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  1. Hey thank you CosmoKramer, I'm terrified that the bit between the hairline (which seems OK) and the mid strip will not fill in more..but keeping fingers crossed 😃
  2. Month 4 Nothing much to report - it's grown to a grade 3 (9-10mm) and for the next couple of weeks I'll be buzzing it there as much of the 'new' hair is of different lengths. People notice a lot - even the guy down the off-licence commented, but under light it looks really really thin. As I said a couple months ago, I'm concerned that my thin (51 microns) hair is just too loosely packed in, but I can but wait. At least I know I haven't had a catastrophically bad result, so there is that. Medications are the same (Estradiol / Dutasteride / Minox / Biotin). Funnily enough noticed that I've had a bit more fluff grow over the crown area (where there were no transplants) - it makes no difference aesthetically, though it may save me a few more quid when I go back to Turkey. Next month I have to focus on my general health. May be that will help with the hair a bit, who knows.
  3. That looks..strange, have you been to a specialist? Is there some alopecia happening around where the hair was extracted from? Could you show other bits of the donor? Have you contacted Dr Yaman?
  4. Hi Superflash, Your results so far look ace. I can understand your concerns and feel the need to get the crown done, but it just seems more sensible to at least give them another six months to grow through given that a fair amount were already put there. I'm excited to see how it goes for you over the next half-year - please keep posting 😃
  5. Month 3 So, I should be in the middle of the 'ugly duckling' phase, but I'm not sure how the minoxidil affects things - theoretically it should minimise telogen. Anyway, it's still very early days. Medication is the same and the spots have reduced, though not disappeared. My phone camera is a bit useless, so the picture aren't terribly representative as it's really difficult to discern small hairs and translucent hairs. When looking at my scalp with a good light, it appears that there are lil hairs all over the front, though less dense near the temples. I'll do some proper pics (and try and find a better camera) for month 4 when I should be leaving the hideous phase. Also buzzing down the hair slightly as it doesn't grow evenly. Edit: Added a detail picture following 3mm buzz cut and about 30 mins after minoxidil application and with flash. Aside from turning my head red, it does show the hair better. It'll be my last close-ish buzz cut. Just a question for the wise residents of this place. Obviously I have to get the crown done (and I'll fill in the temples a bit too) and doing so in November, but given that I have functionally zero DHT (my testosterone levels are at female levels and I have Dutasteride on top taking out 97% of any DHT that does get converted). I will have far less DHT than 99% of women..why not use donor areas that are traditionally avoided e.g. Nape and the 1/2 inch ring around the top of the scalp? It's not like my pattern baldness will get any worse and those areas at the moment just look slightly more dense than the rest. It just seems a waste when I'm looking at using beard hair to fill in.
  6. For those who have used beard hair as a donor when they're low on scalp donor. Has anyone ever experience marks or scars after the beard donor area has healed? Is it *always* the area under the jaw? I ask as I will inevitably try and use as much beard hair as possible for my head (I'll be zapping it off later anyway), but I get a bit concerned that it will leave the skin with marks once it has healed..
  7. Great improvement from a month ago - not too long before you're out of the horrible phase =)
  8. @Lennney I would be utterly shocked if it was the minox - I don't overuse it (in fact, I slightly underuse it) and I've done dermarolling with minox before and never got a spot on my head. Also, plucking is not the same - after HT, the hair is effectively trying to squeeze out of a healed wound..whereas with plucking, it has a pore to come out in. It also started once my lil baby hairs started to appear. Thankfully it's calmed down quite a bit now!
  9. I'm cheered! It's just the way that I've written..well the zits are a major pain, but they will bugger off soon enough. The jury is still out on Minoxidil after hair transplant - some say it's a good thing, others advise against, but as I had minoxidil-dependent hair, I couldn't really stop it else the little bits that I did have left would have gone straight into telogen. Given that Minoxidil is a vasodilator, it's probably not helping with my scalp redness though..but at least the zits get a good supply of blood 🤣
  10. If you don't mind me asking, how much is it costing you? I'm imagining over here (UK) it will cost £ridiculous amounts
  11. I think at this point, the only question is whether you'll be beating @lukeyb1687 for who has gotten the best result in a year or so. You must be really chuffed! 😃
  12. Month 2 (plus a day or two) or the ~̖̝~ ̧̰M̨̖̰̹͓a̹̱͞ṇ̯͈̟̠̠g̵̩y̟͈̻͙͇̺ͅ ̡̤Le̖͔͇͞p̢̣̺̲r̘̬̳̣̤̳͚o͏̲̪u̯s̸̝̜͇ ̬̣͔̝̲͉D҉͔̱̠̬̻o͍͕͚̯g͓̤̣̘ Ś̬t͔a̞͉͓̯g͎̦̭̗̪͕̙̕é̯̝͍̳̗̙̖ ҉̞̳~͢~̖ Thanks to @fespafer for that great description. I was going to leave it for a while as the state of my head is not exactly doing a lot for my confidence and fuck taking photographs of myself generally, but I wish to be vaguely useful to those who may be considering Dr Yaman, so I'll attach one photo. You may want to take your kids and anyone of a sensitive disposition out of the room before viewing it. It's not the most pleasant of pics. So, anyway, it's two months on and the donor is mostly recovered - I *think* I had a bit of foliculitis there and so had a zillion bumps all wanting to grow into Krakatoa-sized zits (some of which did..it was not good). Anyway it's much better now and all the pain has gone and sensation returned. The recipient area is another story - on the plus side, I'm only two months in and I've already got a ton of lil baby hairs popping up (like seriously, loads). Aside from being pleased that these tiny little things have come so early (possibly due to the Minoxidil forcing the hair into anagen), it also suggests that I'm not going to have a catastrophically bad result - y'know when very little grows at all after shedding. On the negative side, the recipient area is a mess of patches of little growth / some growth and existing hair and thanks to my donor being largely grey (whilst the top of the scalp still had pigment) it looks all sorts of weird. I expected that and I'll put a temporary dye when it comes to the six months photos. What I kinda didn't expect was that the scalp would still be rather pink (though has definitely calmed down somewhat) and that there would be a ton of flipping zits because (presumably) the baby hairs are pushing through. The zits are hideous. Like seriously, I didn't get many zits when I was young, but it's like the the great zit-god has visited upon my head and spread his puss-making boil nightmares all over it to make up for my previous lack of spots. I mean, it's kinda good news that they're caused by the hairs pushing through, but I'd really prefer not the have mount fucking fiji appear on my head when I'm at work. Medications are the same - my testosterone should be in female ranges and my DHT should be thankfully deaded Thank you @JohnnyDeep, I will take a look at your thread after this and @SprayPaint, thank you for the kind encouragement, may your barren patches be filled with newly sprouted hair. @CosmoKramer - I'm concerned that even if I do get a reasonable result in the end, the grafts will have been put too far apart when I have very fine (0.51microns) hair and I should have got them to pack them more and then use beard hair (which I don't want and have in abundance) to do the rest that will need doing. It's done now anyway, I just have to wait and see.
  13. I used your phrase 'many leprous dog phase' the other day 😄 Looks like the redness has nearly gone and you can look forwards to things starting to come through in the next couple of months