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  1. Melvin-Moderator Today i'm send info to you. I am sure it will be very strange to ask the doctor about me, since he does up to 5 operations a day as the translator told me. the situation with me is already impossible to fix, but I hope that no more sane person will go to this crooked-armed charlatan
  2. since the result will remain with me forever, I ask people to beware of Dr. Yaman in order not to get into the same situation. My situation can't be fixed
  3. again, just in case. The task was to take the hair from the entire side of the head EVENLY, at the same distance from each other, without any gaps, the doctor nodded his head understandingly, but it turned out that he did not care at all
  4. no, before the operation, the hair on the donor area was perfect, there was no damage
  5. After 2 years. Most of all I regret that I decided to save some money and turned to this pseudo-doctor. Now I don't know what to do. I can not grow long hair because there is not enough hair on the top. I can not wear a short hairstyle because this doctor tore the hair out of my head in uneven pieces, while using a huge punch after which there were very large holes
  6. Question administration forum. Why do you advise doctors who maim people? Do they pay you for advertising? I thought I was on a global and objective forum, but as a result, I irretrievably crippled my head. This doctor should not be allowed to go into operations in the future, I hope you understand this
  7. Hello! I live in Russia. I do not speak English well, so I use an interpreter, please understand me correctly. So, the first hair transplant was done in Moscow. Real Trans Hair Clinic. This is the only popular and presentable clinic in our country. I transplanted 2000 grafts, which was not enough for my type of alopecia. Quality suited, but the price tag was expensive. You will see in the photo their work as well. The back of my head began to shine a little, I decided to completely equalize the density of hair throughout the donor area. I chose a doctor for the second transplant, also focusing
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