe you could call him Rookie of the Year, but certainly better results than guys who have been around forever. I agree w Hasson on the top 10 list. Wong has too many screw ups.
  6. Haha. What a joke. Most of the cases you posted are from previous years. And you DO get paid by advertisers looking to add themselves to that list of "approved surgeons". Or are you now making that list for free?
  7. Comparing his 1 year out to his post op: It's extremely hard to give a "percentage survival" but I think something happened. Especially considering this was FUT so you had plenty of connective tissue and much less trauma when they were harvesting.
  8. This is just from the Spanish forums, looking under patient posted reviews. Their search function sucks compared to yours, but there's no questioning the volume. Konior's patients have published half that number this year (3) as far as I can tell. I'm not counting that 700 crown job. But he has been downtrending in numbers for awhile, I think it just happens with time. Again, not clinic submitted as certainly he would have no need to advertise. But patient submitted. I think the numbers may seem like more because there's so much discussion about each one and cases from previo
  9. I was referring to Couto's patient's posting their results on recuperarelpelo. I haven't bothered viewing his youtube videos because, well, they're posted by him. We'll just have to have different opinions on Konior. I certainly think the Konior/Lorenzo area changed what we all thought was possible with hair transplantation. I am referring to the rarity of his patient posted results over the last few years when I search by date. The proof is in the pudding, and the only real pudding we have is from patient submissions. I would be curious to hear the rankings of others.
  10. As we near the end of the year, I'm curious as to everyone's top guys are these days? For me (in this order): -Couto -Kesser -Hattingen -Freitas -Hasson I would put Couto as the stand alone "Lebron" of the field as it is right now if you trust the Spanish forums. The explanation given is that he doesn't post here because recuperarelpelo gives him more than enough business. It is, however, very odd that almost none of his or Freitas's patients post here when the work of other Spanish docs like Lorenzo had such a presence years ago. I would put a caveat by Kesser in t
  11. The hairline looks spotty and not filled in considering the amount of grafts used. Konior is usually the opposite. Am I the only one seeing this?
  12. It doesn't. If you're pushing hair follicles "together" you're leaving space where they were. Bulbar punch technique or not, unless you are somehow reducing the amount of scalp you can't do what he is suggesting. It sounds like he's just hand waving to justify a practice change in response to market preferences.
  13. That explanation sounds completely nonsense. What in the hell is Hasson talking about.
  14. Hasson is probably the best stripper in North America. I wouldn't put Konior at the top anymore because I haven't seen much in the way of patient cases from him for quite awhile, even before the pandemic started.
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