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  1. Bro, you take dut? How long have u been doing so? I wanna start taking it but damn afraid. Read some horror stories...
  2. intresting case. Gonna follow. Do you have any donor left in the scalp and beard?
  3. Amazing result brother! Do you have picture of graft placement and how it's looks from the top?
  4. Your result is absolutely amazing. That's why i consider eugenix. The doctor only quoted me 2000 grafts tho. I'm a little worried it's not enough.
  5. @jonnyalex thanks for sharing. Any pics of your hairline?
  6. Thanks for clarification. The only thing is that I'm not looking to lower my hairline. I want some density behind it and some temple points...
  7. I have also read like 50-60 threads on Italian forum and seems like the most cases by Asmed is really good. Do you have pictures of your case?
  8. Feels like every clinic has bad cases... So damn hard to pick one
  9. @Melvin-Moderator I would save so much money on Yaman I'm just little wary because haven't seen to many good patients cases. Off course koray have more