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  1. are your hair in worse condition now than before?
  2. looking great bro. Do you have any grafts left?
  3. i think this is gonna be great. And i love your temples!
  4. Im a total novice to hair transplant but isnt like 3600 grafts considered to be 1/2 or 1/3 of the total donor. One would expect a better result for such a small area? As i said im a novice and can be wrong.
  5. think it looks greay Really think this is gonna be a killer result once its matured and got some lenght to it!
  6. Bro, you take dut? How long have u been doing so? I wanna start taking it but damn afraid. Read some horror stories...
  7. intresting case. Gonna follow. Do you have any donor left in the scalp and beard?