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  1. #BeforeAndAfterMondays While it cannot be assumed that all patients will develop a fuller hairline without a surgical intervention or without taking oral medication, this male patient benefitted from a non-surgical approach. In addition to undergoing Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP/ACell) treatments with Dr. Carlos K. Wesley, he also used a topical finasteride blend each night. The high percentage and broad distribution of miniaturized hairs throughout his hairline made him a good candidate for this approach. With this non-surgical approach to treating hair loss, he was able to reverse the biologic course of the thousands of miniaturized follicles atop his head and generate more hair fullness. Dr. Wesley previously delivered an in-depth lecture on PRP scalp treatment for genetic hair loss detailing all aspects of this procedure. The benefits and limitations of PRP procedures are described in this video for all interested patients who would like to learn more about this novel therapy. The patient returned 6 months after his PRP treatment series and images of the patient can be seen below.
  2. #BAM Better late than never #BeforeAndAfterMondays!! This patient underwent a follicular unit transplantation FUT session with Dr. Carlos K. Wesley in which a total of 2645 grafts were placed. The pattern design was conservative to account for the patient’s relatively young age. The patient’s hair follicles were incubated in platelet rich plasma PRP throughout the duration of the procedure. This, combined with an ATP-containing storage solution has been shown to enhance survival of transplanted hairs. As with all of Dr. Wesley’s patients, he was NOT required to cut his hair for the procedure. As a result, this patient was able to return comfortably to work and social activities within approximately 7-10 days of his procedure. The patient returned 12 months after his procedure and images of the patient can be seen below.
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  4. #BeforeAndAfterMondays A male patient received a total of 2300 grafts with Dr. Carlos K. Wesley in order to fill in not only the frontal half of his scalp, but also to add density to his mid scalp. Below, he can be seen before and one (1) year after his FUT session. For his procedure (as with all of our patients), platelet rich plasma (PRP) and ACell were used as storage solutions.
  5. #BeforeAndAfterMondays This female patient had prior hair transplants performed by a different team that resulted in compromised growth. One year after she underwent a 1748 grafts session with Dr. Carlos Wesley and his staff, she returned with a fullness to her hairline with which she was thrilled!